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Caribbean Princess Cruise Ship Video Tour Review - Cruise Fever

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See our ocean view stateroom video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdbwEzeBm0M This video tour is of the Caribbean Princess cruise ship out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The ship is almost 113,000 tons and carries around 3,000 passengers. It was christened in 2004 and revitalized in 2011 with upgrades, including the large TV screen, allowing for Movies Under the Stars. See more pictures and our first impressions of the ship here: https://cruisefever.net/0315-first-impressions-of-caribbean-princess-cruise-ship-out-of-port-everglades/ .
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Jenny Rice (19 days ago)
We usually do all inclusive resorts, but have been considering a cruise. This looks very nice, but I like how resorts are much more open air and there isn't additional charges for drinks, coffees, milkshakes, etc. I don't know, we're still thinking about it.
bobby cole (5 months ago)
im going on the the 30th of this month which is saturday, my first cruise ever..pretty excited but kind of nervous too
Sarah (9 months ago)
great vid and info thx
ARCJCM Travel Videos (9 months ago)
Partly thanks to your video (thank you!), we managed to get onboard the Caribbean Princess last week! It was renovated last March, and I was impressed with the updates. In case you're interested in seeing the updates, I made a short video tour of the renovated ship here to return the favor: https://youtu.be/HAwTuXSa-KM
lithiumdeuterid (11 months ago)
Easily one the most ugly things afloat.
LightTravel X (1 year ago)
i will in that ship next week! so excited..
paul pentony (1 year ago)
she pulled into Dublin and caused quite a stir. A princess upon the ocean.
Christine (1 year ago)
We are going June 18!
Senia Koff (1 year ago)
Niall Early (1 year ago)
Oh yes x
Jamie Lyons (2 years ago)
What are better Cruises or resorts??
Jamie Lyons (1 year ago)
What is ft ?
Paul Burkinshaw (1 year ago)
J. Lyons ft
Richard Spall (1 year ago)
J. Lyons vvvvvvvvvvv
RODRIGO MOLINA (2 years ago)
i worked in this ship like pool boy in 2004 2005 it was an amazing experience the ship is huge 120000 tons people is very kind and always happy i regret it
Cowboy Kody (1 year ago)
Where are you now?
George L (2 years ago)
Another wonderful commentary vlog.
Camille Mae (2 years ago)
august 24 I'm going on a 12 day cruise to the northern isles :)
fmm10970 (2 years ago)
my first cruise in November 2015 out of Houston great ship.. but sadly Princess is no longer in Texas
tori loves sans (2 years ago)
where's my mom? cause she's there working as bartender
JamesatVancouver (3 months ago)
tori loves sans earning money for you?
LpFBTS (2 years ago)
OMG I had the timeOf my life there! Go see Peter at explorers lounge! He's an amazing bartender!!
jasonman1515 (2 years ago)
About to go on this cruise in March on a 2 week cruise down to the Panama Canal.
Susan Cottle (2 years ago)
Thanks so much for posting! We will be cruising on this ship on 1-31-16!
Oliver Randall (3 years ago)
Just got off 😥
LP3Cruisesandfishing (3 years ago)
Sophie munro (3 years ago)
Im going on this in 4 days!!!!
ovelisk8 (3 years ago)
Going on it in August big sports fan and I wondered is there any football/soccer courts on the ship?
issieman (3 years ago)
great stuff!! keep up the good work
AYAN KHAN (3 years ago)
Awesmoe.... <3
George Holland (3 years ago)
Just came off of her yesterday 😭
Ellie Brennan (3 years ago)
good video, thanks x
Unknown shadow (3 years ago)
it's so awesome :) I HOPE YOU HAVE NEW VIDEOS AGAIN!
CruiseTipsTV (3 years ago)
Beautiful video John!
James .Schuppe (3 years ago)
Sailed on her a few times, but now that we have sailed on the Regal, there is no going back.  Thanks for sharing
Audrey Black (3 years ago)
looks lovely.....joining her in July
planedudea380 (3 years ago)
Loved it, one of the best cruises I've been on
Ethan Nguyen (3 years ago)

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