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[ Geometry Dash ] - The Void Heart by Funnygame ( Easy/Medium Demon )

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Hello 2.11
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Text Comments (42)
Gmd Funnygame (1 year ago)
Insomnia Burger (2 months ago)
SUGOI Gamer VN (4 months ago)
I just noiticed :O
[GDVN] - Magnus (1 year ago)
I mean .. hi ! Thank you for visited my non-effort channel :D
[GDVN] - Magnus (1 year ago)
[GDVN] - Magnus (1 year ago)
M3nhHu3 (13 days ago)
Medium what ?? Btw weeb menu song
T ThinhGD (25 days ago)
Hê lô anh
TrueDexo (2 months ago)
Sorry but worst funnygame lvl
Ice Shard (2 months ago)
Finish any demon as much you can :)
Clash Thug Life (3 months ago)
Beat bloodbath: 400 views Beat this: 10k views Wow....
Henry Xi (3 months ago)
Che ipR (7 months ago)
Banana - Protocol (9 months ago)
I use the same colors for my icons so the dual wave is a nightmare
Litten Flame [SK] (9 months ago)
Fucking retard people that Says that funnygame lost his touch
Romano San Valentin (9 months ago)
0:57 "Medium demon"
Daniel Valotti (1 year ago)
GG,epic video,but th Kobayashi San Chi No Maid Dragon opening in the menu? XD
Ender Dasher (1 year ago)
more like If Duelo Maestro was LVL 1 :v
Decitronal (1 year ago)
Just because of the song? The gameplay is far identical to Duelo.
benja (1 year ago)
This level is too bad for being funnygame, you know he does a lot better than me but he can do it better
benja (1 year ago)
Jaba Exorberola you are right
benja (1 year ago)
GDIMagnusI thx for the info
Javi (1 year ago)
funnygame is a human person you know, he cant do something entirely new every level he does, this level is still way better than generic levels
[GDVN] - Magnus (1 year ago)
It was played in LDM
Spencer (1 year ago)
What the views
Big Ounce (1 year ago)
You Icelandic?
[GS] Erdyuri (1 year ago)
36 subs +4K views... Well GG ahah :3
Thủy Phạm (7 months ago)
He will be a legend :)
Jordi6304™ (1 year ago)
Medium Demon. Looks too hard to be easy demon.
Bonzi Buddy (1 year ago)
Twitchuwu (11 months ago)
learn the meaning
MaYheM (1 year ago)
So awesome! :O
ItsFakeBlast (1 year ago)
Te achei dnv :'v
Gameiax (1 year ago)
Medium? The wave bits are really hard, but the rest is easy, so easy medium? Also GG first on YouTube, thanks for the vid!
Zaki Prawira (2 months ago)
Hard demon or Medium demon I think
Gameiax (1 year ago)
GDIMagnusI I searched up “the void heart” nothing came up, so I searched up “the void heart 100%” and your came up, it was the only one so I guess also add “the void heart” to your tags
[GDVN] - Magnus (1 year ago)
Yah... the wave is a bit like Nine Circles that i died alot ..... Wait, i did 1st on Youtube ._. ?
Geometry Dash R0wdy (1 year ago)
Oh shet,this is u,Vũ Nguyễn ? xD Damn,i just watched this vid in the afternoon lol,but ah i can't believe that is ur channel
[GDVN] - Magnus (1 year ago)
Lê Quân oh hi, I saw u also, tnx for visited :)
Lê Quân (1 year ago)
GDIMagnusI Oh HOLY SHIT you're that guy on GDGLE if you dont know who i am, i just rather you dont :)
Macrosis (1 year ago)
Geometry Dash R0wdy bảo khánh
[GDVN] - Magnus (1 year ago)
Geometry Dash R0wdy Yep, thank you for visited :D

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