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Welcome to Marwen - Official Trailer

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Welcome to Marwen - In Theaters December 21 https://www.welcometomarwen.com Screenplay by Robert Zemeckis and Caroline Thompson Directed by Robert Zemeckis This holiday season, Academy Award® winner Robert Zemeckis—the groundbreaking filmmaker behind Forrest Gump, Flight and Cast Away—directs Steve Carell in the most original movie of the year. Welcome to Marwen tells the miraculous true story of one broken man’s fight as he discovers how artistic imagination can restore the human spirit. When a devastating attack shatters Mark Hogancamp (Carell) and wipes away all memories, no one expected recovery. Putting together pieces from his old and new life, Mark meticulously creates a wondrous town where he can heal and be heroic. As he builds an astonishing art installation—a testament to the most powerful women he knows—through his fantasy world, he draws strength to triumph in the real one. In a bold, wondrous and timely film from this revolutionary pioneer of contemporary cinema, Welcome to Marwen shows that when your only weapon is your imagination…you’ll find courage in the most unexpected place. The epic drama is produced by Oscar®-winning producer Steve Starkey (Forrest Gump, Flight), Jack Rapke (Cast Away, Flight), and Cherylanne Martin (The Pacific, Flight) of Zemeckis’ Universal-based ImageMovers banner produce alongside the director. It is executive produced by Jackie Levine, as well as Jeff Malmberg, who directed the riveting 2010 documentary that inspired the film. #WelcomeToMarwen
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Text Comments (9449)
Slumpy Tony (19 hours ago)
Douglas Ducote (1 day ago)
why is a trannie playing with GI Joe? shouldn't he have a boatload of BARBIES? that's how TRANNIES roll!!!!
lovethemack (1 day ago)
more american gun violence. Arent they had enough of it yet?
David Johnson (1 day ago)
one of those dolls is John cena
Evan Brown (1 day ago)
The Barbie Battle Royale game looks really good.
x6King6x (4 days ago)
Treat level midnight
Matthew Moran (4 days ago)
The Alt-Right, and Conservatives are gonna have a field day with this film.
He was beat up but I'm not sure if he was molested
jay63811 (5 days ago)
I love it when movies like this bomb in the box office.
Freemasonry (5 days ago)
quite dull but what you expect
EVELYN PAGE (6 days ago)
From my memory of Steve Carnell in the office, this is nothing like michael scott but i love it
mr. ALLcaps (7 days ago)
Left-wing socialism equals “the poorer you are, the more rights and privileges you have” (e.g., free health care from government programs and free legal representation). In other words, socialism is the opposite of the real world in which people who have more money usually have more rights and privileges by default (because they can pay for them). Under socialism, you should aspire to be poor, since Whitey’s tax dollars will “lift you out of your (predestined) poverty.” Why work hard, why succeed under socialism when you don’t have to? It’s a recipe for disaster. Massive taxation of Whitey is required to keep socialism afloat, while society is unnaturally skewed as Brown Man always “gets a leg up” from the government. Whose brilliant idea was socialism? Oh, yeah, it was the yids’ [1 [1] two Jews, Ferdinand Lassalle (1825-1864) and Eduard Bernstein (1850-1932) were the most visible and notable founders of socialism, along with another Jew, Moses Hess .. Black/Brown person: “As a person of color, I demand blah, blah, blah, and I also demand blah, blah, blah, and…hate, racism, hate, racism, muh civil rights, equality, reparations, blah, blah, blah… You: “America is a White country. It was founded by White people. Are you White?” You’ve just won the “argument” by making a key point (and in only 14 words).Dear Brown People of the World (this includes negroes): Every day, the White world “must” come to your aid in some way. If there’s an earthquake, a flood, a drought, a famine, a disease epidemic, or a civil war anywhere in the Brown world, we White people “must” deploy there. We “must” go there and help you, for you seem to be like children, unable to help yourselves. That help costs us billions of dollars and is often dangerous. What do we Whites get in exchange for that help? Nothing, except to be called “racists” by you a few days after we leave. Here in the West, we “must” allow you Brown people into our countries and we “must” give you 6 or 7 different types of welfare payments. We also “must” pretend not to notice that you Brown people commit far more crime, and have much lower IQs, than we Whites. We also “must” pretend not to notice that you use more illegal drugs than we Whites. Brown people, I conclude this message with this plea: Stop fucking like rabbits. That produces too many idiots like you. This world has enough idiots already....Bllack/Brown person: “As a person of color, I demand blah, blah, blah, and I also demand blah, blah, blah, and…hate, racism, hate, racism, muh civil rights, equality, reparations, blah, blah, blah…” WHITEY: “America is a White country. It was ESTABLISHED by White people. Are you White?” You’ve just won the “argument” by making a key point.
pparker768 (7 days ago)
Nazi's ( white males ) , strong heroic females and bank rolled by three rich Jewish gentlemen.The propaganda just never let's up.
The real Mac Ter (5 days ago)
You know this was based on a true story and the Nazis represents his attackers
CIRUS MEDIA (7 days ago)
The fun side of PTSD?
Pradeep Poonia (10 days ago)
A movie about Dolls animation, but done in digital animations. Dog of Isle is more honest in this regard.
Miguel S (10 days ago)
the documentary is probably better
Iris Wingate (11 days ago)
Ron Pearl man wants to know asshole.
Iris Wingate (11 days ago)
Iris Wingate (11 days ago)
Iris Wingate (11 days ago)
I know you Fucker.
Karen Robertson (11 days ago)
Did Mark make a doll for Steve?
134y3q45tyq34ya (11 days ago)
Wa Wa, nazis bad, fuck off.
The real Mac Ter (5 days ago)
Well the Nazis represents his attackers
The Irish Bloke (11 days ago)
I don't know what everyone's problem is this film is based on true events and it's a good hearted message.
Rewi Playclone (11 days ago)
"When are we gonna get a movie that depicts nazis as the good guys!!"- half the idiots in the comments. seriously what. Playing the victim is the default role of a perpetrator when the other side so much as speaks. You *know* that you're assholes. A harmless movie hurts you.
YunoLovesPan (11 days ago)
Madelief R (12 days ago)
OMG that’s my song!!! (Foo Fighters)
Vincent Keller (12 days ago)
Joseph Stassup (12 days ago)
A safe world, cross dressing, and making female influences of your life key characters in your world. Sounds a lot like a very famous, honest, and true heart-sweet we all know.
3chan . io (12 days ago)
Do there really be nazis out there jacking people?
Fidei Defensor (13 days ago)
Not sure why you would want to advertise this like an action film...
Film Buff (13 days ago)
Back to the future ruined Marwen.
Jeffie Jeff's Art (13 days ago)
robot chicken
Catheriiine (14 days ago)
Hi everyone, I'm Mark Hogancamp's niece's sister. I've read a lot of the comments here and I see that a lot of people are wondering why they are using Nazis in this movie. They are literally taking Mark's life and turning it into a kino. He was attacked at a bar after telling some guys that he liked to wear women's clothes. He then used the dolls as therapy to help him recover from the trauma of the attack. He built a small town, which he called Marwencol, in his backyard and began photographing the dolls within the town. He created a whole fictional world based on his life and a lot of people he knows. He's very into WWII, so he used Nazis to represent the men that beat him at the bar. In the story he created, he and the people of Marwencol try to stop and defeat the "Nazi's." This helped him unleash the anger he had built up towards the men who attacked him, and it also helped him to regain control of his hands. Mark was always a very talented and creative guy, but the attack left him with shaky hands, and he had a very hard time making art. Years of doing this has helped him immensely, and he has started drawing again. I have not seen this film yet, but this film comes from a documentary about Mark called Marwencol. The documentary explains everything, and even tells Mark's fictional story that he created. I hope this clears some things up.
Katie (14 days ago)
If you're his neices sister you're also his neice
Hansy (14 days ago)
There has been allot about "Nazis" and "fascists" on TV, Netflix and movies lately. The left's desperate attempt?
David Cox (14 days ago)
My wife and I as well as a few of the other people we talked to thought the movie would have a fun uplifting feel to it. I admit it is a very good movie and I enjoyed it. I was just taken back as I didn't realize what the movie was about. A lady had even brought her daughter and a bunch of her friends to it for a birthday as her daughter thought it would be a fun happy film along the lines of Toy Story.
Reyjonh (15 days ago)
I’m cringing
Dávid Izsó (15 days ago)
I saw the movie, well it was a bit boring! It's not an interesting story!
NaughtyVampireGod (15 days ago)
Disappointed Foo Fighters sold their song to this crap.
ZORM (15 days ago)
Crazy SJW movie...
Carl Brutananadilewski (16 days ago)
This looks so gay. Sorry Michael.
Nodel Oliver (16 days ago)
Looks good.
Rowan Sharpr (16 days ago)
This looks really good. Steve Carell is always an outstanding actor. From Michael Scott to a hurt artist
Dr.USMAN latif KHAWAJA (17 days ago)
the movie is over stylised and sacrifices realism for some really redundant secondary imaginatory 'women of marwen 'plot with steve carell overacting grossly ,its disappointing to say the least and comes out very stereotyped and wasted !
NTK GAMING (17 days ago)
The movie theatre I work at had the choice of this or beautiful boy and they chose this trash I’m so confused
KHDZ Gaming (17 days ago)
Boo sell out
ladyearin (17 days ago)
To much promotion. I've have this at the beginning of every YouTube video in two day. Dear Universal pictures you make me run away from this movie
LeDuckDuckGoose (18 days ago)
This comment section... Humanity is fucked. Whether your on the left or the right your equally as fucken stupid. The exact same. Political ideology will be the death of civilization. Everyone needs to permanently grow the fuck up and realize how idiotic this scenario is.
Anonymous User (18 days ago)
Lol who the fuck would go see this?
Cliff Roberson (18 days ago)
I like Steve, but this movie does not interest me at all !
Creepy_Fizzgig (19 days ago)
*casually lurks* 👀......oh hi there 👋
julianaayu (19 days ago)
Watched this today. What a moving story, great performance by Steve Carell
GhoulbreathEC (19 days ago)
I don't give a fuck if its SJW, because I'm Anti-Nazi If sitting next to an SJW freak at the movie theater means I get to watch a movie where Nazis get shot, then I'm all for it
Luke M (15 days ago)
+Dwight K. Schrute You're so ignorant. What speeches by Hitler are you watching? The dubbed shit or the ones where you can actually hear him speak? Documents that were forged? Witnesses that were TORTURED and threatened into confessing? Want a real education on WW2 and the holohoax? Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXY__lz16v8&t=3999s
Dwight K. Schrute (15 days ago)
+Luke M The Nazis themselves admitted what they did. Read Hitler's speeches. Research the third reich's meeting on the final solution. They were anal about recording everything they did, including the Holocaust. There are literally thousands of documents and millions of witnesses to the Holocaust, including American, Russian, and British servicemen who liberated the camps. And the only one's who call it a "Holohoax" are virgin keyboard warriors who listen to too much Alex Jones.
Luke M (15 days ago)
+Dwight K. Schrute NOPE. They didn't systematically murder anyone. Stop believe Zionist / Marxist brainwashing. It's called a HOLOHOAX for a reason
Dwight K. Schrute (16 days ago)
+Luke M And wiping out entire races through systemic genocidal cleansing. Oh, and don't forget the whole "domination of Europe" thing either.
Luke M (17 days ago)
Nazis weren't about pushing leftist, Marxist agendas like the SJWs. They wanted to preserve family and private property
Parker Brown (20 days ago)
Welcome to Marwen... The movie was just plain weird. Steve Carrell is great but the directing was garbage. There is a scene that really ticked me off. Mark is in court about to testify about the crimes that have been done to him. It had potential to be a heart wrenching, sad, and emotional scene. Instead, Marks doll character “Hogey” starts fighting nazis and Mark crawls on the ground avoiding the crossfire (bullets). The movie was more about Marks dolls then actually Mark. I feel like i saw more of “Hogey” then Mark himself. Not about overcoming his fears. The movie felt boring, i had no care on what the Marwen characters had to say because THEY ARE NOT REAL. They said based on a true story, they forgot to tell me 2/3’s of the movie is dolls fighting. The movie also left plenty of questions unanswered. When Mark is in Wendy’s house, he notices a photo of a young child. It says something like “We miss you” or “You will forever be in our hearts”. But We never know what happend to the child and why it is included in the movie. The movie also didn’t tell us more about the side characters. The women of Marwen are Marks friends. But we never really go deep into who the characters actually are. Next, The movie ends with Mark and his good friend (Roberta) going out to eat some sushi, thats it. Nothing else, do they continue dating, do they end up marrying at one point? Lastly, this is my biggest frustration: In the end of the movie the film does not tell you what happens to the thugs that beat Mark up. Do they get a long sentencing? Do they get life in prison??? You wont know because they wont tell you. This movie is very confusing, making you wonder if it is Marks fantasy or real life. There was no music that moved you, no emotional scenes. Unlike the trailer, the trailer felt moving and had a wonderful soundtrack. Im just truly dissatisfied with this movie.
EchonyJoe (20 days ago)
Okay but does he work for dunder mifflin or Michael Scott paper company after the war?
I’m gonna go see this tomorrow. I can’t wait.
ROTFLMFAO EMOJI (20 days ago)
ok so heres another TOPSHELF govt program robo-movie...................that's telling us if we get BULLIED, to make up a FANTASYWORLD to escape to until we jump out the window or hang ourselves, instead of POPPING the bully in the nose..........
Akira Akira (20 days ago)
Another movies about nazis? And the jews who makes Them. yeah we know there are bad the nazis. The Christians dont bring up all the time that u killed Jesus and make 10 movies about every year. u have brainwashed us enough now, we get it.
Horror freak London (21 days ago)
Looks good to me
Alina Reybey (21 days ago)
Just saw this.... weird but great movie. 👍🏻
jamie peterson (21 days ago)
I personally hate all the hate for movies that try to do things differently all because its not an aquaman or MCU movie people just say this is stupid and blah blah blah I have watched another movie with my family called Mary Poppins returns that critics have just lambasted. Now dont get my wrong I didnt think Mary Poppins movie was stupid or perfect but people need to give this a better look I want to see it. Kind of reminds me of the innovative movie like Little Soldiers in which was like Toy Story but almost live action. I am sooo incredibly frustrated with people destroying people over movies they like or dont like and causing movies to fail because of this or that political social justice garbage. Cant a movie just be a movie this looks like it has great heart to it not just some mindless action movie or comic book movie. Just my two cents
cesar linguine (21 days ago)
So is he gay ? Because he said the Nazis beat him up because he was different
B&O5300 (21 days ago)
For having such negative reviews Marwen deserved a lot better
Varakai (21 days ago)
Fuckin boring
Marxist McCarthyist (21 days ago)
This is the worst thing I have ever seen.
elarbi marouen (21 days ago)
Welcome to me
Mrs.Nickadeemus (22 days ago)
What kind of conversation takes place at a bar where you throw in "yea, I like wearing women's clothes"?
Pamela Haskell (22 days ago)
Pass 💩😛
a d (22 days ago)
um dont tell ppl you cross dress
Kraken XD (22 days ago)
It seems like Steve Carell deals a lot with cross-dressing In movies. In The Office, it is accidental, but in Welcome to Marwen it is on purpose.
Alexthunder 10 (22 days ago)
I don't know why nazi groups even exist it's so fucked up that a group of assholes can take everything away from someone like that ,what do they think they're gonna gain hitler did nothing right and it's amazing that people still follow in his footsteps I'm Jewish and the stories that I heard make me sick to my stomach whenever I think about them, thankfully today Germany is a wonderful place but hitler should have been lashed to a cross and burned.
Stephen Hogan (22 days ago)
And the 2018 Razzie award goes to...
Everyone has a place here in marwen. This movie is so sad :c
funneh (22 days ago)
I'm Excited
TheBoondoggler (22 days ago)
WTF I love wearing a bra now
Tom Cool (22 days ago)
Everything that you think you know is a lie created by the media. Take the red pill..
SAGE NOKO (22 days ago)
50 Million dollar bomb at the box office you say?
Ree L (22 days ago)
Wierd...gross ass man playing with dolls
Ree L (13 days ago)
+Luke M what does that have to do with a grown as man playing with action figures. The movie bombed anyway
Luke M (15 days ago)
+Ree L Wow. You're petty and narrow-minded in a time when people get to identify as any race or sex they want to.
Ree L (15 days ago)
+Luke M grown men shouldn't play with action figures either
Luke M (17 days ago)
HUH?? They're no different than action figures. He's suffering from PTSD and potential brain damage. Where's your heart?
EmcIcon (22 days ago)
>make movie that appeals to 2% of the population >act surprised when only that 2% actually spends money to watch it Step up your game Hollywood, and make movies for the 98%, if you dont want them to bomb as heavily as this one.
/ / (22 days ago)
Oy vey
Jeszreel Sales (22 days ago)
WOOOOOOOWWWW... I'm gonna watch this! 🤩
Tom Guadalupe (22 days ago)
Fuck hollywood, I am glad the producers lost money on this tripe.
Juan Warez (22 days ago)
This looks pretty bad, Lmao evil nazis again
DesROWUnited (22 days ago)
What you want good nazis?
The Guy (22 days ago)
Toy Story Office 2: Ebil Whyt Nazzis
mike15709 (22 days ago)
Does Marwen work for Xhale City on the side?
vaas d (22 days ago)
i'm glad this movie bombed, next time don't push your liberal propaganda so hard
Archie Whiteman (22 days ago)
A sissy gets beaten up and spends the rest of his life photographing barbies, I just saved you $15.
Patric Bunny (22 days ago)
Emasculated sissy man hanging on to the skirts of women the movie in theaters now!
Irate Irascible (22 days ago)
Wow what the fuck was this flaming pile of garbage about? Seemed not just woefully conceived but also somethinv geared towards toddlers with toys and make believe
Jack Hole (22 days ago)
Terrible...no wonder it bombed.
meerkat1954 (23 days ago)
Neat to see a movie about 12 inch figures as therapy tools. But I don't like the dehumanization on display against the "Nazis". There can't be healing when another group is depicted as nothing but monsters who should be destroyed in the most brutal way possible. The theme of the movie just seems mired in the mud of revenge.
Night Wind (23 days ago)
Too many people are looking at the superficial political meanings and not enough at his deep-seated journey of healing.
Victor Finngall (23 days ago)
It doesn't matter what it was originally about. We all know what it will be about.
Victor Finngall (23 days ago)
Flats The Flounder (23 days ago)
Huh.. So I guess this is where Michael went after he left Scranton
Looks nice
Travis Rabble (23 days ago)
I've bashed many people's head's in with glass bottles, they just get on with it they don't moan and cry like this entitled guy.
Theo (23 days ago)
Lol, why is everybody calling it "liberal bullshit". The story is real, all aside what this film is showing the man in this story is real and went through something nobody can simply dismiss. Imagine getting beat pretty much to death over doing whatever you do which you would not want others to know. You are also talking about a veteran, somebody who has done more than you would ever be able to do in your life just to let your dumbass live another day. Lol he dresses up as a woman and still has bigger balls than the majority of you.
crb4059 (23 days ago)
I think the real story is how Hollyweird will use any story to advance their leftist bizarre and immoral causes through obfuscation and propoganda.

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