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Inside the Quest to Make Lab Grown Meat | WIRED

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Food scientists and startups are trying to make meat more ethically appealing by growing it -- cell by cell -- in a lab instead of on a farm. Even some vegans support so-called "clean" meat. But can lab grown meat overcome the dreaded "yuck factor?" Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► http://wrd.cm/15fP7B7 ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. Inside the Quest to Make Lab Grown Meat | WIRED
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AtticusSP (3 hours ago)
The best part of lab grown meat is if they can replicate the flavour and texture of any meat, we can find the most delicious but unviable meat sources and make them standard. Someday lab grown Panda might be the best thing ever
mkzhero (3 hours ago)
"To feed our growing population"..? Excuse me? What growing population? Last time i checked all the western countries had declining birth rates... You probably meant to say "worldwide"?
O.C (3 hours ago)
I like how vegans like this idea but if this becomes mainstream we probably wont have the need to keep animals around anymore anyways. RIP
reptor 7333 (3 hours ago)
using this at vegan bbq
Raze EXE (4 hours ago)
people who is against this type of meat are a joke. If this meat become commercially viable, all the lands that we used for livestock would be free for farming, more food for everyone and no bad feelings for eating an once living thing
This is better (if it works) , rather than slaughtering animals large scale !
a rainbow Fishy (4 hours ago)
Checkmate, vegans
Marc Abelha (4 hours ago)
2:-28 Nobody noticed it?
RabbidPotatoe Gaming (4 hours ago)
So if and when this takes off and becomes the norm. What are we gonna do with all these chickens, cows and pigs
Daphne Rose (6 hours ago)
Super for it
Ageofthael1 (7 hours ago)
Just get real meat and say it's lab made, Lol, I'm a genius
the shuriken (8 hours ago)
i can finally eat myself
joshua estrada (8 hours ago)
We'll wait so if lab grown meet is murder free does that mean in the future vegans will still eat meat
Haider Alyacoub (9 hours ago)
Is lab grown meat halal? 😂😂😂
The Playlist Man (9 hours ago)
so can you still beat that meat or do we have to do another thing like slap it?
Fields Gaming (10 hours ago)
I would eat it why wouldn't you eat it,its no different then normal meat.
Savannah Proctor (10 hours ago)
It may be more ethical but I'm it sure how my body would react to meat again. It's good that people are waking up and understanding that, if we don't get it together we won't be here much longer.
Paperwork infamy (10 hours ago)
We could do this with organs right?
OMGxGunner (11 hours ago)
I wanna try this
Tichomír Dunlop (11 hours ago)
Littleguygamer87965 (11 hours ago)
incredible true story by logic said why this was a bad idea
edji kiminowa (11 hours ago)
Ok, now make cow milk.
Za Ra (12 hours ago)
If it’s good, I’ll eat it lol
Félix Fortin (12 hours ago)
it’s awesome that we can make lab made meat but what happens if we start selling this to the world. What happens to the animals? Are people going going to loose their jobs associated with slaughter or farming? I doubt that i’d be right but what are we going to do if we have too many animals? Are we going to keep slaughtering them and sell lab made meat? The thing is : if one day we start eating lab made meat and not live animal meat, are we going to be able to handle it? If anyone has an idea or actually knows what will happens, i’d love to hear it.
Primo-Cieltic (12 hours ago)
Is it only me that I'm more concerned if this is nutritious enough to replace regular meat and if it's processed like processed meat?
Zulta13 (12 hours ago)
I disliked purely for featuring peta in this video.
Vulkcan AH (13 hours ago)
get gordan ramsey cook using the lab meat BOOM everone will luv it
spuspu Absher (14 hours ago)
oh boy can i not wait for this.
Nat Yaw (14 hours ago)
Question. Is it vegan? Oh.....it isn’t.....NOOOOOOOOOOO!
kjh (15 hours ago)
yo if Kobe or wagyu beef gna cost 10 bucks im down asf lol
La Gatita (15 hours ago)
At first lab grown meat will be following all ethical standards. However it will eventually break the rules just like meat industries today. Only time can tell but it will erupt with horrendous effects. Who knows maybe even human meat will be sold. Think about it there are plenty of nuts out there.
Maxi R (16 hours ago)
Id eat it
Felician Konopka (16 hours ago)
Vegans: You’re hurting the cell cultures!!
CRAZYBASTARD (16 hours ago)
Isaiah. (16 hours ago)
Is that white stuff in that tub nut?
Laurence Buttler (17 hours ago)
Im down
indexParrot (17 hours ago)
Doesn't that mean we can make infinite meat?
balamstudios (17 hours ago)
The problem is the price. Once its low enough to compete with normal meat it will take off, especially if they can make so theres no fat or make it more healthy.
Benji_Skywalker (17 hours ago)
Its kinda cool but i refuse to eat lab grown meat
Sherban G (18 hours ago)
I wanna grow my own leg muscle cells.
Aplexy 78 (18 hours ago)
That looks like a very very sad taco
kiwi potato (20 hours ago)
This should be use in space, so you don't have to ship food into space.
Ian Holm (20 hours ago)
This is great! Cruelty free, less land use, less water use, and less methane emissions...people need to get over the the fact this isn’t what theyre used to.
Someofficer (21 hours ago)
*Vegan goes obsolete*
Liam Neeson (21 hours ago)
I will be the president of the future like fifth element
Steven Andrews (22 hours ago)
Yea no one wants that fam
MAD MAX (22 hours ago)
ChrisTanGaming (22 hours ago)
How to make potato taste like meat: boil a potato until it's soft, add soy sauce, salt, and vinegar (if you prefer the taste), done.
Encrypted Gamer (23 hours ago)
The picture looks like someone shot silly string on a plastic bowl lol
ChrisTanGaming (23 hours ago)
I don't care if it has all the different types of tissue in it. If it tastes as good as ground meat, I'll eat it.
Arthur Wong (23 hours ago)
Lab grown meat in market can be a game changer in many ways. Of course it wouldn't replace all the existing farmed meat (that would be bad)
Bob Birdsong (1 day ago)
It looks like to me they don't have the texture right, which is imperative to meat quality. It does look lab grown. To get past this, they'd have to make these meat products in larger batches where a more "natural" tissue growth process could happen. I'm very excited to see this come to market, hopefully it doesn't just end up being a novelty and really revolutionizes the food industry.
OG Snowbone (1 day ago)
5:25 Peta kills hella animals wymmm😂😂
but this is cell torture, well we still torture cell tho like smushing plants
T L S (1 day ago)
I would eat this
killwolfs (1 day ago)
i would rather kill and butcher the cow myself then eat that creepy labmeat
the real PewDiPie (1 day ago)
2018 : peta will be happy we stop killing animal for meat Decade later : nothing can beat the real meat ! that thing is unnatural real meat is healthier and tastier Future : finally we stop eat anything we've become an ultimate life form 2018 : what have we done ?
rafif setiabudi (1 day ago)
How do vegans react to this?
Adrian Recamadas (1 day ago)
As long as it taste like meat and safe, why not?
Simon J (1 day ago)
These people are sick in the head
Marci Samms (1 day ago)
now in youtube ...type...mercy for animals commercials
Saad Alfouzan (1 day ago)
The Musk of meat
David Test (1 day ago)
4:53 what has not been banned in california “right guys”
Tripleur (1 day ago)
This video just made me really hungry why
JpegJustin (1 day ago)
if this gets big the meat market and all the people getting rich off the meat production are going to go wild
It looks... AWESOME I would 100% try it
Hayden Hanky (1 day ago)
Quantum computers are the answer to everything.
GunGamer ZERO (1 day ago)
A.C Clemont (1 day ago)
I don't care, I still like normal meat. Also, PETA is absolute utter trash, they cannot be used as approval. They murder animals in cold blood and try to cover it up.
Yah Yeet (1 day ago)
The future is now
Braydon N (1 day ago)
Omg when this comes around vegans wont complain about meat nice
I want real fuckin meat, hippie
TheMidnightKing (1 day ago)
What if while trying to lab grown meat you isolate bone tissue and other cells to think they're rebuilding that part of the body so it would try to rebuild a simple muscle or with special chemicals a heart, but the chemicals would help a genetically modified stem cell bypass its DNA and tell it to keep building the organ or muscle. And with another group of cells there would be an added artificial immune system to keep the tissue alive
TheMidnightKing (1 day ago)
and with this special stem cell meat it would also try to rebuild a leg which can be separated into to parts that do things and to add flavor feed flavor or inject scents and stuff inject that into the stem cells and meat
ViperSlide (1 day ago)
this isnt right
GrandMaster PopPop (1 day ago)
This is how the zombie apocalypse starts
iyari alfonso (1 day ago)
Are you happy VEEEGGAAANS, this is the future of food, and I like the idea
A9-X_Youtuber (1 day ago)
That was *WIRED* :/
Samerino cul_dood (1 day ago)
i'm all for clean meat and love this video, but i don't think PETA's goal is to eradicate animal suffering, considering how many stray animals and feral cats they've killed.
Ryker Johnson (1 day ago)
This would make PETA happy (a little.)
Badboy DCX (1 day ago)
I’m in the mood for some chicken nuggets now
Badboy DCX (1 day ago)
I’m not Into lab made things I’m into Butcher made things😂people are stupid
Blam Blam (1 day ago)
About time.
Harry Benton (1 day ago)
PETA are full of trash people, they are Abad slice of approval
I'd rather either have the real thing, or not eat meat.
Infectious Sheep (1 day ago)
Can you *B e a t* it tho
Adbeel Castro (1 day ago)
This is dope I fully support it! Goodbye animal cruelty fueled meat and hello clear conscience.
Chloe Zheng (1 day ago)
this is great! I don't understand why everyone is so grossed out by this. Eating natural meat is literally eating the remains of another being, which is far more disgusting (and cruel) than eating meat grown in a lab.
Runaway Boy (1 day ago)
The vegans are winning they keep killing all the vegetables
The Big Wumpus (1 day ago)
Thecatman 175 (1 day ago)
"it's better because its slaughter-free" -vegans
Darkov (1 day ago)
You'd rather you're meat be slaughter-full?
Luke Niel (1 day ago)
why just why
Mrstates Theobvious (1 day ago)
I’d try it
Richo Rian (1 day ago)
2004 : first sheep cloning 2018 : lab-grown meat 2077 : human cloning
Marko Stojiljkovic (1 day ago)
This is the future!! So what if texture is not right, many processed meats dont have meaty texture.
Adam Waters (1 day ago)
Looking forward to this
Ethereal Vibes (1 day ago)
i think cloning is better for steaks and stuff like that
panosalpha man (1 day ago)
Nais, so If you get a stem cell or two you could probably recreate limbs.. or.. people
Just a Knight (1 day ago)
"It's unnatural", Americans are like the in the top in consumption of flavours. I would try this just because of my curiosity. It's probably still expensive and low scale now though.
kev3d (1 day ago)
It's very simple: the lab-meat needs to meet or exceed flavor, texture, nutrition and cost effectiveness of conventional meat. When it does all of those things, then it will take over.
CaptAwesome392 (1 day ago)
5:12 The vegans are Evolving

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