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5 Seconds of Summer - She Looks So Perfect

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Text Comments (120753)
PunnyPiePals (2 hours ago)
Karena Anderson (5 hours ago)
I like that song. Why the naked people tho XD
I still can't believe these are the same boys singing Valentine. I loved their punk stage and really enjoy the direction they have taken with their music.
zVera28 4 (19 hours ago)
nooooooooo where is the solist
Bumblebee Cabbagepatch (14 hours ago)
zVera28 4 What?
Ivette Espino (19 hours ago)
Noer Afni Hamid (20 hours ago)
You look so perfect standing there, omaigattt calum
Nothing (21 hours ago)
It Doesn't matter what brought you here just shut up and listen to the song...😂
Goolz96 (21 hours ago)
4 years later and this is still my favourite One Direction song 👌🏻
Bumblebee Cabbagepatch (14 hours ago)
Goolz96 I hope you’re joking
Jack Gayo (1 day ago)
No matter how old is this, It's just perfect... Im streaming this
Riri 123 (1 day ago)
I hate myself for watching this. T_T
Never knew this was gonna happen
Federica Melchiorre (1 day ago)
Calum has green underwear😂😍
NicsterV (1 day ago)
November 2018?
Md Tanvir (1 day ago)
Awesome song
Joy Elizabeth (1 day ago)
0:32 You guys do realize that Luke winked at Callum, right?
Daisy Smith (2 days ago)
Stop stripping
Bumblebee Cabbagepatch (14 hours ago)
Daisy Smith Why should they?
Jakob Williams (2 days ago)
Kill me
I’m too self conscious about having my own damn face being in a picture. Imagine being in this video.... 😱😂
Jessie Sample (2 days ago)
Luke is incredibly attractive in this 😂🤭
h a n a b e e (2 days ago)
Nearly 2019 now
Amalie Vangaa (2 days ago)
Omg they are so young here :'))))) like... Luke is 17 . Arg my heart :')
britt crawford (2 days ago)
been a fan since March 2014, will still be a fan today! this song makes me want to go back to 10th grade, when I was the biggest 5SOS fan in my school (and maybe city) I ❤️ 5 seconds of summer, new and old
58.lukas (2 days ago)
Khallia Collado (2 days ago)
I used to listen to this in the summer going home from the pool.The good days😢😄
Joshlyn Mccalpin (2 days ago)
They were all so young 😭😭
Grecia Vivancorojo (2 days ago)
I be craying
Maria Feliz (2 days ago)
i thought for a sec they were one derection LOL
Felicia Guajardo (2 days ago)
I ❤️ y’all so much
G eazy (2 days ago)
Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Rose DeAngelis (2 days ago)
Is great!!!!
Aaliyah P. Maharaj (2 days ago)
I love them
The noodle 1999 (2 days ago)
rain (2 days ago)
benimle yandan gelenler?
chloe Luciaja (3 days ago)
my crush sing that song for me since2017 i miss my crush
JJwhyu (3 days ago)
i never new y they took there cloths off
Emmelie Vendrs (3 days ago)
I’m not a big fan but this song is perfect🙏🏻❤️
Nico And The Yeemo (3 days ago)
🅱️ussy 🅱️op
Im Gay (3 days ago)
drinbk (3 days ago)
i love this song so much
I love this song
Junaid 367 (3 days ago)
naked ppl wtf?
Bumblebee Cabbagepatch (14 hours ago)
Junaid 367 Don’t see any naked people
Mikee Richiro (3 days ago)
4018 and i still groan at the ending
Foofluin12 (3 days ago)
Its sad their Songs never hit a billion even though its so Awesome😭
Soft Gangsta (4 days ago)
Michael Girl (4 days ago)
6 year old me is quaking
kaylee reagan (4 days ago)
November 2018, anyone??
Beatriz Almeida (4 days ago)
Patricia Rodrigues (4 days ago)
Amo essa banda
Cesia Esquivel (4 days ago)
Ivana Davidovska (4 days ago)
I was LITERALLY waiting for Luke to take off his shirt.
Ilie Vasile (5 days ago)
Nice sound ever 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍❤❤❤💋💋
Logan Parzival (5 days ago)
2:21 Boys are so beautiful when they're sweet <3
My tall 159 cm my weight 46 kg do I look so perfect naked I have stars tattoos and piercing on my tummy
By the way no hairy body with tall hair hed wake up with me in your home
Trần Phú (5 days ago)
who is watching at 2018 ? :D
DIMAS (5 days ago)
Este video musical me gusta muchisimo excelente cancion she looks so perfect de 5 seconds of summer pelado con la ropa interior xD lol jajaja
JFK is BEAUTIFUL (5 days ago)
I miss luke’s hairstyle and his lip piercing so much
Marlene Saraiva (5 days ago)
I was just trying to find the song than I see the music vid and I was shook
YBworld (5 days ago)
Still my favorite song 😍❤️
Jake Clarkson (5 days ago)
2018 ?
Lal Dinthari (5 days ago)
It's 2018 8 Nov and I'm here #5SOSFam Also I still love them but i just miss these era too much
foreveh rose (5 days ago)
Kipper L (5 days ago)
*November 2018?*
diana garcia (4 days ago)
Kipper L (5 days ago)
Kenna Bird (5 days ago)
my little skunk
Jackson Ivan (5 days ago)
Frankie Stein (6 days ago)
These little boys are really cute.
Janiya Bazile (6 days ago)
The place where I fell in love with Luke and Calum's handsome faces.😍😍😍
mallociy1 lol (6 days ago)
People going on strike against clothes? So sexual 😒
I love you Luck
Kipper L (5 days ago)
I love Luke but close enough
Craig SwiftCat (6 days ago)
<:D Para mi Stan❤❤❤
Cooper Maio (7 days ago)
Better then 6ix9ine
CrazyCupcake69 (7 days ago)
Martin Fang (7 days ago)
dis is just weird everyone takes their clothes of and starts shaking their butts and dancing in under wear
Li love Msp (7 days ago)
November 2018?
Kipper L (5 days ago)
KLEINE YOUTUBER (7 days ago)
omgsshhh so nice xx
Queen Styles (7 days ago)
I miss the old 5sos but I'm still upsessed with new 5sos they are fucking amazing
kudasroom (7 days ago)
All the time of year again and I love you so much fun and easy to use it for me to get my nails done
My brother showed me this a couple years back and when they released young blood did I finally realize that this was the same band
Tasanee Fellwock (8 days ago)
I miss this song😭😭I’m listening to it in November 2018 anyone else
Bugs and Insects (10 minutes ago)
Tasanee Fellwock Me😭😭😭I am
Jack Gayo (1 day ago)
Brody Sbiral (1 day ago)
Roses Rising (2 days ago)
Tasanee Fellwock omg same
Vivian Aw (3 days ago)
Brittney Marie (8 days ago)
0:55 the clip of ashton.... it always gets me. i love it
kaylina weekley (8 days ago)
That wink though. CAKE MOMENT
Sophiee (8 days ago)
2018? november?😂
Kipper L (5 days ago)
Jessa Mae Mangosta (9 days ago)
November 2018 still here
Jasmine Alexander (9 days ago)
This video made no sence!why were they ripping they're clothes off?! EEWWWW!
Bumblebee Cabbagepatch (14 hours ago)
Jasmine Alexander Did..did you listen to the fucking song?
kaylina weekley (8 days ago)
you clearly don't understand how the guys are soooooo
M3nta (9 days ago)
i searched for this song for soooo long finally found it, and saw it was 5 seconds of summer... i founded peace.
Edi Sasu (9 days ago)
Kristin Angel (9 days ago)
i didn't know i could be so obsessed with a song
kaylina weekley (8 days ago)
rae (9 days ago)
i really miss the old days :(
Kristin Angel (8 days ago)
same my dude
Kim Savery (9 days ago)
this was my jam when I was 10 and it still is now and im 14
Leonie Leonie (9 days ago)
pure perfection. still.
KeiAna Thibodeaux (9 days ago)
Broooo, I haven't heard this song in like 3 years, it's crazy that I thought they were gonna be a one hit wonder, but they aren't.
Aabaran Paudel (9 days ago)
Best underwear commercial ever 😂😂 2018 November anyone?
kaylina weekley (8 days ago)
Su (9 days ago)
Luke kadir gecesinde mi doğdun bu ne tatlılık 😍
Nasty (10 days ago)
November 2018?
I'm Just Me (10 days ago)
How do the boys go from gorgeous to handsome as hell in 4 years? Where can I order that? Also, the wink at 0:33 will forever be iconic and one of my favorite parts of this video.
Estrella Lamir (10 days ago)
Anyone watching in November 2018?
nathalie nicole (10 days ago)
omg yo droppé a esta gente por los coreanos. like si alguno también lo hizo jajaj.
John Paul Cando (10 days ago)
Memories 😂
John Paul Cando (10 days ago)
2018 😍
MADDI SORENSEN (10 days ago)
I am scarred for life

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