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Chris Tucker Funny Interviews Moments

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Chris Tucker Funny Interviews Moments
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Fadhli Gaba (3 days ago)
Natural born funny. His charactwr is so strong that i made a promise to myself that i will watch every movie of him in the future.
Chambers Heros (4 days ago)
Gosh, we can not wait anymore to see rush hour 4. Is going down for real cause we know the script is out.
Miami Vice (4 days ago)
Why Chris talker stopped casting ? He is so funny ... Hollywood wasting their Time with fools
rose jeudy (5 days ago)
No matter what I said to llcoolj Doesnt listen so do what ever please Frank rose era's what ever Doesnt like peoples open legs doing crazy stuff that a shame I have to deal whit Frank and your latitude shit
Jasmond Shelby (7 days ago)
Ellen look so sexy in that Jersey
Sea Hunters (8 days ago)
you could see it in his character and in the way he danced that he loved michael jacksons art
Sharon G (13 days ago)
Dam!!!?!!? That pink cream white looks so Freaking Good on Him💞💖💋💝👍🙏 yeah he Fine.
fastfreakk 16 (17 days ago)
This man is a legend...rush hour 4..plss
DetroitTony (18 days ago)
Chris just naturally funny 😂😂
ItalianBrownsFAN (23 days ago)
Rosie is a cunt
ashraf shaik (30 days ago)
Kevin hart is a punk... Not funny at all
Lee Hollebon (1 month ago)
I love Chris tucker so funny & a great actor he and Jackie chan work so well together I love the rush hour films 🎥
That's So Rena (1 month ago)
He is way too talented to be taken brakes I wish his career was still as strong as it was
Salymini 255 (2 months ago)
Hahahaha i think the late and my brother they have a lot of fun my idol hahahahaha
Eloise Andrews (2 months ago)
Daddys mj
AndroiD Odyssey (2 months ago)
The real OG him and Eddie Murphy lol.
Ulises Luna (2 months ago)
I’ll watch 100 different Chris Tucker interviews before watching 1 Kevin Hart interview. Tucker is thee man
Brian Everett (3 months ago)
This dude is funny even in interviews
Brother Hood (3 months ago)
Chris might be a little sweet
Clinton Stewart (3 months ago)
We talk about all kinds of stuff chicken and basketball " 'thats why I voted for him Obama" "I like chicken yeh all types of chicken" It went something like that, That shit kill me
eman X (3 months ago)
Amrish M B (3 months ago)
Chris here is so sincere when he is making fun of MJ that its not insulting.
Degeneris nothing more but hypocrete feminized souless piece of shit
now thats a natural comedian , not kevin hart tssss
Paul Schiele (4 months ago)
Chris Tucker is probably THE most underrated actor existing.
Hexor Estrada (4 months ago)
Friday and rush hour was his best movie
Callum Jay (4 months ago)
The original funniest comedian on the planet
Raiken Xion (4 months ago)
Chris Tucker was a REAL Friend to Micheal Jackson.
Dawn H. (4 months ago)
I love Chris n Michael's friendship.
Mickey Johnson (4 months ago)
Lol Chris Tucker is too funny........ 😂😂😂
angel fiery petals (4 months ago)
Borrow stuff from myself..🙌💃that's a statement!! 😂
Jairo Franco (4 months ago)
This mufucker make my stomach hurt , I laugh too hard when I hear this man . CHRIS TUCKER THE G.O.A.T
Mr. 54 (4 months ago)
Mr. 54 (4 months ago)
Chris tucker was cool in the Friday days funny how money changes a mfer fuck him
Halboro (4 months ago)
25million goddamn dollas taxxed out
Love Chris Tucker, miss seeing him on screen😆
abdullahi 0691 (4 months ago)
natural talent unlike ..................
Robert Prechter (5 months ago)
2:35 Barbara, shut the fuck up, you old spent jew whore
Rainy Daiz (5 months ago)
Luca giovanni salvo (5 months ago)
I love this guy I have seen him in all rush hour films
Jimmy Armstrong (5 months ago)
You are so country hahaha lol
Geovanny German (5 months ago)
Chris is such a natural comedian, he is just a funny guy overall, that's his true nature
George Payazitis (5 months ago)
Lol, i don't think he's deaf.
Thumper J (5 months ago)
well shit i really wanted to see this till i realized it was the ellen show
Opie Cunningham (5 months ago)
Aside from the comedy what makes Chris so funny is how he looks. He is funny looking.
Samwisegamgee The Brave (5 months ago)
I think him and Michael did a LOT together, (barely disguised sniggering ) A LOT. 😜
Kiyara Meeks (6 months ago)
Dc youngfly's father
Jo Ann Henderson (6 months ago)
Everybody loves Chris Tucker. :)
Gabriella Nelfien (6 months ago)
i Love him and Marlon Wayans.Freaking funny 😂
Latrassa Thomas (5 months ago)
bi by it
Latrassa Thomas (5 months ago)
DJ Drewski Thunderbirds (6 months ago)
He had me up until obama. Great comic. Great guy. Uneducated in reality. Sad. Really sad.
Motivation m Lembert (5 months ago)
DJ Drewski Thunderbirds what education has to do with this?
Ixon (6 months ago)
We need a Rush Hour 4!!!!!
jamieonm (19 days ago)
Ixon its coming
zi ruise (6 months ago)
Good comedian and best guy in the world. Thank you for Chris Tucker
CJ (6 months ago)
Mj was a paedophile disguised as a paedophile 😂😂😂😂
Latrassa Thomas (5 months ago)
no no no
wiezewee (6 months ago)
Barbara tried to slide that "Fried Chicken in there".... I caught that Barbara.
stoic romulan (5 months ago)
wiezewee 😂😂😂 she aint slick
sunglasses ron (6 months ago)
micheal thats you ? 😂😂😂😂😂
ali kayosan (6 months ago)
@0:46 lmao
Ntombizandile Mbangi (6 months ago)
Chris and Kevin thy can talk but still I love thm
Joshua Sridhar (7 months ago)
God i want another Rush Hour movie! LOL
CoreyL (17 days ago)
+Chris J Productionz frfr
Chris J Productionz (1 month ago)
Jyotiska Das (2 months ago)
+Angel G they have plans but doesn't look like it's gonna be finalized
Angel G (2 months ago)
Jyotiska Das they’re still looking for a teenage actress I heard
Jyotiska Das (4 months ago)
It's coming boi
Shirley Johnson (7 months ago)
Chris is to funny!
Jordan Lacayo (7 months ago)
Craig: who dat?? Smokey: oh dats JANET JACKSON (Smokey voice)
Givememyfuckingclout (5 months ago)
Then he gets to the car and says “not a damn thang!” 😂😂
theshowstopper979 (7 months ago)
Jordan Lacayo oowww wassup smokey: not a dammnn thang lmao shit is funny
Jerome b williams (7 months ago)
Princess Gray (7 months ago)
Michael Jackson still alive today in another disguise him and Chris Tucker still hanging out
Atlor Merjo (7 months ago)
I thought he was Chris Rock
Dee Stevens (7 months ago)
Damn I miss seeing him in films... great talent.
Ib7 h (26 days ago)
+Lee Hollebon smh
Lee Hollebon (1 month ago)
Dee Stevens totally agree by the way dee your a very sexy lady are you a single lady
King 1985 legend (7 months ago)
Electronic Reviewer2 (7 months ago)
It going to be a riot
Electronic Reviewer2 (7 months ago)
It going to be a riot
Sam Ash (8 months ago)
Kevin Hart is trying so hard to replace him...
kubel83 (3 days ago)
Fanboys at it yet again🤦‍♂️" My dad can beat your dad". NO MY DAD CAN BEAT YOURS! Ya da ya da ya da, blah blah blah.
Chris J Productionz (1 month ago)
Sam Ash tbh im sick and tired of Kevin Hart
Michael Hultgren (1 month ago)
Wrong, very wrong :=) !
Dan kahmei (1 month ago)
+Always_ Swishing who cares man its my opinion
R_e_d.Panda (2 months ago)
Kevin hart cant replace the legendary comedian g ... but Imagine dc youngfly have a movie with chris tucker
Samuel Jarrett (8 months ago)
No!!!!!!!!!!Ellen the word "y'all" doesn't fit you, culture vulture.
sweetazndoll (7 days ago)
Wtf.....Ellen’s from New Orleans and down here we say “y’all”
Jason Maurella (4 months ago)
Samuel Jarrett culture vulture? Are you serious tho.
Tucker says when Jackie met him first he didn't talk much and he asked his colleague if Jackie speaks English ? Colleague says yes he do speak English . Tucker says does he know who tucker is? Does it really matter who you are if that person don't talk with you ? My point is that Americans are greedy . Very greedy indeed.🤔😬
severus (27 days ago)
Shut your fake deep ass up wrote that paragraph to make it seem like u make sense in reality you’re retarded. Greedy doesn’t make sense. Ego makes more sense but still he was joking so wtf is r comment about
jordan ward (5 months ago)
No he was hinting on to the joke that all black people look alike so he was saying does he know who I am because he probably thinks I'm Wesley Snipes or Denzel Washington nothing to do with greed either if it was meant in the way you're saying that's just a big ego.
Sir Ninja Raiden (5 months ago)
My point is you need a damned grammar class
Steven Enno (6 months ago)
ZaBĮKABULJGH ZaBįKABULJGH38 that's not greed you dumb bitch.
Lucky Charms (6 months ago)
Your and idiot he was less famous than Jackie so all he wanted to know was if he had heard of him smh dumb idiot
Almedia Lee Exum (8 months ago)
25 Million???😲
Hayleerrs _ (8 months ago)
Jim Carrey and Chris Tucker need to be in a movie together
Lita martinez (8 months ago)
Love Chris Tucker 🤷💯💯💕💕
Palm Trees and Rum (8 months ago)
Chris is broke now. Blew most of it on back taxes...lol.
theshowstopper979 (7 months ago)
Capo Capo no he ain't I seen that nigga on TV in front row seats at the Cavs and warriors game
Kandace Bracey (8 months ago)
I wish Chris Tucker can marry me 😍😍😍
daniel haokip (9 months ago)
chris...do more movies. you are such a talented artist and do more for the next generation. god bless
Q12 (9 months ago)
He should make Stand up comedy
roberto frost (1 year ago)
Jackson Is King!
Jerex101 (1 year ago)
At work.. i had to pause this video cuz ill laugh out loud yo... funny man chris tucker 😂😂
Michael Jordan (1 year ago)
My name is Michael too
Brian h (1 year ago)
He is the funniest guy around now
Weezy Vincent (1 year ago)
"I wanna be borrowing stuff from myself" I peed on myself
ROHIT MISHRA (25 days ago)
I'm you and you me, man! :D
murahk123 (2 months ago)
That’s actually a reference to one of his earliest standups where he’s like “you ever have someone borrow something for so long....you had to borrow it back?”
jordan ward (5 months ago)
literally was looking for this comment most hilarious shit in the video hahaha.
Amanda Anderson (1 year ago)
The real Michael Jackson
Mr Heisenberg (1 year ago)
The MJ voice over was spot on 😂
ME 702 (1 year ago)
Vegas Strong The Vegas Ringtone Always keep a piece of Vegas with you The Veg by Michael Elliotthttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-veg/id1232076016?app=itunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-veg/id1232076016?app=itunes
Anthony Sefo (1 year ago)
Fuck he talks too much
Sandra Jefferson (1 year ago)
Lol I love his voice so funny
ProxKei (1 year ago)
"Put your bag in the back. No no no no. You put your own shit in the back." LOL
Nick Yad (1 year ago)
Funny actor......God bless
opande okoth (7 months ago)
Nick Yad 😂
Elizabeth Estrada (1 year ago)
Love you Chris Tucker ELIZABETH ESTRADA 2017
Lolicon Shaman (1 year ago)
christ and mr.bean should make movies together
zeakiean maagu (5 months ago)
Neda Dillard he is alive lmao
Neda Dillard (6 months ago)
Lolicon Shaman Mr Bean is dead
Shreya Choudhury (1 year ago)
Chris's Michael Jackson impression is so on point, I feel like MJ is back with us again every time Chris cracks up that impression.....and I know chris did michael proud with that. 😂😍
kokroche1 (1 year ago)
yall got kool aid but no suga!
CoreyL (17 days ago)
Dammmnn y'all ain't never got two things that match
P ]{ S (4 months ago)
Terrell Wilson (1 year ago)
lol Chris Tucker actually told the people no that ain't MJ that's spider man. wowww lol
Michael Mercury (7 months ago)
thats not Michael Jackson thats spiderman. Michael goes yeah sorry jermains callin... shoot
Jason Romes (1 year ago)
0:46 lmao that laugh tho 😂
Jaleesa Trevelyan (1 year ago)
Jack Rain (1 year ago)
You me and you me that was in the rush hour
ShawN TyleR (1 year ago)
His kinda The female version of Wanda Sykes.His so hilarious RUSH-HOUR 1-3 are my favoritez.Please do the 4th Movie with Sir Jackie Chan.
Ashley Smith (1 year ago)
Lost Haha ikr!!! Not even close!
Nomad (1 year ago)
ShawN TyleR stop
John Gotti (1 year ago)
Chris & Jim Carey two funniest dudes on the planet.
J G (29 days ago)
John Gotti Chris is more funnier
Unknown Genius (1 month ago)
Don't forget Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock or Woody Allen
Sippin Water (1 month ago)
Richard Pryor
Brown Boy (2 months ago)
Kevin hart is the best😂
Mash Ronald (2 months ago)
you forgot Eddie.
Travis Shepherd (1 year ago)
Travis can don't blame shepherd and I wanton

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