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Can Amazon afford to get into the ad business?

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CNN's Jon Sarlin looks into Amazon's booming ad business. Could Amazon's move into Google and Facebook's space alienate its customers and vendors?
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Yęęt Ÿôøt (1 month ago)
As long if I don’t get tittok ad
sachin Fernadus (1 month ago)
Ya just like Cnn
Jorge Arellano (2 months ago)
Cool video.
C. Lincoln (2 months ago)
Fix the volume f*ck ups.
Yaakov Kahan (2 months ago)
I'm there to shop NOT to be advertised to. That's why the ads are annoying.
Leonard Martin (2 months ago)
when searching on amazon you can sort by ratings so yea it will put a few crappy ones on top which we all ignore same as we do with walmart that does the same thing. but then you look at the reviews
Return of Zeus (2 months ago)
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Leonard Martin (2 months ago)
convenience of not having to go to the store to see if its in stock. if you buy in store you still dont know if its any good or not no reviews there either. i agree online reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. and not just online reviews but product sales people, and anyone else trying to inform you on such products other than family and friends
Traditionalist (2 months ago)
Leonard Martin but you can’t go through all those ratings to know if they are fake or not. I don’t know why anyone buys from Walmart.com if most of the things are in their store

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