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The Gulf Stream Explained

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Learn about the role of the sea in global warming. The global conveyer belt is part of the large-scale ocean circulation that is driven by differences in the density of the waters. It plays a key role in keeping the climate at balance and Europe warm. Global warming may change it forever with unforeseeable consequences. Short videos, explaining things. For example Evolution, the Universe, Stock Market or controversial topics like Fracking. Because we love science. We would love to interact more with you, our viewers to figure out what topics you want to see. If you have a suggestion for future videos or feedback, drop us a line! :) We're a bunch of Information designers from munich, visit us on facebook or behance to say hi! https://www.facebook.com/Kurzgesagt https://www.behance.net/kurzgesagt The climate change and global conveyor belt Also: We made a brief intro for kurzgesagt videos! Tell us how what you think about it :D Help us caption & translate this video! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCsXVk37bltHxD1rDPwtNM8Q&tab=2
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Text Comments (1495)
Vishwa Srinivasan (1 day ago)
What are the waterfalls he's talking about? Never heard of them, and looking them up has been unsuccesful. Can someone please explain?
BF2 Gameplays 2018 (3 days ago)
Why dont we just idk heat up the ocean by cooking it
Columbus Osa-Yande (3 days ago)
ahhhh... that's why people from beaches like those are so mean... or you can say... -SALTY..?- *insert cringy salt joke here*
Michael Blanchard (3 days ago)
Michael Blanchard (3 days ago)
eever time
Rob McCafferty (19 days ago)
Tardis at 4:12. lol
Codyyh (22 days ago)
this is why north europe is warm sometimes even tho half of our countries are inside the arctic circle
Sohom Chatterjee (26 days ago)
I miss my Geography books
ImpressiveVideos (29 days ago)
That gulf stream really gives us shitty wet disgusting humid not snowy winters in Europe fuck u gulf stream
Ana Bel (1 month ago)
muito top senhor
Arya Godase (1 month ago)
Thank you for easy explanation
Hindi Shows (1 month ago)
How can I add subtitles in your videos? I'd really love to help you.
kevin cheverie (1 month ago)
I bet you England had a bunch of no good pirates intheir empire so other countries had to spread the risk out. sorry history buff, but it makes sense. Thats prob why they went to britain to conquer them even though it failed they didnt want the island i bet. Imagine being the pioneer jet surfers, that would have been a wild no fear bunch. I wouldnt even sail across today!
Destiny Moore (1 month ago)
Michael Hudson (1 month ago)
don't care
Ray Moss343698 (1 month ago)
*B I R T H O F T H E B I R D I S A T H A N D ! ! !*
Nicklez (1 month ago)
This video actually helps me for my course in university so much. Thank you!
Mel (1 month ago)
*Who is seeing this because they have a homework in geography and can't understand it in Wikipedia?*
hafiz_ridzuan harun (1 month ago)
like geostormovie
Strazdas (1 month ago)
With regard to european climate there are two things to note now. 1. We KNOW that the climate has on average increased in temperature EVERYWHERE except eastern europe, which seems to support the gulf heating theory. 2. It is now widely believed that the winds from northern Africa also have a significant impact in heating europe.
Hero (1 month ago)
We at norway are really thankful for this water current.
nesfan8 (2 months ago)
EU should pay taxes for Gulf stream, They cant just get free heating!
Tahnee Gilkson (2 months ago)
this was sick...
Fufungfang Uppagara (2 months ago)
Why the title is Thai language
Daniel maia (2 months ago)
I'm sorry but I'm confused. I thought that cold water was lighter than hot water. That's why lakes frozen from the top to the ground letting people and cars walk and ride over while water still liquid keeping fishes alive
sxnsei (7 days ago)
Cold water is lighter than hot,but not the case with air
Manny Chavez (2 months ago)
You mentioned the equator has a higher salinity due to evaportation. Wouldn't the high humidity lead to increase rainfall, which would make the water have a lower salinity?
Pete Miller (2 months ago)
It's all Canadas' fault, eh. At 2:22, Canada is white because even during the summer, while it's 100 deg Fahrenheit in New York, it's snowing in Canada. I, and the rest of the hosers up here ice skate to work every day during summer, and we live in Vancouver. During winter we all take our snowmobiles....honest, eh. The only businesses in Canada are snow mobile repair shops, ice skate sharpening, and hockey supply stores. Furthermore, the education system primary focuses on beaver studies,.....real boring for Americans. Nah, you Americans stay in the States with your human orange in the White House, Canada is way too cold for you. I have to go now, eh, it's August and I have to dig ourselves out of the snow drifts that buried our house. Cheers.
Rokkiteer (2 months ago)
A small part of me wants to see what happens in the worst case scenario... But mostly, I'm just worried and have no idea what I can do to prevent this from happening.
SrmthfgRockLee (3 months ago)
@end"will change in ways we dont yet understand"nice saying . most ppl would say its complex but we simply lack the things, complex is mathematics, minus/plus reversings in meanings.. rocket science n stuff like that..well sometimes might have calculations but Reverse things like anti matter are most confusing usually
Fred Vogt (3 months ago)
2018 kurzgesagt got better and better
i want to die (3 months ago)
why is greenland the size of africa
Ruhi Surve (3 months ago)
Music is louder than the guy talking, please note while making next videos
Raveewan Seemawijai (3 months ago)
James Browne (3 months ago)
I love your videos, but would like to make a slight point in this one. The higher salinity in the arctic is not from evaporation. Instead, it is from brine released from aging ice as crystals of more pure water form, particularly when there has been freezing after partial thawing. The very cold brine can sink rapidly to the bottom. Brinicles are rather extreme and impressive examples.
Tagic Mrooper (4 months ago)
It's really fascinating that the nature settled itself in this way cause it was probably 1 in a million chance and every slight change would have made a difference and maybe these days we'd be living in all year round ice cold weather and would never know what's summer.
Kurtis Pereira (4 months ago)
any one else have to watch this for a science project
SlendisFi Universe (4 months ago)
here in Finland we call it golf stream
MediocreMan (4 months ago)
Currently rewatching your old stuff... Marvellous!
R Kok (4 months ago)
Tardis spotted @ 4:13
Liam Mullen (4 months ago)
Climate change could be disastrous for Europe? *laughs in American*
secret magic (4 months ago)
So The Day After Tomorrow is based on real scientific facts?
the phoenix 315 (4 months ago)
Britain would be frozen tundra if there was no Gulf Stream.
the phoenix 315 (5 days ago)
sxnsei The Cairngorms of Scotland, is the only example of tundra in Britain.
sxnsei (7 days ago)
Yes please. Seeing the snowstorms every other continent as far north as we are while we get rain sucks ass. And likely we wouldnt be
TwistedNight (4 months ago)
watching in August 2018 it shows how much you guys have improved and changed
Brad Tarrant (4 months ago)
I wish the gulf stream didnt exist i hate warm weather 😆
HardWarUK (4 months ago)
Nice straightforward explanation.
Dustin Citrone (4 months ago)
WHAT IS YOUR NAME DOING BEING SPELT LIKE THAT!!? ugh it is really bothering me.. How/why did you come up with this name?
Dustin Citrone (4 months ago)
Okay I looked it up, sorry!!
will Crossley (4 months ago)
Please do a video explaining why the tartuses in every vid
Windows 11 (4 months ago)
I I saw I saw the I saw the Tardis
Kerry Chou (5 months ago)
The best and only clear and concise explanation I've seen. So many news outlets talk about gulf stream problems but never explain the link behind it. Thank you
pirate missouri (5 months ago)
What Is Up With All The Boxes Form Dr Who
UTubeGlennAR (5 months ago)
Vary Interesting, thank you. Sadly there are lots of people that think all this is "Fake News"......
SirMan McDude (5 months ago)
So we need more salt? Quick! Get the playerbases of CS:GO, Overwatch, and League of Legends! Hurry up and add more playerbases, we need the salt!
Thanh Bui (5 months ago)
I don’t remember this video ever existing....
Snails40 (5 months ago)
Climate change is normal. It's nature balancing itself. It's funny that humans like to think they know what's best for nature.. when only nature is in control.
Christopher Ellis (6 months ago)
Polysyllable: haline, machine.
Louis XIX (6 months ago)
Sound design is not a compound word
Elliot Chen (6 months ago)
The grand ocean conveyor has stopped once during the Permian Extinction. 96% of all sea species and 64% of all land animals died.
miss misanthropist (6 months ago)
whats with all the tardises
Masooma Batista (6 months ago)
If we're messing with climate in ways scientists don't yet understand, perhaps we should stop messing with it! Take one small step for humanity backwards. Enjoy all, of our technological advances while reducing our footprint to nothing.
Florian van Lochem (6 months ago)
Good clip! But... 2.04 - 2.25 Earth in the top right, over Europe, is spinning clockwise, while this should have been anti-clockwise!
Howard Xing (6 months ago)
isn't the niraga falls the biggest water fall?
rk day (6 months ago)
yes kween
jim hpaw LB (6 months ago)
Grate to hear every yr team video, but may i know if yr team is a group of scientist ?
black blue (6 months ago)
Another ice age maybe?
Familie Diez Gadau (6 months ago)
Whats the name of the Background Music?
Caleb Cosper (7 months ago)
Y'all should do a 2018 version of this video now that there's evidence that the AMOC is slowing down.
frederick ang (6 months ago)
Destroy the Humans
Mark S (7 months ago)
so global warming will cause global cooling. Clever. That way no matter which way the temperature goes, they can they were right and you should be taxed more. Wake up. It's all political.
grindupBaker (6 months ago)
+Mark S "so global warming will cause global cooling". No scientist and no sensible person and not this video says that global warming will cause global cooling (it will not). You are a worthless fucking coal/oil shill-fuckwitted imbecile.
ParadoxSebx (7 months ago)
why is canada the only one white? there are other countries just as cold
Shmozone (7 months ago)
Move all overwatch players to the north problem solved
frederick ang (7 months ago)
k let’s bring more salt
Kaelie Douglass (7 months ago)
The doctor is back! Bringing trouble everywhere he goes! I was watching this for an online assignment when my inner fangirl bursts out all of a sudden.
frederick ang (7 months ago)
frederick ang (7 months ago)
hammo 740 (7 months ago)
Guys can you pls link the sources used to make this video. Thanks for the great video!
Vincent Skat-Rørdam (7 months ago)
OMG we watched this in school <3
Basil Minhas (7 months ago)
If Atlantic ocean currents were to stop then Europe's weather would be 10 C degrees colder and have really long winters and the opposite effect would take effect in North America and cause really long summers
Basil Minhas (6 months ago)
grindupBaker in Eastern Europe
grindupBaker (6 months ago)
~3 degrees colder
Nesbin (7 months ago)
TARDIS? Lol? Srsly? :D but to keep up the topic, mankind is a sickness killing earth and us all, at the end. I wish people were more environment oriented then they are oriented on making of money at every cost...
Roadfart (7 months ago)
When water from a water/salt solution evaporates, the salt CONCENTRATION goes up, NOT the salt content. The salt content of a meal is, say, 500 mg (sodium), and if you sprinkle salt on top of it, then the salt content of your meal goes up. But if you boil away water from a glass of saltwater or from the ocean using the sun, the salt content remains the same.
grindupBaker (6 months ago)
You are missing something. The surface current is bringing more water & salt to the part that he's taking about all the time, so he's factoring that in without describing that properly.
we watched this in science, and i was the only one that noticed the tardis XD
Dana Diederich (8 months ago)
Well, this just got more relevant.
Lee Bowles (8 months ago)
The music is very distracting.
Amy Shaw (8 months ago)
Dude, I always have to rewind things cuz I keep spacing out
Michael Buchanan (8 months ago)
Sound is one of the best. Great job.
Jack Blitch (8 months ago)
Fortnite is not as good as pubg
lenjaminbang (8 months ago)
So if you ever play with a raging player who can't loose, you could say "You're so salty you could go to Greenland and keep the Gulf Stream going by jumping into the sea!"
Communist Cat (8 months ago)
yay lets kill europe
Sean Klaver (8 months ago)
I am very salty so throw me in the water to save the Gulf Stream
Candace Farrell (8 months ago)
You made Nova Scotia so little n' cute on the map!
TheClaadam (8 months ago)
Old Kurzgesagt is the best content on youtube. Their new stuff is still amazing, but not quite the same as this.
SinFour (8 months ago)
RIP Northern Ireland - Cold but not cold enough for snow, warm but not warm enough for sun bathing. Like if you understand!
FelineHYPER (9 months ago)
Excellent video. Learned a bunch!
__TurtlePlayz_ _ (9 months ago)
Idk how schools are so bad thar a 5 minute video can teach me more than months of school teachers go to college and get a minimum job thats like saying HEY U WANNA HAVE A MINUMUM WAGE JOB? WELL IF U WANT THIS ONE YOU HAVE TO GO 55k IN DEBT GOOD LUCK
__TurtlePlayz_ _ (9 months ago)
Indiana isnt that cold
amis poika (9 months ago)
hyvä vid,,,
Lukas Gysin (9 months ago)
if the density of the water decreases, doesnt that mean the heavy stream would fall even faster?
Peter Gruntz (9 months ago)
Trump should watch this video.
zuburgirl (9 months ago)
Did I see a TARDIS there?
Khenric (9 months ago)
It all makes sense now.
rejvaik (10 months ago)
Those guys who directed the Day After Tomorrow movie really did their homework.

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