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Small Youtuber Had All His Lego Stolen or Destroyed

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Republicattak is a small Youtube channel, doing star wars dioramas in Lego, and has been running his channel for 8 years. But this poor guy, came home to find his car window had been smashed in, and when he went inside his home, he found that his Legos had been stolen or destroyed. He did not just have assemble out of the box Lego, he also had MOC displays, which stands for My Own Creation, which means he built his displays from random Lego pieces, which are not easily replaced. His dream was to have a full room in his house filled with all of his assembled Lego scenes. "As far as I can tell the only purpose of this crime was to punish Republicattak for having something special about him that was gentle, and creative, and unguarded," wrote a fan named Sean Treanor. According to the owner of the channel, he said it’s about $18,000 dollars worth of Legos taken. He might be down right now, but he is not out, let’s all help restore his faith back in humanity. Thanks for watching. #republicattak #stolenlego #lego ___________________________________________________________________ CREDIT LINKS ► Republicattak Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/republicattak ► Goodbye Video Original - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=No9X4eQhWDI&t=19s ► Star Wars - Infiltration Diorama - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z25A1_SWg7Y&t=10s ► GOFUNDME LINK - https://www.gofundme.com/republicattakslegowasstolen ► MandRproduction's Gofundme Campaign Video Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNyRoz7hKB0&t=119s ____________________________________________________________________ ► Wonder World Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/wonderworld.ytc.10 ► Wonder World Twitter - https://twitter.com/WonderWorld_YTC For business enquiries, content submission or copyright concerns or disputes, please contact me.
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Wonder World (1 month ago)
★★★ *FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE VIDEO / FACT UPDATES* ★★★ *1) This Story made it on to the TV News in New Zealand* - a viewer on republicattak's channel posted on the BYE video in the comment section, that this story *(not my video)* made it onto the TV News in New Zealand, which is near Australia. I can't recall the last time I ever heard of a Youtube related story on the News in Australia. *(NOTE: for those who think I am saying New Zealand is IN Australia, read it again I said New Zealand is NEAR Australia.)* *2) How much was all the Lego Worth?* - Republicattack estimates he lost at least *$18,000* in Lego, according to fellow YouTuber Ryan McCullough, who started the Gofundme campaign on his behalf. *3) GOFUNDEME Campaign no longer accepting Donations* - Someone has updated me letting me know the Gofundme Campaign has been closed at just over $18,000, *"he asked that it get stopped, as he did not want more money donated than what was stolen or destoyed. *4) How do you know that he's not lying and did this himself for attention* - I am sorry, I cannot understand ANYONE who would think this, he comes across as 100% sincere and genuine and you still think he is faking it, I think that says something more about you than him. (people have been posting comments saying he is faking it) *5) Contact LEGO about this story, ask them for Free Lego* - I have emailed & Tweeted LEGO about this story, asking if they will help him out, so have some big News Channels, and GOOD NEWS as of Oct 8, "Arthur Moyne" a PR Agency for LEGO are trying to get in contact with Republicattak, so they can help him out. *6) Why call him a Small Youtuber, he has more subs than you do Wonder World* - At the time of making this video he had *4.4k* subs, and with all the attention he has gotten since then, he has exploded to over *335k* subs as of writing this 23/10/18, so he was small, but now he isn't. *7) Subscriber Count Update Bug, people seem to have somekind of Youtube Bug / Update Error* - Most people like me can see Republicattak now has over 330k subs as of 23/10/18, but a lot of people are still seeing he has 160k subs, for some reason there sub count is not updating on their browser. ★★ *8) GOOD NEWS!!, Republicattak, Uploaded a new video saying thankyou to everyone 20/10/18* ★★ - He says, he is going to be continuing his youtube channel, but at his normal slow pace, but first he is going to be moving to a new house and keep that location secret. *Video Link* = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsUePvR3_zk
Winterfire (2 days ago)
I have things in my home not worth anything to anyone else but are so important to me so much so that I would be heartbroken if they were taken or destroyed. So how dare you call him a big baby, everyone has their own passion and things of sentimental value. It’s sad that you will never experience things beyond money.
Joe adams (3 days ago)
Wonder World (4 days ago)
+KingMarshall 270 you can try, his links are in the show more scetion
KingMarshall 270 (4 days ago)
Wonder World is it possible to get in contact with him because I have watched his vids and I have most of the Lego builds that he had
Pancake Historian (6 days ago)
Wonder World real question is *how do u not know where New Zealand is*
peterihurva (2 hours ago)
You can see the sadness in his eyes which makes this so much more sad... );
White Male (4 hours ago)
There is so much scum on this earth.
Rocky Reyes (6 hours ago)
God this is just horrible the people who did this should be ashamed
william woeger (9 hours ago)
Dude, I feel so bad for this guy!!! I think I'm gonna cry myself... Sorry for your loss bro..
Sleeperdoodle (11 hours ago)
MrBeast should donate to him.
Archie Reviews (12 hours ago)
Whoever they saying go to hell is an insult to hell they need to be turned into a piece of poo Read more
socom54321 (12 hours ago)
He has got my subscription...us star wars fans gotta stick together
fish talk (18 hours ago)
I feel sorry for you man.. i feel you.. 😢
Hisham Fakha (21 hours ago)
He was not hurting or doing anything to people i fell bad for him
Chester John Somes (21 hours ago)
I watched this coincidentally while playing with lego. fuck!!
days craft together (22 hours ago)
MATIX (22 hours ago)
I got a LEGO FRIENDS add on this video haha
United Federation of KFC (23 hours ago)
So they stole his legos and nothing of value (money, electronics, etc)? So they are robbing out of necessity, but for kicks. Both are wrong of course, but this is disgusting...
Johnny Speed (1 day ago)
Awesome ending to a terrible story. Good on you, man!
Ethan Harris-walker (1 day ago)
There's a special place deep in the boiler room of hell for people who do these things to people. They clearly knew who he was and targeted his Lego specifically. All that guy wanted was to make Lego and show people what he had done.
I Am - MoushyMan (1 day ago)
Dude he work so hard 😔😔😔
travsb1984 (1 day ago)
I know a lot of people complain about wives and families, but one benefit of having a wife and family is it prevents you from getting too caught up in silly hobbies... Just saying. Also, if you play with Legos with your kid you don't look like a total creep; you get a pass.
Eljovi (17 hours ago)
Dafuck is wrong with you. I don't see any problem having a creative hobbie that is not harming anyone. That ignorance of you is the cause of these world being on its current state.
Seli DaBeast (1 day ago)
Thank you for addressing this man. this guy deserves all of the 18,000$ and man I respect this all of it
Lone Fox (1 day ago)
Oh boo hoo...... Someone smashed my LEGO models and threw a bunch of its pieces around my house..... boo hoo....
Beyondyourlife ;/ (1 day ago)
David-Grant Dixon (1 day ago)
That made me cry
Joshua Hotstuff (1 day ago)
Bless this guy Jesus.
andy1181985 (1 day ago)
Damn I know how u feel bro...my toenail collection was stolen last year!! Its like....I could try and rebuild but you know its never gonna be the same!! Bastards!!
David Rodriguez. (1 day ago)
i feel bad for him
Rex (1 day ago)
Made me cry. And sub to this great guy.
Zen Kuragari (1 day ago)
lego is for kids lol...glad he's done for good
Anonymous Mans (1 day ago)
Im crying
Hay gente muriéndose de hambre, y con todo ese dinero podrian comprar comida en vez de legos.
Anonymous Mans (1 day ago)
I feel so bad why would someone do this
ikjyot sandhu (1 day ago)
I feel bad :(
olle bolle (1 day ago)
Thats so sad.
Lost Alpha (1 day ago)
struggle and tragic is real tho
Brandon Smit (1 day ago)
Lol that edit 🌝😂🤣
Jarno Berger (1 day ago)
Ahwww this is so sad, all his precious lego gone. Genuinly feel bad for the lad
Matteo Marasco (1 day ago)
Right now he has more than 400k subs, I m so happy for him
Kai Picken (1 day ago)
He has more subs than you
I cried harder more than when I first stepped on lego.
Cole Wood (2 days ago)
Static Blaze (2 days ago)
lord send them to hell who stole his lego because they didn't steal his prized valuables but instead his lego it means they hated his channel or they hated him
GMV's Sënpàí (2 days ago)
I'm crying 😭😭😭 He is such a Nice guy who Did everything For Entertainment
No Name (2 days ago)
GMV's Sënpàí this hit me hard 😥
Vio (2 days ago)
i hate people
TNT Nate (2 days ago)
I feel SOOO bad!
Sam H. (2 days ago)
kool.VFX.kids (2 days ago)
Someone please start him a gofundme page... Edit: (I didn't watch the whole video)
TerrarianGunMaster (2 days ago)
Poor guy.. I would be really depressed if my legos were gone even do they are almost nothing.. I would really like to help him..
KingtoaGod (2 days ago)
M8 I remember I was pissed when my sister broke the best MOC display I have ever made out of lego and I got so devastated so bad I did not talk to her for a week. This feel extra bad
KingtoaGod (2 days ago)
M8 this is why you should not attach yourself to things so much... but man does this feel fuckin bad, like not only did they fuckin destroy the legos, but now there is gonna be that one lego piece that he is gonna step on each morning
kicsiszol (2 days ago)
you did a nice thing here.
Cj video Productions (2 days ago)
This sucks we all need to help him now
Finlay Maclean (2 days ago)
How could anyone dislike this video..
Jayden tocool23 (2 days ago)
Aww Idk but this is so sad
Anthony DC (2 days ago)
I don't like Legos but I respect the fact that he loved it so who ever did that to him is really messed up I hope he goes back to Legos he shouldn't give up I love star wars and his creations was amazing
jules bailey (2 days ago)
Ab. Su. (2 days ago)
Lego is cool. ✌️
Kx Drazell (2 days ago)
shit there's onions on my room
CoffeePoweredAuthor (2 days ago)
Is....This guy seriously crying...Over lego?
FaTe Bloodclot (2 days ago)
Poor guy I hope he gets it back
Unknown Autist (2 days ago)
seriously...this story kinda sounds...stupid?I mean, don't get me wrong but, who the fuck would rob his ass just for some fucking legos, and...Crying over legos is the most pathetic thing i've ever seen in my entire life, a 30 yr old grown ass man stands in front of a camera, crying over childish toys, i don't know what you dummies think about that but, you would definetely be embarassed if you and your friends walked in your house and saw your father playing lego, except if you're a complete dumbass
Ben Clifford (2 days ago)
What sort of soulless monster does this to a man...
MrPaceTv (2 days ago)
now this is some wholesome stuff :)
João Filipe Ferreira (2 days ago)
Some people are just fucking stupid man... why do this? Mother fuckers
akaa7 147 (2 days ago)
One day I hope we live in a society where evil people are too afraid to hurt innocent people; that the punishment will be a deterrent and when deterrents fail; equal, "immoral" force will succeed. Eventually society will snap and criminals won't be protected behind bars but will be made to suffer like the people they have wronged... but society is too PC and spineless right now so people think they can get away with dreadful shit like burglary, murder, rape, assault, terrorism etc.
Will Storm (2 days ago)
Those jealous ass cowards ALWAYS steals what someone else has.... SMFH
anthony hao (2 days ago)
I wish we can help and support this guy
Linage Vineage (2 days ago)
Hahahahaha, good cuz LEGO is for kids so now he can get on with his life and idk pay taxes or do something productive. That robber did a good thing .
Four Twenty Gaming (2 days ago)
i wanna kill those robber its sooooooooooooooo sad :(
Satyadeep Borah (2 days ago)
It was out of jealousy. His legos were destroyed
Satyadeep Borah (2 days ago)
Poor guy!😭 I feel for him.
Just Smile (3 days ago)
To The people that destroyed his legos, i hope you stepped on legos
Glamorous Doe (3 days ago)
I can only imagine the emotional behavior he displayed and the physical reaction he felt; a lot of effort was put on those little proeycts that ended up becoming something big, all of that were something related to things he cares about so obviously the emotional response was intense. Not only that, but the fact that they got inside his home must have made him feel endangered and insecure, I hope he is ok now days. Fuck whoever did that, you might think, "oh, is just legos", but still, whoever did that did not steal or break out of need, or to get out of a sticky situation, they just did that to hurt him. Fuck them.
Dulom Dampu (3 days ago)
This made me actually cry, that's pure
TheRdamterror (3 days ago)
i flt the same way when i whas 15 and my dad trow away al my toys ps this guy looks like he makes a ton of monye and people send him over 18k just to buy toys men what world we live in i see hole famelys ript apart over way les monye
Dulom Dampu (3 days ago)
Tree Power (3 days ago)
Fck there's so many losers on this planet...! Some Crazy about the silly and worthless book called Quran and the bible, the greedy elite, stupid boxers/fighting Russians, Irish, and etc, and some who trash and steal a peaceful guys Lego. Come on guys GROW UP, and you parents out there you stupid fools.
Payton Willis (3 days ago)
Good news, Lego is in contact with him
Ozzie (3 days ago)
Matthew Ong (3 days ago)
Sorry to see. That is why I make MEME!
Carlos • (3 days ago)
This made me so fucking sad
FlyEly (3 days ago)
i almost cried to be honest
A _kid (3 days ago)
I felt soooo badddd i rlly rlly want a update on him
Gil Sanchez (3 days ago)
Fuck lego jaja 🤔 ex girlfriend or boyfriend.
sheppfun (3 days ago)
Ia'm so sorry for your loss.I am, Feeling your pain for i too was robbed today ,FUCK THIS FUCKIN ROTTEN WORLD!!!!!! There are good people here but most of them are bad.
Blue Flamingo (3 days ago)
Man I don't get it this man just wanted to pursue a Lego career but someone came along and just broke his heart some people have no heart and we just need to find whoever did this bash their kneecaps in and leave them to starve
John Brentford (3 days ago)
Probably someone who knows him personally did it.
Lenius (3 days ago)
Who else cried?😩😫
Striker (3 days ago)
I know how it is bro, I always hated coming home to find out my brothers smashed my Legos
blood lusting Ghost (3 days ago)
That sucks 😕
Jacob Brown (3 days ago)
Who would do this?
He WhiteHot (3 days ago)
Y'all are bothering me. Its legos not lego
Mr. Ditkovich (3 days ago)
This video was heartbreaking and heartwarming...❤️💔
Serge (3 days ago)
It is difficult to have a passion and hobby, regardless of what it is, and have some force tell you can no longer pursue your passion. Even worse is when you spend 14 years of your life building on the passion, then have someone completely destroy what you built (which essentially destroys the physical remnants of those 14 years), and THEN be unable to pursue that passion any longer. Terrible.
chergui toufik (3 days ago)
may who ever did this be a miserable life.
Matthew Nelms (3 days ago)
I cried
Aesthetically Asiann (3 days ago)
awe i'm actually so upset, i feel sick, i can't believe someone would do this.
AFOL MAN (3 days ago)
This is messed up! Thanks for sharing!
Luca Pena (3 days ago)
Poor guy. I cant imagine what he is going through. :(

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