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Sea Wolf "Whirlpool" Old World Romance w/ lyrics

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http://seawolfmusic.com/ What is this pulling, tugging at me Limbs so heavy, dragging me down again Into the depths of cold blue water But don't believe me, I swear this isn't me I just want to feel the sunlight warm and soothing on my naked skin So I'm hoping this cold blue water scrubs me clean Oh my one, swear I'm trying What good would it do lying Oh my one, swear I'm trying What good would it do lying Saw something I the shadows Tricked me into the shallows Saw something in the shadows Tricked me into the shallows What is this pulling Tugging at my limbs so heavy dragging me down again So I'm hoping, this cold blue water Scrubs me clean and spits me out again Because I just want to feel the sunlight warm and soothing Oh my one, swear I'm trying Waht good would it do lying Oh my one, swear I'm trying What good would it do lying Saw something in the shadows Tricked me into the shallows Saw something in the shadows Tricked me into the shallows
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Text Comments (66)
gojeta1999 (5 days ago)
How come this album isn't on Spotify
Slugarn (1 month ago)
Wow this song is amazing, forgot to lock my phone and put it in my pocket and this song came upp by misstake best mistake ever 👍👍
Jackie Sparks (2 months ago)
I have a list of songs from suits bc they r that awesome
Jackie Sparks (2 months ago)
I have a list of Dope songs all of them i found on suits. best show nest soundtrack
Omar Mccray (2 months ago)
Beauty and the beast episode 21 brought me here love it!!!
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PureWhiteLilly (9 months ago)
Perfect song for Jupiter's retrograde in Scorpio.
Odd Looking Flappy (6 months ago)
PureWhiteLilly omg, just stop with that horoscope bs
Melvin Ruiz (1 year ago)
Me encanta la acústica
Susana guevara muñoz (1 year ago)
Suits me trajo aquii! Amo la canción 😻
Luane MaDu (1 year ago)
adoro essa banda ❤👄👅
Whitney Kononchuk (2 years ago)
Cameron Yoshizawa (2 years ago)
the beginning drumming reminds me of that one halo 3 mission in the jungle
Caro Alvarado (2 years ago)
Me encantan!!!
ChasityMaria Padilla (2 years ago)
Found this watching the tv show Beauty and the Beast, it was playing during the first scene of Vincent and Kat making love, and I couldn't believe how beautiful it was.Such a beautiful song! <3
ChasityMaria Padilla (10 months ago)
I was talking about the television series not the movie, but yes, it’s an awesome track!
aboates (1 year ago)
Been A Sea Wolf fan for years...zero interest in The Beauty and the Beast movie....great track though.
Vicky munay (2 years ago)
i hate wattpad, i hate larry, i hate my life bye.
haya H (2 years ago)
Suits has the best soundtrack!!
Idris Abidia (2 years ago)
greetings from libya >> very nice song
RONALDO NICOLLI (2 years ago)
Şaban İÇÖZ (2 years ago)
such an underrated track...
Jay Raymond (2 years ago)
+nick arndt old world romance is greatly underappreciated. Of course you won't hear this only the radio. Smh
nick arndt (2 years ago)
+Şaban İÇÖZ artist*
Yuttapong Thagjang (2 years ago)
wow...so good.
Albena Petrova (3 years ago)
stay harry whispers desperately- FCK HERE WE GO AGAIN OH GOD THE FEELS
Kleiner Fuchs (8 months ago)
Melanie (8 months ago)
It's 2018 and I'm still scarred. Cannot listen to this without feeling an ache
r u srs (10 months ago)
Albena Petrova NO DONT EVEN START 😭😭
slim shady (3 years ago)
I hate the brain cancer fic
Navya Tomer (4 months ago)
I might guide you, but you keep me anchored
BizARE Muse (1 year ago)
slim shady what?
mal stylinson (1 year ago)
slim shady i'm writing this while you're downstairs washing the dishes and i'm curled up in bed. our bed.
GoldenYuusha (2 years ago)
+slim shady Bruh What
Maci Evans (3 years ago)
it starts with headaches )))))):
DiamantWeb Waldemar (3 years ago)
it is really underestimated
Urjana Pacher (3 years ago)
Música maravilhosa....amo
kristin beauty (3 years ago)
beauty and the beast brought me here love it !!!!
Julenny Castro (10 months ago)
ElChicoDelTaco 1776 sadly it ended
Julenny Castro (10 months ago)
ElChicoDelTaco 1776 it’s a cw show
ElChicoDelTaco 1776 (11 months ago)
kristin beauty which movie??
Marco Valk (3 years ago)
My God, This is so good
khalil fazaz (3 years ago)
Beauty and the beast :)
Julenny Castro (10 months ago)
Omg it ended and when I listen to this I cry my heart out
Serbian Jordan (3 years ago)
B&tb awesome
Rejane Cruz (3 years ago)
Amo essa canção !
Vadym Silchenko (3 years ago)
Suits! :)
EzioAuditore1500 (10 months ago)
ghozter1 (3 years ago)
I love this
Laura Žeimytė (4 years ago)
Freddy Garrison (4 years ago)
This brought tears to my eyes... <\3 8 years I waited for you knowing you would be back in my arms once again. Though I am far from perfect with a deep dark secret I shared with you 12 years ago It has haunted me ever since. Fear consumed me tearing me up inside and I failed you once again leaving me broken. I saw it coming before it began, laying my heart on the line, stretch out on the sea never to return again. I'm sorry for not being a better man xoxo
Julenny Castro (10 months ago)
Freddy Garrison what
crisis376 (4 years ago)
Fantastic song, so glad Suits gave this more exposure! 
John Dinh (3 years ago)
Hayden Pernia (4 years ago)
To the people asking for the chords that I can't reply to, I believe it is just D maj, F# min and A maj repeated.
Hayden Pernia (4 years ago)
In fact, you can play every song on the album with those 3 chords :-)
Everette Weller (4 years ago)
have to  get  this cd 
Shep normandy (5 years ago)
BATB! So perfect
ean_nae (5 years ago)
Fave song from Season 1 BATB ~ so haunting and perfect ♥
Natalie Francis (5 years ago)
Beautiful song,beautiful lyrics :)
Roslyn Grey (5 years ago)
This is why I love BATB, they used Sea Wolf!!!
nann91 (5 years ago)
Yeah and it fits so much with this moment of the story :)
AquaAubrey (5 years ago)
J. Fel. (6 years ago)
Absolutely beautiful! Love it.
cybrian420 (6 years ago)
This is a great music

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