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INTENSE ab workout (FLAT tummy in 1 WEEK!)

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INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/gabriellawhited/?hl=en Workout Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WXj161ztvw&list=PLSZlxO0pPPs0gpziwaoXtGAOcckjEc9GX Hey guys! I put together a really great workout for your abs! IT will FOR SURE get you TONED! COMMENT IF you liked this video and what workout videos you want next! :)
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ZhoustFrags (1 day ago)
What did I even watch.
Erin Sutherland (1 day ago)
Dose it work ??
Aimee Worrall (1 day ago)
I did this for a week about 6 months ago and there was definitely a difference, you’d probably have to do it for 3 weeks-1 month to get actual abs but my stomach muscle was definitely firmer after just a week. Anyway after that week I kinda lost motivation and stopped but now I’m back because it really did make a good difference and I want that again, hopefully this time around I’ll keep it up for longer than a week because I want real abs lmao
Aimee Worrall (10 hours ago)
Day 2: My abs were definitely sore today but in the best way possible! It felt a little easier to get through each exercise. Not yet noticed a massive difference in how tight my stomach muscles are but I feel it coming real soon!
Hopin’ Happiness (2 days ago)
I’ll try to update you guys in the reply’s on how this went. So far I’ve been doing this for 3 days
Hopin’ Happiness (2 days ago)
1st day was ok, but no results 2nd day no results 3rd day nope I’ll be eating much healthier for the next 4 days and see what’s going on
Dancin’ Sammie (2 days ago)
I’m going to be doing this twice a day for a week! I’ll do daily updates! I am doing this along with counting my calories!
E (2 days ago)
I’ll try this and update in about a week (someone please remind me otherwise I’ll forget) 😂
Divyana Lahan (1 day ago)
Wow this looks hella intense I'm trying it out right now Day 1: Fam I can't even get up. I took a quick nap on my yoga mat oof. I kinda didn't do this perfectly and I stopped in between a few times, but I did it y'all. I did it. Day 2: holy shit I'm so sore. The first exercise hurt the living crap out of me, so I did a cobra stretch thing for 40 secs and it helped SO MUCH. Some of the exercises were calming and some of them made me wanna kill myself. Still sore. Send help.
editsrebecca (3 days ago)
i love this workout! Definitely works!
sravs honey m (4 days ago)
U have any problems, why are u shouting haaa?
13etrayed Heart (6 days ago)
Guys I really need motivation 2 likes = This whole workout
Emilee Wikel (6 days ago)
i did this for 1 week guys and it worked!!!!
Immy 2255 (6 days ago)
Dose 1 spidermen crunch "i dont feel so good"
Lily Ramirez (7 days ago)
So this is my first day, and I didn’t realize how hard it is! But so glad you were the one doing it cuz you made me want to do my best!💖 thank you!!!
Meme Post (7 days ago)
1 like = 1 Sit up
WizzieXClait X (7 days ago)
Her top is so cute 😍anyone know where to get it?
Erin Erin (7 days ago)
Im just watching this and im already tired 😢
Alma Dawn (8 days ago)
1 sub/like = one crunch I do
Enter Name (9 days ago)
I’ve done this for over a year now & started seeing results in a couple months! I have abs now i recommend xx
Nina Novak (9 days ago)
Just by first time i doing it isea defeedce Oh and sorry i don t speak englisch god🤣
Lilian (10 days ago)
Just do it. It works!!
Crazyfam (10 days ago)
Day 1: super hard and it was so painful .
She wants to kill us
Crazyfam (10 days ago)
Starting Monday might vlog it on my channel so subscribe for updates and results 😀
Rohit Gogi (11 days ago)
Just finished day one... will update on future results please remind me to
Jayna 2003 (12 days ago)
Okay, I'm gonna start doing this today and give I'll have to make sure that I did this for 2 weeks.. Or maybe not, IDK. Lol. But I'll update later after I'm done.
Thotahoe // (12 days ago)
I’m going to do this and update you guys! (I’m going to try this for 2 weeks!)
•suga Shooky• (9 days ago)
I’m going to be updating everyday we will see Day 1,well that’s was “fun” my stomach is on fire I. I might do 200 crunches just Incase Day2: i was a little sore from yesterday but nothing major it was a little easier than yesterday I don’t see any results but it’s only the second day I don’t expect much Day3: I kinda noticed lil abs at the top of my stomach if that makes since and my stomach has gotten a lil bit flatter Day4: I’m sweating balls my stomach is getting ever so flatter I think,I hope Day5: I can see my abs a little bit there ever so noticeable I’m doing 200crunches since I have time
Samira Mathis (13 days ago)
I just realised I gained 5 pounds. I don’t have a room I can workout in cuz my grandma is sick and she uses it. And my mom doesn’t wanna Pay for a gym. Idk what to do
Mudkip Doodles (13 days ago)
1= 1 more day of doing this! I really want to try it because it seems fun and fresh!
Hood Prxncess (14 days ago)
I was on a weight gain journey and i gained a lot of weight on my stomach like it looks like I’m 4 months pregnant no joke so imma try to do this 2 times, after school and before dinner and imma try to do the crunches but it might be less than 200 because I’m really outta shape please remind me to update u guys but imma start the video rn so wish me luck I’ll update u guys at night
Hood Prxncess (12 days ago)
I’m doing this every other day so my first day was good the next day I was sore so I decided I should do this excercise every other day so today I did it so I did it once and after I eat dinner later imma do it again and on the days I’m not doing an workouts I’m doing thigh and butt workouts to hopefully bring that fat from my stomach down to my thighs and butt
Hood Prxncess (14 days ago)
So I’m about to do this for the second time today and I don’t think imma do the crunches because I’m really sleepy but wish me luck
Kelly Leeboy (14 days ago)
1 like=1 crunch
Lia (15 days ago)
The first one isn’t hip thrusters
MoPlays (16 days ago)
I am a guy, will it work for me too?
Mel xox (16 days ago)
1 like= I chocolate bar I MEAN CRUNCH
Lucy T. (17 days ago)
I like = 2 crunches
mackenzie munroe (17 days ago)
Ua Fillerboiii (17 days ago)
wow thank you! *I HAVE ABS,* i watched this last last last week and now i have *ABS* it's been so long since I haven't got in this video L.M.F.A.O *LONG STORY SHORT* *this happened on September 26* My crush rejected me (last month) and i got interested in having abs so i searched this in Y.T and now i have abs me and my friends went at the basketball court (in school FYI im in Highschool), well since there were no people playing at the court we took over the court and played Volleyball but suddenly my *X CRUSH* showed up and went to one of my friends and asked "Could you move? I'm gonna play basketball with my friends" and me and my friends moved so after 30min i got sweaty and stuff and i wiped my shirt on my face on purpose and faced where my *X CRUSH* is playing and then he looks at me after he shot the ball and i was wiping my face with my shirt that time i was currently facing him and of course my abs was showing and i glared at him which was *PAYBACK*. Edit: nowadays he often talks to me and i just ignored him like he just doesn't exist in this world.
Hood Prxncess (14 days ago)
Ua Fillerboiii how many times did u do the video?? And did u also do the 200 crunches she said?
Deem _alRushaid (18 days ago)
1=like 1=week need motivation
Yanissa Galiano (19 days ago)
1 like= 1 crunch. Need motivation
snowy wolf (21 days ago)
I can feel the pain through the screen 😩
Fangirl Dotse (21 days ago)
Gonna do this everyday for a week! I’ll update in the end if anybody wants
Fangirl Dotse (19 days ago)
Day 2: Wasn’t feeling energized today so it was a weak workout... Didn’t feel the burn as much but still felt it.
Fangirl Dotse (20 days ago)
Lol nobody wants me to but still gonna comment to track my progress. I have a little bit of abs showing but it doesn’t look good at all, I pretty much never work out. I did this plus 7 min running in place, Day 1! I literally died doing this.. couldn’t even do 1 exercise all the way through and that really unmotivated me. BUT I feel amazing after doing this. I don’t feel sore but I definitely felt the burn and that might be my mind pulling tricks on me my I really do see a change even just after today.
Srinath sri (22 days ago)
Emily (23 days ago)
Her: You want abs! Me: *Screaming in anguish* Btw: I like how the last one was one of the easiest. That made it nice to end on compared to the others 😂
Grandma Kida (22 days ago)
I'm going on a good diet and tryna do this for maybe 2 weeks and see how it goes (im out of shape but relatively skinny, my stomach is usually bloated) I'll try to update every day --- day 1: I can't do everything the whole time she was doing it so if it was too much i rested for a sec and then contunued day 2: my abs hurt a lot and today was harder, not bc it hurt but bc im tired haha day 3: my abs hurt less generally but when I did the exercise the muscles hurt SO MUCH but I had somewhat more strength today - I don't see any difference yet
SwingTing (14 days ago)
I'm doing this exercise, I really hope I can have abs cuz that's my dream. Good luck to me them Day 1 (24/9/18) : This is hard but I feel motivated to have abs so I hope I can withstand to day 7. Day 2 (26/9/78) : I feel OK a bit but I could feel some abs are forming. Day 3 : ( 27/9/18) : I could feel some abs, hope Tmr will be better Day 4 ( 28/9/18 ) : It did got better, abs are FORMING Day 5 (3/18/18) : Sorry for the late update, I had exams so I didn't do it. But here's my result, my abs are still forming but not so visible.
Star Bucks (23 days ago)
I'm going to try it out! Reply to this to remind me, just incase I forget! Today was day one, and already- I'm so excited to do this! I'm even contemplating doing this every morning and night. What do you all think? Update 1- uhgg, I woke up so soreeee.. But I still did 2 of them, as well as 150 crunches.. That and my leg excersises, squats and weight lifting. My gosh, I'm going to be dead by tomorrow xD
Star Bucks (22 days ago)
+Togi Bear Thanks! I'm about to do my morning one, now
Togi Bear (22 days ago)
Good morning! Don't forget to do it today! ❤️
Hi_Its _Mira (24 days ago)
2 days and there is definitely a difference
Hi_Its _Mira (25 days ago)
So today’s my first day trying this and I feel like I already feel a difference I’ll keep u updated on how it goes
Sophia Argyropoulos (25 days ago)
does this workout get rid of belly fat?
Jenell Oconner (26 days ago)
OMG I just did this workout plus the “get rid of back fat” & gurl I feel every burn god made 😩😩😩 I’m for everyday
TheWolfCrew (26 days ago)
I need motivation! 1 like = 1 day of doing this! Starting as soon as I have a like
Acro Ava (28 days ago)
I love my abs so MUCH that I hide them with a layer of fat!
Jnopetnx__ _ (28 days ago)
“You want abs don’t you?” I mean I kinda now don’t want them 🗿
Fish Bowl (29 days ago)
Ok this is literally impossible for me bc my sweaty hands keep on sliding on the tile i'm doing this on, i'm guessing a yoga mat is something I need for this.
Tara Eileen (29 days ago)
Guys help I have been doing this for 3 days straight and haven't gotten sore plz help
kaurgeous_ 14 (29 days ago)
Did this!
k eye uh (1 month ago)
Just did it!! If you reply to this in the future I’ll give you an update (:
Sonny Ende (29 days ago)
Alright, imma do this and update it each day. I’m halfway through third day of exercise. Just so you know everything, I am 5’3” and 133.5 pounds. I’ve started this with zero, and I mean zero core muscles. I can’t even do a sit-up. I play hockey, so really my only muscles are in my legs. Day 1: I made it. I did it, I felt alright. Day 2: I was fucking sore as hell man. Had a hockey game that day so I did half of the routine before leaving and half when I got back. Day 3: so far no change at all but I am going to combine this with one of her other exercises. Still sore, mostly in back and neck. Day 4: Not as sore really, I only had time to do this workout today because I’m doing it during the short break I have between play rehearsal and hockey practice. Still no visible changes
Nina L (1 month ago)
This workout is really effective! These 10 minutes are literally all it needs to build muscle. I did this for over a month every day and I was able to see my abs individually!!
Nina L (1 month ago)
How many calories does this approximately burn?
Jasmine Baker (1 month ago)
1 like=20 cruches 😊 i need motivation 😊😊💙💙
Rena Du (1 month ago)
I will start this week. I’ll keep you guys updated. DAY1: I was actually not that sore but I saw a tiny change in my stomach. I already have a pretty flat stomach so I saw a little hint if abs.
Stardust Gaming (1 month ago)
I can’t do this myself, idk why, but I need motivation. 1 like= 20 crunches 5 burpees 1x this video and no pop or sweets for a day 1 comment= 50 crunches 20 burpees 5x this video no pop or sweets for a week (No I am NOT asking for likes I really think this would help me so please don’t hate)
xo peachy xo (4 days ago)
Keep it up! We believe in you lol
Lucy T. (17 days ago)
kaurgeous_ 14 (1 month ago)
Thankyou gabi ❤
RaniasRandomWorld (1 month ago)
I’m actually gonna do this! (Hopefully) Day 1: this was hard not insanely hard but hard! The side planks were just no. I did them but I hated it haha! Of course I see no difference in day one but I feel good about myself! I also did 200 crunches which was hard but manageable Day 2: this was harddd! I did her 5 minute cardio workout before this so I hope I’ll have better results with them together! I’m still having trouble on the side planks 🤧also I had a lot of crap today but definitely don’t feel as satisfied as I did yesterday but I’m gonna keep working and hope for abs haha (I’m shooting for 400 crunches today 💖 doing them right after I finish this update) Little 2nd day update (again) I jut finished 200 crunches and my abs burnnn so I’m just gonna do my normal amount haha
crazylova91 (1 month ago)
I need to lose 15 pounds since giving birth (have been really struggling) but I did this everyday for a month. Unfortunately, I didn't see major results. My core tightened a bit and I definitely got stronger, but my tummy did not flatten at all :( So disappointed even though I was eating well and being as active as I could.
Lilli Robinson (1 month ago)
I know lots of people have been doing these things. But I genuinely want to get abs and need some motivation because all I do is lay in my bed and feel unmotivated. So for real how many ever likes this post gets I will do one crunch and one squat.i will try and post a video of the journey too:)
zhomtubebe (1 month ago)
My abd already hurts watching this. 😥
Mont Rodriguez (1 month ago)
I bet see the difference in 2 week. I will back to tell u guys. I promise
GingerGal (1 month ago)
Hi and welcome to head space😐
andre priv (1 month ago)
1 like = 1 crunch
Kermit Thee frog here (1 month ago)
Kermit Thee frog here (1 month ago)
Kermit thee frog here is going to test this out piggy will like the results I hope I’ll keep you updated! Update I’ve done 3 things I’m dead update I couldn’t eve do the side plank but I tried
Anya Soni (1 month ago)
Please like this comment to motivate me , littrally begging you im soooo fat and i need motivation to do exercise
Hey_itss_milly (1 month ago)
I had done this last summer and I lost weight. I’m going to do it again and I’ll try to update everyday. I never did it with crunches and it worked without them
Catlover Hood (1 month ago)
So I did this Workout and after 4 days I saw changes and got abs I did this Workout for 4 months sometimes twice a day and I'm happy now it worked 😍 (a little advice eat many proteins) thank you gabby 😍😍😍🔥
Sonya Mcknight (1 month ago)
Tbh I think this might just be me for reading the comments but I’ve been doing this for about 3 months now and I havnt seen a big change in stomach
FootballManiac 11 (1 month ago)
Okay I will try this and keep you updated
Karen Garzon (1 month ago)
I'll give it a try!
Gonna Update: Hey I'm 12 And Weigh 11 Stone And 1 Pound...I Am Mixing Multiple Workouts In A Day And In Definetly Going To Be Sore....Check My Profile For Other Workouts....xx Day 1: I Did The Workout....I Really Struggled With The Side Planks So I Did Not Complete/Do Them...As My Stomach Is Very Large It Was Also Very Hard For Me To Do The Oblique Crunches Because My Stomach Is So Big x
Going to do this update you! Remind me! 😍
Sandy León (1 month ago)
Am I seeing the result if I try it three times of week?
Gabrysia Szurlej (1 month ago)
Wow! It's the best abs training!!!
Ella Vierikka (1 month ago)
I dont need abs i just want a flat stummick
Sandra Borowiec (1 month ago)
1 like- how many days should I do this?
Gabby Hart (1 month ago)
whooo hop just finished my second day
Danielle Steyn (1 month ago)
Wow with you being out of breath it must be completely intense I am totally going to do this I love you videos so must I subscribed my notifications are on and I am going to Like You video love your videos love love love it 👍👍👍👍👏👏👌👌👌💖💖
Alyssa Vonheeder (1 month ago)
dink everytime she says "woo"
Evelynn Rose (1 month ago)
1 like = how many days I do this 😑
yuu seung (1 month ago)
Am i the only one not feeling anything at spiderman crunches? I think i'm doing something wrong, I also don't feel sore the next day I really think i'm doing something wrong
Zahra Bhatti (1 month ago)
yuu seung try squeezing in your stomach to engage your core
untitled 101 (1 month ago)
i was on the floor crying while doing this...recommend
mirandaa bazan (1 month ago)
i did this for over a month and became more healthy, i lost 50 POUNDS!
Acey h (1 month ago)
So I'm going to do this for a month and let you all know my results. I'll keep updated because I'm determined af. Here are my current results: Day one: Hurt like hell but managed to do it. Only did 100 crunches Day two: I did the full workout and 200 crunches. Stomach looked a bit slimmer but that could just be a placebo Day three: I woke up and the morning pain was awful! Finished the workout. I was hella sore. I did the crunches and they got easier and easier. Tip: REMEMBER TO BREATH WHILE DOING THEM! Day four: Rest day (need to have rest days so that abs can grow) Day five: The workout became easier but it got me sweating this time! I won't know if there's any changes until tomorrow though because I'm bloating right now. Day six: I was only able to do 200 crunches today because I had company and they are sleeping over so I can't make any noise since it's 11:50 at night. But I will do the workout twice
Opal Starling (1 month ago)
I’m doing this along with an ab workout that also burns belly fat! I’ll try to update every day! I’m hoping to see a little bit of results by tomorrow, as I’m going to the beach, and I haven’t worked out in almost 3 weeks. Day one: Did the workout! I only did half of the belly fat workout, then was sent to bed. I took before and after pictures, and I see tiny results. I haven’t done my crunches yet. I substituted the side planks for crunches, because it hurt more than a workout should. Looks like I’m gonna have to suck it in at the beach tomorrow! My stomach feels noticeably tighter without flexing. I’m surprised that I’m already seeing results!
Alex Alvarez (1 month ago)
I honestly dont want abs I just want to lose this weight. Its really doesn’t make me feel good about myself and i know that i should love myself regardless but i really think i’ll love myself more if i feel healthier. I think im meh overall but i have a hell of a lot weight around my stomach and im not even being like “oh i gained a pound last week IM FAATT” no i literally am overweight at 16 and i want to be healthier for not only my own health but also motivation. Anyon have any workout tips or plans lemme know!
Latoya Smythe (1 month ago)
Motivation 💫🌸♐️
yusraoakkk (1 month ago)
1 like = 1 crunch lmao
Maya Play msp !!! (1 month ago)
I will do this and I will update you guys! I’ll try very hard not to fail!😅 Day one: omg I’m super tired! I’m not looking forward to this tomorrow but whatever see ya tomorrow! Day two: Day three: Day four: Day five: Day six: Day seven:
Tuta Naser (1 month ago)
Why can’t I get my legs to go straight
Cerise Wolf (1 month ago)
i’ve been doing this for 3 days and i already lost 1kg(2.2lbs) i’ll keep you updated

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