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Song of the Day 8-23-12: Old Friend by Sea Wolf

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HEY Sea Wolf, one of my favorite bands, has a new album called Old World Romance coming out on Sept. 11! Go to their website to preorder it. DO IT, you won't be disappointed http://seawolfmusic.com/ on a more personal note, I'm leaving for school on saturday. The end of summer is always a bittersweet time. In other news, saw the dark knight rises in theaters for the third time the other day hahahahaha
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Aubrai Sternum (4 years ago)
Hope you included the lyrics of the songs.
Lorin Mello (5 years ago)
Awesome song.
Samara Seepersad (5 years ago)
The Cake? is that full name of the band? I'm looking for a more artists that have the same vibe as Sea Wolf so if you got suggestions for who to check out that'd be great
wertuimusicart (6 years ago)
is this song from the new album??
R MH (6 years ago)
NERDG0NEWILD (6 years ago)
anyone out there who could make a tab of this, cant find any ! id like to cover it
topdogrlg (6 years ago)
You should totally check out the band Aking. Watch the music video of their song "Safe as houses". I really think that you'd like them! If you do then feature them in your next song of the day video. That would be beyond awesome seeing as they are from South Africa. Oh and also watch their music video for the track "Catch alight", it's one of the best music videos I've ever seen. Let me know what you think of them :)
chickennugget882 (6 years ago)
They're okay. I like Sea and the Cake much more
topdogrlg (6 years ago)
And? D'you like 'em?
chickennugget882 (6 years ago)
it's cause they haven't released it yet! you can download this song at least from their website but you'll have to wait until september for the rest my friend.
chickennugget882 (6 years ago)
my pleasure my friend.
chickennugget882 (6 years ago)
i'll check em out.
chickennugget882 (6 years ago)
indeed i have!
Son Of The Stars (6 years ago)
I see you know Sea Wolf. But have you met Seabear?
topdogrlg (6 years ago)
Love Sea Wolf a lot. Bloody awesome band. Do you know the band Civil Twilight? They are from Cape Town, South Africa but have gone international. They are incredible. Their songs Next To Me and Letters From The Sky are must-listens :)
mcnally9100 (6 years ago)
Cool song! Thanks chickennugget882 :D

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