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The Distant North - Changing Seasons

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Dreambound https://www.facebook.com/dreamboundmusic https://twitter.com/dream_bound http://dreambound.storenvy.com ____________________________ Artist: The Distant North Song: Changing Seasons Album: 'Sol Et Luna' (EP 2014) Hometown: Derby, United Kingdom Website: https://www.facebook.com/TheDistantNorth Bandcamp: http://the-distant-north.bandcamp.com/ ____________________________ Lyrics: The tide comes crashing on the rocks, That lay across with jagged emotion. Waves break the silence and salt our wounds. This storm; not predetermined, such cruel fate. Hope one day the water clears to show serenity. The ocean survives but reveals bleakness within. Hearts clear the mind, hearts cleanse the soul. Slack water brings peace where once was despair. The tide soothes the broken foundations, But the past will never be forgotten. Intentions fade into defeat, The sea tranquil, the soothing sands And now I know why perfection is hollow the sun descends, the breeze caresses feeling. The race is straining but still i keep chasing Moments never last, Rain will start to fall, Warmth still lies ahead. Moments never last. Beyond the sky, An empty promise From the ashes of a lie. A vacant tide, A calming breeze to cease the thunder. The waters are calm.
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Text Comments (15)
Kgenadely. (20 days ago)
Still cry..
NVTE mp (1 year ago)
Damn this takes me back.
Georgia Duckworth (1 year ago)
is this the danger of falling sounds just like them
emo_haruka (3 years ago)
@pryzah Noir boi this song
Jungle tB (2 years ago)
NiceStuff (4 years ago)
4:21 forwad mind blowing
Katelynn DuBois (4 years ago)
This is such a great song. The guy singing at the end sounds like Michael from the band The Elijah. They are not together anymore tho (RIP) He's with BAAO.
Mehbobo Torp (4 years ago)
Don't use synths for strings!! PLEASE!! Use real violins! Real cellos!! It would sound just that much better. Still a great track guys! Peace!
iKTOasis (4 years ago)
real strings also cost a hell of a lot of money though. I am sure they would have done that if they could though.
Le Cat (4 years ago)
Fucking amazing
toniox91 (4 years ago)
At the end, the clean vocalist sounds like "the elijah" :O Love it !
Dynasty (4 years ago)
Dynasty (4 years ago)
@SuiCiDaL_ChEeZe I'm a man of a few words.
SuiCiDaL_ChEeZe (4 years ago)
You are totally understating this song/this band, imo
ToastyPillowsack (4 years ago)
Damn. Those cleans though.

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