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#1 Auditing Routers and Switches with Nipper

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In this episode we take a look at an extremely useful tool for examining router and switch configuration files in addition to identifying various audit questions and potential findings while walking through the administrator's process. Show notes for this episode are posted on the http://audit.sans.org/blog site. Show Notes have been posted: http://it-audit.sans.org/blog/2011/06/07/auditing-routers-switches-with-nipper-show-notes
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Syed Ifthekhar Ahmed (3 years ago)
Thanks! David you are good at Demonstrating and explaining ! thanks for your valuable information , I would like you to upload some more video regarding hardening and auditing .  Thanks in advance .
Dolwin Fernandes (5 years ago)
Thanks! Awesome demo
"show run all" not "show run"... I am sorry to say that the Output generated by automated audit/security utilties, especially if they use "unknown" rulesets and in the hands of non-technical-personal, are more than useless, they are a danger. They can not replace config audits or template audits done by professionals.
Maqanq (6 years ago)
I was looking like crazy for a good illustration. Great Job buddy.

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