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9 Foods you should NEVER EAT if you want a SIX PACK | 6 PACK Diet to lose weight how to get abs fast

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TRICKY foods you should never eat again if you want a six pack or to lose weight. If you're wondering how to get abs fast this 6 pack diet will show you what foods to avoid to burn belly fat quickly. 🔥 FREE 6 Week Challenge: https://gravitychallenges.com/home65d4f?utm_source=ytube&utm_term=eat Fat Loss Calculator: http://bit.ly/2OawDJq TIMESTAMPS: #1 Food: Ice Cream 0:34 #2 Food: Popcorn 1:13 #3 Food: Oreos 2:13 #4 Food: Soft Drinks 3:06 #5 Food: Chips 3:59 #6 Food: Cream Cheese 4:35 #7 Food: Pizza 5:04 #8 Food: Honey Mustard/High Calorie Condiments 5:28 #9 Food: Fried Chicken 5:47 I've been working out 7 days a week twice a day everyday and I just can't figure out why I'm not losing weight. Like I do everything right, I lift heavy weights, I do tons of cardio, i eat 6 small meals a day, I don't eat past 6 at night, and I still can't see my abs. I can't figure out what the heck I'm doing wrong... What's up guys my names Max and in today's video I want to go over the 9 foods you should never eat again if you want a six pack and if you want to lose weight. Since you've probably already realized that ice cream is one of them let's start with ice cream first. First of all ice cream is super high in sugar which can lead to weight gain, increased levels of blood triglycerides and diabetes. When you have a high spike in blood sugar which ice cream will definitely cause you to have your body reacts by releasing a lot of insulin. When insulin levels are high in your body it's literally impossible for you to burn fat and it's very easy for you to gain weight. Couple this with the fact that most ice creams will have at least 300 calories in just one cup and you'll easily see how ice cream is one of the worst foods to eat when trying to burn fat. Another food thats terrible for you if you want to see your abs and its also just as bad for your health...and that food is popcorn. Almost all microwave popcorn varieties come in a bag that is lined with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). This chemical is the same toxic stuff found in teflon pots and pans. And This chemical when heated has been linked to infertility, cancer and other diseases in lab animals. There are also gmos, artificial flavors, msg, and I don't know if you guys know this but regular corn farming requires a lot of pesticides. On top of all of that trans fats are still used by most popcorn brands even though trans fats have pretty much disappeared everywhere else since they're so strongly linked to heart attacks. And finally last but not least certain studies are starting to show that it might be a bad idea to Nuke any of your food not just microwavable popcorn. So yeah popcorn maybe the single worst food you can have for fat loss and for your health. Moving on.. we have Oreos and in general any type of cookies that you buy in a package like Chips Ahoy, keebler fudge cookies I think they're called. Now why are these so bad? Well all of the same things that applied to ice cream apply here as well. You will get an insulin Spike and it'll be impossible to burn fat until your insulin levels go back down. But something that makes this such a dangerous food to eat if you're trying to burn fat is the enormous calorie content. In just 6 Oreos we're looking at 270 calories and I bet that almost nobody eats just 6 Oreos. Oreos are addicting as soon as you eat one you know you're going to eat 20. If you eat a row which is typically how much people eat you're looking at 675 calories. Good luck burning that off. Oreos are super high in sugar fat and calories. That is definitely something you want to avoid while cutting body fat. Next we have soft drinks. Let me show you guys something this right here is peach flavored Snapple. And in one cup there are 200 calories and close to 48 grams of sugar or 12 teaspoons. You only really should be allowed a maximum of 6 to 9 teaspoons of sugar a day. You already went over with just one of these drinks. Now it's not only Snapple and I know that you guys already know that Pepsi coca cola Mountain Dew Hawaiian Punch brisk sprite and all that other canned soda.... I already know that you know that that's bad for you.... especially when you're trying to burn fat. But you might have not known that the orange juice and apple juice and in fact most juices that you see at the store are absolutely horrible for you. Apple juice has 24 grams of sugar in a cup. Granted that's half the amount that you're going to get from a cup of Snapple but thats still going to cause a major halt for your fat loss. Up next we have chips. Luckily lately there have been some Brands releasing chips that are actually not that bad for you. Unfortunately most of them still are pretty bad for you. Almost all chips are super high in salt, sugar, and fat. Also because they're cooked at such high temperatures it could cause the formation of carcinogens. Don't be fooled by the kettle cooked chips and the "natural"chips because .....it's the same shit.
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Zulfi Safdar (2 hours ago)
Can we eat mayo or kectup!
Zulfi Safdar (2 hours ago)
Can we eat chocolate?
Viper (4 hours ago)
You can eat it but not everyday , maybe like once every 3 weeks or something isk
Thanks soo much, it was really helpful to find out that these foods are really bad for you, not only for fat but for other, very harmful reasons aswell
Grayson Kitteh (1 day ago)
I don't eat any of those but still no 6 packs abs.....
Kurt Dingwall (1 day ago)
What’s the name of the song playing at 6:30??
Michael Zwiener (1 day ago)
cream cheese is actually pretty good for fat loss
Keith Streams (1 day ago)
He looks like tpindell
Theresa Shaw (1 day ago)
What's your take on Greek yogurt? I substitute it for sour cream & strain it to sub for cream cheese ... I think the protein keeps me Fuller... Side note I have lactose intolerance found it out using whey in protein shakes, totally upset my stomach, when I use higly strained Greek yougurt .. my stomach is A ok .. also only 5grams of sugar and 5 grams of carbohydrates for 18grams of protein, if anyone has insight on this , nutrition wise I would love it ... I'm also really getting into making my own salad dressings , so much healthier & actually pretty easy I made a cilantro lime dressing with apple cider vinegar as the base that will make you never buy store bought , I like that I control the fullness of flavor without all the fat & artificial ingredients in store bought
I'm really realived that eating pussy doesn't build up fat 😹😹😹😹😹
Aron Miller (1 day ago)
The video was spot on, but why the fuck would you want to sacrifice all these things just for a six pack? If you have one or two naughty days a week, exercise and eat fairly well, you'll still be in half decent shape. The extra sacrifice is to much hassel.
Kleo (1 day ago)
The only oreo cookies that are good are the original ones.
Mel Ealey (1 day ago)
he is absolutely right!!
Brian S (1 day ago)
I could be wrong, but I've been thinking it's possible to gain muscle in a caloric deficit(24 hour average) with intermittent fasting, because all you really need is adequate macros and a caloric surplus JUST long enough to gain muscle at least once every 24 hours, and most likely the caloric deficit when averaging calories in/out at the end of the day isn't going to be so low you'll lose muscle, unless your body fat is just that low. You'll probably gain some fat with the muscle and that should help give you a buffer and a lot of that will be lost fasting. But I think with strict enough intermittent fasting, from my experience and maybe it's just I'm lucky, I can have quite a bit of sweets at the end of the day, my main two rules is strict fasting until at least 1pm, then that's a 600 cal keto meal, then 5-6 hours later a moderate sugar high carb meal, kinda like what you'd do with OMAD, like 1500 cals or a bit less if I know I'm going to be eating some sweets, but ALWAYS after all that and only late in the day, not within 2 hours of going to bed. As long as I stick with those rules, I can have pretty much whatever I feel like for 2-3 hours after my healthy meals are over. Of course I'm less likely to go overboard most days from the restrictions most of the day early in the day, but I'm still pretty lean doing this having had plenty of sweets most days for weeks now(def a visible 6-pack have rarely lost all sight of it) and even notice some fat loss. I will just cut sweets most days though that's the goal, I wanna get to like 10% body fat or less. I guess it's worth noting though, for almost 2 hours nonstop in the morning I unload packages from semi trailers in a fasted state, and continue fasting for 3-5 hours when I'm finished, I'm sure that helps accelerate fat loss a lot. I notice I'm building lean muscle too for sure, I've felt a bit stronger each day since I've made dietary changes a week ago that should be great for growth hormone and testosterone, aside from sweets at the end of the day lol. But I'm already getting to a point where I notice I just feel worse if I have more than 20g of sugar in sweets and I feel satisfied with less, so naturally I'll probably have less if any without really thinking about it, that's what I love the most about intermittent fasting, you get many of the same benefits as keto, even MORE than with keto, and you can still have a high-carb meal as long as it's just once or in a short enough period of time. Even better when you're into nofap and use kratom all-day like I do lol.
jibbadahut732 (2 days ago)
Your name would be Max.
Patrick Doherty (2 days ago)
I was eating all of this daily, with periods of fasting I created a 900 calorie deficit and lost 50lbs. 30lbs to go to get my abs back. I can do squats now. This is a great video
Nereik (2 days ago)
Well fuck a six pack then
Debnath Soren (2 days ago)
he look like sergio ramos
Capricorn Grunt (2 days ago)
That some fucked popcorn. Oreos turn toi cement inside your ass.
Dustin Jackson (2 days ago)
I know plenty of people that eat this crap and dont workout who have a 6 pack. Pisses me off. Also there is nothing wrong with microwaves. Its not nuking. It uses friction and the water in the food to heat up the food so fast. And because the heating process is shorter more nutrients are preserved that other forms of heating. It just doesnt always taste as good as other forms.
lil reindeer (2 days ago)
Welp I'm vegan and dont eat sugar much I dont drink soda, eat baked goods, ice cream or candy, also i dont eat fatty foods because im vegan so there isnt much bad fat that i can have
Connor Hodges (2 days ago)
you suck
Cookie Crumble (2 days ago)
I can go without everything except for the pizza ill take the 1,140 cal thank you.
Dave Tablet (3 days ago)
Can i eat grilled foods?
Mrs. W (3 days ago)
Wait....why are fries not on the list? And I ain’t giving up my fried chicken son. Well I guess I will probably not have a six pack.
TempCuberr (3 days ago)
Hani Adada (3 days ago)
No! Not the pizza. Please. No. I'm never gonna stop having my pizza. Bye.
Crispy Butter Animals (3 days ago)
I havent used the microwave in 4 years, so it will be easy to quit microwaved popcorn
Phil Mitchell (3 days ago)
I eat most of these foods but I have a tiny tiny bit of baby fat and I train MMA 2 times a week but I started training 3 times a week now and I do 100 sit-ups followed by 100 Russian twists ever day for however long it takes. Is this enough exercise for me to get abs (btw I also do them before I go to bed because I have school in the morning and I don't have time to do them) someone please give me some good advice
Samantha Hale (3 days ago)
I hate Oreos EDIT:I hate Snapple to😂
Bryan Verduzco (3 days ago)
what if i told you i eat all that and have an 8 pack
Sparrow Limbu (3 days ago)
Aneesah Rhoda (3 days ago)
Aneesah Rhoda (3 days ago)
Like it
Justin Polak (4 days ago)
Thanks for crushing my dreams...
Who eats ice cream with a fork?
BRAINDEAD (4 days ago)
I don't wanna lose weight, i wanna gain weight!!!!
Ahmed127 (4 days ago)
I love cream cheese bagels. With pizza I usually have 4-5 slices.
Daphne Mathison (4 days ago)
Fuck that shit bro there is no way in the world I am giving up fried chicken.
Alex Platt (4 days ago)
This was like watching a first grader healthily eating plan
Jn Mc (4 days ago)
I have abs too, under the fat
Gemma Greenwood (4 days ago)
what about popcorn made yourself from scratch in the pan
Boss Back (4 days ago)
bro im going gym eating whatever i want i still have six pack dont say sugar is bad ,you bad
AZIZ CAN GULEC (4 days ago)
I eat all of them still it works
David Stokes-Lopez (5 days ago)
Great video!!
Landon Topham (5 days ago)
are peanut butter and jelly on wheat bread good to eat?
D.J Cheetah (5 days ago)
Tbh, I eat most if these foods and I still have abs. So stop tellings lies that you should NEVER eat these. Just don't eat too much
gr8 b8 m8 (1 day ago)
Just Average W
Just Average (1 day ago)
D.j cheetah on the internet: I eat every junk food still have abs. D.j cheetah on reality: mom stop giving me cake I'm obese I'm trying to get my abs.
Carnage (2 days ago)
You probably have a fast metabolism like me
Germaine Sanders (5 days ago)
Greetings. Are you aware that OREOS are vegan? I'm a vegan too!! And I have an AMAZING BODY...so there's an exception to every rule!!(Smiling)
billy bones (5 days ago)
ill stick with my 4 pack. I like food too much to get those extra 2 abs to show lmao
Sydni Jobnson (5 days ago)
I aint given up chips everything else must go
Queen Haley (6 days ago)
Lol he probably ate all that after the video😂😂😂
Nicole Cassady (6 days ago)
My fiancée eats / drinks most of these around once a week but does it in moderation. He has a 6-pack, v-line, and great definition, he’s only at 7% or 8% body fat. What probably saves him is his labor job, going to the gym with me 1-3 days a week and playing basketball. But if you work hard why not treat yourself to your favorite foods? Just DO NOT OVER DO IT!! And I still nag him about his soda problem, he tries to buy them too much haha 😂
Jimmy (6 days ago)
This make me wanna try being vegan to get a six pack
The White Wolf (6 days ago)
I’m 32 and I eat whatever I want and I’m good with my abs, I’ve always been this way though. My friends and girlfriend hate me haha. Having alien genetics is great lol
dominic bollig (6 days ago)
This guy is a pile and and an extremist and every thing he says is a lie unsubscribe
Nikolai Tange (6 days ago)
Popcorn = infertility. Taaakeee it easy.
Mayank Sharma (6 days ago)
If i wanna gain weight then should i eat all of those things
qdogtheterror (6 days ago)
Good. He didn't mention Donuts. LMAO
EliteJr (6 days ago)
Bruh today I ate 4 slices of pizza and I ate some pasta 😂
😱 OMG popcorn. I can't live without that.
suraj verma (7 days ago)
Follow suraj_verma77 for more tips about 8 pack abs naturally on instagram
Joseph Perales (7 days ago)
Ok got a question....so drink plenty of water but sometimes I need something with flavor any suggestions
@t Marine Reveals: The ONE Veggie You Must Avoid Tonight To Lose Your Belly Fat By Morning!
LogosTheos (7 days ago)
"Almost everyone I know has two slices of pizza" Almost everyone I know has at least 4-5 slices or the whole damn box I like do.
Kalle Oras (7 days ago)
Rarely any of these are food
aditya saha (7 days ago)
please, tell me what I will eat??
Z1p3ks (7 days ago)
is 6,6 g of sugar alot in a juice ??
jordan grobbelaar (8 days ago)
I’ve heard popcorn is one of the best snacks- if its not microwave popcorn?
NICK MOR (8 days ago)
Bullshit.... I cannot believe I even tried to watch this.... tell us sth new
Ali Abdullah (8 days ago)
That’s a lot 💔😱 what is good to eat then ?
Sourr (8 days ago)
I wish I had the money to buy all healthy shit pizza is cheap so that’s what I have to eat I’m willing to give up everything but I can’t bc I don’t pay the bills etc. suggestions meal plans anything?
Poet Victoria Hunter (8 days ago)
I was eating plain Raman noodles cause I was sick and only noodles I could eat, and my boss tells me it is bad for me while she was eating a loaded potatoes and cheeseburger from wendies, all while obese, and I wasn't.
Poet Victoria Hunter (8 days ago)
I eat none of that and never get a six pack. I eat super healthy, and don't have a six pack. Lol. I would need to do some heavy weight lifting. Lol.
WMMFY (2 days ago)
If you dont work out, you will obv not get a sixpack lmao
so so (8 days ago)
awsome !
Alexia Miller (8 days ago)
What about a natural high inselin level which is associated to hypoglycemia
Sourav Datta (8 days ago)
Have a good set of six pack....eat lotzzz of icecream of on my cheat day which is once every week....as long as u eat clean rest of the week...do intermittent fasting and workout 3 days a week...it all cool...i tried stopping junk good early on wen i strtd training...it does nt work...u remain unhappy coz u can't have the food h lovee and u end up eating like crazy afterwards plus mixing in social situations is also tuff wen u keep a strict diet.... So my advice is eat wat u wnt just stay in control...peace out
Roen (8 days ago)
wow didnt knew about the teflon in microwave popcorn............ i used to eat that a lot before i found out i am sensitive to MSG and started eating more healthy.........actually i put my microwave away i have not eaten from a microwave for more than 2 years now xD (if i would make popcorn i just do it in a pan, but actually i never have the desire to eat it at all anymore... dont eat chips either.... if i snack i often have better things like pizza or just a normal meal)
Roen (8 days ago)
very true indeed............. i do not eat sugar stuff for a few years, things like icecream etc i dont even like it anymore... let alone candy... but i do eat bread stuff a lot still... and pasta's etc... i cook everything fresh, but i just eat so much of it i don't burn it enough xD probably if i would just cut those carbs out i will be ripped in no time.
Kaven Haul (8 days ago)
I cannot believe people actually need to be told this. Sure, popcorn might have not been well known, but all the rest!? HOW STUPID ARE FAT PEOPLE?!?!
Just Random (9 days ago)
well i don't eat anything of these thing except for ice cream
sebastian zhakata (9 days ago)
so where do you wanna put all that food
Tom Alex Benny (9 days ago)
Stay lean and have 0 power
Leoncia Bondo (9 days ago)
you want to be fat that's what.
Robert Rovski (9 days ago)
GMO`s... LOL
Pedro de Carvalho (9 days ago)
darn it Pizza is my favorite food
Pedro de Carvalho (9 days ago)
ok i will still eat these pieces of heaven every once in a while
KiingFilms (9 days ago)
I cried when inside seen the Oreos I love Em 😩
Golden Freddy Fazbear (10 days ago)
Lol i eat a lot of fried chicken trice a week i better start restraint my self from any fried good thing im still adolescent i can still change
Michael McNulty (10 days ago)
Im on the cardboard diet and my abs be poppin boi!!
Jye Price (10 days ago)
Dude your videos are the best. no bullshit just good info!
Daniele Favaretto (10 days ago)
really? popcorn? and popcorn without butter and cooked in a pot? still gives you cancer, sterility and autism?
Jr Hamal (10 days ago)
Lol first mistake was eating ice cream with fork but thanks for this video
Harry Smith (11 days ago)
He missed McDonald’s 👈
Madcircle Throughell (11 days ago)
Wtf kinda person eats 20 oreos at a time
benanthonylopez (11 days ago)
What does the “terrible chemical” in microwavable popcorn have to do with fat loss? (Or being GMO) Lacking in supporting detail, and yet you say, it might just be the worst in your list?
Brian Thomas (11 days ago)
I literally eating nothing but these Foods I mean I eat healthy foods on occasions and s*** like I'll eat chicken breast and stuff like that but I ate a lot of pizza and chips and drink a lot of soda and you can see the muscle tendons in my abs and the rest of my body and I barely work out I am 6 foot tall I weigh a hundred and forty three lb I eat constantly throughout the day never gain any weight
give up fried chicken never
you telling me this is ruinning my life
Bradex21 (11 days ago)
B-but my chips, I’ve put down everything but m-my chips
Topy (11 days ago)
what about oatmeal. i eat it in the morning but its high in carbs, should i stop?
Mami Devil (11 days ago)
I really ate all but two 🤦

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