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DIY Clothes Life Hacks 👗👙Top 25 DIY Ideas for Girls | DIY Beauty

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Text Comments (2978)
nadia seren (23 hours ago)
The first one is hella ugly man
Shiva Sharma (1 day ago)
اكو عراقي لو بس اني 🙄
Elizabeth Ekblom (2 days ago)
I like it
Dit is zo leuk
Jordan rakes (4 days ago)
Most of these you can only wear once and can't even wash
Angelo Fonseca (5 days ago)
Kati Lewis (5 days ago)
great except didn't show how to do ANYTHING that was in the pictures on the click screen. END CLICK BAIT
Elsa Thanasi (7 days ago)
They are fantastic....Love them💕💕
Why Tho? (8 days ago)
Ummm which one should I not wear?
Qayla Bailey (8 days ago)
Kurly Kennedy (11 days ago)
She looks like AlexandraGirlyTalk
loved the black ripped jeans leggings
Niranjan Kumar (13 days ago)
Myra v bna do please
Marsh And Icy (14 days ago)
I also like the pineapple one
Marsh And Icy (14 days ago)
I’m confused with the second one…
emily antonia (14 days ago)
Kaylynn Nguyen (15 days ago)
6:01 cringeee
amani amanii (16 days ago)
وينهم لعرب❤❤
quit playin (16 days ago)
I wanted to see the watermelon skirt. Damnit.
Yulia Arfeni (16 days ago)
First one is horible
Tori Farrell (19 days ago)
Who's sick enough to wear underwear instead of a bra...just buy the gosh dang stupid bra then customize it jesus you just wasted a good pair of underwear.
Cute Dinosaur (21 days ago)
The perfect way to ruin all your clothes and look stupid
Pink Crystals (21 days ago)
These all look ugly as heck. Especially the first one
Rambhai Gadhe (22 days ago)
first one is horible how did you like it and first a fall my mother never allow me to do this kind of things
LilyPlier (22 days ago)
These girls are all so pretty... *looks in mirror* I THOUGHT I SAW THE DEVIL THIS MORNING...LOOKING IN THE MIRROR!!!! -I’ll be good
Tariq Hamza (22 days ago)
Marwa Beria (23 days ago)
مرحباً أنا ادع مروة أعيش في الجزائر انشاء الله ربي يخليه بسلمتنا أنا عمري15 سانا لي تعجبه يديرو جافا ام
Dino Playz (23 days ago)
When you click on something for something in the thumbnail and it’s not even in the video... Ugh
Fetullah Yaman (23 days ago)
Akro Forever :3 (25 days ago)
I like the first one...
Neha Jain (26 days ago)
Wooo nice
Unicorn girl Melli (26 days ago)
Lisa Aleman (26 days ago)
But I'm a Tom boy can you make one for them?
P. Fanat (27 days ago)
Good job at Designing clothes
Istvan Ienei (28 days ago)
Gif animáció
It's Clair (28 days ago)
Whould food coloring work to die it
ridhima moudgil (29 days ago)
Whoever thinks the first one is horrible like
eddsworld lover (18 days ago)
+Elizabeth Ketchel and stop making videos of your f****** brother bitch
eddsworld lover (18 days ago)
+Elizabeth Ketchel wrong dumb ass and where the hell did you came from on the way I think about it is the way I think about it I don't need to hear your opinion bitch
Elizabeth Ketchel (19 days ago)
Justto be clear not you eddsword lover 🙂
Elizabeth Ketchel (19 days ago)
Can you just shut up so what if people like it. They like what they like!
eddsworld lover (27 days ago)
I do it looks funny
Amei.!!!!!! Você é muito criativa. Parabéns gata.!
Erick Quintana (1 month ago)
Justine couderc (1 month ago)
Y love you
Mal 398 (1 month ago)
Um they stole this content. I just watched a video of the same things
Annisa Rifqi (1 month ago)
Slime Queen (1 month ago)
Alexis ... ikr it is so ugly
فيديو حلوة مرة 👙👗👙👗👙👗👗
Miss Anzhelina (1 month ago)
Я пришла лишь с юбки арбуза
Amy- San (1 month ago)
3022 ?
Sanika chore (1 month ago)
Can u tell me how u made the printed frock .. I didn't understand
maahi Roy (1 month ago)
Crafty E (1 month ago)
Half of these shirts were much better before being redesigned
Vale inthecat (1 month ago)
Omg beautifull
TANISHA BHONDE (1 month ago)
the second one was soooooooooo weird😶😶😶😶😶😶
Alena Vetrova (1 month ago)
Это попросту пиздец, целый!
sunshine MM (1 month ago)
wow you are really good. Great ideas ;)
7:03 i donno y but i feel tat she looks like lele
Vgh de
ironic / (1 month ago)
I have mixed feelings with the first one..
Ayda Shemsedin (1 month ago)
Esih Rosita (1 month ago)
Iam like video you
Ariel Gallego Carvajal (1 month ago)
Me encanta
Pavche Liubenova (1 month ago)
котка, 2:45
Maya Sameer (1 month ago)
Some of them is nice and some of them is bad
Rosalba Flores (1 month ago)
Minuto 6:30 hermosa blusa me encanto
Great 😍😍😍😍
Ого ! будто краска именуется ? Я тоже желаю такую футболку. Тот скажи те
Elyza Clearwater (1 month ago)
just saying, the first shirt looked like something my grandma would wear..
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kashish sisodiya (1 month ago)
First one i shocked
ThePervy_ Otakus (1 month ago)
I liked it
sofie simoncelli (1 month ago)
the first shirt is HORRIBLE
sofie simoncelli (1 month ago)
Deon Botha (1 month ago)
Sups cool love it😍😍😍
عبودي عبودي (1 month ago)
I'd Ysvra77😇😇😇☺😊
Millie D24 (1 month ago)
Who the hell would wear any of these
NAHIELY NAHIELY (1 month ago)
ali78 not (1 month ago)
Manoj Singh (1 month ago)
Mu Sic (1 month ago)
grea tongz (1 month ago)
CLOTHES https://www.minilinkurl.com/847ow
JoAnna Otto (1 month ago)
Don't forget to neutralize the bleach if you decide to use it
Pavel Vacek (1 month ago)
Tami to je super - to opravdu ušiješ ?
Grace Harris (1 month ago)
The first one they should have just left it without the ribbon....like...😬
Shona N (1 month ago)
This is nothing like the thumbnail
Shona N (1 month ago)
NesaFashion Channel (1 month ago)
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يوسف جوهارد (1 month ago)
شكرا على هذه القناة الجميلة
يوسف جوهارد (1 month ago)
اني حبيبتى وستاهلون 1000 لايك 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
naina sharma (1 month ago)
vijay kumar (1 month ago)
Cony Orostegui (1 month ago)
No me gustan los diseňos..son todos muy de Zorra
Cony Orostegui (1 month ago)
Muy zorra la del peto nike
Соfия Коsова (1 month ago)
они украли идеи с другого веб-сайта
Rupanjana Sahoo (1 month ago)
5:00 Were the best i think
layla44465 (1 month ago)
You can tell that these aren’t Americans
Amrhei (1 month ago)
5:35 i love it 😍
나랑narang (1 month ago)
Hello new friends!Nice video!Good job!
Iqra Naaz (1 month ago)
So stupid
Iqra Naaz (1 month ago)
I like your all design

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