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CSS Tutorial for Beginners - 38 - Custom cursor

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In this video we go over how to add a custom cursor. HTML Code: http://pastebin.com/zRsaWCqK CSS Code: http://pastebin.com/KiCuLKxz
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Text Comments (34)
Didn't worked for me. I tried different icons but it only displayed default cursor.
apple pie (27 days ago)
Hello , this didn't work for me , i tried .jpg .ico .jpeg nothing worked , any help please ?
Ethical Hacker (5 months ago)
it never work for me I have downloaded a PNG Icon
iHelper Pro (7 months ago)
its not working in mine. i have done exactly the same code as u have written above. Note: I have changed my cursor from the system by default. can it be the problem?
Lenovo Genovia (7 months ago)
Love your videos, but for the last few tutorials, you didn't explain the codings that you did, one by one, unlike before in HTML. Learners whose only reference are your videos and google will find this quite confusing.
Lenovo Genovia (7 months ago)
How was he able to create that home button by just using the anchor tag? I mean, how was it possible? I don't understand the code that he used for the button. Usually <form> or <button> are used for buttons.
Antonio Johnson (6 months ago)
Lenovo Genovia he used a style to make it look like a button. Notice he has a class "button" applied.
Mohamed Osama (8 months ago)
thanks man. you are the best ever i learned all of html,css,javascripy and php because of you. and now i made project and i won a lot of money thanks man.
kuku swuro (10 months ago)
why doesn't my pseudo class work. first a.link{} a.hover{} etc and now this? and I want to use these properties so much? please help somebody.
Antonio Johnson (6 months ago)
kuku swuro you need to use a colon for pseudo classes.
Khalilur Rahman (11 months ago)
Pretty useful. Thanks. :)
DARKDMOF (1 year ago)
what is that wix thing ? so everything i learnt was bullshit? so i can make a website without any codes? plz reply im confused
DARKDMOF (1 year ago)
oh........ thanks for replying now ill know what to do :)
EJ Media (1 year ago)
That would be for a very simple page - but if you wanted to exercise any real control you will need to know CSS
Fred & Nika (1 year ago)
Starcraft :) nice!
Tyler Brown (1 year ago)
Thanks so much for these videos, man. Although I'm still getting used to all the "h-oh-vers." :P
Margo Darden (1 year ago)
Great videos and I loving it.but in number 38. I had reduce the size (32kb of less by stackoverflow) of the icon cause would not work in FF/Chrome. I want to thank u all the hard work you put in making them. You are on recommend list for sure.
EJ Media (1 year ago)
Interesting . do you have the stackoverflow link? would be interested to read it
Francisco Rodriguez (2 years ago)
all of this this only works on windows 7
EJ Media (2 years ago)
I think in video 36 I supplied a link in the description of the video .. were you able to try that?
Francisco Rodriguez (2 years ago)
It's weird I've been writting everything like you did and many css does not display from video.I had this problem from 27 to video 36
EJ Media (2 years ago)
I tested the cursor code last night on Windows 10 and had no problems. CSS is far more dependent on the browser and version as opposed to the OS
SOUMIK BANERJEE (2 years ago)
Sir, is it mandatory to use only .ico files (and not .png, .jpeg etc.) when designing custom cursors using CSS?
EJ Media (2 years ago)
You can definitely use other formats such as .jpeg
Anonimowty kot (2 years ago)
ty so much
Revilo Nitram (2 years ago)
starcraft <3
EJ Media (2 years ago)
+Revilo Nitram my favorite!
GameNOWRoom (3 years ago)
So cool :D
Richard Wheeler (3 years ago)
Another fun one!
Paulo Victor Xavier (3 years ago)
jesson pulutan (3 years ago)
A.over selector did not work for me, somebody help me?
AANickFan (3 years ago)
+Richard Wheeler Yeah, I wondered why he pronounced it h"oh"ver.
Richard Wheeler (3 years ago)
+jesson pulutan In your question, you mis-typed hover.  (For what it's worth, the 'o' is short. It rhymes with mother, brother, and lover. http://www.merriam-webster.com/audio.php?file=hover002&word=hover&text= ).
EJ Media (3 years ago)
+jesson pulutan Hi Jesson here are the links to my code - please let me know if this helps. Also make sure your .ico file is in the same folder as the HTML and CSS code. If this does not work let me know and I can email you my entire web folder. HTML Code: http://pastebin.com/zRsaWCqK CSS Code: http://pastebin.com/KiCuLKxz

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