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Comedy Hypnotist Ripped Pants & Audience Naked Skit Post Prom from South Dakota

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z*stonish Comedy Hypnotist performs his hilarious Ripped Pants & Audience Naked skits from Winner, South Dakota post prom show. Watch this fun bit, it's sure to bring some laughs! Text keyword ZSTONISH to 33444 z*stonish is a certified hypnotist, and has been performing hypnosis shows for the past eight years. His show is a multi-dimensional experience featuring audience participation, and non stop laughter! He is available nationwide for high schools, senior graduation parties, colleges, corporate, and more! To book his hypnosis entertainment please visit - zstonish.com
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zstonish (3 years ago)
Hilarious comedy hypnosis show skit - Ripped Pants! Watch the new video when you're ready for a good laugh! z*stonish offers on the edge of your seat laughter comedy hypnosis entertainment! Ideal for high school, colleges, corporate, and more! If you think that video is funny, imagine how much more hilarious it would be if it were your friends... your coworkers.. your staff.. Visit zstonish.com for booking information.

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