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3 Tips for a more Eco-Friendly Wardrobe

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Some ideas on things you can do right away to have a more environmentally conscious wardrobe. These are suggestions but it's about finding and creating an "eco-recipe" that works for you and your lifestyle! Sustainable wardrobe tips: 1. 00:22 Caring for your clothes 2. 01:43 Avoid impulse purchases 3. 03:05 Quality over quantity This video is pretty information heavy, but I hope it's helpful! (sorry about all the hand-talking, it's something I need to work on..) Making greener clothing decisions can be tough and it's not all about finding organic cotton or hemp clothing. Reducing consumption and energy use are also important parts. If you are concerned about the impact of your clothing, these are a few things to think about. Let me know if you already do any of these or if you are interested in more videos like this. Thanks for watching and your comments, likes, and shares! :)
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Anna Bernardova (2 years ago)
Thanks for pointing out the washing problem! It is not talked so often as it should be and as for exmpl. qualty vs. quantity is.
JennifersAtelier (3 years ago)
+My Green Closet you have very informative videos! thank you :) I wanted to ask whether you could also do videos about eco furniture, because it looks (in the background) as though you have a very good taste!
JennifersAtelier (3 years ago)
thanks for your reply :) I'm looking forward to seeing them !
My Green Closet (3 years ago)
+JennifersAtelier Happy you enjoy them! I've actually been moving around a lot and only living in pre-furnished apartments - I got rid of all my furniture and moved overseas in the fall. So I won't be furnishing a place with eco-friendly pieces for a while... at least a year. But in the future when I do have a place that needs to be furnished I'll definitely be using sustainable items and will share it on my channel! :)
Living Even Keeled (3 years ago)
Yes, I've been working on changing my shopping habits.  I would love to have a clothing swap party - this is the second time I've heard of this and I think it would be so fun.
My Green Closet (3 years ago)
+Patricia Keele They are really fun and it's such a great alternative to shopping!
Sofa2Snowdon (3 years ago)
I try to follow the quality and longevity guide, but I find it difficult to know that I'm going to wear what I buy, or that it really is good quality and will last well. Anybody have any tips for this? I need shopping for minimalists ha ha
My Green Closet (3 years ago)
+ILoveRuToo before I buy anything I consider how it will work with what I already own and how many outfits I'll be able to make with it. If I can make many different combinations, I know I'll probably wear it a lot! When shopping for quality, it usually means paying a bit more. Avoid fabrics like acrylic, viscose, and rayon because they often pill quickly. Check the stitching and how the seams are sewn on the inside, if it looks crooked and not well done, that means the company doesn't care very much about quality control. Try finding reviews of the garment or brand online and see what other people thought of it or if they have any complaints. Also make sure to care for your clothes properly and if possible try to wash them only when needed, less machine washing helps garments last longer. Hope that helps a bit! :)
Natasha conley (3 years ago)
Love this video. There are great tips here. As someone who lives in Washington, hanging clothes to dry wouldn't work because they'd just get soaked in rain... =/  I love when you talked about quality clothing and the costs. As I mentioned in the comments on your winter capsule, this is really something I'm wanting to do. 
Jacqueline (3 years ago)
Try hanging them inside if you have the space :)
Medicinanda (3 years ago)
Awesome tips, thanks for sharing ♡
Pandanichi (3 years ago)
Just found your channel and enjoy watching your videos! I am still in the middle of purging my clothes so I am doing 33 clothing items in faster cycle because I force myself to wear the clothes that I rarely wear... but for some reasons I cannot get rid of those. After forcing myself to wear it, I then noticed what's causing me to rarely use them (weird cutting, not comfy enough,etc.). Now I can get rid of those without any doubt! I am now thinking more of my personal style and more conscious on the clothes quality. Can you share your favourite clothing brands? Love your style and your clothes seem to have great quality!
Pandanichi (3 years ago)
+My Green Closet Thank you...! This is very helpful :)
My Green Closet (3 years ago)
+RasetsuSoul That's great!! It can definitely be difficult getting rid of things, but you end up so much happier with the clothes you have remaining :)I actually like to mostly shop secondhand, but for new items I try to look for brands with ethical manufacturing, sustainable materials, quality construction, and good fit. However it can be difficult to find ones that are great in all areas. I haven't bought very many new clothes recently but some brands I like are: Naked & Famous Denim - quality durable material, ethically made, and the fit works well for me. +EileenFisherInc - some good basics and staple wardrobe investment pieces, great eco/ethical brand. +PeopleTreeUK - lots of cute dresses, mostly classic cuts with fun prints, another great eco/ethical brand. Patagonia - for athletic and technical outerwear. I haven't actually ordered anything from them yet, but Ethica (www.shopethica.com) seems to be a good online store with smaller brands and some interesting and really cute items. I also really love my boots by Vegetarian Shoes and I've been using Matt & Nat bags for about 10 years. I think it's most important to find clothes that you truly love and want to wear for a long time. This will also help define your personal style and you will enjoy wearing everything in your closet!  Another thing to consider is taking clothing that doesn't quite work to a tailor - sometimes a small fit adjustment, taking up a hem, shortening a sleeve etc can make a huge difference to an item and turn it into one of your favorites.  Hope that helps a bit! I think I'll probably do a video sometime about my favorite clothes/products and brands and go into more detail. :) Thanks for commenting!
Hello Cathy (4 years ago)
Great video - thanks for sharing! I was really surprised to learn about tiny synthetic fibres that end up in oceans when you wash cheaper clothes. Totally agree with your quality clothes comment too. I'm on a total ban from shopping for the rest of the year - no excuses. I used to buy 30 items of clothing a year. Way too much!
My Green Closet (4 years ago)
+Hello Cathy Thanks! I just read last week about all the synthetic fibres in the ocean. It's shocking how much plastic is in the water and I was also really surprised to find out how much of that comes from washing clothes.  Good for you for not shopping the rest of the year! Has it been difficult so far? 
Sunset and Moonlight (4 years ago)
Really interesting video !!! I already use cl-old water to wash my clothes and I try to shop wisely and buy few pieces but quality pieces that I know I will wear. Also, I recently learned that to preserve a cashmere sweater you had to wash after wearing 2 or 3 times and line dry it, isn't that eco-friendly ? ;)
sonyafby (4 years ago)
Thanks for this video. I do so much washing cos I have two kids and one wears cloth nappies at the moment.
My Green Closet (4 years ago)
+sonyafby using cloth nappies is fantastic, great choice!

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