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INTENSE ab workout (FLAT tummy in 1 WEEK!)

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INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/gabriellawhited/?hl=en Workout Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WXj161ztvw&list=PLSZlxO0pPPs0gpziwaoXtGAOcckjEc9GX Hey guys! I put together a really great workout for your abs! IT will FOR SURE get you TONED! COMMENT IF you liked this video and what workout videos you want next! :)
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Eva Martin (21 hours ago)
Just about to try this wish me luck
I Will start this on monday.. It wont work for me lol
Leah Muzzy (3 days ago)
my parents prob think im having sex from all the noise im making HAHAH
Aehrtsy Always (4 days ago)
I honestly did this for three days and I saw difference 1- the first day I did this and I was dying but I kept fighting 2- the second day I got stomach fat increasing. 3- the third day I looked in the mirror and half of my stomach was gone Gonna come back and tell u how I did! In a week or 2!
Isabel Engelbrecht (4 days ago)
hi! do you do it once a day?
b. baddie (5 days ago)
It’s legit 3:06 rn and I just did my workout like am I the only one that does it at around this time, lmao it’s the only time I feel like working out
Andrea ??? (5 days ago)
Anyone else recognize these workouts from xhit?
Gabby b093 (5 days ago)
I did this workout while watching the video and I feel my abs tighter! Lol
Nathalie Harris (5 days ago)
Can someone keep track with me? I'm starting today
JEM (6 days ago)
im at the spider crunches and i feel like a headache has just begun lmao kill me I GOTTA DO THIS SHIT THOOOO AAA 🦁
jumptothemoon101 (7 days ago)
I am going to start this today... this is an old video but i need these abs and need to become for fit and feel better about myself. i always want to hide myself. I am starting this with a lower belly pooch that is gross and makes me so uncomfortable. I will be doing this day by day with me for a week and if it works i will more... Day:1- i did it and did minimal stops to move the computer. My core is very tight there is just fat sitting over it (can someone help lmao) i think i need to do a HIITS work out with this to help but i think this is effective.
Sara Al Sada (7 days ago)
1like=1crunch i need motivation:)
Sienna Day (8 days ago)
Me watching gabble struggle for 10 mins
Melly Martinez (9 days ago)
I love doing this before bed helps doo much cause then im not hungry im just tired.
i thought my abdomen was gonna explode omg
Alexis Dominique (11 days ago)
Your yelling and positive energy is everything....once I hear YOU WANT ABS!! I was like YEA GIRL!!!!! ❤️ this video!
Dominika Zasada (11 days ago)
1 like= 1 crunch
Ismaya Paris (11 days ago)
everything is perfect exept the full sit up wich is not good for your women's body
kidrauhled (11 days ago)
how many calories would this lose?
Stefig (9 days ago)
I'm trying this one whole week. I'll update my results Day 1: I'm already so sore haha. I had like a 30 seconds break halfway, but I kept on going. There aren't any changes ofc, but I can feel it burn. For my diet, I only drink water. I don't follow any specific diet, just keeping the junk out of the way lol Day 2: I stopped half way bc I was about to throw up. Maybe because I did intense cardio before it, but I wasn't going strong that day. Day 3: I feel so strong for doing this workout. I'm also doing the hourglass workout together with this. Have not seen any changes. It dissapoints me but I'll have to be strong (: Day 4: Those sideplanks get me everytime. Also, am I the only one who's not really sweating while doing this? About my progress, my mom walked up to me today to tell me she felt like my waist have shrunk. Then I made some pictures and checked with my before pictures and she was right! This gives me so much motivation to continue on doing this. Who knows, maybe I'm doing an extra week (:
Alma (12 days ago)
sherrie mackey (12 days ago)
Hannah Myeong (14 days ago)
How long did it take to get a flat stomach for you?
Lamia (8 days ago)
Alright gals! I'm gonna do this + 200 crunches a day + Brazilian butt lift workout for a week and update you everyday ! It's not gonna be easy cause I caught a cold and all I wanna do is sleep all day BUT I have an event in exactly a week and I bought myself a dress and I really want to look thin in it so... It's one of my main goals. I've been eating healthy for about 3 weeks as well as working out and my belly got flatter but it's still not enough to me ! That's why I'm doing this intense workout now, as I got used to work out regularly. Wish me luck 💪😜 💪Day 1: I'm feeling fine honestly ! It was not too hard but not too easy either! Maybe I should try to go faster because I felt like I was going too slowly. 💪Day 2: I went faster on the oblique exercice ! DAMN the spiderman crunch and the side plank reach are killing me 😭 probably because my arms are not very strong. Also did reverse crunches instead of crunches. 💪Day 3: I FEEL THE BURNNNN and I'm sweating but if feels good. My tummy got flatter and now I can almost see the line between my abs !! When it gets hard and I'm telling myself "i'm not gonna make it :(" I hear her screaming "KEEP GOING" and it I manage to make it !!! I'm also adding lower abs and underbutts isolation exercices instead of the 200 crunches ! 💪Day 4: rest 💪Day 5: same as Day 3, I sweat so hard omg 💪Day 6: I felt like it was easier today ! My abs are much more toned it feels so good 😍 💪Day 7: my abs feel more toned but my stomach doesn't seem much flatter compared to day 1 😣Day 8: I'm on my periods so today is rest
Cali Legge (15 days ago)
This works so good I’ve been doing this one for 2 days and I’m already starting to see results🙂
El Kola (16 days ago)
I just want abs so I can protect my short friend 😂
danie 28 (17 days ago)
I believe in myself that I can do this I can lose my weight I am starting today who wants to do this with me😊☺!
Samprity Singha (17 days ago)
Uhm ...400 crunches ???????
Ari Winter (18 days ago)
I’m going to do an update! If I forgot please remind me! Day 1: I did the work out along with 2 other ones Day 2: my stomach is already flatter and I can see a line! About to do most of her ab workouts and a love handle one
hicdarl (18 days ago)
so.. i’ve been doing her other flat tummy workouts for a month now and my tummy is flatter but i was still not pleased so i decided to start doing this workout too (so i’ve done the old workouts+this workout) and i got results so fast and i am very happy :)) ~i don’t think anyone will read this...~
Yuki Sha (14 days ago)
hicdarl I read it. :))
Naomi (19 days ago)
I can not get the fuck up
PeyProductions (19 days ago)
I'm trying this!! I'll update you guys every day! I'm also trying the flat tummy workout and I'm updating on there as well. Starting the week now: Day 1- this was easy so idk if I'm doing the workout wrong or not. I'm going to try to do the flat tummy workout because I've tried it before and that one was really hard for me. Day 2- ... Day 3- ... Day 4- ... Day 5- ... Day 6- ... Day 7- ...
헤로안녕하세요 (20 days ago)
Idk y but my thighs hurt
Hawkstar (4 days ago)
I’m going to be doing this along with another one of her ab workouts every day. I’ll start tomorrow when I go to the gym! Please comment to remind me and keep me motivated! 💞 Day 1(January 28th, 2019): Wheww I’ve done one of her workouts before for a week but I haven’t done it for a bit so doing two was rough, glad I did it though! Didn’t make it to the gym but I still got these in. I had to take a ton of small breaks haha.(I’m doing this one and the abs and flat belly workout) Day 2:(January 29th, 2019): aa I’m sorry y’all I couldn’t bring myself to do it today because it’s fre ezing hh Day 3(January 30th, 2019): aa I’m still sore but I pushed through! I had to rest a lot and pause a lot though haha. Day 4(January 31st, 2019): I’m sick today but I still did it! I’m not sure if it’s necessarily getting easier haha, tons of burn. My stomach feels a bit firmer. Day 5(February 1st, 2019): hh still sick(mostly throat stuff) but I got it done! I had to skip most of the side planks because those really hurt my arm for some reason. Stomach feels a tiny bit firmer, not sure if it’s slimmed down at all yet. Day 6(February 2nd, 2019): Rest day. Day 7(February 3rd, 2019): People over for the super bowl so I couldn’t do it. Day 8(February 4th, 2019): Really sick and weak today, so I couldn’t do it. Day 9(February 5th, 2019): Got it done today! I did have to skip the side planks though. Day 10(February 6th, 2019): Really sick today and couldn’t do it, got medicine though to get rid of it! Day 11(February 7th, 2019): I’m gonna be real here, I didn’t want to do it ksjsk Day 12(February 8th, 2019): Did it finally! Skipped the planks again hh, I know probably the reason I haven’t been seeing much results is because I haven’t been doing this consistently, but I will try really hard to do this everyday from here!! Day 13(February 9th, 2019): hh the burnnn man! I also still can’t do the side planks :”) Day 14(February 10th, 2019): I can do the side planks for like ten seconds lmao. They really hurt my arm for some reason. Day 15(February 11, 2019): I came reeaally close to not doing it today but I pushed through! Day 16(February 12, 2019): I had a stabbing pain in my stomach so I wasn’t about to do an ab workout lmao. Day 17(February 13, 2019): Feeling the burn! Still can’t do the side planks haha.
Karla Q (21 days ago)
I’m naturally skinny but I have really stubborn lower belly fat and your workouts help it but I want to completely get rid of it
Levi Ackerman (22 days ago)
Jazzy G (23 days ago)
I literally died 😩
Manga Peleti-Tavete (23 days ago)
Guys I tried this for 2 weeks and sissss I can see results already the top of my abs were very easy to get and soon after the mid of my abs developed but boi was the bottom abs hard to achieve. The key is to do it daily!! like all of it. don't skip one sec just do it! Diet comes along way too. Diet doesn't mean restricting yourself from meals its just simply eating healthier and with more caution. Good luck to my fellow people out there trying hope y'all achieve that 6 pack abs you've always wanted.
Poptart Nightcore (24 days ago)
*Who wants an update?*
crazycrackhead (23 days ago)
Poptart Nightcore me
no name (24 days ago)
Sexy feet!
Alice xxx (24 days ago)
Im going to do this 2x a day for 2 weeks and see where it gets me i will keep u lot updated and wont miss any days except rest days 👏🏻
jasmi201303 (24 days ago)
Ok who wants to do it with me for a week? Give instagram name :)
jasmi201303 (24 days ago)
Will that works if i will eat my pizza after this ? 😐help
Heidi Flores (25 days ago)
I wish I was skinny my friends tell me I am but they are so much more skinny than me and they still say I'm so fat " but I don't mind I just wish I could love my body Plz comment of what u think and plz don't hate
Heidi Flores (25 days ago)
Sorry I meant they are so skinny but I'm so fat that's what I meant lmao
Parker Productions (26 days ago)
I’ll keep y’all updated Day 1: no changes obviously 😂 but this workout was BREATHTAKING 😂😂
TheRedQueenGamer 20079 (13 days ago)
I'm gonna start tomorrow! I will update everyday okay! Note: I'm doing these cause i have love handles type of belly and also i want other people to know if this works or not... Day 1: It was not that hard cause i do workouts sometimes and this is actually not that hard but it is very hard if you are a beginner also i don't have any results yet and i did a hundred ab crunches at night... Day 2: Okay on day two i got to admit it was hard... But i did it anyway but i did some pauses, my core was sooo sore and i could feel my fats burning! Also still no results... Day 3:
mango111 (27 days ago)
Ill just starve myself and do this workout cause I look like a pig
Squeezy Fire (25 days ago)
Nah, don't starve urself, it just make you weaker so you cant do the workout
A peice of garbage (27 days ago)
You have the best plank I have ever seen it is so perfect
Janella Guanzon (22 days ago)
For those who are CURIOUS if this WORKOUT really WORKS, YES IT WORKS! Just like she said, keep pushing. Yes you can achieve your DREAM BODY. I am doing this every other day. I have abs now and I am doing this workout for 10 months now. Within 6 months I got my abs. Just eat more PROTEIN and less CALORIES. I am 58 kilograms before and now I am 52 kilograms. I am only 13 when I did this but now I'm 14. Yeah , I did it so you can also do it. GOODLUCK!!! But remember: YOU ARE BEUTIFUL WHATEVER SHAPE YOU ARE. YOU ARE YOU! ❤
Janella Guanzon (22 days ago)
+Squeezy Fire I'm 5'3 😊
Squeezy Fire (25 days ago)
Height sis? I'm 14 too, i wanna try this
Faith Andres (27 days ago)
You can tell she paused it
Dance Mom Editz (28 days ago)
IT WORKED , thx .
wizpiez (29 days ago)
Hey y’all, I’ve been doing this workout for about a week, and today I looked in the mirror, and saw a much flatter stomach, and when I flexed, I saw some definition!! Keep at it guys, it gets much easier. I’ve also been drinking more water...
wizpiez (18 days ago)
Hawkstar cool! Thanks I’ll give it a try, I’m feeling a little weak and bloated today, so I’m doing this two times
Hawkstar (18 days ago)
wizpiez ah cool! I’ve been using lifesum recently and I’ve found it’s helped with not snacking as much between meals!
wizpiez (18 days ago)
Hawkstar honestly I’m a little freaked out, I’ve been snacking less and doing some portion control stuff. I’ve been doing stuff like eating yogurt and healthy stuff for breakfast too, since apparently that’s supposed to help you lose belly fat (it has!!) (edit: the results were a bit crazy, I think that I might have been 31”? It was somewhere around that area)
Hawkstar (19 days ago)
wizpiez woahh, and you’ve only been doing this for like a week?! Are you on a diet or just this? (Also congrats! That’s awesome!)
wizpiez (19 days ago)
AHHH YALL!!! I measured my waist before this whole ordeal and it was 32” now it’s 29”!!! (I had to pause while writing this, cuz I’m like, that’s a friggin lotnckskdjfj)
princess papi (29 days ago)
My stomach is store does that mean it’s working ?
ally (30 days ago)
my arms aren’t strong enough to hold my self up
Marie Brigman (1 month ago)
See 5he first workout *clicks off the video*
malika jasmine (1 month ago)
this is pretty easy from other abs workout videos I've tried, and works the best!! tysm Gabi
lylylol33 (1 month ago)
Anyone been doing this? I really want to know if it’s worth it
Janella Guanzon (27 days ago)
It's worth it! I have abs now. Been doing it for 10 months.
Marce ! (1 month ago)
lylylol33 Yeah! It’s totally worth it :)
Malia (1 month ago)
My hip keeps popping
Weird Mc weird (1 month ago)
Am I supposed to do abdominal crunches or regular crunches ? Someone pls tell me .
Ayla x (1 month ago)
hey guys so im going to update for how ever long i need to till i see results ! im doing 2 other workouts with this one and im a dancer so i dont get tierd easily so lets see how it goes hoping it works day 1- omg it burned so much because i did 2 other workouts with it scince i did this i can already see some abs forming ! taking pictures everyday to see my improvement also did about 170 crunches tonight feeling good today ! day 2- day 3 - day 4-
allie folsom (1 month ago)
you want abs donT yOU?? me: ugHHh yeeSS
Lesislame (1 month ago)
Just trying to get that Kpop idol body
bri Lmao (1 month ago)
Day 1: no results(obviously) Day 2: pretty sore but nothing major you can kinda see the results Day 3: not as sore and results really starting to show
Asha Aggarwal (1 month ago)
I've tried thousands of workouts but the only ones that work for me are yours❤️ thank you babe you helped me achieve the body of my dreams. I'm rocking these abs now and I'm getting many compliments. Thank you. I love you so much😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Evie Donegan (1 month ago)
Tbh done this three times and can’t see a difference think I’m doing it wrong tbh 😩
Evie Donegan (1 month ago)
S S I was so sore 😂😂
S S (1 month ago)
It takes a day for you to feel sore I guess
Emelie Fahle'n (1 month ago)
Omg i feel so strong after this and i only made this once! Thank you already!
asmr cookie (1 month ago)
Me *does one crunch* *looks to belly for results*
Nathalia Rocha (1 month ago)
Finally kept up with gabby
Pickle Pop (1 month ago)
1 like = 5 crunches I’ll actually do it lol
Yuki Sha (14 days ago)
Pickle Pop 30 crunches then!
Izumi Chan (1 month ago)
I know people are over this 1 like thing but I need your guys help 1 like one day I already know this is gonna suck..
N Wiggin (1 month ago)
Is it just me who’s back clicks when I do the crunch roll?
D. Keerthana (1 month ago)
1 like = one crunch per nite
Quinn Winterwater (1 month ago)
I really need motivation so 1 like = 1 day that I do this workout Day one- I don’t have any definition yet and I’m not sore, it was tough though. Day two- I think my stomach has gotten flatter but I can’t tell. I’m not sore though. Day three- I think I see some definition but not much
Melánie Appeltová (1 month ago)
one like = one crunch 💪🏻
Love Leonard (1 month ago)
Ima tell yall what happens
smh. (1 month ago)
Updating every time I do this: Day 1- Felt pretty good, took a lot of energy mostly because Iam a lazy person. Day 2- Tired, but I still managed to push through it. Day 3- didn’t do it, but instead ran 4miles. So Rest day ig? Day 4- Cheat day, but still worked out. Also starting to see results. I can start to see a lines. Day 5-same as yesterday. Starting to see some results Day 6- starting to get used to this
Deku (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who fell during the side plank reaches
Lilli Brooks (1 month ago)
Thank you
Coffee (1 month ago)
I just ate and doing this like imma cut sugar lol
Molly Jnr (1 month ago)
Does this still work if I don’t do 200 crunches?
Momina Qasim (1 month ago)
I already have Six packs and i am only 13!
Anita lay (1 month ago)
I paused the video, so she can rest
Yuki Sha (14 days ago)
Anita lay that’s so nice.
roci & lulu (1 month ago)
I love that you wear sunglasses all the time 😂❤️
Harrison Hub (1 month ago)
Keep good posture to really show them. Just pretend like there is a string pulling your belly button to the clouds.
Hasitha Ramanathan (1 month ago)
i need motivation help
Nina Hardy (1 month ago)
Day one: i barely made it kept pausing the video. This is so hard. I plan to do this exercise in the evening.
hazel canndy (1 month ago)
1 like = 1 crunch plz help me get abs
Andrea Bočková (1 month ago)
It don't work
Hilda Channel (1 month ago)
it's worth it
Helena. D. (1 month ago)
Teng Qingpei (1 month ago)
How does she make it look so easy ....
Izzie (1 month ago)
Wow this workout really reminded me of the abs I don’t have lmao. Great workout 10/10
세계다혜 (1 month ago)
Anyone just thought this was satisfiying
I cant do the side plank :( gaby help meeee
Evie Donegan (1 month ago)
1 like = 1 crunch 1 comment = 10 crunches Starting tomorrow 🤞🏻🤞🏻
Hazel Aspinall (4 days ago)
2 o O
Hazel Aspinall (4 days ago)
Hazel Aspinall (4 days ago)
One hundred and eiiightyyyyy
Hazel Aspinall (4 days ago)
I can already feel your pain
Hazel Aspinall (4 days ago)
God bless those abs
Bethany Sallee (1 month ago)
Ok so I really really want to do this but I’m soo lazy it hurts so bad
Tara x3 (1 month ago)
i’ll try this out since i wasn’t seeing any results from my workout apps and there are a good few results from this.😁💘 i will try to update everyday this week. day 1: basically feel the same as before. some of the exercises are very good and challenging. day 2: i can feel my stomach has gotten a bit stronger. other than that nothing has really happened. day 3: my stomach is sore today and a bit flatter. day 4: stomach is a bit sore and is getting flatter day 5: flatter?? idk i ate a lot yesterday :/ day 6: i also ate a lot today and unhealthy because it’s christmas :( but i have noticed a line forming :). day 7: workout is getting easier. i’m going to stop updating now. if your wondering whether to try this out or not i’d give it a try, it’s really good. also, all body types are different so it may take longer or less time to get abs. like me, i still have to keep going.
Silvermoon Mullady (1 month ago)
This really helped I was a 31 inch now I’m a 24 inch I did this for 4 weeks
Silvermoon Mullady (1 month ago)
Okay! Keep me updated on yours!
hazel canndy (1 month ago)
+Silvermoon Mullady ooF I'm going to try that
Silvermoon Mullady (1 month ago)
Yess! I did all of it two times a day it was hard but I was so fucking relieved!
hazel canndy (1 month ago)
Holy shit really??
Trash_4_K-pop (1 month ago)
I just look at these at night and say to myself I will start tomorrow when Ik I am not
KINGSAMMY547 (1 month ago)
well didn’t work
민지야~ (2 months ago)
That sad moment when you cant do the side plank reaches because you have *0* arm strength and your arm is totally incapable of keeping you up...
Sarabjit Singh (21 days ago)
Omg meeeeeeee 😂😂😂
Bia B (23 days ago)
Lol same. I just do a plank instead 2x
Illuminashley (27 days ago)
Jayna (1 month ago)

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