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Public REACTION: When Bodybuilders Go Out and Pose in Venice Beach

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When a Bodybuilders goes in Public - People's Reaction. Venice Beach Compilation Video. PLAYLIST - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZTsT9-synURmutLD7L2iXdr9qMFvslpW Contact : [email protected]
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Text Comments (558)
Razila Radzi (2 days ago)
All of you said 'steroids'.take the steroids and get the body.i want to see
cleyton santos (2 days ago)
eu uero se forte pra trabalha e Garota mais pra trabalhar tinovo
barkat ali Khan (2 days ago)
haha! it looks so silly! most of the reactions are like what the heck is wrong with this person.
Ernest Pena (9 days ago)
This is nothing to be proud of. These guys are all on steroids. These are drug-using athletes that get their muscles from an injection. This is not anything to be proud or happy of. They cheaters.
sontay tv (11 days ago)
HELLO SÜPER VİDEO..............
Sexy Life (11 days ago)
Love it💋
Pariton Mangang (11 days ago)
Don't be ever showoff without appropriate reason bro.
Jose Valenzuela (11 days ago)
Pure juice
Parwez Hashemi (11 days ago)
Kaka Black hehehe
Juan Sebatian (11 days ago)
Muchos músculos pero con un solo bergazos caen jajajajaja
Amir khan (11 days ago)
Where is pubic reaction?
babe dalmen (11 days ago)
كلن هرمونات والله العظيم، انا شخصيا لعبت كمال الاجسام لمد ٥ سنوات
Yo Mismo (11 days ago)
Yo estaba ha si pero las pajas que me ago me pusieron flaco
Lilia Martins (11 days ago)
Liyonne Liyonnel (11 days ago)
Judo is the beste
f h (11 days ago)
Hey guys put a large tee shirt on you.
ksjajsj jshdjshz (11 days ago)
esaw gelamtew (13 days ago)
80% gay
Halcyonvirtual (13 days ago)
0:26 thats a 2 pac , where is his 6 pack gone
Braga (13 days ago)
japanese mind (13 days ago)
Muscles with no balls 😆😆😆
Abiesgu (14 days ago)
Qué papasitos
pedro diaz (14 days ago)
Esto sí es un vídeo de motivación 😏
Hugo De keizer (15 days ago)
These videos are so wrong omg and the song what the fck . Im feeling so sad i watched this for 30 seconds
The Last Emperor (15 days ago)
2:31 gayest dive run up ever
Ariana Grande (15 days ago)
imagine a girl walking with no top thank you for the likes wait it is only me like my comment
Billy Goff (16 days ago)
I shot my wad it came out one big steroid!!!
Muchos esteroides aver cuanto vida os queda
ROHAN S (24 days ago)
Where is public reaction
Sachin Jayasooriya (1 month ago)
Steroids and exercise 💪
H-D fire (1 month ago)
En lugar de estar con unas mujeres tomándose fotos los maricas .... Pinches mensos
yeiri López (1 month ago)
Lo malo de estos hombre es que la tiene chiquita 😅😆😁
Time Mavundza (1 month ago)
All the guys with big belly are complaining saying 'this is childish'...'gays'...'steroids'
Mehdi Benaissa (1 month ago)
Bt you have not this 8=========> man hhhh
Mehdi Benaissa (1 month ago)
Pff it's the steroid you are nothing
Angel N (1 month ago)
My cock is more buff
diego Ribeiro (1 month ago)
100÷ asteroides
jorge Monserrate (1 month ago)
no es q' sea envidioso pero lo típico las para de pavo arriba grande y abajo muy flaco me refiero alas piernas
Nb Red (1 month ago)
5star cho 4.8star reting
Matias Hidalgo (1 month ago)
Small dick jajaja
Man of the north (1 month ago)
Attention seekers. That's what they are.
um me (1 month ago)
most chic's don't dig body builders, because they are too focused on themselves and they have small c0cks.
one bbosh (1 month ago)
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Cool video!
mifhud gaming (1 month ago)
plese what song?
mifhud gaming (1 month ago)
Gesú Nazzareno (1 month ago)
What is this? Pure shit ahah
Showing off is kinda gay
Mirko EK (1 month ago)
Just say that lifting heavy weights doesen't mean heavy punches. With that size you only block yourself
H Ll (2 months ago)
مافءذة هذه العضلات
Zarada100 (2 months ago)
Who cares, each narcissus is not an interesting or valuable person, so what is it to admire here ?? a few tons of eaten steroids ?? Fucking Bullshit ...
Juanmi Suárez (2 months ago)
Chachoo una botella de oxigeno pal del min. 0.57. Y una bandeja de estiramientos pa quitarles la rigidez nivel tenedor. GRACIAS!! Y APUNTA UN SORBETE DE NEURONAS PA CADA UNO Q INVITA SUS MADRES
Nico Gonzalez (2 months ago)
Nombre de la cancion
MsMontec (2 months ago)
Una cosa es estar fuerte,y otra esa mierda
Ronald Lozada (2 months ago)
Where is the public reaction???
OMG! (2 months ago)
where is reaction ?
Mike TJ (2 months ago)
Well that was stupid.
mccoy1303 (2 months ago)
Arrh!!..Everybody look at ME!!😠 ARRH!!.. I'm the Muscle God, Comic Book Super Hero Guy! I Said,... LOOK!!!.. ARRHHh!!😠
mccoy1303 (2 months ago)
When dorks get Jacked, They don't know how to act.😞
Nick_Warrior (2 months ago)
1:34 GTA V
Axel Espinoza (1 month ago)
TRAVIS411 (2 months ago)
Venice Beach...of course you can find that there.
Vizard465 (2 months ago)
They need the attention, they deserve it but especially because they NEED it!
Lester Green (2 months ago)
1:16 ZYZZZ
rolandgarroz (2 months ago)
Bunch of egocentric maniacs.
Parminder singh (2 months ago)
worst then drama queens
Swadheen Kumar Samal (2 months ago)
Awsome video bro 😊 I like it
Sam Samvrith (2 months ago)
Scums of life...good for nothing except meat...can't run, can't walk...won't even fit in a car....and have un-evolved brains...Lol.
rafael amaral (2 months ago)
Todos viadinhos
WOLFACE (2 months ago)
llados fitness like
prashant gode (2 months ago)
Champions ..hardworkes, highlymotivated,No words to describe them .....😎👑💓
Alex Sparthan (2 months ago)
Ashley Valley (2 months ago)
this shit is gay
Mario Botti (2 months ago)
Real men! big muscles , small penis!! :)
Bersek 77700 (2 months ago)
where is a girls ????
Mickaël Egalité (2 months ago)
Je n'ai pas vue de réaction du publique.
Israel jesus Melo videla (2 months ago)
No se pueden ni el culo para correr ,solo estética
Albatros Wobler (2 months ago)
KOKS !!!!!!!!
anonymous (2 months ago)
the walking beef...
C.Marius (2 months ago)
this video does NOT make sense
MakeMeDinner (2 months ago)
01:27 ive been there before.....yeees GTA San Andreas!
Soul Fredis (2 months ago)
They look like shit for real
VidosTV (2 months ago)
5 yearl bodybildind and nice body NO steroid IDIOT
Miguel Arias (2 months ago)
Should be Roids Cycle walking on beach 😂😂
Hecobeco (2 months ago)
Great use of steroids!!
Mj Mj (2 months ago)
In 1st video he looks godofwar
Xeno Morph (2 months ago)
For al the girls out there, Yes those muscles are sooo cool, sadly some bodyparts do shrink and yes it is that part (the sosage)
Andre Luiz Pereira (2 months ago)
Bem louco 😎
Mohammad Gr (2 months ago)
I have just came back from the gym. After watching this video I want to go back
Dağcı Komando (2 months ago)
Soooo Foolish
RetroReactive Aj (2 months ago)
I want to see them all run 20 or more miles nonstop.
R2 G (2 months ago)
usen tangas por favor mas cuerpos sexys. they used thongs please more sexies bodies.
Love You forever (2 months ago)
Link Music 😔😔😔
mehmet sahin (2 months ago)
Best scenes worst music
thereddsnapper _#4515 (2 months ago)
Marcelo Dantas (2 months ago)
Salve salve 🇧🇷💥☠ 💪
آرش کمانگیر (2 months ago)
i understand when a girl wants to show offs but i do not undestand why a punch of mature guys wants do the same!?? next thjng they do probably garbing eachother asses in public! where are your respect and dignity? i am abody builder with sixpacks myself and i never do such disgraced! shame on you bitches!
Siro Venom (2 months ago)
Construction laborers with steroid goes public 😱

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