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Inside the Quest to Make Lab Grown Meat | WIRED

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Food scientists and startups are trying to make meat more ethically appealing by growing it -- cell by cell -- in a lab instead of on a farm. Even some vegans support so-called "clean" meat. But can lab grown meat overcome the dreaded "yuck factor?" Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► http://wrd.cm/15fP7B7 ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. Inside the Quest to Make Lab Grown Meat | WIRED
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deanmullen10 (12 hours ago)
Clean meat is the future I believe and I think it'll be the main factor in bringing an end to animal agriculture/slaughterhouses (which might occur over a several decade period). I'll be proud to have been vegan during this time though before clean meat probably takes over 'dirty meat'. I'll be proud to have stood up for what's right, whether people choose to mock and criticize us now and whether the world will even later appreciate our stance or not.
IOAKIM SAYZ (1 day ago)
Incredible what an effort we take to give meat lovers an alternative that they can live with... stopping animal torture, saving the environment and making people eat healthier just doesn't seem reasonable enough to just not eat meat. Is there no other food on this planet? Will not consuming meat make us so desperate that life is not worth living anymore. I just can't believe how spoilt we are .
Random Music (3 days ago)
What is so natural about farming?
Daffa Ghozi (5 days ago)
Is this halal?
Zero Wing (5 days ago)
Lab meat would be a good alternative for areas that rely on imported meat products. Like Alaska, Antarctica, and islands ect.
Avi Ben Shushan (6 days ago)
That thing looked like diarreha
HiHai Lah dida (6 days ago)
Love how WIRED puts an emphasis on people's reactions towards lab grown meat, while they completely leave out people's reactions on the Impossible meat, even though the concerns about the heavily genetically modified components of the Impossible meat are MUCH more of a concern than real meat. Not pushing an agenda at all...
Richard Nunziata (9 days ago)
what does it taste like without out cooking...that is the true test and the one people will judge by
Louise King (15 days ago)
Sure glad I wont be here for that. They will find out a decade or so latter what damage it causes. Like all the super Drugs that are safe until later.
Chris (16 days ago)
Definitely think this is a great idea that should be made public worldwide, only problem would be to make people realize how great of an idea this is, and considering how dumb and simple minded we are that will definitely be the hardest part, hope that atleast in the next 20 years this has become something more normal.
V Ø I D S U G A R (19 days ago)
Some meat eaters: We should be able to eat whatever we want! Same group: How dare you create this burger! You can't just eat whatever you want!
MegaAkselerator (20 days ago)
I'm absolutely sure they will pull this off with time. And I think we can not even imagine how food will look like in 100 years. First it will look like regular food, only its lab grown, then people will start getting creative
Valor (21 days ago)
Well,I'll eat it
Duke Nukem SLO (22 days ago)
Honestly i can't wait for this to be available to the consumers
Patrick Buzo (23 days ago)
lab grown meat is awesome!
Alexander Brolin (26 days ago)
People eat chicken nuggets and thats more crazy than lab meat
Reginald Roberts (1 month ago)
Give it to vegans and let's see what happen. Lol
Thomas. parnell (1 month ago)
If they can make this a cheap process any future population bomb is diffused I'd imagine the first place will be pioneered will the first Mars colony where taking a herd of cows isn't exactly practical
Hyper Carnivore (1 month ago)
This sounds like the origin plot for the next zombie flick: “ hordes of vegans infected by a viral contaminant in so-called “ clean “ meat began savagely attacking other humans in their slavering for real food, i.e. meat” oh , wait....
This is a lump of proteins, not meat. Actual meat contains a bunch of vitamins and minerals that can only get in the meat through diet and organs of the animals. There is no vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, K2 or any minerals in this lump of proteins.
Wolfy Team (1 month ago)
It’s 2 am, and I am here, and I’m hungry
Edit name (1 month ago)
I would love to eat that if it tastes good.
MarchAnchoveh117 (1 month ago)
Lab grown KFC.
Kins 3301 (1 month ago)
Hello, and welcome to the Dubious Meat Company.
Modern Modern (1 month ago)
5:46 make an artificial serum; you have advanced so far, that serum is small change compared to other advancements! Just DO It!
Madimaad Messi (1 month ago)
10K LIKE!!
Mario G (1 month ago)
also why is the reporter talking through out the video like he is disgusted by it??
Mario G (1 month ago)
lmao the people interviewed in the beginnig are so stupid dumb and ignorant....
Not Today (1 month ago)
This is outstanding!
Andrea Calio (1 month ago)
Love how they said nobody is even close to producing a steak yet 9 months later the jewish laboratory was able to do it already according to the wsj doc
just tired (1 month ago)
So... make lab grown blood to use on lab grown meat...
just tired (1 month ago)
You fuckers produce lab grown Tuna that is flawless, I'm all hands on deck. Not only that, we can eat all lab grown meats without fear of getting parasites.
Cool Calm (1 month ago)
As a vegetarian, I’m looking forward to this!
Josh Bergant (1 month ago)
You think flat-earthers and anti-GMO are bad now. The people who will rise up against lab-grown meat will make those other groups pale in comparison.
Your main meme (1 month ago)
you went to what looks like a farmers market to ask people’s opinion about lab meat , people there are already gonna be health freaks so it’s only natural that they would disapprove of it . go somewhere there will be more scientists and you will probably get very different answers
Caspear (1 month ago)
all these peeps in the comments not realizing i can choose what i want to eat.
Petaltheladybug (1 month ago)
You need to be growing trees not meat
Not Today (1 month ago)
Petaltheladybug If we grow meat we can grow back all the trees we cut down for ranching.
Comp OwWoo (1 month ago)
Yeah torturing and housing and slaughtering animals in inhumane conditions is so ewww guys, let’s hate on literal meat that’s grown without all that stuff.
TheFettuck (1 month ago)
So people still want to eat meat but they don't want kill an organism for it? That doesn't make any sense!
legendgb1 (1 month ago)
Cows would go extinct if this technology improves to a whole new level
Skankhunt1 (1 month ago)
yes baby cant wait for lab grown meat
Beevil (1 month ago)
Do those people realise that natural things are not always good?
Krishneel Chand (1 month ago)
Clean meat ???....it will be cancer soon
Mike Fani (1 month ago)
bila lagi? (1 month ago)
I'm 100% don't mind to eat lab made meat. But, what happens to the animal? Are we going to let them overpopulated?
The random channel (1 month ago)
Rfid chips and lab grown meat . Ahhh the future not too me tion Mark of the beast being that chip....
Vrikkiegikk (1 month ago)
This is just amazing, such a genius solution!
Sisi Mccsil (1 month ago)
I love the taste of meat. But the fact I'm actually eating a dead being, that have being killed just for me to eat something pleasant in taste when I don't need it physically, it gross me out, that's why I'm vegetarian. So I'm pretty exited to see this becoming a thing in the next years. If I can afford it, I will definitely do it.
Sisi Mccsil (22 days ago)
+Ethan Steel Well yes, thank you very much for the information. So what ? I don't need meat to live, I, however, need plants, grains and other nutrients that I can only found in plants. I'm not, and don't have to, be grossed out by the fact that I'm eating plants, because I need to. Carnivorous need meat to live, so they CAN'T be vegetarian. Human are omnivorous. Means : we CAN eat meat, but we DON'T need to. However, we NEED plants. Moron.
Ethan Steel (22 days ago)
Plants are living things too, moron.
elvis manhattan (1 month ago)
GOOD! Now Vegans can eat SOMEWHAT normal !
V Ø I D S U G A R (19 days ago)
I'm vegetarian and I do it for health reasons as well, so me eating this stuff would be very, very limited.
anthony combs (1 month ago)
I literally just vomited watching this. There's something really wrong with the left.
brenda peplow (1 month ago)
So do you have to use blood to make it.?
chris #7629082 (1 month ago)
fake meat. you weirdos can eat this pink slime if you like, more real beef and real lamb for me :)
mike m (2 months ago)
and someone will grow human meat for some stakes....
nizcomix (2 months ago)
my teacher is making me make an argument against this but all of the counter arguments are stupid or invalid.
Traceable (2 months ago)
i like the idea of lab meat, it could be made potentially cheaper than regular meat and be genetically modified to be tastier and more filling!
Rat-Baby 42069 (2 months ago)
"I'm convinced I'm gonna be eating a chicken nugget. This had better behave like chicken nugget in every way, shape, and form, or I'm gonna freak out." That is hilarious out of context.
WINTER SOLDIER (2 months ago)
Libtards, there hasn't been a recall on Bacon this year.... Just Sayin ....
Yaamin Mohmmed (2 months ago)
username (2 months ago)
so is this meat kosher or halal ?
Frank Van Rensburg (2 months ago)
People have a choice, but selfishly choose the cruel slaughter of an animal over a potentially more healthier alternative. Sadly we Human Beings are being exposed for what we really are - PURE EVIL !!
Mr Snak3_ (2 months ago)
Probably better to aim towards a more minced meat appearance first.
LSD-Rick B-172 (2 months ago)
I support it 100%
every games (2 months ago)
This is the future no more killing of animals
I don't eat meat regardless of its source. All meat is the same. All meat is disgusting.
caio tomb (2 months ago)
This is vegans victory!!!!
caio tomb (2 months ago)
Respect to science and scientists. Please don't listen to the nay Sayers. This is the future. Meat producers must be thinking they will go unemployed but don't worry something will happen for you too
Jesture (2 months ago)
Guess we'll probably be eating bugs before lab grown meat. No prob. Waiting is the best seasoning
Klia Klia (2 months ago)
Lab meats will eventually become cheaper(if not several times cheaper) than animal's meats. It will be easier/faster to grow, takes less energy/water/lands.... . If it tastes the same (or 95% same)... then People will buy it, and eat it!...We dont even need to talk about morality aspect. It makes perfect sense! No more killing, great!
Gabriel Caballero (2 months ago)
What I want to know is the social/economic consequences of this technology. What will happen to all the farmers whose jobs will be outsourced to the labs? What will be of all the rural lands? What will happen when this technology is used by corporations?
TakeAGanda (2 months ago)
I think it's great!
Temple Creations (2 months ago)
Haha 🤣 omg! Some people rly are impossible idiots... “Lets eat meat, its natural in nature to eat animals.” “Noooooooo!!!” “Ok... Lets grow meat in tubes without killing them?” “Nooooooo! That’s unnatural!!” “....” -_____-
Typhoon792 (2 months ago)
That last comment was highly unwarranted...
Joseph Bill (2 months ago)
One day steak 🥩 will only be for rich people
Poon Slayer1312 (2 months ago)
´Clean Meat´ is a good description
klarissa espinoza (2 months ago)
Wooh hopefully I live long enough for it to come out
Vindelextreme 2.0 (2 months ago)
when we can grow a new york strip, i'll be sold
Binary Tribbles (2 months ago)
If they can replicate it right, I'd eat it
Zachary Schwenk (2 months ago)
This is one of the best solutions for our agricultural limitations. Not to mention the ethical issues with the meat industry.
o o (2 months ago)
This is our future we’re probably eating this now
Kourtnee Hack (2 months ago)
Who doesn't enjoy a pig on a fire
Zachary Schwenk (2 months ago)
The pig?
How to make a homunculus
bish arse (2 months ago)
Good job !
Sam Lutfi (2 months ago)
if you're going to grow meat in a lab, you should start with meat for animal feed. for human consumption the perfect protein for humans would be, well lab grown human flesh #fact
Ancient Cookie (2 months ago)
That’s definitely not a kroket...
Jay D (2 months ago)
I remember hearing about them researching this when 12 years ago when I was 13, now its real... wow
oxi (2 months ago)
"tricking cells that they're still inside their owner..." poor cells XDDDD wait a minute what if second wave vegans protest for cell rights ? XDDDD
oxi (2 months ago)
I love meat but I love animals more
Malacki 655 (2 months ago)
I'm worried about the nutritional value and health implications,for example,does it pack as much protein per 100g as normal meat,are there any hidden diseases,long term health problems etc.
P (2 months ago)
Too early to be certain. But our diet already contains tons of processed and refined and altered components which lack nutrition or introduce adverse health concerns. And eating force-cloned vat-grown meat isn't any more (or any less) disgusting than eating natural meat stripped off slaughtered animals.
ReyJ (2 months ago)
can you grow Filet Mignon in the lab?
Herson Herrera (2 months ago)
how about human meat?
Briarwood Farms (2 months ago)
Their playing God is all they are doing...
P (2 months ago)
+Briarwood Farms You win a lot of arguments by simply insulting people, dumbass?
Briarwood Farms (2 months ago)
P my God has. That's where you show your intelligence. There's actually plenty of food for the world growing population. But you see media and vids like this make simple minded people like "you" think we're running out. It's called supply and demand. Economics 101, but dumbass people like u don't actually read statistics.
P (2 months ago)
No other God has offered a food supply capable of sustaining the world's ever-growing billions of hungry mouths, lol.
King GreaseMonkey (2 months ago)
I’d eat that
Darth Musturd (2 months ago)
1 cell had to die for this meat. Slaughter free
Scott McCall (2 months ago)
i'd eat lab grown lettuce
Mike Fani (2 months ago)
Lab meat is great fantastic fabulous marbles ideas 💡 Save our earth 🌏 cleaner save water 💦 no kilo animal s
Mike Fani (2 months ago)
Paradorito (2 months ago)
But like why tho, like personally I think its gross, and like we could just eat animals ya know. Like just eat them oml. And like its still meat so vegans would be eating animal products, like its grown in a lab, but its still meat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Patrick Oakley (2 months ago)
Reminds me of the movie mr. nobody, how a man far in the future is describing how they " used to eat meat." This might be the beginning of something huge.
JimboLogic (2 months ago)
Don’t let them fool you. It’s made of people.
I Changed my Name Now (2 months ago)
Sounds dope.

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