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Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty - Gallery Views 2011

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Learn more about Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty on view at the Met May 4--July 31, 2011: http://blog.metmuseum.org/alexandermcqueen/ The exhibition, organized by The Costume Institute, celebrates the late Alexander McQueen's extraordinary contributions to fashion. From his Central Saint Martins postgraduate collection of 1992 to his final runway presentation, which took place after his death in February 2010, Mr. McQueen challenged and expanded the understanding of fashion beyond utility to a conceptual expression of culture, politics, and identity. His iconic designs constitute the work of an artist whose medium of expression was fashion. The exhibition will feature approximately one hundred ensembles and seventy accessories from Mr. McQueen's prolific nineteen-year career. Drawn primarily from the Alexander McQueen Archive in London, with some pieces from the Givenchy Archive in Paris as well as private collections, signature designs including the "bumster" trouser, the kimono jacket, and the three-point "origami" frock coat will be on view. McQueen's fashions often referenced the exaggerated silhouettes of the 1860s, 1880s, 1890s, and 1950s, but his technical ingenuity always imbued his designs with an innovative sensibility that kept him at the vanguard. Producer/Director Christopher Noey Editor Kate Farrell Audio Editor Stephanie Wuertz Camera Jessica Glass Lighting Director Ned Hallick Production Assistant Sarah Cowan
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Text Comments (75)
kat-c79 (11 days ago)
The only one
Dave Teves (1 month ago)
Imagine being a night guard and you have to check the exhibit on Romantic Exoticism at 5:06
Angie Hemingway (2 months ago)
Maribel (2 months ago)
Garry Galloway (3 months ago)
I love how they debate the design of McQueen from so many angles. Multidimensional
Rubaida Allen (4 months ago)
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Absolutely gorgeous. I am so happy I attended this exhibition. He was unique. We will never see the likes of this kind of genius ever again.
Cindy Benjamin (5 months ago)
Now this is real fashion that i have ever discovered by macqueen, i swear..i've never seen such remarkable art work
Moses Carolina (6 months ago)
I am an American Scot...a very proud McDonald (who's grandmothers were McNair & Grant) who was born & raised away from Skye. I am also a women who appreciates fashion and have always known Alexander McQueen name & the story of his death but never knew of just how much he incorporated our heartbreaking heritage into his work. The Highland Rape and Widows of Culloden are just gorgeous. I'm just very sad that I wasn't aware of this sooner and tonight, watching this & the documentary, I'm really mourning that fact. God bless God speed Alexander.💔
Puppa Loise (6 months ago)
Les agradecería si los subtítulos también lo haga en" ESPANOL" Por favor
Miriam Turner (6 months ago)
My favorite designer! ALWAYS!
Lyns (8 months ago)
Oh my goodness. His work is so beautiful and takes a refreshing spin on fashion. This makes me want to save up for an AMQ handbag or something.
Synthia Zeng (8 months ago)
The most artistic and romantic designer in the fashion history!
Niroki Itisme (8 months ago)
How I would have loved to see this exhibition live. I love Alexander McQueen’s designs. Pure art.
Bea (28 days ago)
do you think they will ever exhibit, in London, this collection again? +Rubaida Allen
Rubaida Allen (4 months ago)
Niroki Itisme You missed something truly beautiful and exceptionally gorgeous. I suggest buying the catalogue that accompanied this exhibition. It's a beautiful book. You won't be disappointed. 😊😊
Garrielee Peck (8 months ago)
Not really into fashion but Lee was something so diffrent .worked so hard to get what he wanted . Tock no shit licked no one's ass to get were he wanted done things all his way . He was a pure genius "The word is used a lot " but he was !!! Very sad ending .but it's like he knew he was not going to live a old man !!
Gerard Claudio (1 year ago)
Omg rip lee, i miss your work
nkotb 82 (1 year ago)
I didn't want this to end. Every piece is so breathtaking. If Poe was his journalistic muse than, at least to me, Francis Bacon or Bosch are definitly present as visual artistic muses as well. Couldn't help but think how lucky the mannequins are to live in this little world you created for them.
Danielle Hudak (2 years ago)
I want to go!
CNBC Squawk Box (2 years ago)
*Interesting fact: In 1986, an Iranian student was studying in London, at an A-Level college called **_David Game Tutorial College_**, in South Kensington. He was living in student accommodation leased by Mr. Game. This accommodation was at 6 Earls Court Square, London SW5. This Iranian student was called MATTHEW TABATABAI. He shared a room in the student digs with a bearded Indian student called Michael Spencer Pearl. Matthew had a girlfriend, a mullato girlfriend. She used to visit 6 Earls Court Square almost on a daily basis, so see Matthew. And they would fuck each other everytime she visited him. Matthew was a sex addict. But he had one small problem. He shared his room with Michael. So what Matthew would do when he wanted to fuck his GF was that he used to pay Michael to get out of their room for an hour or two -- he used to pay Michael £5 everytime he wanted the room to himself. But Matthew was nearly always broke, so there were occasions when he simply could not pay Michael £5. Guess what Matthew did on these occasions? HIS SOLUTION WAS TO FUCK HIS GF WHILE MICHAEL WAS IN THEIR ROOM. Yes, you read that correctly. Matthew was such a fucking pervert that he would GET NAKED, and HAVE SEX WITH HIS GF while Michael would be lying in his bed just three feet away. (It was a twin bedroom). Just imagine that. A freak. A perv. Can YOU imagine doing that yourself? No, me neither. Why am I writing this stuff on an Alexander McQueen site? Because that same MATTHEW TABATABAI, that same freak, is today the World Wide Director of Retail at Alexander McQueen in London. I find it fascinating a sexual deviant would manage to become the director of a global fashion brand.*
ashsqx324 (25 days ago)
CNBC Squawk Box mcqueen was also pretty sexually deviant and connected with others similar to him.
Rubaida Allen (4 months ago)
CNBC Squawk Box I'm not understanding how this is relevant to McQueen being a great designer??
Moses Carolina (6 months ago)
Uh, ok....I'm sorry to burst your prudish bubble but you just described a scene going on in half the form rooms of every college campus EVERYWHERE ...but without the $5. No kid is gonna pay $5 nowadays. I doubt not many would want to waste the previous $5 for a [email protected] at that age. Thinking you must not have experienced the world AT ALL to think that was a shocker of a story & probably you are the freak, you think? Your ratio says everything & I'm seeing this a YEAR later.😏
dandymcgee (1 year ago)
That makes no sense.. how does having sex with your girlfriend make you a sexual deviant? If anything, Michael was the sexual deviant for staying in the room while they did the deed.
Anaïs Ollivier (3 years ago)
I've been to the exhibition in London and I loved it! Every atmosphere in the rooms was on point and it was just amazing to look at his work in real life!
Rubaida Allen (4 months ago)
Anaïs Ollivier Really beautiful. It was so hauntingly gorgeous. Happy I saw it too!!
Torrie Venus (4 years ago)
The EDGAR ALLEN POE of the fashion world....What a poetically dark allusion.
Afro Boricua (4 years ago)
Can someone please tell me, the name of the awesome piece of piano music when they show the "Cabinet of Curiosity"?!?! XO
DANNY DIRE (1 year ago)
Afro Boricua mozart not right sure
Jack Hanley (2 years ago)
Mozart- Piano Concerto No. 23 in A Major: Adagio.
nak bou (4 years ago)
True working class hero. RIP Lee.
Liliana Linares (5 years ago)
i really need this show to come to London!! its been too long.
Jimmie Joint (5 years ago)
Only lady gaga
Rubaida Allen (4 months ago)
Jimmie Joint There are plenty of people, famous and not famous who could pull off wearing McQueen. You just need some $$$, confidence and be able to endure some discomfort from 8" Armadillo shoes.
very true. McQueen's work is generally unwearable in many cases, but Lady Gaga managed to pull it off.
Rolando Valencia Solis (5 years ago)
He's a genius
Sailor Jupiter (5 years ago)
Where is this gallery?? Is it still existing?
Alejandra (5 years ago)
the romantic mind♥
Sergio Trejo (5 years ago)
Hyacinths Eliot (6 years ago)
Agreed, for me, it's like he tells a story with his designs.
Savith S (6 years ago)
Great comment, word for word, this hits McQueen's nail on the head.
Zosar Zosar (6 years ago)
McQueen was more of an artist, a visionary poet, than a fashion designer. Fashion was the medium in which he worked, but you can always see in his work the sheer force of his subversive imagination, almost always breaking the constrains that designing clothes imposed upon him. His aim was not to make women more attractive or glamorous, he had no real interest in that, but to turn dresses and accessories into a wondrous mean of expression.
Sandra Gorail (2 years ago)
Zosar Zosar perfectly agree, a lot of his clothes were beautiful but not wearable. That's because his a artist not a designer
spiritizeable (6 years ago)
He wanted to make women look strong and intimidating and I don't see anything wrong with that, either.
Neshuah1 (6 years ago)
me too :(
dreamershavemorefun (6 years ago)
How funny of u to say that but to be honest I love early McQueen my favorite pieces are from the 2001 Voss collection with my favorite piece being the Medical slide dress as I watch McQueen grow and design I learned and grew to appreciate his sheer talent and eye for design
Arif (6 years ago)
I hate random ppl who says McQueen is their favorite designer. I'm sorry but I think most of them don't even fully respect him from a broader perspective. All they know is the fact that his shoes were worn by Gaga and that's it. The famous Armadillo shoes. What about his other works?
tatti salles (6 years ago)
McQueen was very creative. He had a own way to express himself through the clothes. But, personally in the case of haute couture, I prefer designers who love the women and want to make them gorgeous and astonishing.
eden gerome (7 years ago)
Fantastic. My #1 designer.
Hevar H (7 years ago)
I want to be a designer like McQueen but I cannot be as good as him. Well... I cam dream though.
pat41ful (7 years ago)
Playful with an element of the grim
DitaDoll79 (7 years ago)
The man was an artist. What a huge loss x
Pamela Zilly (7 years ago)
I'm Inspired!!! Break Out The Bernina!!! Long Live McQueen!!!
w104ssc (7 years ago)
this the most provocative and intoxicating exhibit i have ever seen.
Kalie Thomas (7 years ago)
This exhibit was the most amazing thing I've ever been to...The light throughout the exhibit was much darker with mostly soft spotlights over each piece and with the music gave it such a dark, eerie feel..but nothing compares to standing in front of each piece being able to look at every stitch and ever detail...truly brilliant
greenpeppernation (7 years ago)
I really appreciate the effort the Met is making with this video, but a large part of the magic, for me, in this show, came from being in a crowded gallery with a lot of people. This video is just kind of sterile.
AX Art (7 years ago)
Oooo, love that, would have liked to see all of it IRL! Axartist
friendlier (7 years ago)
Keep in mind that the light in the exhibition was considerably darker and more dramatic than here where they had to light for the camera. That being said, this video does its best to show the work. But somehow it isn't able to capture the feeling of each piece, when you are standing directly in front of them.
Rubaida Allen (4 months ago)
friendlier True. The exhibit itself was darker and had an unsettling feel to it. Brilliant!!!
Eltoca21 (7 years ago)
Thank you...
Pablo Saavedra (7 years ago)
amazing, everything seems so well put together, it's a shame not to can attend to the exhibition... there's a few dresses that i would've love to see as well, but everything is perfect so i can't complain.
CHAZ MAHLUM (7 years ago)
Alexander McQueen will always be remembered for his magnificent/avantguard pieces...<3...
Madara Uchiha (7 years ago)
i went there today n it was just mind blowing in good way
martiv100 (7 years ago)
Ms Von Drachenberg brought me here too!!!
Natalie Mezher (7 years ago)
Thumbs up if Kat von D brought you here ..
moonbaconn (7 years ago)
I'm running to the MET next week - this is so inspiring.
Kate Butler (7 years ago)
Join the facebook campaign to bring Savage Beauty to London. Go to: facebook [dot] com [forwardslash] savagebeautylondon ♥
NadyaElizabeth (7 years ago)
sideshowtink (7 years ago)
Superb! Can't WAIT to see the show in person!
Diana Azeneth (7 years ago)
Alexander McQueen FOREVER! ♥
moloveslush (7 years ago)
i want to go there :D
PAPI SPICE (7 years ago)
:') just wiped my tears off.
modeling4Fashion (7 years ago)
I wish this was traveling!
modeling4Fashion (7 years ago)
strawberryfields331 (7 years ago)
Brilliant! Long live McQueen!!!

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