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CARIBBEAN CRUISE - Miami, Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti, Grand Cayman 4K

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Highlights From Celebrity Reflection Western Caribbean Cruise From Miami To Cozumel - Mexico, George Town - Grand Cayman, Falmouth - Jamaica, Labadee - Haiti. 7 Days Cruise price start from $400 with Celebrity Cruises. Recorded with Sony RX10III Camera. http://travelwithmediary.blogspot.co.uk/ Copy and use of my video is not allowed. Jacek Zarzycki.
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Text Comments (29)
Piter Tass (3 months ago)
Easiest way to intruduce the world😀
Jacqueline Desvignes (9 months ago)
Love it whoa
Linda Siwalette (10 months ago)
I just saw the boat wheb u was in miami ....wish one day ian going on that cruise....
Irina Aronets (1 year ago)
vickyb blanchard (1 year ago)
Im so behind HAVING some fun its time for me to kick it in gear and see some of this beautiful world before god calls me HOME
wayne gamble (4 months ago)
vickyb blanchard Go ! for it 👍
Heather Thompson (1 year ago)
Hi do u need a passport to go on the cruise or a passport card.
thomas Duck (1 year ago)
Your videos would have been a lot better if you'd actually talk to him so what you were looking at so people like me that want to go on a cruise with no where the f*** you're at thanks for f****** nothing
Hm Jeong (1 year ago)
That's one cruise we haven't gone yet too bad no more Huston only Ft Lauderdale longer flight from California.
Konstantinos Stavrou (1 year ago)
You cannot beat the true blue and warmth of the Greek islands though!!
Konstantinos Stavrou (1 year ago)
Hello Jacek. Great journey thank you for showing up. How much does it cost you ?? 😃
Konstantinos Stavrou (1 year ago)
Thank you. Its very affortable considering the experience!
Jacek Zarzycki (1 year ago)
About $2000 with flight from UK
Joséalse (2 years ago)
Amazing vid.Thanks for sharing,Greetings from Gijón, Spain.
thank you for sharing, Jesus loves you!
Explorer Jack (2 years ago)
Josef Dobeš (2 years ago)
jeannine courtois (2 years ago)
I love that very much thank you,,
TheTruthQuest123 (2 years ago)
People everywhere.. fuck that..
and des moines idaho
Jacek Zarzycki (2 years ago)
Only places without tourists is: Alaska, Tunisia, Egipt, Kenia , Turkey . Good Luck!
Marie Lou 3M (2 years ago)
Great, thanks for sharing!
Duke Lionheart (5 months ago)
Marie Lou 3M you're welcome. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did 😉
mahmoud Elmasry Elmasry (9 months ago)
Marie Lou 3M 😍😍😘😘
Barbara Radwanska (2 years ago)
To niezapomniana wycieczka...polecam!
Fabio Martorana (2 years ago)
Beautiful cruise. Also I have done the same itinerary
Jeff C.S (2 years ago)
Quality and content is amazing but why are there so many repeat shots?
Franklin Anderson (2 years ago)
excelente 👍
Aga Abram (2 years ago)
A w Polsce 3am a ja probuje uspic zabkujace dziecko. 😊 I marze sobie, ze moze kiedys tez sie wybiore...

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