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Fat Man VS Bodybuilders (Epic Prank) | Muscle Madness

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New crazy prank with Islam Badurgov https://www.instagram.com/badurgovislam/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtZBkPHp2myTPb3f2hbvoqw SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE MUSCLES! ► https://goo.gl/VqV9QR ★ LET'S CONNECT! -- https://www.facebook.com/musclemadnesspro/ -- https://www.instagram.com/musclemadnesspro/ -- https://twitter.com/madness_muscle Welcome to new channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHCfXSBH4z9B1G0kZll_s5g PLAYLISTS▼ Most Popular Videos https://goo.gl/YhzHnc Latest Videos https://goo.gl/0MX2sD Welcome on site ► https://madnessmedia.net/ #MUSCLEMADNESS
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Text Comments (8920)
Aderiler (2 hours ago)
Like animals in a cage XD
DN V (4 hours ago)
The real life bob from tekken😂
Donald Pump (9 hours ago)
making america swole again
ミライ (9 hours ago)
That fat guy looked fake asf
PraiseTheZeus (13 hours ago)
100% body 0% brain
Katiya Nygarrd (13 hours ago)
He's in a fat suit.
Crash PL (13 hours ago)
jyo (15 hours ago)
Chad (16 hours ago)
Is that Conner Murphy
زينب علي (16 hours ago)
Conglap Nguyen (20 hours ago)
I see a guy that looked like Trump in this video
AleksCool (20 hours ago)
What was Stolyarov doing there?😅
zaid snaider (21 hours ago)
Ese estomago y llantas son falsos, se nota que es de esponja, se nota en su cuello, es delgado, parece como una tortuga con caparason.
Jesus Christ Glantz (22 hours ago)
Ike catcher
King Narejo (23 hours ago)
fat man fat is not real
Letupita124hd (1 day ago)
What theeee
Sumit Das (1 day ago)
Fake old man
Braison Bruthaam (1 day ago)
That tall black guy is so fcking hot🤤
Melissa G (1 day ago)
🤣Nice fat suit....and facial makeup
包包游乐纪 (1 day ago)
I used to be fat
I would never have believed I could be stronger until I saw this video
Muay Kuadnok (1 day ago)
TheBib Gamer (1 day ago)
Pfffff. light work.
Samantha Thoumine (1 day ago)
Wat is that last song
BalkanGAME VZ (1 day ago)
That's something under sweatsuit so it looks thick
Cori Judd (1 day ago)
You did it on my birthday
power lifting freak (1 day ago)
I know this is fake look at the end
Kevin Vo (1 day ago)
What’s the music in the video? 2:20
Mr.Radek (1 day ago)
WooW very good movie
Solaris Music (1 day ago)
The music was so unnecessary
Raphael Donatello (1 day ago)
Thats awesome
H Gallagher (1 day ago)
저 허술한 뚱보 분장에 속는 사람도 다 있나.
-Squad Артур (1 day ago)
2:35 Русский)
Yevtushevsky (2 hours ago)
Это Столяров))
Fathur Rachman (2 days ago)
ih8mcfly (2 days ago)
Destination: Snap City
VISHNU BALRAM JHA (2 days ago)
How tall is that black dude? He looks pretty tall
Leslie Charles (2 days ago)
I got the same shoes
SpaceCadeX 21 (2 days ago)
He look liked fat ass from what's the movie
Slim Chain (2 days ago)
So jealous.. Bunch of roid users probably tho
4:52 Song & Singer of this ?? Please!!
Mr. Wig. (2 days ago)
Good video but all of you watch my videos they are really good Lol..
Hot Wheels Fan (2 days ago)
0:41 is that putin doing push ups with him?
Muan Ji (2 days ago)
What's the height of that tall man?
Jamie Carlin (2 days ago)
They stole this location from GTA5 someone call Rockstar and get a lawsuit going. Derppppp.
M (2 days ago)
Name of the songs, dude?
J_ Nicholas (2 days ago)
Another day at Vespucci beach...
Muhammad Amirul (3 days ago)
Wwoooow it's so amizing
David Houp (3 days ago)
All the obese people having hope 😂
Ohms spark (3 days ago)
Only way to make a body builder jealous is make a chubby guy do the same thing.
Osvaldo Cruz (3 days ago)
Yo estaba así pero me chingue la espalda baja..... Literal :'v
Carson Davis (3 days ago)
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved
Ferd The Terd (3 days ago)
It's so obvious that he's wearing a fat suit.
MLgenius (3 days ago)
Bro look at 0:45 theirs Donald trump to the left handside what he flip
Lukroom (3 days ago)
Music at 4:00 to 6:38 it makes me bounce!! Name & Singer Please!!
Orhan Lofcali (3 days ago)
hury 88 (3 days ago)
but you are not real fat fuxxxk
Bilal Shaikh (3 days ago)
Whats your excuse?😁
ASHU KUMAR (3 days ago)
My god very nice
Suffian33 (4 days ago)
Song @ 4:00 pls..
damian 307s (3 days ago)
DJ Twister aka Vinyl Cat - This DJ (Free Bonus Track)
Mason saphanethong (4 days ago)
Tumbnail looks like fat Conor McGregor
Brian Pepmeier (4 days ago)
This is awesome😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
Lee Talley (4 days ago)
It would have been better if it wasn't a prank. A lot of people assume that overweight people can't do what others can, but that's not always the case. I have a friend who weighs 305lbs. and she can work a pole! Doing all this acrobatics stuff. I tried it and just slid down and laid on the floor hahaha!! 😂😂😂
Manoj Kiyan (4 days ago)
What s name in Tall guy ?
Br0k3n (4 days ago)
Wish i lived in LA
Katy Girl (4 days ago)
I just learned one thing: Well...DAMN BOY,Yo' smocking HOTT
Smoke YaSs (4 days ago)
Ha almost thought they would miss to show the make up job for this one Nice clip both as far as those moves and the "costume" goes Thx for the upload
SeizureCentral (4 days ago)
Wtf such developed abs but no bicep
Kazel Qawbleyi (4 days ago)
Christian Bussi (4 days ago)
HunteR HunteR (4 days ago)
Pls all music name
Neerja Puri (4 days ago)
yo the fat man has inspired me
Corey Drake (4 days ago)
The worst fat suit I’ve eve seen
E.K.İ.P Club (4 days ago)
What is music name?
Werner Guilliams (4 days ago)
The dislikes are the bodybuilders
Cube Records (4 days ago)
fake man......
Drouw (5 days ago)
To get that kinda strenght you need 3 gram test per week and 1g tren per week and 100units of hgh per day man
Kudos fat man.
aaasnwbordr (5 days ago)
I think smooth, slow, controlled movement is more impressive than momentum stuff. Takes more control and raw strength.
Ianne Jois (5 days ago)
The makeover was so amazing HAHAHAHAA
Jeff Hack (5 days ago)
The guy in green is wearing a fat suit for crying out loud. Fat rolls. It does not act like a fucking balloon!!!!
Keith Grout (5 days ago)
Only in America do they celebrate gay self involved body builders on a public beach 😂😂
Murat Özgün (5 days ago)
they are like barbie babies :)
Koenigsegg CCXR (5 days ago)
Does anyone know how tall that big nibba is?
Freecheese (5 days ago)
I see it as having the time
Maurice Schulz (5 days ago)
Song name at 1:30???
Simone Crimella (5 days ago)
the guy is not fat, is wearing a costume
Sebastian Welski (5 days ago)
Man sieht, dass es eine Verkleidung ist. Aber schöner prank ✌️
sebasgoco (5 days ago)
I hope it does not come Trevor ruin everything!!!
Лев Чандр (5 days ago)
Нигеры , одинешенек хуй , уделали этого клоуна ,понтореза ,Бадургова .
Aarøn GVB (5 days ago)
Did anybody else think they saw Donald trump in the background
Rayhan (5 days ago)
Giving americans false hope? 😄
Valdenis Sales (5 days ago)
Academia GTA 5
Jm disais bien aussi que c'était un fake....... 👍👍👍❤️👍👍👍
LeKaN (5 days ago)
Neon Noel (5 days ago)
music at 1:30 ?
Carl Kent Garcia (5 days ago)
khubaib mohamed (5 days ago)
Conor's pic shouldn't be here

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