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Neighbors 2 - Official Trailer (HD)

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Neighbors 2 - Official Trailer In theaters May 20, http://www.neighbors-movie.com Returning stars Seth Rogen, Zac Efron and Rose Byrne are joined by Chloë Grace Moretz for Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, the follow-up to 2014’s most popular original comedy. Nicholas Stoller again directs in a film that follows what happens when the will of parenthood goes against the bonds of sisterhood. Now that Mac (Rogen) and Kelly Radner (Byrne) have a second baby on the way, they are ready to make the final move into adulthood: the suburbs. But just as they thought they’d reclaimed the neighborhood and were safe to sell, they learn that the new occupants next door are a sorority even more out of control than Teddy (Efron) and his brothers ever dreamed of being. Tired of their school’s sexist, restrictive system, the unorthodox ladies of Kappa Nu have decided to start a house where they can do whatever the hell they want. When Shelby (Moretz) and her sisters, Beth (Kiersey Clemons) and Nora (Beanie Feldstein), find the perfect place just off campus, they won’t let the fact that it’s located on a quiet street stand in their way of parties as epic as the guys throw. Forced to turn to the one ex-neighbor with the skills to bring down the new Greeks next door, the Radners—alongside best friends Jimmy (Ike Barinholtz) and Paula (Carla Gallo)—bring in charismatic Teddy as their secret weapon. If he can infiltrate the sorority and charm his way through it, the thirtysomethings will shutter the Kappas’ home. But if they think that their neighbors are going down without a fight, they have severely underestimated the power of youthful ingenuity and straight-up crazy.
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Text Comments (7971)
Queen of the Memes (22 days ago)
People love clowns... sure
Waqar Saleem (26 days ago)
you think the TITY is silent???
Hamid Razmy (26 days ago)
Omfg Kyla (1 month ago)
If anyone knows where I can watch this for free help It’s a project for school
Gabby Engle (1 month ago)
Maybe u can surprise her on her birthday her birthday is on April 3
Gabby Engle (1 month ago)
She my friend
Gabby Engle (1 month ago)
Maddie thinks that u are cute she used be in love with you
Vivek Vairagade (1 month ago)
whats the song name used in this movie trailer?
Mohammad Harib (2 months ago)
Me and my friend Humza hate this movie
Tito Windborg (2 months ago)
I'm so pissed that they deleted virtually every single scene that we was looking foward to see.. the movie would be a thousand times better with it in.
star bilt (3 months ago)
cuz guy's r idiot's lol
Amaar (3 months ago)
AH ahhh (3 months ago)
Tbh this movie makes no sense to me. Also the girls are just acting retarted and unreasonable. And I'm a girl.
Mat Broadcast (3 months ago)
Why don’t they just cut the same water pipe they did in the first movie and the girls wouldn’t be able to pay it back because they can’t sell dildos and since their STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMEN they wouldn’t stoop down the striping or prostitution so boom their out
Niko P (3 months ago)
hollywood is getting creepier by the month. good comedies, gone, good thrillers gone, good horrors gone. everything is overdone like an old drag's face. what a shithole cgi thing you've become hollywood. the pioneers would be puking all over the hollywood sign if they saw the shit you create today. but i understand, americans have been growing stupider by the minute so you have to oblige. what a shame.
Jessy Araiza (3 months ago)
Make Neighbors 3
Marcelo Frisco (4 months ago)
Feminazi propaganda worst moovie evere
Jordan Davis (4 months ago)
Damn old people’s phone
The one who knocks (4 months ago)
more bikini hot girls more selling in box office
Stéphane Constant (4 months ago)
since i started to use boxxy software and discovered the adult content... girls in bikini in movies are not so interesting for myself
Young Rule (4 months ago)
its Worst film I See Year (2017)
Isabella Claire Feldman (5 months ago)
Whats the song
Evan Stone (5 months ago)
1:00 🤣🤣
John Ambriz (6 months ago)
I’m so glad zac made his amazing return
SELENATOR (6 months ago)
selena and chloe !!!!
StevÈ OhhYA! (6 months ago)
OHHHH.....wow GOOD JOB netflix!!....for having Bad neighbors 2 on there now.....let me just go online and and enjoy 1 there then come back and watch 2*Rolls eyes and appluads*
Shahra Zed (6 months ago)
is it true that sororities can't throw parties ? and why ?
Joey Jojo (6 months ago)
The sorority girls are bad actors, they just never sell the characters at all and their sorority is kinda lame. But I bet now girls are gonna say I'm being sexist but this one is fucking lame because of the girls' bad acting
Arthur Watts (6 months ago)
Rose Byrne is worth so much more. When was the last time you saw Dame Judi Dench in a fratcom ? Never.
Santiago Velasco (6 months ago)
why do they have to include all that feminist stuff?
zjuchi (7 months ago)
this wack
Neighbors 3???
Real Madrid (8 months ago)
nothing special
FBI Wi (8 months ago)
Zaki Dayev (8 months ago)
Zac efron,gmoretz,seth rogen,selena gomez,cameron dallas. Shiittt this movie got it
Viktorija (9 months ago)
I watching for Zac
Marca HD (9 months ago)
please ! encourage us to get 100000 Subscription https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpvCqklHhjvN_hrPmzjnQ9Q?view_as=subscriber
Mia Fournier (9 months ago)
Cool tes video
Mia Fournier (9 months ago)
ASMR moneystaxxx (10 months ago)
This is a sexist feminism racist byasst man hater vindictive non passive group........
John Jeffers (10 months ago)
She literally touch the cord on that phone she had to know the phone wasn cordless lol
John Doe (10 months ago)
Low brow trash for low IQ people.
jshar74823 (10 months ago)
first movie had some laughs, this was one of the worst movies I've ever seen
Akash Sanil (10 months ago)
Tell the director this movie was soo lit and make 3rd part of this movie where zac will find his jod and his love♥️Overall this movie was soooooooooo goooood 👏👏☺️😊😀😁😂
Recluse Reginald (10 months ago)
I’m on painkillers... uh, bitch?
mike the noob (11 months ago)
Best comedys neighbors 1 and 2 also grown ups and pixels
Gina Joseph (11 months ago)
U think the titi is silent?
Omar Abdmouleh (11 months ago)
Worst movie ever seen
Arel Zmpa (11 months ago)
Chloe and Selana😘😘😍
hobi water (1 year ago)
Just finished watching this movie. I feel like watching the first one again just to forget about this shit lol
Coo (1 year ago)
1:04 lmao
Aurøre Franquart (1 year ago)
The first movie was awesome and hilarious, but this? This one sucked. And I seriously can't stand chloe moretz
Fernando Bernal Diaz (1 year ago)
Revit Iligo (1 year ago)
I hope one day I'm powerful enough to be able to ban these films. This was honestly one of the worst films ever made. No chemistry between characters, such weak writing, loose story line, really really bad. Individually, these actors have made decent films, but, oh lord... This was awful.
coldogno7 (1 year ago)
the trailer gave me boner
Selena Gomez!
dhunge dada (1 year ago)
was she selena gomez
Lil Kosta (1 year ago)
So much ass in the first 30 seconds.
JJBLadybug27 (1 year ago)
Airbags was more powerful than Jonah Hill's Toss (This is The End).
Gidigsond Gidigsond (1 year ago)
La cagaron con cloe moretz y la playback de selena gomez :v
Brian Anderson (1 year ago)
awful fucking movie , way to political
Diana Fernandes (1 year ago)
hate the bigger girl, not bc she's big it's just that's so fucking stupid and the biggest idiot it's disgusting how they portray girls here like yeah I love the idea, stop the sexism, and have a female sorority but don't showcase women as idiots and stupid like chloe and the other girl is like shit & chloe is getting annoying only like this bc of Selena
Mr. Cawd (1 year ago)
Another movie sequel destroyed by feminism. Such a shit movie.
Kevin Klima (1 year ago)
I'm on pain killers bitch 😭😭
Late Night Fire (1 year ago)
1:57 the scene where those guys ran over the car in the tank. that wasnt in the final movie.. apparently alot of stuff wasnt
bot busik (1 year ago)
song 1:56 ??
cie per (1 year ago)
Azmen (1 year ago)
Reason why I watched this: 0:55
Jude Harry (1 year ago)
Zac Efron is so effing good
Ash (1 year ago)
My sister is in this trailer at 1:19 ❤️
Mason French (1 year ago)
Basically this is what happens when feminists get a sorority (can't believe I spelled that right the first time)
dirty9er415 (1 year ago)
this movie was TERRIBLE
Aliejha Cullick (1 year ago)
Wait, Selena Gomez is in here WAH!!???
Sabrina Klutts (1 year ago)
I love you. sex
;Semi Collin; (1 year ago)
1:18 I just love the marching band at the tailgate
Nazri Buang (1 year ago)
I heard that Zac Efron ran across the streets barefooted yelling these words "I want my mommy".
Say Lean (1 year ago)
It was actually really good. And the fact that dudes comment on this video to complain about feminism makes it even better.
joe momma (1 year ago)
People just want to watch a comedy movie without all of these subversive feminist messages randomly and awkwardly scattered throughout he whole movie. It doesn't even fit the dialogue or the flow of the movie, they just awkwardly throw in a generic feminist message to try to be subversive. It's sickening. They have to throw politics in everything these days. It can't just be a fun comedy movie, they always have to try to brainwash people through subversive messages.
Mizuki Hattori (1 year ago)
If I'm the girls' neighbour, I will purge the hell out of them when NFFA gets elected.
Live Till I Die (1 year ago)
TheSRBgamer63 (1 year ago)
This is so fucking pathetic ,on american way ...pretty girls with 0.1 gram of brain.
Canned Pizza (1 year ago)
this movie had potential to be better if it didn't have feminist influence
Babu Amang (1 year ago)
Ally123214 (1 year ago)
Neighbors was better
Tanner Houston (1 year ago)
I personally enjoyed this movie much more than the first one.
Remczakow (1 year ago)
1:16 name song ?
Sami (1 year ago)
I stopped watching it 30min into it. I like the first one, but the second isn't that good at all. If you enjoy smoking watch it, if not then don't bother. Ted 2 is just pathetic. The only movie that's as good as the first is Now You See Me 2. I loved both the first and second part of the movie.
funny guy (1 year ago)
part 1 was savage
Dj BassPower (1 year ago)
1:20 name song ?
Mexican Giraffe (1 year ago)
i can guarantee if feminism keeps on for the next 100 years, men will be 100 times inferior to women. That must be so exciting!!
ColaEstrella (2 years ago)
lawchick me (2 years ago)
Hated the movie. The first one was much better.
KingJustice98 (2 years ago)
where was the airbag in the couch scene? Where was the cop tank scene? I think I must have saw a different movie.
jshar74823 (2 years ago)
there are bad sequels, god awful sequels, and then this total Horsesh!t-the first one was actually pretty funny, but this one was just beyond horsesh!t
C Bronson (2 years ago)
Out of all the people who found this movie funny, I'm sure 99% were feminists.
IndexChaos (2 years ago)
Fucking feminism, SJW's and retards are all over this fucking movie. Just don't pay for it, you will waste your money on garbage. Download it instead, punish the creators.
IndexChaos (2 years ago)
I can see that the directors head is all the way up the SJW's ass. FUCK OFF with this bullshit. I can clearly see what you are doing, girls are boys, boys are girls, include fat and a black woman in the movie. JUST FUCK OFF, am glad that I pirated this shitty movie. And am gonna seed the shit out of it. Keep away from politics cause it will destroy your fucking life.
woj 2115 (2 years ago)
1:15 music ?pls
Mike Paul (2 years ago)
So it's basically a remake of the first movie but with girls.
The CrazyPug (2 years ago)
1:01 I can't stop laughing!!!!
HeavyLikesSandwich (2 years ago)
this movie would have been good if they didn't push feminist agenda the entire freaking movie, they were really trying hard and desperately to push it down the audiences throats. 2/10.

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