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Vogue Magazine inspired Photo-shoot

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Emma & Imogen Photography Workshop 6.30 - 8.30pm Monday 18th June - for full details visit www.weeklyimogen.com
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Text Comments (69)
Alejandro Bentancor (1 month ago)
I need more legs please...
Juan lagos Lagos (3 months ago)
You have a vey godd end fast photograph and you are to smart and creative model congratulecion
Craig Roethler (4 months ago)
Emma is just great, beautiful , well spoken and smart.
David Jacobson (4 months ago)
Leonard Zelada (5 months ago)
03:58 Emma, you have definitely gorgeous armpits. So hot!
rajesh kumar (5 months ago)
pause 13.08 nice shot
latinilatran (5 months ago)
Please fix audio for next video. Voice volume is to low and music is to loud.
glennskitchen (5 months ago)
Easy. Rider. (6 months ago)
Stan (6 months ago)
Love all of the photos Mark and Emma the beautiful model. Good job thanks for the ideas.
Stefanos Papazapraidis (6 months ago)
I love Emma! xpect more from Mark! :D
GameProgrammer79 (6 months ago)
emma after a long time.. !!! smiiiilllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .. cheers
Henry Bulger (6 months ago)
Would love to however, from the southwest US to London would be difficult to say the least.
Marvin Shaw (6 months ago)
Great job on the marathon, this was an awesome video, have you and Mark ever thought of having a workshop in the USA?
Jeffery Barnett (6 months ago)
Love this video. Emma was fantastic as always. I always find Emma's face to be so expressive and she poses with her arms so well ( many models find it awkward or unnatural, but it just flows with her ). :)
HoWilbur HoWilbur (6 months ago)
Super extra well done! Lovely shots and you are just cute as a bug's ear!
Paul (6 months ago)
I'm sorry but the photography in this is average at best. Some of these videos are good to watch, some inspiration can be gained. The backlit images are simply under exposed, i would say by about 1.5-2stops, also i don't think they a sharp. How are people not seeing that these images are exposed for the background, not the subject intended. the images at the start of the video at least are well exposed and sharp. This isn't really a negative comment on the video but more to why people are suggesting these images are so great.
Paul (6 months ago)
no, i don't know what you mean. Yes, my comment is negative but for a valid reason ( in my opinion ) not just 'for negative sake'. what are your opinions on the photos themselves? did i ever say i'm amazing at photo critique?
zeebier2 (6 months ago)
Your comment seems negative for negative's sake, you know what I mean? Like it was seeking a certain validation from the public about how amazing you are at photo critique. How are people not seeing this?
Graham Gall (6 months ago)
Emma is a very good presenter (and model). She is articulate, speaks at a good pace so you can understand every word and her analysis of the shot is terrific - thanks! Great shots again Mark. Hopefully I will get to London now that a Workshop with Emma and Imogen is clearly on my bucket list!
Daniel Woodlief (6 months ago)
Congrats on the half marathon, Emma. I love distance running.
Zdenka Darula (6 months ago)
I like Emma's personality... she is fun... nicely done. You had fun and that is what matters the most.. nice photos...
Paul Howcroft (6 months ago)
Lovely video Emma and great photographs. Well done doing the marathon.
David Hill (6 months ago)
as usual Mark's no fuss approach in a very rural location.. Emma is as enthusiastic as you.
Ken Easley (6 months ago)
Some props would have been nice for this shoot. Like a parasol with the dress or a basket of eggs or flowers with the shirt.
Mansell Evans (6 months ago)
I love Emma's presentation, she's got such a refreshing attitude. ❤️
Mark Snelling (6 months ago)
Yay Emma's back!
Melvin Aponte (6 months ago)
This is the very soul of Europe in semblance, effigy, image and presence. Everything that's English, British, Western, European. I understand why some would die to preserve something so profoundly deep and beautiful. The Anglii , the Saxon-Goths?-is here, Briton, Normand, Gaelic,...all imbued in Norse. A Gothic dress, light on the provocative, a dab of rural which makes it stronger than the hammer of Thor. No one survives this encounter unless it is by sheer mercy of her. It is more than the helpless captive can withstand,,,,like looking at the sun,..like looking at the face of God-for only through his mercy would we survive that. And all in the middle of an English country road. This goes so profound' down the path hence we come that it renders praise to something higher than man. Do not hope that you'll survive when confronted with this presence, the universe will never be the same. I consider this photo to have come closest to the painters of old. A modern nod to a renaissance at a most propitious time. I want to encourage the artist to commission a painter to render this landscape, portrait composite in a more traditional medium. I strongly believe you're into something.
KaizerKrupp (6 months ago)
Emma = instant like!
mezzouille (6 months ago)
If Emma asked me to jump, I would... How weak am I...
Piotr Trumpiel (6 months ago)
Fantastic to see Emma super confident in her presentation delivery - must be the marathon thing. I ran a half marathon the other day too - it was 13.5 yards (hey! it is a half marathon by my standards!) to the bus and boy am I sore today... ;).
Godwind Racing (6 months ago)
More Emma, please. Love to go to one of the workshops when I get the opportunity to (probably late this year or next year) as I don't live in London
Martin Norden (6 months ago)
Excellent, that is all that needs to be said.
Jorge Urquiza (6 months ago)
Emma is very nice, including her voice, thanks to all.
Andy Dodson (6 months ago)
Great to see Emma return. I think the 2nd set could have used some fill-in front illumination, maybe a reflector would have worked although I realise that's always a hassle and there were only the two of you there. I liked the 3rd set best and I know it's nit-picky but that timber to corrugated transition at head height spoiled them for me. Maybe you could still have used that setting but used f1.8 rather than 2.8 and had Emma step nearer to you and away from the backdrop to soften it. Emma's spontaneity really comes across in the video part of the shoot.
Thomas Lehmann (6 months ago)
Emma came without shoes to the shooting?
Godwind Racing (6 months ago)
It's upto the photographer/creator director to dictate what a model should bring not the model herself.
Osprey6m (6 months ago)
The flat video profile is in contrast to the photo pop. I am presuming it is in post process and not the profile on the Canon?
Ed Rymes (6 months ago)
Emma, you are a delight. Love the shot at 2:45 with the great background and the pose at 10:59 is so natural and carefree.
nba3d (6 months ago)
Emma is the best. Great video
Tony Turner (6 months ago)
A super model and the images of Emma wearing the blue shirt were gorgeous.
John Spencer (6 months ago)
Lovely video and good to see the lovely smiling Emma back.
Durst (6 months ago)
Woah! There's those wriggly eyes! :-D Wow! Emma! So good to see you on Mark's channel again! It's been too long girl! Half a marathon?!? Gadzooks! That's AMAZING! (Just a side note: I thought I noticed that you had lost a bit of weight - not that you needed to, but you do look more like a "fitness model" now. ;-) ) I sooo wish I could be there for one of the workshops with you. That would be excellent. But flying from California is a loooong way to go. But, who knows...maybe I'll win the lottery some day LOL. Hmm...if I trained for a marathon, headed from this coast to the east coast, and did it on consecutive days, and stayed the night wherever I ended up that day, I wonder how many days it would take me to reach the east coast? From what I understand (without actually googling them) from the east coast one can get a plane ticket for relatively cheap and be in London in a few hours. If I was only into fitness that much... :-/ LOL Hope to see much more of you on this channel in the future! Cheers!
Bear P (6 months ago)
Always look forward to your posts not only because of the beauty of your models it is akso they are always so down to earth and very sweet...I thank you for sharing with us!!!
Jim's videos (6 months ago)
Congratulations on the marathon, and a good job to the both on you for some fascinating photos!
UCreations (6 months ago)
Really great natural looking shots with gorgeous Emma!
MusicJunky3 (6 months ago)
Welcome back favorite model ! (yes, you're great too Imogen :) ) Great seeing you again ! Especially with the blue shirt !
MusicJunky3 (6 months ago)
YEAH, THANKS Mark ! Just what I always wanted ....🤔 Men are so easily pleased aren't they ?!That 'll definitely keep me going for five minutes or so.. Cheers to the ladies..
neil cooper (6 months ago)
Great shoot, stunning pics!- just received my copy of your book, and really enjoyed the content so far- thanks
GilbertTV (6 months ago)
i love Emma's enthusiasm ... loving the backlight shots the best...
Thomas Bowan (6 months ago)
Emma and Imogen are so down to earth type people and you seem to get the best out of them every shoot. I love it.
W N (6 months ago)
Wow, congrats, impressive. My knees can't survive running, but I cycle instead. Can't get enough of that smile! Great light in the shots!
Peter Mason (6 months ago)
dan amis (6 months ago)
very beautiful model Emma really nice
dan amis (6 months ago)
she is the best looking model in weelyimogen and i am a professional photographer for a top fashion magazine...after long time i have seen some one natural sensual look like Emma.
Les Fisher (6 months ago)
Beautiful Emma.
Vaddi Kishore Reddy (6 months ago)
Great smile
Bangun Cahyono (6 months ago)
Emma is back!!
Doug Smith (6 months ago)
I think the last set was the best of the three and not so much because it showed some skin but I liked the poses much better and I thought Emma and you caught the spirit off your inspirational photo a bit better. I also think i liked the setting a bit better, but that was not a major element. In the first set two things crossed my mind while watching. One is that I associate more dramatic and possibly bizarre poses. Emma's poses were more of her go-to poses. I also think there was a missed opportunity in not including some additional props. I think a parasol would have been a super touch and would have gone with the outfit nicely. Also, for my personal taste, I would have like to have seen a bit flashier necklace. Probably the thing that least appealed to me in the second set was more of an issue with my tastes, but I felt there were too many poses with Emma wrapping her hands and arms around her head. I recognize that as being kind of a signature series of poses in much of Mark's work, and unfortunately it they are one of my least favorite poses. Getting back to the last set, I felt it had a nice balance of being a bit edgy as well as having a sensual touch. I think something that would have worked well with that series would have been to have Emma in blue jeans and have gotten some half and 3/4 body shots, if not full, of her going through some of the poses that she did. I really like the photos that you showed in the video.
Doug Smith (6 months ago)
Thank you. I am always hesitant about giving comments because I know there is a very personal nature to photography that transcends anything a "critic" might say. At the same time though I wish more people on forums like Flickr would give critical comments because I know there is a lot I can gain from it all. maybe one of these days i will make it over there for one of your workshops.
ilostmymind47 (6 months ago)
Hello hello hello
EverydayPatriot (6 months ago)
So glad to see Emma again. She's my favorite model. Loved the shot at 4:28.
John Reynolds (6 months ago)
Nice photos. Congratulations on you half marathon! The California girl beach scene is happy and most photos are designed to make others wish they were there also. Think about the California Girls song by The Beach Boys. The video proves you have a happy beautiful smile but the posing and associated photos , although beautiful, don't make me wish I was there. All the models of this channel are beautiful ladies and smiles can transfer happiness and tell that story too to viewers. Is dramatic emotions the most desirable thing in professional photography and I am misunderstanding things? Again congrats on your run!
GoreQuill NachoVidal (6 months ago)
I would take this flapper to poundtown!
Fuzzims McFuzzface (6 months ago)
My favorite WI supermodel is back! I missed that smile! Beautiful pictures Emma! 😉
oldskull_gamer (6 months ago)
I want 550d/50mm back now!
sergio basilioli (6 months ago)
Welcome back Emma! Great job Mark!
clash with dam (6 months ago)
2 viewer and 2 nd like
Twostones00 (6 months ago)
Well done!

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