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4 Types Of Men Women Love | How to Tell if a Girl Likes You?

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Today we are talking about the psychological research that will change the dating world FOREVER! Here you Will learn how to spot a girl who will be more attracted to your personality. In this study, They found the 4 categories of men, women are the most attracted to. They also found 3 categories of women, interestingly each one of these categories of women are more attracted to a one of the types of men. Today's Book Recommendation: http://amzn.to/2Bj7RD7 Check out these other awesome videos! How to tell if a girl likes you: https://youtu.be/IRz18UAVHk4 10 Psychological ways to make her like you https://youtu.be/bUEBJ6XFP6c 9 Lessons for an awesome life https://youtu.be/yz_3o_sDxhk
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Text Comments (94)
D Nekcha Neihsial (19 days ago)
The bad guy is luckiest
Jaya Prakash (30 days ago)
i am a nice guy.. i thought nice guys are dump when to love someone...then now i understood ..thanks for this video...
wisdom chiwaya (3 months ago)
You can have the rest qualities but what will pull ladies to you is money.Try being a broke nice guy and see if theyre gonn stick around.
Sumit Timung (3 months ago)
I like introvert girl
Shaharyar Naveed (3 months ago)
Nice guy 💜 introvert Bad boy 💜 rebel Leader 💜 extrovert Not know where will be the money guy
Jeffrey Survives (3 months ago)
Attraction is triggered by emotion, not money is a falsehood! The actual answer is money and power. That attracts women to establish the relationship with wealthy men nowadays. Here is the proof for young chicks going after rich men for the money, not an emotional attraction! For example, Wendy Deng–Rupert Murdoch, Melania Knauss-Donald Trump, Shawn Southwick-Larry King, Dina Ruiz-Clint Eastwood, Elizabeth Anderson-William Shatner, Crystal Harris-Hugh Hefner, Mia Farrow-Frank Sinatra, Catherine Zeta-Jones-Michael Douglas, Christine Baumgartner-Kevin Costner, Katie Lee-Billy Joel, Lauren Bacall-Humphrey Bogart, Brittany Furlan-Tommy Lee, Annette Bening-Warren Beatty, and many more. That is the reason I never had a woman who loves me because I am too humble, too old, a poor, powerless, and ugliness that freak out women! I am merely a nice lonely humble, intelligent world traveler with a frugal lifestyle. When the apocalypse comes, I will be one of a few handfuls of human survivors on the Earth because I absorbed and adapted to survive in loneliness nearly all my life. Spoiled bitch women heavily depended on rich men will die off because they did not know how to deal in a death-dealing survival crisis during the apocalyptic time. Muhahahaha!
Armand Foumane (3 months ago)
A man can be all at the same time, depending on prevailing circumstances.!!
The Better Men Project (3 months ago)
Wet true.
Joe Kelly (3 months ago)
PoPPing yourPs
okunoren olufolahan (3 months ago)
Now i know why she likes me, i must be a nice guy.
Adrian (4 months ago)
So opposites don't actually attract each other? Or its based on the assumption that those are rare cases. Please research and share more information regarding this.
GoogleUser2004 (4 months ago)
It is better to be: - A leader with money - A nice guy with money - Or a bad boy with money You will always win girls over.
Leonid Cherepov (5 months ago)
Ronny Global (5 months ago)
Really the nice guy I disagree
Bbb Mmm (5 months ago)
Lame video.
Nelson Rivera (5 months ago)
What if you’re a mixture of all these characteristics in a guy. A bit of a bad boy, nice guy at times or the leader?
K7TZ (5 months ago)
Ahaaaa nice guys does win
Dopesick (6 months ago)
Wow truly eye opening thanks for making.
arinda sam (6 months ago)
I am a nice guy, I want to be a leader and I attracted an introvert!
Rev K (6 months ago)
Yo bro, I respect your wisdom and knowledge...keep sharing them to us man 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
The Better Men Project (6 months ago)
Thank you brother. Will definitely do!
Santosh Mouli (6 months ago)
I Am 8th Type
Crystal Cliatt (6 months ago)
I'm introvert and I like the nice guy..but the crazy ones keep coming at me..in like lord where is the nice guy
Tamaryans Mpho (3 months ago)
Crystal Cliatt i have been praying that I don't want to date an introvert
nofy bn (6 months ago)
There's only 4 types of guys and 3 types of women, wrong.
Eddie Jackson (4 months ago)
Actually, there are 12 Types of guys and 12 Types of girls....the problem is #1. Guys don't know the different types and #2. They choose the wrong type....if you choose wrong in the beginning, you end wrong.
The Better Men Project (6 months ago)
I never said ONLY, I said the study categorized....
Righteous1 (6 months ago)
I'm both a bad boy sometimes, and a nice guy sometimes. I attract both types lol.
hobgoblin1216 (6 months ago)
Provider is #1 choice for majority of girls, as you need to be a leader, bad boy and also at times a nice guy to make money.
Chris Nguyen (6 months ago)
After watching this video, I dont know how to spend 10 million dollars from my granddad gave me :(
Chris Nguyen (6 months ago)
Dude, you are so serious, Im trolling when a rich guy is just the second choice LOL
The Better Men Project (6 months ago)
Use it to make more money
Mathew AM (7 months ago)
John Smith (7 months ago)
Great video, but every time you say "girl", you're saying "female child".
TheMediaGuy (7 months ago)
You are a good mentor.
The Better Men Project (7 months ago)
Thank you.
HereHenryDanHasDoneIt (9 months ago)
Cool videos tho man, your vioce deepens cause of your psychic huh.. lol XD Peace you did even mean to me right? Lmao i ment LoL.
HereHenryDanHasDoneIt (9 months ago)
2:55 nice guy is fun loving so he likes introvert girls, while the leader likes maybe the rebel one, then the provider maybe likes the extrovert then the bad boy guy maybe likes both intro and extro, or even maybe all 3 selections ( intro, extro, the bad boy nahh i mean, the rebel. Aha, lol)
Al ø në •_• (9 months ago)
How do u make this video animation ? Please .
Kashif Sindhu (9 months ago)
I'm a combination of all those guys depending on the situation. Sometimes I'm a total package.
Tippy Toes (6 months ago)
Your suggestion of choosing a type doesn't work as well for the combo folks.  I'm a female with all 3 personalities as well and dating a guy with just one personality has proven unfulfilling for me since showing the other side of myself causes tension  It's better to find someone with all 3 attributes and being what a partner needs at any given time and being with someone who is mature enough to do the same.  No need to get it right all of the time, because just making progress is success!
The Better Men Project (9 months ago)
That’s great! You can choose which type you like best!
St Peter (9 months ago)
21st century wemen Lambogonis Feraris Money money money period
Mr.Yellow (5 months ago)
*city girls*
KrisisTV (6 months ago)
Leonardo so you aren't gonna comment on his lambogoni?
Leonardo (6 months ago)
abdul shahnawaz Khan (9 months ago)
The Better Men Project (9 months ago)
Good for you!
Driven The Rockstar Kid (9 months ago)
One word ... Hypergamy ... The rich guy always wins ... Broke and women don't mix!
The Better Men Project (9 months ago)
Emotions always win. Money can create strong emotions. Depends on the women’s priorities
Valter Cumaio (9 months ago)
Wooow this so interresting broo
The Better Men Project (9 months ago)
Very fascinating how attraction is developed
Alpha Womanxx (9 months ago)
Interesting. I'm an introvert. I'm always attracted to the leader.
The Better Men Project (9 months ago)
You are not very shy are you? Or at least you don’t want to be. You might be an introvert with really good social skills. Just by your username I can see you identify yourself with as a powerful woman instead of a shy one. Now there is always exceptions to the rule but an alpha woman is usually attracted to the alpha male
The Better Men Project (9 months ago)
You are not very shy are you? You might be an introvert with really good social skills. Just by your username I can see you identify yourself with as a powerful woman instead of a shy one. Now there is always exceptions to the rule but an alpha woman is usually attracted to the alpha male
djw (9 months ago)
This is great material. Thanks for making this.
The Better Men Project (9 months ago)
Happy to help ! Thanks for watching
Amrit Pal Singh (9 months ago)
These four types of guys are basically most of them guys around
The Better Men Project (9 months ago)
That’s good news ! They all have someone who can be attracted to them
Benoît Fréchette (9 months ago)
so true !
Fabioelparce (9 months ago)
But which one of the couples will be the happiest?
The Better Men Project (9 months ago)
We’ll be making a video about that!
CHINEDU ORIBE (9 months ago)
Nice guy
Betterment Boss (9 months ago)
Not going to lie, I wish I was the bad boy type guy but I am more like the Leader. Thanks for breaking this down for us!!!!
Felix Khale (9 months ago)
Shayne Richardson (9 months ago)
Awesome video brother
Kev Sip (9 months ago)
LOL...seriously guys...women only want a wallet, and a boytoy in bed. MGTOW. Save your health, wealth, and happiness, and buy a Porsche and take your dog for a drive in the countryside!
Jeffrey Survives (3 months ago)
For sex and love! That makes life more exciting and happiness!
nofy bn (6 months ago)
Why wouldn't you? You are missing out!! You have MAJOR issues with women to work on and probably need to work on yourself!!
Pentru Barbati (9 months ago)
wtf do you wand women companionship for ?
Powered Forward (9 months ago)
Kev Sip Yeah, but don't you want female companionship? I know I do!
the_Crimeboss (9 months ago)
Now a days majority of women want the provider obviously..... my opinion and I don't think it me alone opinion
the_Crimeboss (9 months ago)
Daniel Ngenegbo I am not?????????? What
Daniel Ngenegbo (9 months ago)
the_Crimeboss trust me, you're not
the_Crimeboss (9 months ago)
You can also be a leader a bad guy and the provider at once, you can even be all at once obviously. Is this your opinion too?
the_Crimeboss (9 months ago)
Márcio Ferreira ofcours you can be all at once
Márcio Ferreira (9 months ago)
i agree with you, i think i'm all of 4types here, ofc depending when and where, and how much money i have in that month ahah, and my girlfriend as well, i think she's a little bit of thr three types in the video.
the_Crimeboss (9 months ago)
Provider attracted to every girls there obviously, my onpinion
D O M I N A T O R 1389 (9 months ago)
prathamesh BHAT (9 months ago)
I want to be leader
Income Mobile (5 months ago)
prathamesh BHAT Well .. let's see you lead the conversation here in the comments section. If you can't lead here .. you'll never be a leader out there.
chris channel (9 months ago)
you can just get out of your comfort zone and learn about it - good luck
Chronicle Living (9 months ago)
Congrats Better Men on achieving 100k subs! Another awesome video!
Legendary Crash (9 months ago)
The leader and nice guy sounds like me
Md Sakiul Alam Kamol (9 months ago)
"Attraction is Triggered by Emotion Not Money" - Its a universal truth... Coz money will come and go....
Jeffrey Survives (3 months ago)
Of course, Women always select for a rich man! Money means the power to them!
bastian X (3 months ago)
Very interesting keep up the good work
bastian X (3 months ago)
How to be at the same time the leader,the bad boy,the nice guy and the provider???
Eddie Jackson (4 months ago)
Money is Emotional...very emotional.
LIONS GOLDEN EAGLE (6 months ago)
Lanmou-olojis OBAS (9 months ago)
nice guy all the way!!!
Awesome Sauce! (9 months ago)
Or Opposites attract 😋 Seen it! Done it!

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