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6 ways mushrooms can save the world | Paul Stamets

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http://www.ted.com Mycologist Paul Stamets studies the mycelium -- and lists 6 ways that this astonishing fungus can help save the world. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, development and the arts. Closed captions and translated subtitles in a variety of languages are now available on TED.com, at http://www.ted.com/translate. Follow us on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/tednews Checkout our Facebook page for TED exclusives https://www.facebook.com/TED
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Text Comments (1864)
Gabriel Johnson (8 hours ago)
Awesome world changing information!
Ess!e Beast (23 hours ago)
Mark Reid (2 days ago)
Alan from the hangover
Duh, we are in a symbiotic relationship with all nature, hasn’t anybody listened to Terence McKenna?
Tonraq Korr (3 days ago)
Mushroom wizard. This needs more exposure
KenDBerryMD (4 days ago)
Very interesting vid
CP Imagined (5 days ago)
It's either going to go one of two ways...we work with fungi and succeed to harmonise our existence with Earth or we ignore what could be a brilliant symbiotic relationship and continue to warm the climate which will in turn lead to pathogenic fungi adapting to rising temperatures and kill us all. I fear we are already on the back foot.
Giselle Pappagallo (6 days ago)
The power of mushrooms
Sacklzement (6 days ago)
Darf ich das Video auf meinem Kanal zur Weiterverbreitung hochladen? Mit Angabe der Quelle.
nolaheart (6 days ago)
This guy needs to hook up with Elon Musk asap
Justin Harrod (9 days ago)
What a fool . Fungi are toxic . They're the reasons humans haven't evolved .
Djehuti Ausar Ra (10 days ago)
Damn has the CIA killed this man yet??? Hopefully not!!
D Dee (11 days ago)
Mushrooms have produced Mankind and saved Mankind from Bacteria once. Now they will save Mankind one more time. This time from Mankind itself.
Tom Norton-Platford (11 days ago)
Woah why isn’t this a full on thing around the world
Tagheuer Woods (11 days ago)
This guy just made me want to start studying fungi ( not at a faculty though but all by myself ). I was already introduced to fungi but with very little knowledge which related to the action of psilocybin on the brain, not only now I want to study it but the next time I will trip, I will see the mushrooms with a completely different and respectful eye !
Ismael Kimou (12 days ago)
*Monsanto Dupont have entered the chat*
D H Pater (14 days ago)
StillMotionView Truth (15 days ago)
I like to think that everyone watching this is my friend
Aiya Knight (16 days ago)
It’s a shame it’s almost 11 years later and you still hear nothing about this.
Ezekiel Tolentino (18 days ago)
From a guy who stuttered when he was a kid to doing a TED talk, damn.
Rustic to Immersive (21 days ago)
This guy did not get enough attention or support.
We would be voted off FOR SURE. Mushrooms and Hemp can save humanity from a greed induced death
LoveAndPeaceOccurs (24 days ago)
Wow! Thank You Paul Stamets ... very important information. Natural pesticides! Save the old growth forest! Even fuel! Go Fungus! I will have to search to find out what you are up to now, 10 years later. Thank You. Love & Peace to All
Joaquin Robledo (25 days ago)
Those who disliked want the earth to end
Esteban Smit (26 days ago)
Interesting but when someone says the earth... millions and millions years ago, etc etc, then I know that person is a baboon😂🤣😂🤣
Marco D (27 days ago)
Haha Save The Planet is brought you by: bmw. How ironic
McClain Moredock (1 month ago)
Mercersburg grad.
UFOs not Religion (1 month ago)
Start with going vegan, Paul.
Sean Hungerford (1 month ago)
240p we meet again
Oliver Oppong-Akuoko (1 month ago)
Why aren’t guys like this running the country??
johnney walker (1 month ago)
me >> watch Joe all the time , order lions name already ..
Racquel Jones (1 month ago)
Does anyone know of a dumb down resource the describes exactly what he was saying? I understood the end results of what he was talking about, but honestly to my unsophisticated mind I wasn't able to really understand what he was talking about. I would like to know a way that I could explain this to someone else.
Matt (1 month ago)
So...this cordyceps fungi is being weaponized against ants/insects. What happens when some mad scientist figures out how to get it to take host in a human brain?
STUART BRODIE (1 month ago)
TARGETED INDIVIDUALS- the missing link... A GMO form of Candida , artificial invasive fungal infection. https://youtu.be/DPQO-4I7eKE https://youtu.be/DPQO-4I7eKE Fake mycelium production, hence the suppression and interference of mycology research. Also, would explain all the unnecessary continual attacks of massive disinformation propaganda against Psilocybin... psycilociban... (Spelled twice once incorrect on purpose so pattern recognition systems have less room for mistakenly flagging) Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious :-)
skateebee (1 month ago)
Blown away...
dallas72198 (1 month ago)
here from Micheal Pollan's book How to Change Your Mind! absolutely incredible!
GEZZA1 (1 month ago)
Dr. Jeff Kapp (1 month ago)
Your premise is bullshit, Paul. The planet is thriving.
Kiyarose3999 (1 month ago)
I didn’t get the part where Ethanol could be obtained from the Fungi!.
S JZ (1 month ago)
ANY carbohydrate can be fermented to alcohol. Doesn't matter the source of the carb. Its the simplest chemical reaction. What don't you "get"?
Jaymes elliot (1 month ago)
This will take money away from companies already embedded in modern culture. Things are capable of changing quickly--but they don't. I believe its because we live in a society that waits for things to go horribly wrong before anyone decides to start doing anything about it, eg we live in a system that treats things symptomatically, opposed to one of a preventative nature. Instead of trying to prevent sickness and catastrophe we wait for it to be knocking at our door, then we hastily try to find the best band-aid to slap on it so the problem goes away as fast as possible. This generates a lot of revenue, people who panic are very likely to view money as no option when their livelihoods (or lives) are at stake. The opposite of this is a preventative system that tries to understand the big picture instead of simply trying to generate more revenue--lets face it, capitalism is the best system for freedom and peace, but it doesn't do very well for the environment or mental health. New ideologies are badly needed, especially at the top, because they are the ones who have the most power to change things. I'm not just talking about the wealthiest 1%, I'm talking all business owners. People tend to be single-minded when engrossed in their work--all they see is their world, they aren't often aware of what harm their company is doing, and when they are made aware of it, they just want it to go away so they can go back to managing their enterprise--there is a repeating cycle here that needs to be broken.
Christopher Pett (1 month ago)
Yes save the old growth forest and make paths for all wildlife into all parks across the land
Christopher Pett (1 month ago)
OriginofSpeciesII: C60 fullerene is the living matrix of our universe of galaxies, attracting matter with cohesive forces to withstand the expansion caused by exploding stars. C60 is the originator of life from a dying star and with its arrival on planet Earth, it is consumed by microorganisms to recombine DNA after mass extinctions. Fungi follow the pattern of the C60 fullerene matrix.
introprospector (1 month ago)
STFU Stametes! You miscategorized the pearl and elm oyster mushrooms and I will never forgive you for it!1!
Hannah Bell (1 month ago)
This man is absolutely genius.
Phoenix Raney (1 month ago)
So, the Navigator is actually based on a person? Neat.
Sojourn Soul (1 month ago)
So disruptive the money funders won't let it get to stores... I hope this guy is still going strong.
3RAN7ON (1 month ago)
Look up the 'Stoned Ape' theory to explain the sudden rise in early-human consciousness
Mik3 (2 months ago)
Mushrooms are truly amazing, the more I learn the more it blows my mind, they seem to be in sync with the Universe and people who take the magic variety will attest to this
Agent Schmitz (2 months ago)
Asteroids and Macro-Evolution is nonsense. Thumbs down =(
Agent Schmitz (2 months ago)
The earth is NOT a spinning ball, but flat and motionless. Please watch "200 proofs earth is not a spinning ball"
I T (1 month ago)
There is no here and there. No seperate object. No individual. Nothing is as it appears to the conditioned mind. Time and space are illusory. Flat earthers notice that there is a conflict between their conditioning and raw experience but they are unaware still.
dj Guttah (2 months ago)
A mushroom can break through asphalt. wow
mike robinson (2 months ago)
240.......better resolution...maybe we need a revolution...the Earth is flat...maybe you know this now as this video was published 10 years ago....Peace .
Michiel Zoelman (2 months ago)
How is not banned by Ted lol, way too much truth.
i, Paroxysmus (2 months ago)
Stamets is stoked
niksaysstfu (2 months ago)
Hunting mushrooms is ama
christinearmington (2 months ago)
Damn Skippy!
Michael Walling (2 months ago)
I too have made a great discovery: You tube videos can be SLOWED DOWN as well as speeded up. He sounds a little tired at 0.75 but I can digest more. This stuff is inspiring  and fills me with hope.
Zenobio Oibonez (2 months ago)
Great speaker by the way. Imagine mushrooms plus a.i chipsets. They can grow networks through the circuits. That fuel is brilliant also.
Zenobio Oibonez (2 months ago)
TRUTH BE KNOWN. WE ARE MUSHROOMS. MUSHROOMS ARE US. -The final days of humanity birth from the ashes of the failed... forever living in peace with the planet for all eternity.
matt p (2 months ago)
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matt p (2 months ago)
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matt p (2 months ago)
A maddening enigma called a singularity -- a region of infinite density -- lies at the heart of each black hole, according to general relativity, the modern theory of gravity. The infinite nature of singularities means that space and time as we know them cease to exist there
matt p (2 months ago)
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matt p (2 months ago)
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matt p (2 months ago)
The Cosmic Spore Infusion. A seemingly unexecutable fungal base spore that transmutates into the modern day DNA chain of carbon based life forms. Shine vright lije a diamond ladies and gents.
Dwayne Reuter (2 months ago)
Reluctant Enthusiast (2 months ago)
No patents should be awarded for lifeforms.
Wavy Handles (2 months ago)
This is what happens when you take too much LSD kids you act like this guy 😂😭😭
I T (1 month ago)
Yet, you are deeply sick.
tomb613 (2 months ago)
What a great talk.
SpARk AveNeW (2 months ago)
Would love to see this action/help done in SOUTH & NORTH DAKOTA ON THE RESERVATIONS & AROUND!!!!
Tom Verköuter (2 months ago)
I really like Paul Stamets, he seems like a FunGuy...
David Halewood (2 months ago)
this man. this man !
Jean-Pierre De Vent (2 months ago)
Why are giant mycelium networks (like in forests) that look like a neural network or even brain not showing signs of intelligence? The communication between the cells is perhaps too slow because of the distances and so they could be slow thinkers?
colin devine (2 months ago)
Brett B (2 months ago)
Very cool; I have his book also - but where is it? This is ten years old (at least)
Brett B (2 months ago)
Can I put it to you that the brilliant ideas of thousands of scientists, engineers and technicians have been diverted by climate alarm? The focus on conservation and diversity has been shifted to schemes like cap-and-trade that pay billionaires carbon credits for their estates, farms, orchards and timberland.
Sarah VeganGarden (2 months ago)
Why does this man not have a Nobel Prize? He surely deserves one!
Matthew (2 months ago)
Awh it ended in a sales pitch
abrahm sta.maria (2 months ago)
Great work.
Thibaut Angevin (2 months ago)
Wow... speechless
Joe Betro (2 months ago)
Mushrooms are amaaaaazing! Thank you Paul and your wife for the revolutionary work!
B Gerdes (2 months ago)
Ten years later and this is the first I've heard of this. A bit disappointing.
THEDRAGONBOOSTER8 (2 months ago)
Hi I am from Tasmania ,we have some weird mushies grow here .I have one that grows like a brain and grows about a hand and a half in size in aprox 6 hours, then collapses.. I have a friend that been treated for Brain tumor cancer and was treated with High doses of radiation and burnt his eyes and his skin only to find out that it had some kind of fungus growing in his brain and lung ,that he got from another country ..He is still alive .to tell his story would be amazing ..Doctors have done papers on him ..He has bags and bags ,like 100 of cocktails that his doctors had given him of antibiotics that didn't do a thing,hanging off his caravan..
Wide Awake (2 months ago)
Mushroom Master
Is anything happening from his research are governments useing it or what
scotty8254 (3 months ago)
Liked before watching! Paul Stamets is a real life superman. I would be honored to meet him one day!
Michael Holt (3 months ago)
Where can i get the box?
Devin Jump (3 months ago)
10 years ago and still there’s a Monsanto...
levis76 (3 months ago)
Ten years ago, and none of these ideas have been brought to the mainstream. Nope, more chemicals and more fossil fuels, more genitically modified goods, yum. Please pass the mashed potato product.
Brad Chapman (3 months ago)
HP Lovecraft was right. Poets know what fungi sprout in Yuggoth.
forkliftwizard (3 months ago)
That's amazing.
vitalino1981 (3 months ago)
I wouldn't recommend fight termites with mushrooms, coz the spores can be much more harming to human then termites themselves
William DeCoster (3 months ago)
Sounds desperate, but I think we are doomed without major population control, even with the help of fungi.
darmok1134 (3 months ago)
Were fungi the first life forms? Very interesting to think about. They live everywhere; the water, fresh and salt and on land. I live at 9,000 ft in Colorado and a black fungus lives in the snow during winter.
David Crawford (3 months ago)
How many tons of mushrooms to make a gallon of econal? Where to grow them? Cost of processing? Effects on the surrounding ecosystems? No studies no stats? Scientists love funding that usually leads to no functional/usable results. Newsflash: Fungus feeds and grows. Nothingburger. IMO!
John Ransom (3 months ago)
One of the best I've seen
Joseph Renaud (4 months ago)
Wow! Awesome thanks!!!!
Tabetha Smith (4 months ago)
WOW hard to believe mushrooms cured his stuttering Love his interview with Joe Rogan!!! Someone should paint his healing story of stuttering on mushrooms. It is amazing!!! although the theory of we all evolved from mushrooms is a bit freaky lol maybe eat a few too many and running from a creator? Watch skip to 35:00 on this video for full story it is amazing= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPqWstVnRjQ
Melvin Koopmans (4 months ago)
Scott Sutton (4 months ago)
By the way everyone I love the field of magnetics and physics there’s huge breakthrough technology that’s worth looking into !! It uses six magnets paired together to create poss, charged water. This charged water results in huge plant growth & healthier plants. Fish raised in this water grow faster and larger more quickly. It still relatively new technology but incredibly promising .... cheers all
HingleMcCringleBerry26 (4 months ago)
Michael Pollan brought me here

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