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twenty one pilots - Jumpsuit (Official Video)

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twenty one pilots' official video for "Jumpsuit" from the album 'TRENCH' - available now on Fueled By Ramen. https://top.lnk.to/trench Exclusive TRENCH merch bundles: http://smarturl.it/trench The Banditø Tøur get tickets at http://twentyonepilots.com/banditotour FEB 15 Lodz, PL @ Atlas Arena - SOLD OUT FEB 16 Prague, CZ @ The O2 Arena - SOLD OUT FEB 17 Vienna, AT @ Wiener Stadthalle - SOLD OUT FEB 21 Bologna, IT @ Unipol Arena - SOLD OUT FEB 23 Zurich, CH @ Hallenstadion Zurich FEB 24 Stuttgart, DE @ Hanns-Martin-Schleyerhalle - SOLD OUT FEB 25 Cologne, DE @ Lanxess Arena FEB 27 Birmingham, UK @ Genting Arena - SOLD OUT MAR 1 Dublin, IE @ 3Arena - SOLD OUT MAR 2 Belfast, UK @ SSE Arena Belfast - SOLD OUT MAR 4 Glasgow, UK @ The SSE Hydro Arena - SOLD OUT MAR 5 Manchester, UK @ Manchester Arena - SOLD OUT MAR 7 London, UK @ The SSE Arena Wembley - SOLD OUT MAR 8 London, UK @ The SSE Arena Wembley - SOLD OUT MAR 9 London, UK @ The SSE Arena Wembley - SOLD OUT MAR 11 Paris, FR @ Accorhotels Arena - SOLD OUT MAR 12 Amsterdam, NL @ Ziggo Dome - SOLD OUT MAR 13 Brussels, BE @ Palais 12 - SOLD OUT MAR 15 Bilbao, ES @ Bizkaia Arena (BEC!) MAR 16 Madrid, ES @ WiZink Center - SOLD OUT MAR 17 Lisbon, PT @ Altice Arena MAY 1 Monterrey, MX @ Arena Monterrey MAY 3 Mexico City, MX @ Sports Palace MAY 4 Mexico City, MX @ Sports Palace MAY 6 Guadalajara, MX @ ARENA VFG MAY 12 Vancouver, BC @ Pepsi Live at Rogers Arena MAY 14 Calgary, AB @ Scotiabank Saddledome MAY 15 Edmonton, AB @ Rogers Place MAY 17 Winnipeg, MB @ Bell MTS Place MAY 20 London, ON @ Budweiser Gardens MAY 21 Ottawa, ON @ Richcraft Live at Canadian Tire Centre MAY 22 Montreal, QC @ Bell Centre MAY 28 Toronto, ON @ Scotiabank Arena MAY 29 Toronto, ON @ Scotiabank Arena MAY 31 Grand Rapids, MI @ Van Andel Arena - SOLD OUT JUN 1 Buffalo, NY @ KeyBank Center JUN 4 Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center JUN 5 Newark, NJ @ Prudential Center JUN 7 Pittsburgh, PA @ PPG Paints Arena JUN 8 Atlantic City, NJ @ Boardwalk Hall JUN 9 Charlottesville, VA @ John Paul Jones Arena JUN 11 Raleigh, NC @ PNC Arena JUN 12 Charlotte, NC @ Spectrum Center JUN 14 Jacksonville, FL @ Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena JUN 15 Miami, FL @ AmericanAirlines Arena JUN 16 Orlando, FL @ Amway Center JUN 18 Birmingham, AL @ Legacy Arena at the BJCC JUN 19 New Orleans, LA @ Smoothie King Center JUN 21 Houston, TX @ Toyota Center JUN 22 San Antonio, TX @ AT&T Center JUN 23 Austin, TX @ Frank Erwin Center JUN 25 Oklahoma City, OK @ Chesapeake Energy Arena JUN 26 Memphis, TN @ FedExForum JUN 28 Indianapolis, IN @ Bankers Life Fieldhouse JUN 29 Columbus, OH @ Nationwide Arena - SOLD OUT JUN 30 Columbus, OH @ Nationwide Arena - SOLD OUT Directed by: Andrew Donoho LYRICS I can’t believe how much I hate, Pressures of a new place roll my way, Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit cover me, Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit cover me. I crumble underneath the weight, Pressures of a new place roll my way, Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit cover me. Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit cover me. Spirits in my room, friend or foe? Felt it in my youth, feel it when I’m old, Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit cover me, Dusting off my Jumpsuit. I’ll be right there, But you’ll have to grab my throat and lift me in the air, If you need anyone, I’ll stop my plans, But you’ll have to tie me down and then break both my hands, If you need anyone. Subscribe for more official content from twenty one pilots: https://top.lnk.to/subscribe Store: https://store.twentyonepilots.com Site: http://smarturl.it/TOPsite Spotify: http://smarturl.it/TOPspotify Facebook: http://smarturl.it/TOPfacebook Instagram: http://smarturl.it/TOPinstagram Twitter: http://smarturl.it/TOPtwitter Tumblr: http://smarturl.it/TOPtumblr #TwentyOnePilots #Jumpsuit #Trench #OfficialVideo #FueledByRamen
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Text Comments (124487)
Aino Haaranen (1 hour ago)
Oh, he's so cute <3
Samip Raee (2 hours ago)
Yellow stripe jump shuit
Carduty Blackops (3 hours ago)
Qué tranza manden saludos al último del vídeo por favor
Ilya Shilov (4 hours ago)
Anyone else think this song is about our inner person being in a place it doesn’t like and the physical body is the jumpsuit that covers the spirit who we really are?
Sinead Hastings (5 hours ago)
Isnt that the car from Heavydirtysoul?
Namii Tv (7 hours ago)
Tyler is ghost rider? Know y'all peep what I'm sayin?
Dulce's World (7 hours ago)
Heavydirtysoul 2.0
Eva Vite (9 hours ago)
I jusst hate pressure if a
Adriana Aparecida (10 hours ago)
|| - // melhor banda do mundo inteiro😍😜
Ирина Грей (17 hours ago)
джампсьют джампсьют ковер ми
Freddy Breadbear (18 hours ago)
so this takes place after heavydirtysoul
Maggie Espinoza (19 hours ago)
if you really pay attention this video it is so deep.
Pan . JPG (21 hours ago)
Henry Mendiola (23 hours ago)
Coverrrrr my
Cdog 11120 (1 day ago)
Remember when this came out and we all screamed and cried of happiness. Ahh, the day this was #1 trending.
Kelly Summers (1 day ago)
The more I listen, the more I relate. You guys are so deep. Fuckin Genius
Joshua Acebedo (1 day ago)
Little red riding a horse😂😂
Tøp Billion (1 day ago)
i love how the end just sort of blends into levitate to the point where you don't know where the Jumpsuit ends and Levitate begins.
Robert Ellis (1 day ago)
3:40 me trying to leave school on Friday
PotatoPuffMan (1 day ago)
3:44 🤤 that’s epic
Carrie Paulo (1 day ago)
Hands down the best song in a while
The Mark (1 day ago)
31k dislikes :((( whyyyy?
A Random Gurl on YT (1 day ago)
Deffo one of my fav albums ❤️
Darkness KS (1 day ago)
Who else listens to this on full volume because couldn't be at the concert? :,)
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Курточка курточка защити
Smol Bean (1 day ago)
Sorry i was taking a bath
Nazlı Özer (1 day ago)
2019 ??????
Artem Chen (1 day ago)
Как по-английски российский комбинезон?
If you need anyone, I'll be right there but you'll have to grab my throat and lift me in the air.
graeme henderson (1 day ago)
Is he talking to her or the horse?
usuario 7910 (1 day ago)
Cómo esta canción no tiene al menos 100 millones de visitas
CareBearzzz (1 day ago)
Speed 2.
From SIBERIA, from Irkutsk, i`ts my favorite song and video ! ! ! Let`s go duez
heartbreakerink (1 day ago)
I miss vessel
Corina Purington (1 day ago)
the car is the same as the one in heavydirtysoul or is that just me????
Deutscherfuerst (1 day ago)
Rly nice concert in Germany on the 14.2.2019 i love that <3
Mano Ranjini (1 day ago)
time to wake up
morbid junkie (2 days ago)
the 31k that disliked it have big thumbs and misclicked, they'll come back and realize their mistake
Mr Dozey (2 days ago)
Someone's watched too many Death Stranding trailers
JakeAROOO Co (2 days ago)
Where's josh
Parthiv Chandra K (2 days ago)
*Twenty Øne Piløts is 🔥🔥*
Walter Ostrowski (2 days ago)
Just realized this. 1:46 yellow stripe is on right arm. 2:01 it is on left arm
Drift Nite (2 days ago)
I’m good at singing this yay
19192HERB (2 days ago)
You bib the good thing.
R4mastered (2 days ago)
Umm.. I wasn't asleep I was actually playing Fortnite.
Cecilie Blad (2 days ago)
So so Beautiful.. My soul cried.. Thnx Pretty!! 😍👍✌️🍷🌠🌹❤️
Vitória Yoy (2 days ago)
Wow! PERFECT •ᴗ•♡
LT Motions (2 days ago)
7 months old and I'm still bopping to this
Missi Christensen (2 days ago)
I hope one day young Man,that you will consider taking on some acting roles of high emotional intelligence..you are an outstanding soul,with an incredibly sensitive acting face.Shine on boys.
Mr Theoori (2 days ago)
I can't believe they didn't win the Grammy, seriously
Sarthak Singh (2 days ago)
Why are there no comments about how the end of jumpsuit is start of levitate
Smiler (2 days ago)
Хахаха видео выложено 11.07 у меня днюха в тот же денек)
Deb George (2 days ago)
Does nobody else notice how the yellow on his arm changes sides every time?
ар каш (2 days ago)
If there are people here who don’t feel sorry for money, then I have an idea for you! In general, you can make a film on the laura of the universe twenty one pilots. (Well, maybe there is a rich man who does not mind the money) The idea came purely spontaneously, because ENT is really interesting. (перевод гугла)
ар каш (2 days ago)
Если здесь имеются люд которым не жаль средств то у меня кушать для вас мысль! В общем можно сбросить кинофильм по лору вселенной twenty one pilots.(не ну-ка может быть здесь кушать богатый которому не жаль средств) Идея пришла чисто спонтанно, так как лор реально увлекательный.
Mr. Smaile (2 days ago)
TurtleLord (2 days ago)
Tyler said the symbol |-/ had something to do with kitchen sink, and sometimes people try to commit suicide by leaning away from a sink faucet with a noose (it looks kinda like the symbol) and it's kinda morbid and sad but part of me wonders if the symbol changed from |-/ to ||-// because Tyler tried to commit suicide again. I hope not, but the thought just crossed my mind
Typical wfu (2 days ago)
A AilySenpay (2 days ago)
Русские , вы здесь кушать ? Давайте покажем всем кто здесь основной !
yo boi (2 days ago)
SemenRyeero (2 days ago)
Джамшут, Джамшут, кавэр ми...
Сделай Сам (2 days ago)
HellGuardian_MJ (3 days ago)
4:21 is that Alan Walker ??
Jesse Noals (3 days ago)
It's a funeral. Im so stupid. The red horseman is death. He's in the trench, and his loved ones are tossing flowers on his grave. Some transcendental shttt.
Chasing The Phoenix (3 days ago)
did anyone else notice how Nico drew the lines on Tyler’s neck but then around 3:10 and 3:16 you can see that his entire neck is painted black??
Kayan Brito (3 days ago)
Maior injustiçado do Grammy 2019
Emma Van Haele (3 days ago)
highkey need that jacket
maddie z27 (3 days ago)
yunsu yunsu cober mi
Nathan Skollv (3 days ago)
Álv, arte pura carajo °^° this Is.. beautiful \°^°/ aljdka mencantó. I like it, los amo 7-7 7u7.
Chewy _ (3 days ago)
*_What was that_*
Vicious Blobfish (3 days ago)
I will always remember the day twenty one pilots came off hi****
Tmefi_ Playz (3 days ago)
dat guitar tho
what's the crack (3 days ago)
What's up with the raining pringels my dream right there is would be eating them all
Іван Немеш (3 days ago)
Who visited the concert?
rizzza lio (3 days ago)
Is Tyler dead at the end?? :((
ツ POLAR ツ (3 days ago)
An eye opener to music
fainthtd4 (3 days ago)
https://youtu.be/UOUBW8bkjQ4?t=150 - like Pink floyd, cool
Андрей (3 days ago)
Джамшут кушать, ждём трек Raushan
C A N A N (3 days ago)
what is this clip's plot?
David Armota (3 days ago)
very cool very nice
Stephen German (3 days ago)
I love this music.
Sleeper Creeper (4 days ago)
twenty one pilots & Nothing, Nowhere collab! make it happen please, that would probs be the most amazing thing ever!!
Mindmfin (4 days ago)
Alexandria Mister (4 days ago)
F. Ahmed (4 days ago)
How the hell did this not get a grammy?
Shaniah Lamare (4 days ago)
My fororite song twenty pilot
Rayne Hayes (4 days ago)
I love this cideo sooooo much i cant get them out of my head its soooo good omg i wish i was this talented i going to one of their conserts i love them to much not to ughhhhhhhbhhhh
PRASENJIT DUTTA (4 days ago)
Jumpsuit vs sick boy?
BrianRocksOne (4 days ago)
Twenty one pilots isn't rock band
Beast Elixir (4 days ago)
Dandelion gaang
TechTeligent (4 days ago)
The 31k cunts disliked are wetties bruv
Raphael Loya (4 days ago)
Is this like a "sequal"of "nico and the niners?"
jumpsuit is after levitate couse he have the head shaved ! (at the beginning) i think
Captain Spider-Chap (4 days ago)
I agree. It's a loop. The car was also in Levitate.
cliente 1 (4 days ago)
like you

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