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A new game launched on the play store called geometry dash subzero so here are some funny moments.
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ghost army1507 (10 months ago)
Can people stop saying stuff like “how did you get the spider and ball” or “how can you get 1000 stars” and start calling me a hacker. You just link ur account
Ma An (4 days ago)
i love your vids
VoidUnknown (8 days ago)
what's your intro song called
Death Steve (14 days ago)
Did you know in knock em the rub that's there means RUBRUB..the R U B that switchs
Bogdan Marković (21 days ago)
+BEANTON - 69 why are you hacker
øõf dãrk (1 month ago)
+slither child 100% on all
ChaosHunter 1 (1 day ago)
your gd sub zero is cheated
Username (1 day ago)
How is this meant for 4+???
4:50 look progress bar 😱😰
guest gaming261 (2 days ago)
Hahhahahhhahahahaha so funny hahahha i cant stop is awesome nice 🤣
Misty Durrance (5 days ago)
Hey wanna go to the end? 11:04
Misty Durrance (5 days ago)
Wanna go to the end 1000:00:00
Misty Durrance (5 days ago)
Hey Wanna go to the end? Press this (1000000:00)
Misty Durrance (5 days ago)
0:00 11:06
Misty Durrance (5 days ago)
Misty Durrance (5 days ago)
when u die in the ball part
Mega Gaming (10 days ago)
Mega Gaming (10 days ago)
6:24 if you would focus at the progress bar you will see DIS (-- ) *progress bar going in the wrong side*
eduard gamer (10 days ago)
that guys are idiot ghost army said ,,funny moments,,
ghost army1507 (8 days ago)
I don't mind people roasting me but at least use proper English
Abimbola Asein (11 days ago)
I know to get the first and second coinS
Blaze the Dragon (11 days ago)
me to #bad
ArmyRock23 06YT (13 days ago)
0/9 coins
Josynha (15 days ago)
Defaulty Mode (17 days ago)
Ghost army: so people don’t get salty ima do legit. Me: THAT WAS LEGIT”NESS”
Itz Shadow (19 days ago)
😮 u beat me Edit:I got to quadruple mini spike part then died
Dan Faith (19 days ago)
I know you can do it 😊
THE FALLEN (21 days ago)
I know i'm like already past 1 year late but he tried this 244 times already at 5:24. you ain't slick when i'm around buddy :)
dominik skrzypczak (21 days ago)
# good video
dominik skrzypczak (21 days ago)
Sorry you a like pro
dominik skrzypczak (21 days ago)
Young a moje pro:D
s creepy (22 days ago)
GG u are my god
Luca RO (22 days ago)
GG no Coin NOOB!!
Islombek Yusufboev (24 days ago)
Bad game
Mr mo1 (24 days ago)
How did you Get that ship
Oliver Chakma (25 days ago)
Hey Can Be This Full Version [not full version yet :D]
SuperPro Gaming (25 days ago)
I also died at the wave part on power trip but I got the hang of it but great video!
OHIEA 46 (25 days ago)
8:30 AX
Nor Azli (26 days ago)
my name roblox is muhdimran108
Pixel Gt (26 days ago)
Siapa yang disini indonesia yang indonesia like ya
Kaeloo Minout (27 days ago)
Jesus wtf
Ariel Floyd (28 days ago)
make more
MasterCrusha738 (28 days ago)
G g 1 attempt
TudiPYM (29 days ago)
"FUNNY MOMENTS" that's what she said....-_- wasted my time
TudiPYM (27 days ago)
Ah sorry :D
ghost army1507 (27 days ago)
TudiPYM I don’t think u understand that I’m being fukin ironic lmao
TudiPYM (28 days ago)
+ghost army1507 u don't get it what do you mean no problem
ghost army1507 (28 days ago)
No problem ;)
Travan Forbes (29 days ago)
ツ Фиксуля (29 days ago)
DVD Screensaver (1 month ago)
This is supposed to be funny? This is content in 2018
Γιώργος Α (1 month ago)
that hapent to me too
Profists 2012 (1 month ago)
i love you vids :)
Dragon Elite (1 month ago)
SubZero is a preview of Geometry Dash 2.2 anyone agree? Like if you agree!
VoidUnknown (7 days ago)
everyone knows that genius
EditGamingGD (1 month ago)
So cringe but awesome
Bima arya seta (1 month ago)
His Not Put The Coin :V
Олег Олег (1 month ago)
Олег Олег (1 month ago)
Олег Олег (1 month ago)
Кто здесь российский то лайк.
Nicholas Zwick (1 month ago)
Flemish the whole crate Flemish the whole crate knock them out now come out Flemish the whole crate Flemish the whole crate my favorite part
EJ Gard (1 month ago)
secret way confirmed!!!!
EqualHealer199 (1 month ago)
He's not hacker, he is just link his account! By opening setting -> account -> Sign In -> Then sign in your account -> click ok. After that, Click setting -> account -> load. Your stars, icons, and stuff are loaded from your last backup 😀 Edit : thanks for the love!
Aldona Walczak (1 month ago)
you are really good to gd and one time practice mode on power trip and you got it and beated power trip (but with a glitch)
Jords B.250 (1 month ago)
8:16 secret path
Zombie34 ' '/ (1 month ago)
8:17 lol secret way
2:57 Rip
xx itsstalyxx (1 month ago)
You suck
xx itsstalyxx (1 month ago)
You hack the game 😵😠😡😈👿👻👺 stop hacking 😡😠😈👿
ghost army1507 (1 month ago)
cool pro it’s not hacking it’s called signing into ur account. Smh some people
maloy ps1xa64 (1 month ago)
you monster
Snajperbond _TV (1 month ago)
lmao intro
LOL KANAL (1 month ago)
xCaylusMCYT (1 month ago)
Jeez, u must be champion because it only took u 1 attempt to complete Press start
guanhoe goh (1 month ago)
You can do this ghost army!!!
Poop Kline (1 month ago)
You were not now your fling person was not the same as the other 🙂
Я точно также фейлю
Cikiciki Kukumaku (1 month ago)
i completed all 4 of them in 0 attempts!!!
Unicorn Ice-cream (1 month ago)
Wheres the funny part?
delfi mara (1 month ago)
08:16 Wow Bug
TheMentoGuy :3 (1 month ago)
IoI so this is gd subzero *thicc levels*
Raul Sarona (1 month ago)
I Know All Coinz In SubZero
Jorge Cubilla (1 month ago)
Manpreet Singh (1 month ago)
Did you just find a secret passage way in Power trip
TehSniper (1 month ago)
*YoU dOnT gEtTeD tHe CoInS*
[GD] T1M3L3S5 (1 month ago)
Wut song did u use when the audio cut? Btw was actually pretty funny
some1else there (1 month ago)
I play this all the time on my ipad! Btw can you play world?
Itz IceCreamSunday (1 month ago)
2:30 the beat dropped harder than the wi-if bar at McDonald's
Edward Chong (2 months ago)
You did very good work on those levels. Now try getting the coins If you can 8)
Steve Bricks :D (2 months ago)
Tbh.. Even if its my first time.. Playing gds... I would not sweat my hands cuz i already plaued GD full ver. xD Btw.. I conpleted it all [no on cares noob] Ok :(
Arrow Begay (2 months ago)
I really had a hard too.
popicecreative channel (2 months ago)
2:57 same ;(
paulinadelcanto (2 months ago)
hacke 2 (2 months ago)
Pucha que Sad
DerpyGuy3333 (2 months ago)
why is Nock Em earraped
CATO BFF (2 months ago)
back on track
CATO BFF (2 months ago)
press start
Rosita Caluña (2 months ago)
Kid GD (2 months ago)
rip ears, its 12 am i have no headphones
Yuli Verheijke (2 months ago)
I did the same thing
asa Crivello (2 months ago)
Thats what I was gana say. Oh by the way we have the same spider
IsYoBoy Yammy (2 months ago)
How do you have nice Spider,Ball,Ship Or you just logged
ghost army1507 (1 month ago)
IsYoBoy Yammy logged in my account
pro daber (2 months ago)
I didn't not complete the power trip it so hard
Julie Paugh (2 months ago)
2:59 iluminauti confirmed
Cesh GT (2 months ago)
Power trip is easy

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