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Boomerang Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

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Text Comments (45182)
Dude Perfect (8 months ago)
Crossbow Trick Shots launches TODAY! LIVE at 5 (CST) 🏹
Dominic Alvarado (10 hours ago)
Adrian Inigo (3 days ago)
Dude Perfect cool guys i
Mauro Arriaga (3 days ago)
you are so cool
Judy Islam (4 days ago)
Dude Perfect fuvck
Ser Mu (4 days ago)
that's so good dude perfect
Steven Danish (46 minutes ago)
That's impossible!!!
Jonathan Champagne (2 hours ago)
Rich ppl making fake video but ok still cool to watch
rifki maulana (6 hours ago)
main panah lah
Xxxtentatcion Bro (7 hours ago)
Who thinks Logan should join Dude Perfect
radit pratama (7 hours ago)
Indonesia mana suara nya !!
mosfet51 (8 hours ago)
What kind of boomerang do you throw?
عباس كاظم (12 hours ago)
very good👌👌
Matheus Viana (15 hours ago)
Amazing !!!
amit sinha (19 hours ago)
Song name plz
Fassbender C.C. (19 hours ago)
0:59 What is this, Zelda Ocarina of Time?
NIKO_ GAMER (19 hours ago)
Cuando aparece el perro tan bonito 3:44
Dipesh Gurung (21 hours ago)
That boomerang was a paid actor.
Sergia Slacnov (21 hours ago)
Indonesia mana suaranya....
Very nice video
ilal phalstine (1 day ago)
Luke Greene (1 day ago)
Fake shit ....kids
Kim승연 (1 day ago)
Everyones all lovin doggy while Im lovin the new intro
Ben Ndiaye (1 day ago)
Nice dog
LexiTheCat (1 day ago)
i had to like because the dog WAS SOOOO CUTE :3
Daniel Chaparro (1 day ago)
like yes DudePerfect are perfect! :)
Danilo Araujo (1 day ago)
jaks Brown (1 day ago)
Adon Adon (2 days ago)
Ini acun asli
جرة قلم (2 days ago)
هل هاذا حقيقي أم أنا بحلم 😥😑😏🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Stella Asif (2 days ago)
Stella Asif (2 days ago)
Ian Shephard (2 days ago)
Cute dog 🐕
Pigeon Raptors (2 days ago)
Fran Cintado (2 days ago)
Like for man
Logan you are a savage
Angela Cassandra (3 days ago)
Amazing Guys..
Hope Salmon (3 days ago)
James Rumere (3 days ago)
Wawww 👍👍
Darren Gibbs (3 days ago)
I liked because of the dog.
GD Syltrx (3 days ago)
The boomerangs look like fidget spinners
Daemian Malone (3 days ago)
h h how
ThaxorSmash (3 days ago)
Where can you buy boomerangs similar to what's in the video?
Andrew Key (3 days ago)
Is the dog the same one from golf stereotypes outro
Billel DJABOUT (3 days ago)
Teach the cheat cods plz
NyJai Everett (3 days ago)
Do socker with a blind fold.
Tony Time (3 days ago)
You guys use the corniest Christian rock songs for your videos that are on a continuous loop of the absolute cringiest lyrics ive ever heard, where do u find these absolute jesus sandals of songs
lord rsol (3 days ago)
ولكم شون سويتوهة
Pandu Sushanth (3 days ago)
I love India.hit like button if u like India.
ODB Channel (3 days ago)
Indonesia mana suaranya ?
Joshua W (4 days ago)
All those shots were made by the boomerang pro except for one.
Lucky’s Playlists (4 days ago)
The boomerang boi looks like Mr. Zucc
Ернур play (4 days ago)
3:50 gabe the dog hehe and it not spinner classic boomerang
Saeideh Nobahar (4 days ago)
I subscribed and liked 2018 anyone
Joseluz Montalvo (4 days ago)
Iris Awesome Channel (2 days ago)
Like cool! I am Ukreine.
Savage Hedset (4 days ago)
Good doggo
Magnus Thorson (4 days ago)
Bojs ju ar pro lavju
Isabel Boyd (4 days ago)
there the coolest people in youtube history
Disco Doggo (5 days ago)
That aint no boomerang
Sam Kearsley (5 days ago)
We're did the dog come frome
Ayesha Ali (5 days ago)
Very best episode 🙂🙂🙂🙂😎😎
Bryson Hunt (5 days ago)
The dog is so confused
Classic Sonic (5 days ago)
I like the sound when they throw a boomerang
It'sJb Yo (5 days ago)
I'm good at trick shots but this is next level.
Adam Myers (5 days ago)
Pam Corn (5 days ago)
The doggy is so cute😘💕❤️😭😍😍
Sleepybrotatoes (5 days ago)
Coby won a battle that doesn’t matter let that sink in
Who wants a shoutout
Maya Daniels (5 days ago)
im an aussie and i can tell you that those were NOT real boomerages
Trinna Smith (5 days ago)
Can i gat one
Vincent Manas (5 days ago)
the dog was so cute!
Adan Ramirez Corona (5 days ago)
Como hacen o donde compran esos boomerang???
Corri Hall (5 days ago)
Are you goinflg to keep the puppy ? If you do please do videos for it PLEASE.
Breanna Narcis (5 days ago)
You where standing on the puppy
Kavita Solanki (5 days ago)
Can you tell me how to make a boomerang
brhhom 7 (6 days ago)
احسنت صديقي لدي ملاحظه لك:عليك تحسين اللغه العربية لديك 😘
[Dann] DannXSilvia (6 days ago)
my whole life is a lie....
Arif Firman (6 days ago)
It's amazing
KitKat Candy (6 days ago)
3:43 cute puppy awwww!!
cosme damiao (6 days ago)
He's the true captain boomerang
Gita Tamang (6 days ago)
you can give i live in nepal
Sorn Teang (6 days ago)
It's amazing
Sorn Teang (6 days ago)
Wow! It's amazing
Da Real Dude (6 days ago)
Aut (6 days ago)
Music TrendeR (6 days ago)
Loved it from India,🇮🇳
Nur Meila (6 days ago)
Itu pelastik ya
Rodney Smart (6 days ago)
Vinicius Mendonça (7 days ago)
FaTaal (7 days ago)
3:45 i thought they were going to say "This is the dog shot" idk why sorry guys 😂
Jordan Zuniga-vasquez (7 days ago)
Why you do 360 trick shots
ANZAY GAMING (7 days ago)
julian burley (7 days ago)
hero wars has got to be the bast game on facebook
tio do Inglês (7 days ago)
Estou em toda parte 😊😊😊
Zappdestroyer (7 days ago)
Where do you get those boomerangs
Nick Highlander (7 days ago)
Seems fake, the boomerang must be an actor...
Johnny Natrium (7 days ago)
Had to stop watching cause of this endless, grating song
WhiteDream CR 4 (7 days ago)
U can try for badminton trick shots 😁😁🤩🤩🙂🙂
Sherman (7 days ago)
36кк подписчиков OMG
كيف يكتبون عربي او فيه عربي بينهم
Zombie dumb (8 days ago)
Why some is touching unlike?
Kavit Vora (8 days ago)
2:45 what is the effect called???
games Slemfire (8 days ago)

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