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Marilyn Monroe - The Last Interview

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http://www.youtube.com/user/SGTG77 1992 Documentary about Marilyn's last interview in July 1962 for Life magazine.With rare audio of Marilyn's interview and rare footage. Marilyn's words had been edited together for this show
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Amezz (6 days ago)
I just adore how beautiful women become when using make up... But even more so when they take it off... I don't know why but I like the genuine looks of a lady without any products... But in today's era people like to belittle someone's appearances that leads to procedures like face surgery and all those stuff which would only ruin their beautiful faces in the long term...how sad it is to see that women now do all those things thinking that they may be beautiful... When they were already SO beautiful before... Even when they wake up with messy hair when I look at them it's like looking at a blooming flower... Ladies... I just want to say... Please don't ruin your beauty by getting surgery or any implant... You were created to be the most attractive being on earth... Don't ever get those bad opinions get the best of you... It's never worth it
Scott Klingensmith (6 days ago)
I think overall she didn't want to be a sex symbol she wanted to be actually heard and listened to. Everywhere she looked was applause and whistles from her presence. I think she was more intelligent than most during her time. They didn't see her for who she genuinely was only a sex symbol. 9:40 it legit sounds like what hell would sound like. fucking vultures.. leave her alone. She deserved a better life. *rip*
Sonya B. (7 days ago)
Nothing has changed
Up Level (8 days ago)
The article that was written was horrible before her death. The title alone was very insulting and a very low blow. He the reporter took advantage of someone who was not mentally well. Then he claimed he didn’t know why she killed her self. Read his article it sucks. Publishing that before her death was a cheap shot and may of put her over the edge. Life magazine no better than a tabloid.
Bella Oliver (11 days ago)
I don't like the tone the man interviewing her has.....it seems that he had a certain idea about her from the very beginning and she kind of didn't stand a chance with him.
Bella Oliver (11 days ago)
Oh Marilyn, there will never be another human being like you...♥️
woodzbow (13 days ago)
wait wait wait wait wait...SHE KILS HERSELF?
inna dancer (16 days ago)
She was murdered 💯. M.M was such a doll,loving and sweet,talented and smart. And she will be icon forever.✨
Christine Brogan (17 days ago)
I don't believe that she committed suicide.
Kitty Antix (18 days ago)
The victim? Fuck this reporter!! She was over worked!! And needed help to release the pressure and barely got paid!! What the fuck.. She changed the way a woman should be and how she should " act."
Kitty Antix (18 days ago)
Wtf! For "gentlemen's prefer blondes" She got paid 500$?! While Jane got 200,00$ or did I hear that wrong...
Kitty Antix (18 days ago)
Omg... Her comment about "playing house...." Poor girl.. She wanted freedom and hollywood forced her to be something all the time. She wanted privacy just like anyone else! Like a break.
Kitty Antix (18 days ago)
Omg she sounds perfect when singing! Look no lip sync. Poor Marilyn. Had to deal with crazy Hollywood's pressure
I'm your mum (19 days ago)
She seemed so nice and happy
Ben Palmer (22 days ago)
It is sad what fame and Hollywood did to her.
enara123 (24 days ago)
She DIDN't commit suicide, she was clearly killed.
Bryan Van Romburgh (1 month ago)
She sounded very different in real life. Much more real, grounded and opinionated.
Theguyguyguy (1 month ago)
Gentlemen prefer murder
John Wayne (1 month ago)
Real kindness shines through, and fake kindness fades away, Marilyn was real, like elvis, in a way, their super famous, but you feel like you could of known them, and they wouldn’t of turned their noses up at you, Marilyn had such a tragic life, losing her baby was the final straw I think, if she wouldn’t of had a miscarriage she would of lived to be a old lady, most people can handle tragedies like that, but her early life was terrible
The HoltMasons (1 month ago)
Nez.the.best.89 (1 month ago)
Such a beautiful, good hearted woman. Not only that I really appreciate what she did for ella Fitzgerald. RIP to Ms monroe
David G. (1 month ago)
How do you crank your self up!!!!! What a fucking asshole to ask such a question, and think it's innocent!!!
Lydiard Park (2 months ago)
i don't care
Sanjay kumar.r (2 months ago)
I really want to be best frnds with marilyn i am just 16 but she makes me to watch old movies...i just love it better than movies of this generation. I was born in a wrong time i should have born in 50s or 60s. I also love james dean❤❤❤
Delaine Bacrantz (2 months ago)
The absolute Queen. Ms. Monroe.💋
wyy link34 (2 months ago)
So tragic, I hope wherever she is now she is happy she deserves happiness.
Honza Xr200 (2 months ago)
I can imagine her on Conan
Persephone Wardlow (2 months ago)
Damn looks like the queen likes Marilyn more than Jayne Mansfield
blanche kiernan (2 months ago)
This interviewer is awful Also as someone who majored psychology Please stop diagnosing her 😑 Why I dropped the major! These labels are bullshit.. I’ve heard many times Marilyn was Paranoid schizophrenic Borderline Bipolar First of all hell no to borderline she was able to walk away from relationships and still maintain a lot of friendships etc she didn’t see people as black and white the villain one day and the hero the next And that’s the thing people aren’t black and white Basically everyone I know has manic and depressive episodes Basically everyone! It’s like thinking every child has adhd because they can’t sit still 🙄 people ebb and flow they can be caught in extremes often they can be unsure of themselves often etc She lived an extreme life with extreme situations she was very badly hurt and unable to grieve or take time off to recover...stop trying to put her in a box that’s the damn fucking major problem that’s even addressed in this interview is people talking out of their ass about her and being critical and labeling her She’s no more bipolar then she was a dumb blonde She’s literally talking about how people were not realizing she’s human and that we are all complicated and emotional beings ...and then in the comment sections of all her videos it’s like...I think she should’ve Been on medication uhhhh really?! 😑 Medication is bullshit and especially back then!!! wouldn’t of done shit and if it was meds that killed her why the fuck would meds be the answer to what would’ve saved her!! I highly doubt any therapist could’ve given her the right tools back then either! A lot of therapist and psychiatrist make things worst for folks to this day!! I legit had a therapist once tell me if I didn’t want to get catcalled I shouldn’t smile so much! psychology is extremely flawed to this day but especially back then!! so just stop speculating what’s her diagnosis is especially if you haven’t even really studied this and no two psychology classes doesn’t count 🙄😑
Profile (2 months ago)
21:56 Um....maybe because she was? Asshole🙄🤦🏼‍♀️
Claudia Zamora (2 months ago)
She didn't "commit suicide" It was accidental.
Jim McDaniels (3 months ago)
It's very sad that we didn't know then that most of our self created mental illness can be cured by specific self directive corrective writing as shown on www.desteni.org, not by taking pills that can make our mind machine even worse.
Janelle Hopkins (3 months ago)
Suicide is up for debate
Krista Green (3 months ago)
Her "Hollywood" voice was terrible but her "real"voice was beautiful.
Theresa Charleston (3 months ago)
23:01 ... so sad :( You can hear her insecurity and desire to be liked.
Storie Smith (3 months ago)
7:38 the temperature was in the negatives, after all the shows she ended up with a 107 degree fever and was extremely sick.
Storie Smith (3 months ago)
God damn, she was so amazing and treated like shit by every person she encountered.... she was so ahead of her time. Shes absolutely timeless. Take any picture of her, any video of her and it could have been taken yesterday, in the 80s, the 90's etc etc shes timeless. So heartbreaking how all she wanted was to be loved inside and out for who she was and no one could fucking do that. It pisses me off. The world abused her, used her and didn't care about her. It soul breaking she never knew how truly amazing she was... Hollywood executives treated her like a possession. How can this stupid narrator not understand that?! Hes part of the fucking problem, i rly dislike him.... i hate theyve tarnished her name by saying she killed herself. Her death was in no way at her hands, she was murdered and even stevie wonder could see wtf happen.
Katia Tornay (4 months ago)
arthur miller such an asshole
The pixelbust (4 months ago)
I think she was murdered. There are too many points, which show that suicide is unlogical.
Grinnypicker (4 months ago)
My heart is heavy after watching this interview. I can't believe the interviewer claiming she was all happy & no hint of depression or suicide. The clues are all over! Even though she didn't come right out & say it (no one seriously contemplating suicide ever does), she was clearly crying out for understanding & help! Here she is, telling this reporter about how rudely & poorly treated she has been by Hollywood picture makers, & his responses to her questions, & his conversation in general, seem rude & uncaring about Marilyn as a person rather than as an article he is writing to get money & popularity. This while Marilyn is shouting, "I HAVE money & fame, & I HATE IT!" So his treatment of her just echoes that of everyone else in the entertainment industry, furthering her depression & frustration. It is so sad that it seems she had no one she was close to, to whom she could reach out for kindness & understanding. I just want to reach out to her, & hug her, & be her friend ~~ but now it's too late. Hollywood hasn't changed since her time, certainly not for the better. I wonder how many other celebrities are out there, feeling as Marilyn did, with no one they can trust or turn to for kindness & understanding? Again, so sad. :(
cfcreative (4 months ago)
Way ahead of her time.
Eden Hawthorne (4 months ago)
This woman was being sexually, emotionally, and possibly physically harassed. We don’t know yet
OficialJoaoRicardo (4 months ago)
Uma mulher linda e infeliz. Que triste! Espero que esteja em um Bom lugar
Ehla Pop (4 months ago)
People who say she was murdered are just hurt. They just don't know that. They can't accept the fact that she did what she did. They cover the pain by obviously trying to blame someone. Just saying
Donald Mcauliffe (4 months ago)
Funny she was to finish so like it hot in a week then do two movies within a year she probably was give a deal to do the birds
Donald Mcauliffe (4 months ago)
Dean Martin told everyone she was killed. Because she had. Problems with men in her life
Donald Mcauliffe (4 months ago)
She never kill herself she was going to finish so like it hot and she had sign to do the birds she had promise to do two movies. In order to do the birds. What got her killed was she kept a book with information about the Kennedy family. Boddy Kennedy wanted that book she was dead for five hours before anyone call the police a cover up was done
Jennifer S (4 months ago)
The press was so obnoxious to her. The interviewer was a bit of jerk too.
A Google User (4 months ago)
Sex symbol, it seems
Personal Space Invader (4 months ago)
Committed suicide? you mean BEFORE SHE WAS MARDAREEDEHE!!!!!!!!!!!!
R. Beckwith (4 months ago)
R. Beckwith (4 months ago)
Wanapelei Karanna (5 months ago)
Marco Diaz (5 months ago)
MARILYN DIDN'T COMMIT SUICIDE. President JFK And Bobby hire a men to KILL HER. THEY USED HER AND MURDER HER. why the television never say she had a NEEDLE POKE ON HER CHEST???? They r mean n disgusting
Marco Diaz (5 months ago)
A BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE IS NOT a lot.. lol. She was still cauctios. I drink a bottle of champagne im still Alert ... Lol
13 % (5 months ago)
That scream tho 💀 14:08
Mr Purser (5 months ago)
A wonderful and Devine woman who I have adored since boyhood...I completely grudge Marilyns death though, what a complete waste, like getting rid of 20 years wages with impunity, disgusting...what a magnificent wife she would’ve made - I’m pleased she’s not a young woman today, because America would only murder the precious gem again...love you Marilyn, rest easy, darling, rest easy.
polojackson21 (5 months ago)
She was murdered by the Kennedys, that's why they are cursed
Joshua Abraham (5 months ago)
The interview was rude
Paradise (5 months ago)
I’ve been to a lot of places she has. A lot of them are much more casual then you would imagine, including her neighborhood. I believe her real art was in presenting herself as an attractive glamorous woman. You always hear how these celebrities have drug problems, etc. There’s much more to the story as to why they’re like that. It has nothing to do with the occupation itself. Some believe they’re all transgendered. When they age their true sex starts emerging and they have to plastic surgery it away. She represents to me a day when women had time to be and feel like a woman, and to enjoy the essence of the times. I haven’t had time to curl my hair or put on makeup and don’t even want to. That was her job though. Mine anywhere I should play down looks. Make others feel more attractive. Moola keeps coming in. I have to worry about major contract work on homes etc. No working woman has enough time to enjoy the essence of a peaceful era where the people make it great.
MissScarlett'sCoiffeur (5 months ago)
The shitty 90’s documentary music needs to be cut from this.
Ebony Speight (6 months ago)
I love Marilyin Monroe shes beautiful and I wish I could have met her . I see her as fiesty and ain't take no mess
TSZ LING CHU (6 months ago)
But please don't make me look like a joke, this is her last words in the interview. So poor, Marilyn.
Kelly Marie (6 months ago)
She was murdered. The glass in her bedroom was smashed from the outside in. A former CIA agent admitted on his death bed that he had injected her with a deadly cocktail of drugs.
Robin Hood (6 months ago)
How can you people believe she was murdered? She was a bipolar addicted to drugs, abused physically, mentally and sexually as a child and as an adult. Marilyn had serious issues, some of which I deal with myself. So I completely believe it was suicide. RIP MARILYN. WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU.
She was killed by hollywood, no theory thats a FACT
A. Landon (7 months ago)
Why did this era produce such giants and our era produces such shlubbs?
Lesley Lawrence (7 months ago)
Its understandable that she was offended by his choice of words in asking how she "cranked herself up" to act a part. Also why on earth did Hollywood keeping telling her, "Remember, you're not a star" when the public adored her and she clearly was probably their brightest star.
Demoy Blake (7 months ago)
Seems like a butchering of a real interview to make this. 8 hours of footages to make a 27 minute mess interlace with a narrator who tells us what we are suppose to think instead of just letting Marilyn's last words speak for themselves. The random video footages reduces the quality of the 'interview'. This is so disrespectful I could cry.
sullivan thomas (7 months ago)
Love y'all xxx
andrzej kwiatkowski (7 months ago)
"nervessnes indicates sensitivity"....
andrzej kwiatkowski (7 months ago)
she was a very sensitive person.....
Juliet Thompson (7 months ago)
She was a wonderful woman who deserved more respect than she got. Rest in peace💔
laurie alexander (8 months ago)
Respectfully done😁😁😁
derm gal (8 months ago)
she was crushed by misogyny. She was simultaneously adored and slighted for her trademark vixen persona. there was no winning. I think her relationship w arthur miller really crushed her and made her think she wasn't smart enough or had enough substance (despite being a great actress, singer, and fashion icon - not to mention her excellent comedic timing and charisma above all. very pleasant personality)
Lisa Stars (8 months ago)
God knows what else she really wanted to say to the public and they "Edited" the video only showing what they want to show.....
Yvi Wagner (8 months ago)
Maj. Andrew Monroe born 1666 was her grandfathers grandfather
Caitlin Montgomery (8 months ago)
Her behaviour in this interview seems normal - usually when people are depressed, they socially withdraw, and wouldn't agree to do an interview (let alone laugh and smile during it). I think this interview was arranged as part of the set-up - like a prelude to her death to try and make people buy the "suicide" theory. The interviewer is very manipulative here and his use of language implies many things, and I think it's no accident. Someone definitely decided to kill her because she was a threat. Too smart to be used as a Hollywood puppet, if you ask me.
Taylor Shackelford (8 months ago)
She didn’t commit suicide.
Sara Schmaltz (9 months ago)
Her laugh was beautiful♡
Nurul Abdul (9 months ago)
"We are not machine no matter how much they say we are" 🤔😑😔
Chylo Chylo (9 months ago)
she died because of what she said about jesus alot of famous people have on there last days they mention something bad about jesus then the next day they found dead
Chylo Chylo (9 months ago)
she mentioned she didn't need jesus .everyone who has said they dont need jesus has died search it up
MaiRaven3 (9 months ago)
Stop idolizing a woman who promoted porn, adultery, lust, sin, rejected Jesus and was taken away early. She was miserable, and was a very bad role model for women. Lord have mercy.
lesley brown (9 months ago)
she didnt commit suicide ----the house keeper gave her an enema on greensons instructions not knowing she had already taken a load of tabs that she got from somewhere else ---thats why housekeeper was acting strangely and washing bed clothes before the cops came to cover the evidence
Daniel Martinez (9 months ago)
She was Beautiful:💋💋
Wisdom of Nod! (9 months ago)
Well,.we still kinda feel responsible don't we? She assails the senses: It's heartbreaking to SEE her! Troubling to HEAR her!! Upsetting to FEEL!!! She somehow TOUCHES you and we all mystically TASTE her exquisite, hidden pain that powered her every performance.
Zoltan Attila Elekman (9 months ago)
You are my Star Marlyne Monroe for ever .... you were murdered that's the reality rumors has it ......You knew too much about UFOs and aliens and you wanted to come out with the truth and they didn't let you •●♤♡♡☆
Makko Lanwi (10 months ago)
Her laugh :(
Elissa Kelly (10 months ago)
Je t'aime Marie Margot
Mathias Belli (10 months ago)
When Marilyn offers you a drink you take it, damn it
Biggie smalls (11 months ago)
Much Love.
XO XO (11 months ago)
Don't you think it strange that she was announced as "the late Marilyn Monroe" before singing for the president? Also, I'm annoyed at this interviewer for dismissing her as self pitying and suicidal. She was an intelligent and talented woman. He's a traitor just like Oprah was to Michael Jackson. Marilyn probably knew he was a traitor and that's why she asked him not to make her look like a joke. But he did.
Lisa Marie (11 months ago)
She didn’t commit suicide. She was murdered!!
Lamp Shade (11 months ago)
It wasn't suicide, though- it was murder.
corey flood (11 months ago)
Hollywood where the vultures from behind the scrnes try strip people of their identity and make them out to be something there not then try call them unstable / marilyn was too beautiful and pure hearted for this world she will always be an icon what a great woman you would have too be very smart to play someone as fun and dumb as her characters and that she was
Megan M (11 months ago)
I’m amazed at how different her voice sounds, I was pretty sure the breathy ‘blonde’ voice wasn’t her real one, but I really had to listen a few times to what she was talking about to make sure it was her because she sounds so different, so ‘normal’.
C (11 months ago)
so sad.
Guy N. (1 year ago)
It was a <<human error (overdose..)>> by the doctors (enema given and administered by the maid who only performed what doctor Greenson asked for, ..poor woman). The doctors had to cover their tracks and asses. Otherwise, they would have been prosecuted and also had lost their reputations on charges of human negligence. And they knew it! Greenson and Engelberg had world-reknowned reputes. No other choice.. here in the heat of the moment and panic to mask the mistake and professional error.And by 7:30-8:00 p.m. on saturday night the 4th, she was already gone.. Miss Murray found out about 9:00 p.m. Officials at the Fox were notified before police, so about 9:30 p.m. that saturday night.Police were only notified about 4:00 a.m. afterwards, once the scene was masked and set up properly to make it look like a ..suicide. NO (baloney) of Kennedy involvement or murder attempt at all here by the way.. The doctors killed her. But not intenitionally hopefully, even though Marilyn was getting tired of Greenson and was starting to want him out.. That we'll never know. But why is it some americans can fabricate and make up all kinds and sorts of false stories,statements etc.., I don't know. Attention seeking? Paranoia? .. Who knows.
marcus cummings (1 year ago)
People are gonna hate me...but I think Kim K. will one day be comparable to Marylin. They might be equals as Sex Icon

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