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Inside the Quest to Make Lab Grown Meat | WIRED

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Food scientists and startups are trying to make meat more ethically appealing by growing it -- cell by cell -- in a lab instead of on a farm. Even some vegans support so-called "clean" meat. But can lab grown meat overcome the dreaded "yuck factor?" Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► http://wrd.cm/15fP7B7 ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. Inside the Quest to Make Lab Grown Meat | WIRED
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Text Comments (2902)
bish arse (10 hours ago)
Good job !
Sam Lutfi (11 hours ago)
if you're going to grow meat in a lab, you should start with meat for animal feed. for human consumption the perfect protein for humans would be, well lab grown human flesh #fact
TeeCan (1 day ago)
That’s definitely not a kroket...
Jay D (1 day ago)
I remember hearing about them researching this when 12 years ago when I was 13, now its real... wow
tokyoghoulsucks (1 day ago)
"tricking cells that they're still inside their owner..." poor cells XDDDD wait a minute what if second wave vegans protest for cell rights ? XDDDD
tokyoghoulsucks (1 day ago)
I love meat but I love animals more
Malacki 655 (2 days ago)
I'm worried about the nutritional value and health implications,for example,does it pack as much protein per 100g as normal meat,are there any hidden diseases,long term health problems etc.
P (1 day ago)
Too early to be certain. But our diet already contains tons of processed and refined and altered components which lack nutrition or introduce adverse health concerns. And eating force-cloned vat-grown meat isn't any more (or any less) disgusting than eating natural meat stripped off slaughtered animals.
ReyJ (3 days ago)
can you grow Filet Mignon in the lab?
PointOfView (4 days ago)
how about human meat?
Briarwood Farms (1 day ago)
Their playing God is all they are doing...
P (1 day ago)
+Briarwood Farms You win a lot of arguments by simply insulting people, dumbass?
Briarwood Farms (1 day ago)
P my God has. That's where you show your intelligence. There's actually plenty of food for the world growing population. But you see media and vids like this make simple minded people like "you" think we're running out. It's called supply and demand. Economics 101, but dumbass people like u don't actually read statistics.
P (1 day ago)
No other God has offered a food supply capable of sustaining the world's ever-growing billions of hungry mouths, lol.
King GreaseMonkey (4 days ago)
I’d eat that
Darth Musturd (5 days ago)
1 cell had to die for this meat. Slaughter free
Scott McCall (5 days ago)
i'd eat lab grown lettuce
Mike Fani (6 days ago)
Lab meat is great fantastic fabulous marbles ideas 💡 Save our earth 🌏 cleaner save water 💦 no kilo animal s
Mike Fani (6 days ago)
Gabe G (6 days ago)
But like why tho, like personally I think its gross, and like we could just eat animals ya know. Like just eat them oml. And like its still meat so vegans would be eating animal products, like its grown in a lab, but its still meat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Patrick Oakley (6 days ago)
Reminds me of the movie mr. nobody, how a man far in the future is describing how they " used to eat meat." This might be the beginning of something huge.
JimboLogic (6 days ago)
Don’t let them fool you. It’s made of people.
I Changed my Name Now (7 days ago)
Sounds dope.
Taylor Pope (7 days ago)
im not with PETA but i AM a vegan and im so down for this
Art Person (7 days ago)
Soon pink slime will be a think of the past, grow your meat today.
Vinn N (8 days ago)
Xzilee (8 days ago)
Cool echo friendly asf
Nope! Give me cow! Give me pig meat!
SOBBAL GOLEM (11 days ago)
Peta... nice?
A Pen (12 days ago)
You can buy pretty much the same thing at Walmart but it's plant based especially the chorizzo it's so good
A Pen (4 days ago)
+WarioGiant tomato tomoto
WarioGiant (9 days ago)
thats not "pretty much the same thing" its completely different
rin konan (13 days ago)
vegans are getting exited
Awayforthewin (14 days ago)
I dont care how it's made as long as it tastes good and doesn't give me a disease.
SkankHunt42 (14 days ago)
I like to eat meat because I know the thing I'm eating was alive and minding its own business only to be snatched and consumed by an apex predator--me.
Nick WebbZ (15 days ago)
Lmao next they will say cows and chickens are endangered
Mr Peco (15 days ago)
makes me think then... what is meat?
WarioGiant (9 days ago)
animal tissue
a e (17 days ago)
Thank you Scientists, very cool!
MasLoff (17 days ago)
Stop abusin and killing innocent cells for food! #celllifematters
P (1 day ago)
Meh, the protesters can scream and rant all they want ... or starve away ... or eat bugs and dirt ... while the rest of the world enjoys being well-fed on a selection of cultured meats.
WarioGiant (9 days ago)
watch, i bet thats gonna happen.
What this is NOT telling you is, this was started in 2013,,,5 yrs ago and they want it ON THE MARKET by 2020. They STILL haven't done research into the Health Effects of this on the human Body. Brain, Liver, Kidney, Heart, etc. What happens if we find out LATER that it's bad for us and WHO will take responsibility for the damage it may do to our Health? Remember, a Decade or so ago we were TOLD the High Fructose Corn Sweeteners were "A safe alternative to Sugar"..only to find out after it was put into just about EVERY food product we consumed It was NOT safe. Fatty liver Disease, Obesity and other SERIOUS health Problems have been linked to this product. So much so that soda and other food companies have switched BACK to sugar secretly to protect against law suits. Will "Clean Meat" be just another product FORCED on us that will end up causing us to be sick, or maybe worse? Why no Human Testing? Why did the FDA approve this without first Testing it? Way too man questions and NO Answers are given. NOT GOOD. Oh and BTW, Bill Gate and Steve Branson are pushing this,,,they have ONE WORLD interests and also believe in World Population control. Let that sink in a minute. Question, do THEY eat this too. Or do they have the "do as I say and NOT as I do" approach. Just like Big Tech Companies that won't let THEIR KIDS have Tech Toys in Their PRIVATE SCHOOLS?
P (1 day ago)
Living cells and DNA have the remarkable property of being able to self-replicate under correct conditions. Conditions which can be maintained inside test tubes or inside large vats instead of inside living animals.
WarioGiant (9 days ago)
if this is bad for you, then so is normal meat. because this is normal meat just obtained differently
Miss Poopsy (19 days ago)
This would be awesome for families that have a vegan, lab meat can also be non murder meat.
I am happy to eat it.
Bobby (20 days ago)
Millions of poor animals are being killed painfully everyday around the globe to obtain meat even though in 21st century we have all kinds of food alternatives but still people prefer meat I hope this artificial meat become available quickly and scientists make it more economical, tasty and healthy than actual meat so that the lives of poor animals can be saved, Those who oppose it probably don't know that in the name of farm meat they are already consuming unnatural meat stuffed with full of all kinds of drugs.
Dani the Girl (20 days ago)
i'll tell ya something two factors will make you eat it. either you are hungry enuf or you re high enuf gee....
Martin Hacks (20 days ago)
Lab-grown meat price forecast. When can we expect it in the supermarket and cheaper than conventional meat? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWkGsI4SNus
P (1 day ago)
Good question because you can bet cultured meat will be driven by profits and prices. People won't buy it unless it's cheaper than natural alternatives or it's designed for a niche (like animal-loving vegans). I suspect cheap low-end stuff with awful taste, texture, or nutritional value won't do very well in a competitive market, lol, but alas the people making/selling this product will always be motivated to "innovate" towards corner-cutting and cheaper methods, a plain "slab of meat" protein would be cheaper to make than a "prime cut steak".
Shadow TheHedgeHog (20 days ago)
I've been a vegetarian for about a decade. I'd be willing to try this. It's fantastic that it doesn't involve animal suffering or environmental problems or any of the other issues natural meat has. It's no more unnatural than other things we eat - and it could potentially be healthy, maybe even healthier than "real" meat.
Xx GoldSHyper xX (21 days ago)
lol vegans arent a thing anymore now
ilhamionur (21 days ago)
Veggies feel bad for animals but when offered meat produced without death they find it unnatural?
pukeylukey199 (21 days ago)
Doesn't look right when its raw would have to fix that, and it'll have to be cheaper to buy than meat. EDIT: what about the farmers like it or not that is their livelihood
BloodWolf (21 days ago)
do this for shark fin soup so no more dead sharks? no? ok
soy gordo T (21 days ago)
As long as it tastes the same, and has the same proteins im fine
tristan (22 days ago)
"Is it meat? It does."
CzarOfDefault (22 days ago)
If everyone started eating it, that would cause most farmers to go out of business, it would effect the economy in a very negative way, and overall, there's more to loose than to gain here
DogWhistle Gaming (22 days ago)
im not eating lab-made meat. ew
WarioGiant (9 days ago)
why? its exactly the same
Squid Burger (22 days ago)
As long as I could put it on pizza or a burger I'm in
BlueBerry 3756 (22 days ago)
If they eat it will to lol....
Joe Togo (23 days ago)
Also, @Wired, bad reporting. Seems you don't have enough access to the product to create a report.
Joe Togo (23 days ago)
Only the CEO can taste and vouch for our food... CEO- "It's really good" Yeah, seems legit.
itsall gud (24 days ago)
You ppl like cancer don't you
WarioGiant (9 days ago)
that makes no sense.
Tomos Halsey (24 days ago)
BRING IT ON, I can't wait to eat a burger that has no gristle or cartilage in it! This is far better than having to eat bugs when the world is over populated.
Sabi (24 days ago)
No mor animal suffering. am in!!
Jc Dizon (24 days ago)
I completely support this and I hope it becomes mainstream but I think it should only be used on processed meat products like burgers, nuggets, hotdogs, etc. since they look so grounded up.
Hernán Valdés (24 days ago)
So those complaints are basically saying processed food is 'eeky'? ¬_¬
Boone Keller (24 days ago)
I’m down, but I’m interested on how it will be produced on such a large, industrial scale.
Kitsunemura (24 days ago)
Can you imagine using this to make flesh limbs? Using the amputee's cells as a base to grow an arm or leg back.
King Cobra (24 days ago)
Hey if it tastes good I am all for it.
FishLamp (25 days ago)
I guarantee that for each one of those idiots they found for the "street opinion" of lab grown meat, there were 10 other people interviewed who instantly saw the undeniable benefit and opportunity provided by lab grown meant because they have an inkling of a concept of the current meat industry as well as a wrap around the inefficiency of traditional meat cultivation. But don't mind that because this WIRED video had a quick point it wanted to construct for the first eighth of its run time.
Namez (26 days ago)
good burger
Barbungar X (26 days ago)
Didn't they suggest mixing human meat in a few years ago to get over taboo of cannibalism?
Gale Mast (26 days ago)
This is what will make the lion lay down with the lamb. Hmmm
Khorne Bezerker (26 days ago)
You can eat human meat. Woah
James lie (26 days ago)
i am certainly gonna miss bacon
杨编 (27 days ago)
Future animal protection organizations will don't let people eat natural meat.
ThatsSOJohn (27 days ago)
What you guys should focus on is not making the lab grown meat similar to conventional meats, but transform it into something unconventional that attracts curiosity. The world is changing & with it it’s demographics. The young like new flashy things.
ThatsSOJohn (27 days ago)
It’s unnatural, I don’t like lab made food..you do realize just about everything we eat has been either genetically modified, artificially created or mixed with preservatives
Kyle Michael (28 days ago)
the synthetic Krabby Patty IRL
yaduraj shakti (28 days ago)
Technique to create muscles for our future Robots. Who knows :D
WarioGiant (9 days ago)
interesting idea!
Epic Replays (28 days ago)
Still going to eat meat lmao
Ellie (28 days ago)
*vegans and vegetarians are feeling conflicted*
Mr. Chicken (28 days ago)
Factory Farming is *SO* natural
willyam mak (28 days ago)
I’m all okay to all kind of food, I want to try if their meats can be made into my fav food, meatballs
watever watever (28 days ago)
i say everybody hunt for themselves
Junaid Hussain (28 days ago)
Vegans must be so happy
bob noble (29 days ago)
just a reminder peta will steal your dog and kill it. awsome science to look forward too though.
Jacobo Joven (29 days ago)
2.2 billion people certainly won’t be engaging in this product.
Maverick Hargrave (29 days ago)
I wouldn't believe that this can "save animals." More like "make animals obsolete for food." The animals we eat are not natural, they were bred over centuries to serve as food. There are billions of chickens, cows and pigs so on, and they could never be released into the wild. So if one day, the unlikely future turns out to be only of lab grown meat, these animals will end up extinct.
adolph medina (29 days ago)
i want a burger of this now im excited -.-
job krumeich (29 days ago)
I imagine this meat tasting way better when it's further developed in the future. Their would be way more control over the specific composition of different muscle and fat tissues in the meat.
charlie Dilltardē (29 days ago)
gross, no thank you. i like to hurt things when i eat
Lupix (29 days ago)
Yea it can help the growing vegan population
Mike Fani (1 month ago)
Squizzle (1 month ago)
Back when people hated the Apple earphone Jack now got used to it
Snails40 (1 month ago)
Let's throw away less food and not play insane scientist.
Kim Rowi Somabes (1 month ago)
Can you have an end of the year review of this?
Mark Donaghy (1 month ago)
All the little piggies munching away on Mc nuggets 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Tell ya what I for one am looking forward to clean meat
Mark Donaghy (1 month ago)
I would not worry about finding a market 😂😂😂😂😂 sweet Jesus look at all the pigs who eat McDonalds chicken nuggets 😂😂😂😂 those things are lab grown
Spooky_ Ghost (1 month ago)
Science has officially announced *meat 2*
Gluttony with a German (1 month ago)
He could have given them a Taco but he did not that says something.
G Nk (1 month ago)
Umm I eat meat in many ways so I'm not sure why it matters if its texture isn't the same as a steak just throw it in a stew put it in a taco.... easy. I'd happily eat it if it was cheap but I won't pay 78 dollars for the honor of eating what looks to me like fatty ground beef.
Aldibas (1 month ago)
Peta are complete fuckwards. I could never respect them in the slightest.
Emiru97 (1 month ago)
wait why is it non vegan? i mean they are not killing animals for that meat
TrEdtion (1 month ago)
they also don't have slaughterhouses to get the meat.
TrEdtion (1 month ago)
lab grown meat is a superb product taste just like the real product and it does not include death of animals.
Jose Felix (1 month ago)
Fabricating flesh is a lot more inhumane than slaughtering animals. Either way idgaf
Tyler Mustard (1 month ago)
0:35 everything's unnatural you dumbass guess you'll just starve
Hot_dog_buns (1 month ago)
I’m pescatarian but if this comes out I will eat it

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