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VITER ENERGY MINTS Mail Call & Free Product Testing #goviter

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Thanks so much to Viter Energy for the free product! Go check them out at www.goviter.com I said I'd give more info and here it is: These mints did indeed give me a burst of energy! I was good to go hahaha. I definitely recommend these to people that take long driving road trips or those just needing that extra perk in the morning. The mints are tasty,too :) Thanks for checking out this video.Comments/Likes/Shares/Subscribes are always appreciated.Stay tuned for nonstop skill crane claw machine grabber game wins along with lots of other cool stuff.If you love the claw,be sure to check out my channel playlists where you can watch me win literally tons of prizes in my clawing and arcade gaming experiences.Have a great Youtube day & good luck in the gaming world. *This video is dedicated to my mother & my father & to you* Come check me out on these networks too: Facebook @ Theaaronfreeze On Youtube Instagram @aaronfreeze Musical.ly @aarone.freeze Twitter @FreezeAaron #goviter
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Gábor Andrejszki (4 months ago)
Nice video my friend! 👌🙂
Enderlink (4 months ago)
Also forgot to ask if you have gotten any fan mail before this?
TheAaronFreeze (4 months ago)
Enderlink yes I have received some in the past years but it's been a long time. I have a couple of YT friends that I exchange packages with now and then as well
Enderlink (4 months ago)
Nice vid! I’d like to try those mints now lol. Also if someone were to send you fanmail then what would you want them to send?
TheAaronFreeze (4 months ago)
Thanks! Anything but plush LOL. J/K... anything they would like to send means a lot to me. I appreciate any kind of mail. It brightens my day.

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