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Ectomorph? Endomorph? Mesomorph? How To Train & Eat For YOUR Body Type

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In this week's video I look at the 3 different somatotypes: ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph. I discuss the characteristics of each type and how to train and eat to get optimum results in accordance with your body type. REMEMBER TO COMMENT - LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE! Folllow Me! https://www.facebook.com/IggysBodybuildingCamp https://www.instagram.com/iggysbodybuildingcamp https://twitter.com/IggysBbCamp
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Text Comments (1487)
Xavier Smith (16 days ago)
There are plenty of healthy foods that are high in calories so I don't think it's appropriate to recommend unhealthy food. You can still get clogged arteries if you are skinny.
eyesahootin bob (18 days ago)
65% mesomorph 20% ectomorph 15% endomorp In this comment section
Golden (20 days ago)
Endomorph :(
FAHAD KHOURY (21 days ago)
I totally wanna be mesomorph but im endomorph i gained weight quickly
So do I, which is why every year I do a 3 month cut to get my body fat down. It's hard work but it's the only way for me.
Rahat Aamina (27 days ago)
The best is a meso+Endo. And I am one of those! Tank+fighter
Scuo (28 days ago)
im a cross between mesomorph and ectomorph
Joe Cruz (1 month ago)
How about if you're a combination?
Evergrand (1 month ago)
hello my fellow ectomorphs lets all sit in our garden chairs and cry and watch the mesomorphs do their thing
Rappiddz (1 month ago)
I was an ectomorph but I turned into a mesomorph 6 months after lifting I weighed 135 I now weigh 190
Matthew Rolle (1 month ago)
Also I had the body of an ectomorph but the strength of a mesomorph
Matthew Rolle (1 month ago)
I'm mesomorph I gain muscle within 4 months easy. My dad's an ectomorph. Lol
Matthew Rolle (1 month ago)
I'm also a mix of mesmorph and ectomorph cause I was an ectomorph in middle school
Cole Hickenbotham (1 month ago)
I'm an ectomorph and thanks to your advice I've been gaining mas and strength thank you
lucky strike (2 months ago)
Everyone has his own type of body
Max Tsed (3 months ago)
I am a mix between a meso and endo do what should I do
Animal Mania (3 months ago)
Still not sure what body morph I am...
Crusader (3 months ago)
I'm an endo-meso type
Vikito Zhimo (4 months ago)
I hv meso structure but look like ecto
Odds Virtus (4 months ago)
I found out that I must be an ectomorph. Though there are two detail s that can make your body shape more unique. Number one: Genetics. The thing is about genetics that certain genetic info can easily change more of your body shape. An example is my body shape. I usually wear clothes that accentuate my lanky figure to give more of a masculine look. Along with that I don’t try to gain a lot of muscle and weight. The reason why I do this is because I have an extremely feminine body shape. I have wider hips, most fat will go to my hips and buttocks, I have a smaller rib cage similar to a female, and I have smaller shoulders. This is due to the fact I inherited my mother’s body shape. It’s strange to think, but my sister has my father’s body shape so it was unlikely for her to get my mother’s since she was born first. The second factor is: Hormonal Levels. Different hormones have different ways of impacting the body. As a male with higher estrogen and low testosterone it causes these females traits to cause over exaggeration of my body shape when I gain weight. Though I am thinking of trying to exercise, I would not do too much.
vl LEGTxSQUAD X (4 months ago)
Im a mixture of a mesomorph and endomorph
vl LEGTxSQUAD X (4 months ago)
Even if Endomorphs have low body fat there muscle are as toned amd strong as mesomorphs
Mel Dube (4 months ago)
Ecto's 1:30
Joshua Taylor (4 months ago)
I'm an ectomorph. If I skip a mean I loose half my bodyweight. That makes it hard to put on muscle.
Mario Brown (4 months ago)
I'm an ecto/mesmo I'm 6ft2 at 15 wide shoulders ridiculously fast metabolism big appetite I can gain muscle easy but it stays lean I do have a Little trouble gaining weight tho I think that is the perfecet body type for me that is
Fallin DeShields (5 months ago)
I'm endo-meso😃
2Dat who dat (5 months ago)
I'm 75%meso 25%endo.Whats the best for me?
Cranky Croco (5 months ago)
I'm an Ectomorph-mesomorph and super Tall
Rajan Vidic (5 months ago)
I'm a meso-endomorph and btw it's a very good video!bravo
Iggy's Bodybuilding Camp (5 months ago)
Rajan Vidic Thank you!
Anonymous 1 (5 months ago)
I feel like I’m an ectomorph but I don’t lose weight easily or have small appetite I have a huge one
kitsunae 1 (5 months ago)
I'm Mesomorph
Jacksoaresjr (5 months ago)
This is bullshit. Ectomorph - You’re a scrawny kid who doesnt lift and eat enough. Your metabolism isn’t fast. Endomorph - You lift and eat well, nothing special. Mesomorph - You’re a fat bastard.
Sentient Thundertank (5 months ago)
For any other ectomorph out there, I just just dropped how much weight I was lifting, raised how many sets I did, ran my muscles to fail every time (using bands) and ate anything that would fit in my stomach, it worked, you just have to know when to start reducing what you eat in terms of portion size or you could go the other way and end up fat... No joke.
kalel 311 (5 months ago)
I am an ectomorph and the little bit musclei have was hard to gain
Ronald Ball (5 months ago)
I'm the ectomorph. I am overweight but still look skinny.
Squicky Cow (5 months ago)
How i know what body type im.. can someone help me?
boujee noodle (5 months ago)
what if I'm skinny and short lol what am I then
Arijate (6 months ago)
That calorie remark at the end doesn’t really help because calories are different for everyone
kekster bojester (6 months ago)
Where my fellow mesomorphs at?
xXDelta KillerXx (6 months ago)
Lucky to be a mesomorph, would have been better if I had been taller (im 1,70cm)
Kennedy Griffin (6 months ago)
you sound like tom holland
Lotus 73 (6 months ago)
Endomorphs where ya at? 😂
Dino (6 months ago)
Ectomorph more beautiful body
Aidan Waits (6 months ago)
A shetload!!!
Harumachibito105 (6 months ago)
I have a ectomorphic upperbody (narrow chest, narrow waist, and narrow shoulders) With endomorphic lower body (big hips, thighs and muscular calves) does that make me ecto-endomorph?
Jonathan Bezerra (6 months ago)
Endomorfo 😎
Wait but Im like 1000000% positive that I'm a ectomorph and when he said that "ectomorphs can't eat a lot" is like a lie because I can eat and eat haha everything else was right on
MarvinTheManiac (6 months ago)
Im a ectomorth but i don't get full easily,i have a really huge apatite (i dont know if i spelled it right)
My name is John (6 months ago)
I'm mesomorph but ectomorph
AksHay Kr (6 months ago)
I am ectomorph and skinny fat...its been 6 months since I start training but unable to gain mass.
380PPK (6 months ago)
It must be nice being an ectomorph y'all can eat whatever the f*** you want while us endomorphs gain like 10 freaking pounds from eating a candy bar
Charles Burrows (7 months ago)
God as an ectomorph trying to box, I’m trying to stay around 160-164 never going above that so I can fall in as a welter weight, but holy shit it’s so expensive and so difficult to eat like 3500 calories a day. I weigh 156 right now and gaining 5 pounds is literally so grueling for me to do and it’s frustrating. People who are trying to lose weight get upset at me sometimes when I say that or when they say I should be grateful, but it’s driving me nuts, and it’s not bragging I HATE it.
Charles Burrows (7 months ago)
Iggy's Bodybuilding Camp I’m 19, and yeah I will try out the higher calorie foods, I think that would work well, thanks.
Iggy's Bodybuilding Camp (7 months ago)
Charles Burrows Sounds like you have an very high metabolism. How old are u if u don't mind me asking? I'm assuming you're fairly young i.e. less than 30 years of age. Also being a boxer the training u do is as gruelling and intense as it gets. My advice would be to have foods which are low in volume but high in calories e.g. nuts, seeds, granola, fattier meats, higher fat yogurts and cheeses. Also have more fast digesting carbs to spike your insulin and make you feel hungrier quicker. Good luck!
Charles Burrows (7 months ago)
Iggy's Bodybuilding Camp if I’m not constantly eating I drop dramatically. It’s honestly a hinderance. I have a good immune system so i don’t get sick often, but last thanksgiving I got sick for 4 days, and lost 10 pounds because I could keep up my appetite. I’m still trying to gain that weight back I’m a little over half way but it’s just so hard to eat that much I get a bit over 2000 and by then the day is already over. Not only that, but because I metabolize so fast my body literally becomes a furnace after I eat. When I sleep in the same bed as my fiancée she asks me not to eat before I got to bed because I’ll noticeably increase the rooms temperature throughout the night. As I’m typing this I’m literally eating god lol this is so annoying
Iggy's Bodybuilding Camp (7 months ago)
Charles Burrows I have to eat 2500 cals a day to maintain weight, wish I could eat 3500 cals a day!
Sunset Vest (7 months ago)
Im a mesomorph
Scott Malcolm (7 months ago)
Brad Pitt wasn’t ectomorph lol ! He was a Meso!
Mohsen Diaz (7 months ago)
*Damn it, i cant determine which type* *am I*
Roman Hamm (7 months ago)
Im a mix between mesomorph and endomorph
Jax The Tuna (7 months ago)
Wahlberg is endo-meso. Not as lean as Stallone
Jhay Valdez (7 months ago)
I'm an ectomorph basically but my muscles are visible so....
Everlasting Luv (7 months ago)
I’m a mesomorph but with my being overweight atm I’m meso\endo
matt foley (8 months ago)
Im the kool aid guy
Christopher Walters (8 months ago)
I am a mesomorph :) I always looked like a mini bodybuilder without really trying.
TheHumanlpod (8 months ago)
body type inherent advantages- ectomorph- sports & athletics endomorph- powerlifting mesomorph- bodybuilding
Alphaluna 21 (8 months ago)
I'm a endomorph
Monica Lewinsky (8 months ago)
somatotypes are pseudo science
STaying inTrenD (8 months ago)
I'm somewhere between Ectomorph and Endomorph. Im pretty thin I have awesome bicep genes. I have a v shape body. But I also can't lose my belly fat. Belly fat is the only place I have fat in my body.
Olan Tiangco (8 months ago)
important to note: not many are pure somatypes. I am an ecto-mesomorph
20 points (8 months ago)
I’m an Ectomorph and the hardest part is telling yourself to squeeze in that extra meal. I’m finding ways around it.
Bobby Hempel (9 months ago)
I'm an ectomorph and I ride mountain bikes and commute by bicycle almost daily. So I guess I'm screwed on getting bigger
Furqan T (9 months ago)
Nice explaination
Scarce’s son (9 months ago)
I really have no clue what I am I used to be very fat and lost all the weight and am now quite lean
Bri Worldwide (9 months ago)
This was great!!
David B (9 months ago)
ectomorph and mesomorph here :( , they made me without love
dualmode1 (9 months ago)
What the hell am i? I have a hell of a fast metabolism, i have quite a lot more muscle mass than most , i dont have and never have had a triangular body, and never had fat problem until now that i got a sitting job and cant use up my energy. I was 1.85m tall and 85 kg. now i am 100kg. Havent losed the muscle but now i have that extra fat on me
Grey4753 (9 months ago)
Excellent video!
Tren Wire (9 months ago)
Despite everyone talking about this, it's pretty rare for a person to be 100% Ecto, Meso, or Endo. Most people have all 3, it's just 1 outweighs the other in genetics. Don't look down on yourself for being a body type you don't want to be, cause you most likely do have that type you want in your own genetics.
Para Jay (9 months ago)
Ectomorph: eat as much as you can. Lift as heavy as possible, for as short an amount of time as you can.(skinny guy problems.) Endomorph: eat as little as possible. Lift as frequent as you can. Cardio as frequent as you can, work your ass off in the gym, (closet strong.) Mesomorph: eat whatever as long as it's not in excess. Work out however you want as long as you break a sweat.(even if you don't it's ok, we're still naturally muscular and aesthetic.) cardio is an option.
Blam Shock (9 months ago)
What should I do if im an endomorph-mesomorph? Im leaning more towards being a mesomorph but I do put on weight a bit easily if I don't watch what im eating.
Josh Hazel (9 months ago)
I'm like 90% ecto (haven't gained significant weight since middle school despite growing taller, can eat whatever I want, bony) with a little bit of meso (broad shoulders, look heavier than I actually am, some obvious muscle definition in upper arms, chest and shoulders). I'm the only 18 year old I know that eats 3 meals a day and is only 110 lbs despite being 5'9".
Woe Entertainment (9 months ago)
I got wide shoulders, wide hips, a big back, big butt, but small wrists, small ankles. Its hard for me to gain weight unless I dirty bulk and i lose weight pretty quickly but build muscle fairly well. I think its the bbc genetics tbh
Suppressor (9 months ago)
I'm an ecto. I wish I was an endo 😢
Skylar O'Donahue (9 months ago)
100% Endo. I'm a wrestler. Second fatest looking person on the team but 3rd on the team in strength
Pancake Day (9 months ago)
Edomorphs don't have to do any cardio to lose fat. They just have to track their calories and eat to a calorie deficit. I'm sick of people saying endomorphs HAVE to do cardio. Fat loss is the result of a calorie deficit. How you go about creating that deficit is up to you. I have a friend who is an endomorph. He got down to 15% body fat (so far) without any cardio at all. I'm an endomorph too and have gotten into good shape without cardio.
The True Voice (9 months ago)
I try not farting incase I lose weight or tear a muscle
Sir Harold McEdgyMemes (9 months ago)
I think I'm a mix between mesomorph and endomorph but more of a endomorph. But I'm really tall.
Zach Thomas (9 months ago)
My only problem with your video is the nutrition part for the ectomorph. Yes they have to eat a lot of food, but it has to come clean first. Remember Quality before quantity. Awesome vid btw
Iggy's Bodybuilding Camp (9 months ago)
Zach Thomas Thanks man and I agree with you, quality over quantity everytime but there are people who struggle to eat and especially struggle to eat to bulk. These people generally start to hate to eat especially because clean food is typically higher in volume and very filling so for those individuals it may be better to have higher calorie junk to help close the gap.
issaZIGGY (9 months ago)
I'm a Ectomorph-meso 6'1ft around 60 or 70 pounds I can lift 120kg max (deadlift) my matabilism is fast so I burn fat quickly I'm mostly skin bone and muscle I go to the gym 3 days a week building muscle is hard I have to eat loads to bulk then work out
BreadKing Jahmal (9 months ago)
I'm endo/mesomorph
Harry Greenaway (9 months ago)
Imagine a mesomorph and an endomorph had a baby... that's what I am 😂😂
Cody (9 months ago)
lol i'm mesomorph
Noble Six (9 months ago)
Very nice description, dude. I'm all about that Endomorph. Can lift, look in the mirror and see some nice gains, but nobody knows, LOL. Can't lose that fat...
Megavicid (9 months ago)
Difference between ecto and meso: I'm a lot taller and less broad I also cannot get fat, have toned none bulky fast twitch muscles that aid in bullet time reflexes and acceleration I also seem to have limitless stamina
1 Kurama (9 months ago)
Idk id say im a ectomorph cuz im tall but also a mesomorph too cuz im athletic and build muscle fast while maintaing the mass without really going to the gym
Danijel Ćelić (9 months ago)
Tall endomorph. Shit
LOVENPEACE (9 months ago)
Tyraumorphs get 1 kg muscle in 1 day if eat calorie surplus of even 1 calorie. Yeah my uncle was a Tyromorph
ultraydude (9 months ago)
Guess I'm a mesomorph with a high body fat percentage I don't have a wide waist but I do have wide hips so I guess that leads me more towards a combo of endomorph and mesomorph I'm a small guy tho I'm 5'7 and 145 lbs so I'm not fat but I'm also not skinny by any means
Hydra's Kingdom (9 months ago)
I’m an Ectomorph and I run a lot lol and When you said that running is bad well shit...🤣
Cody L. (9 months ago)
7:34 literally me on the left lol.
killjoy cola (9 months ago)
See I'm skinny as fuck, but when I work out I gain Muscle really fast.
Gunnar Johnson (9 months ago)
Team Endomorph 😼💪🏻
Natty Nowhey (9 months ago)
Im an ectomorph trying to make it to a mesomorph
AZ (9 months ago)
I have no idea whether I am an Ectomorph or between Ectomorph-Mesomorph. I definitely know I am one of them.
Swagger Boss (9 months ago)
I’m a meso/ecto morph I eat quite a bit and have recently started gaining a bit of weight cuz I eat a lot. Leg training goes great but bicep not so much. I’m 5”8 which Is perfect height for bodybuilding in my opinion.

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