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The Most Uncomfortable Age Gaps In Movies

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper They say "all you need is love." They also say "age ain't nothin' but a number." But every so often when you're watching a movie, you see a mismatched couple — or lovestruck criminal — taking things too far. Here are some of the most uncomfortable age gaps in movies… That's My Boy | 0:15 Big | 0:51 American Beauty | 1:42 Leon: The Professional | 2:25 The Diary of a Teenage Girl | 3:10 Harold and Maude | 4:02 Manhattan | 4:46 Lolita | 5:39 Read more here → http://www.looper.com/68487/uncomfortable-age-gaps-movies/ Film and TV Theories https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOzaghBOlEsf1EjjXEqYZ3cr1Va9eP68j 12 Film Theories That Change Everything https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpwRA9KQnWU&list=PLOzaghBOlEsf1EjjXEqYZ3cr1Va9eP68j&index=18 7 Marvel Characters Who Won't Survive Phase 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txeT2Do6kl8&list=PLOzaghBOlEsf1EjjXEqYZ3cr1Va9eP68j&index=12 5 More Film Theories That Change Everything https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RbPCCSbxXM&list=PLOzaghBOlEsf1EjjXEqYZ3cr1Va9eP68j&index=17 How The Walking Dead Could End https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYixr55HA10&list=PLOzaghBOlEsf1EjjXEqYZ3cr1Va9eP68j&index=13 5 Fan Theories That Totally Change TV Shows https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qP4SaMgBFYo&list=PLOzaghBOlEsf1EjjXEqYZ3cr1Va9eP68j&index=2 5 Movies That Strangely Predicted Real-Life Deaths https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuAacTFzL00&list=PLOzaghBOlEsf1EjjXEqYZ3cr1Va9eP68j&index=10 Website → http://www.looper.com/ Like us → https://facebook.com/loopermoviestv/ Follow us → https://twitter.com/looper Instagram → https://instagram.com/looperhq/ Looper is the go-to source for the movies, TV shows and video games we all love. We're addicted to all things superhero and Star Wars, but we're not afraid to binge watch some reality TV when the mood strikes. Whether it's revealing Easter eggs and secrets hidden in your favorite films, exposing movie mistakes, highlighting the best deleted scenes, or uncovering the truth about reality TV's strangest stars, Looper has endless entertainment for the discerning YouTube viewer.
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Text Comments (6677)
Looper (1 year ago)
What other actor age gaps do you think should've made this list?
Water Berry (1 day ago)
The Crush (1993)
Honestly April and Andy i cAnt 😂
Emma Hope xx (14 days ago)
+nightfly06 yes but the actor is a child and at that point she is portrayed as a child and she looks like a child
Emma Hope xx (14 days ago)
esther and john from orphan
M A (17 days ago)
1:48 "Middle aged loser" He's working as advertising executive. Has a wife and daughter. Big house to live in. Wouldn't really call that loser. He's having mid life crisis and wants to pursue young girl because that's what older people always dream of. That's why Hollywood is filled with smooth skinned actors and make-up artists. I mean there are movies like... any war movie, where rigged looking people get paid way less and they basically require no profession, get basically to run in jungle with sweat everywhere and smelling shit while fearing death and pain everywhere due to carrying heavy bag to keep themselves alive. That's apparently not a loser, that's man living his dream. Kill yourself please. By the way, that movie didn't age well.
Olivia Cowart (5 hours ago)
I'm sorry are we forgetting about the short movie Miss. Hanaday with Jack Black and Cloris Leachman from the office season 5 ep.14
Yu Katsuragi (6 hours ago)
*Nothing tops Harold and Maude. Death obsessed teen slam dance a lady that could be in a nursing home*
Queen V (2 days ago)
Woody Allen is a pedophile.
Zoned: Utopia (3 days ago)
I wouldn't say the gap in Leon was uncomfortable cuz this was not a love story even doh Matilda confused their relation to be one (he was ultimately EVERYTHING she was missing in her family - he was the strong caring father figure, he was patient and kind mother figure, he was not innocent doh, her brother was, brother HE helped to avenge). What it was then? I think of "Leon" as ultimate tragedy of two lost souls that find each other to gain some kind of redemption even if it is sad af - little girl missing family and grown up man missing everything but proffession (remebmer plant in the movie? yh, he could not grow into steady too, he did grow for Matilda)
maaham hashmi (3 days ago)
Lolita is a great movie....good story nice cast good directing making a perfect movie I like Mr Humbert
F B i (3 days ago)
Age is a number? The electric chair is just furniture.
Mike T (3 days ago)
1:33 jokes on Tom Hanks because Susan is Millie Bobby Brown in an adults body.
Anil Chandran (4 days ago)
In recent Indian movie 2.0 there is an age gap of 41/2 between lead actors
Anthony George (5 days ago)
'Shocking!' Hollywood-PizzaGate arsewipes promote pedophiliia--and try to redefine it as a 'sexual orientation,' along with the rest of the Lunatic Left cabal. Who'd have guessed it? Looking forward to God-Emperor President Donald J. Trump bringing many of these turds to justice and relocating them to new accomodation facilities @ Club Gitmo... Sweet :)
Linda Hakkarainen (7 days ago)
The director of Leon is a literal pedophile. I think most of you disgusting apologists are forgetting that.
Joe Sharp (8 days ago)
Wow, what did Adam Sandler ever do to this narrator?
Hola Pola (9 days ago)
been in a relationship with a 30 yr old guy when i was 17. lmao
Qwifinn The Awesome (10 days ago)
Tonks and lupin... bc andromeda was only a couple years older than lupin and tonks is young enough to be lupins daughter lol
Glynn Harris (10 days ago)
Thats my boy was fucking hilarious rotten tomatoes is a piece of shit
tothepoint (11 days ago)
Wish I had a teacher like that.
LunaTwi01 (12 days ago)
The 1930s Child Bride is one of the oldest film examples what the backwards south was like.
Alex Peris Llobell (12 days ago)
“She didn’t want to kiss Kevin Spacey” sure but I bet Kevin did want it.
MissyNomer Sixtynine (13 days ago)
Pretty Baby 🍼 with a naked Brooke Shields other notable cult classic My Own Private Idaho... with river Phoenix and Keanu vs a bunch of old perverted dudes in graphic situations- ☝️
Fuyōna Kurai (17 days ago)
What accent in this video???
Magimos (17 days ago)
Benjamin Button tho...
Lipton Tea (18 days ago)
Thankfully Krusty Dumps didn't take the role in American Beauty. She's about as expressive as a mannequin.
Bill Miller (18 days ago)
Anakin and padmae?
foxycat90210 (19 days ago)
How about Kirsten Dunst being 11 and having to kiss Brad Pitt?
Jack Rodgers (20 days ago)
You should’ve added pretty baby it’s literally about a child prostitute
Finley .Watson (21 days ago)
Had a fling with someone old enough to be my dad. I'm 20 so it was totally legal, but let me tell you, it was weird to have someone his age obsess over me to the degree he did. Felt like I was in Lolita I stg lmaooo
craigslistrr O (21 days ago)
Kevin spacey was disappointed that the child wasnt a boy.
Jude Christopher (21 days ago)
Mrs Jones Mrs Jones Mrs jones
rikk sashquat (22 days ago)
since the beginning of humanity older men have preferred younger women that is something that is never going to change
MC Winchester (24 days ago)
I never thought of big like that 😧
crusader rampage (26 days ago)
Reality is worst that this film
R M (26 days ago)
how woody allen is STILL in this business is beyond me. He’s obviously a fucking creep. Who marries is once step-daughter?? Fucking creep.
Depressed Bunny (27 days ago)
age is just a number and prison is just a room
Gerry Cooney (29 days ago)
How ironic that Tom Hanks and Kevin Spacey are on the indictment list for pedophilia, and child sex trafficking. They should be arrested in 2019 and face trial by military tribunal very soon. And it could be a death penalty verdict.
Alicia Brooke (29 days ago)
For Me LOLITA 1997!
Flamingo Fight (29 days ago)
I always feel unfonftable when watching black and white movies. The males always look like in their mid 40s and the girls are mostly 16- 26. I don't know if it looks like that or is for real. I think in "Sabrina" it is mentioned that there is a big age gap
anosha haidary (30 days ago)
Why no gay’s?
Abby Beatson (30 days ago)
Lolita is so fucking creepy and disturbing, book and movie versions. Yet I'm not gonna lie it's a masterpiece. In a horror movie way if that makes sense.
Popskiptea (1 month ago)
Leon and Matilda aren’t in a relationship, the girl simply has a crush on him. Nor is Lester from American Beauty in a relationship with the school girl, he just lusts after her (plus he later refuses to sleep with her when he discovers she’s a virgin and he sees her as a child).
gayland barney (1 month ago)
cherry picking virtue signalling
jonas eggen (1 month ago)
So much anger here against Hollywood supposedly promoting pedophilia. Do I smell religious bigotry and double standards here? Abuse is far more prominent in sects and religious societies than anywhere else. May I suggest rereading the old testament?
Pvnch Drvnk (1 month ago)
Please, fuck off.
Marianne (1 month ago)
I actually think Lolita is a great movie, it really makes you feel so strong, yet opposite feelings at the same time. It also questions a lot of things and makes you think how different people can be, still remaining as humans.
Sadie (1 month ago)
TFW you find out Woody Allen is actually a pedophile irl x.x
R M. (1 month ago)
Harold and Maude is interesting in that she's kind of a "manic pixie dream girl" for him, except they play with the trope by making her a senior instead of a young, adorable pretty woman.
CheffRice (1 month ago)
0:03 no it's a word
fragsman (1 month ago)
Dislike. LIES. Dominique Swain was 19 when she Filmed not 15!
Jonathan Lehoux (1 month ago)
Wait.. Spacey played a pedophile role? I guess its true: geniuses get paid doing what they love.
Vegas Mgtow (1 month ago)
Judges don't say that. Teacher / Student reminds me of Azia Argentina in real life.
Stop Bothering me (1 month ago)
Wtf do these films even exists
Kojak (1 month ago)
And let me guess they are Jewish
Lexx1976 (1 month ago)
Didn't know "Diarrhea of a teenage girl" before. Need to watch this one... 🤔
Claire Walker (1 month ago)
Um where’s Pretty Baby?
Lee Vorg (1 month ago)
1:43 Jessie Jane. haha
Leon the professional; when he says i love you ITS BECAUSE HEA ABOUT TO DIE
Isabelle Cc (1 month ago)
Are you the voice of the dolphin in family guy?
chacha taktsang (1 month ago)
Guys.. guys.. guyyyss Lolita is the biggest/worst age gap
Raphael de la Ghetto (1 month ago)
Take a seat over there Kevin... But u see how this looks right?.... Well I have to tell you something, I'm Chris Hansen, and this is Dateline .
dr. bhabhi (1 month ago)
20:11 i like sex mera bahut man kar raha hai suhagraat manane ke liye...
Jacob Galloway (1 month ago)
Hollywood is run and populated by pedophiles. Is anyone surprised?
Deviate (1 month ago)
When i was a teenager I would have killed to sleep with my spanish teacher.. 12 is way too young i agree but this crap about teachers sleeping with students being such a horrible thing is so fucking hypocritical. Almost everyone fantasized about sleeping with a teacher. As long as no coercion or force is used by the teacher i see absolutely no problem with it. The caveat being age. As long as both parties are of legal age of consent in the state they are in then i'm okay with it.
Dean PD (1 month ago)
Yet Hollywood virtue signals.
FishingCT (1 month ago)
Stfu the Adam Sandler movie was funny asf
jesus christ (1 month ago)
Kevin Spacy was in two of them...makes ya wonder??? Now he's going down in real life!
Michael Fresh (1 month ago)
Their only movies nothing wrong
Grubber Jt (1 month ago)
denise R. (1 month ago)
Dont forget about Malena the MOST awkward age gap in a movie
Gas Mask (1 month ago)
15 is not a child, you limey fuck.
chitsb (1 month ago)
I’m pretty sure they don’t sleep with each other in Big. They only share a kiss.
spence (1 month ago)
Woody allen being a pedophile is not a movie, it's a documentary
spence (1 month ago)
American Beauty is a documentary on Kevin spacey being a pedophile.
Cameryn Reed (1 month ago)
Lolita is a masterpiece 😊
Dana Whitestein (1 month ago)
Pequeño Perezoso (1 month ago)
Age is just a word And calling 911 is just an action
Pequeño Perezoso (1 month ago)
Age is just a number And ur mom is just gay
Maeve Louise (1 month ago)
That's my boy was funny though.
Zech Merquise (1 month ago)
What about an interview with a vampire?
Eliana Dobbs (1 month ago)
Age is just a number. And jail is just a building.
HibuMaz (1 month ago)
Movies logic: Age is just a number. Logical people: And jail is just a room
Paul Masonik (1 month ago)
Who cares about "age"
kittycat101 (1 month ago)
Honestly tongs and lupin trigger me because wouldent tongs be a baby when lupin is in his first year in hogwarts i mean i love the couple and poor teddy (if you dont know what in talking about its from hp [harry potter] it's an Amazing movie series i love it)
John Steelman (1 month ago)
How old is Natalie Portman ?
Mrm.24 83 (1 month ago)
Hebephilia/ephebophilia and teleiophilia in movies indeed...
Dumisa Tony Johnson (1 month ago)
I remember watching MANHATTAN 🌃 on DVD 📀 I thought it was pretty weird
rbeck3200tb40 (1 month ago)
You forgot abotu the movie "Pretty Baby" with Brooke Sheilds who is 12 years old and has sex as a prostitute growing up in a brothel
Carrie Jinx (1 month ago)
The only cute teacher x student one I like is the moth diaries
Yumi - chan (1 month ago)
I don't support pedophilia at all but older men can be hot af😶
I went girl 18 year
Lance (2 months ago)
What about Highlander? She was in her 30s I believe. He was hundreds of years old.
SergeantSilly (2 months ago)
leon The Professional has one of the most unsettling age gabs i´ve ever seen. I absolutly love the movie, but some scenes are extremely cringy and uncomfortably
Texas Red (2 months ago)
Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones was pretty cringeworthy.
Rosie Subliminals (2 months ago)
How about Twilight? Jacob and Renesmeé. She’s like 8, but lie physically 17. But it makes it even worse when he had something for Bella. No? Yea I’ll go home
CMW18 (2 months ago)
This video is dumb lol
TY5ON JAM (2 months ago)
I wanna throw up
4nd7ew 3o3beini (2 months ago)
Hollyweird pedowood
Ívarr hinn Beinlausi (2 months ago)
Wong Teck Ron (2 months ago)
You all failed English...age is not a number, 1-100 is.
Reclusion (2 months ago)
December Leigh (2 months ago)
I love The Professional....but it was creepy how she adored Leon & appeared to be 11 or 12 when they met.

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