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Sea Wolf - The Promise

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vincent valen (2 years ago)
this band is great
SULOSAULO (3 years ago)
Lavender Crow (11 months ago)
boi its 2018 now
lidia mac (3 years ago)
I can't believe I almost forgot about this band
Luma Trixi (3 years ago)
Winter city by the ocean Building lights glimmer on the bay Oh, how you woke him from his slumber Gently now, gently with a kiss And we went drifting over to the corner Our eyes move with us, graceful in the shadows We think of the mystery And we think of the warning And the redwood hallways covered up in darkness The wind outside singing with the promise I will touch the back of your hand And whisper the words I will love you in the morning if you love me tonight I will love you in the morning if you love me tonight I will love you in the morning if you love me tonight I will love you in the morning if you love me tonight Now take this mirror and push it forward She said to the painting on the wall I'll show you something your frame is nothing but  A safe place, place for you to hide And now the carpenter's son says,  "Let's make a deal  I believe in commerce  And I will make you this promise, But if you should ask  What I cannot give You better tell me now  Before we begin" I will love you in the morning if you love me tonight I will love you in the morning if you love me tonight I will love you in the morning if you love me tonight I will love you in the morning if you love me tonight So, I'll love you in the morning if you love me tonight I will love you in the morning if you love me tonight I will love you in the morning if you love me tonight I will love you, love you, love you, love you 
Groovin' (4 years ago)
love this album. Had no idea there was a bonus track. Sounds like a response to his song "middle distance runner" where he says, "So won't you run to me tonight? Tonight let's not talk about next summer Cause I'll only ever be a middle distance runner... But you'll have to run to me tonight Tonight I will love you forever But I'll only ever be a middle distance runner" I think Either,  He is trying to seduce the girl to sleep with him tonight even though he believes he can't do a long term relationship or He meets the girl and his feelings change. He decides he can love her forever if only she would be convinced that he has changed. I am prone to think that the latter because "The Carpenter's son" is often a reference to Jesus who is all about rebirth and change. That could be me reading to much though
Lee McGuire (9 months ago)
Groovin' -I appreciate your analysis, sir. Thank you. I was searching for an answer and I have found it.
Pao Rojas (4 years ago)
I love this song!
Elsa Guerra (4 years ago)
sucks that so many amazing songs are over seen
Jade Ramos (4 years ago)
You mean under seen?
DogmaMaster (4 years ago)
So good.
Veronica Esquivel (5 years ago)
I'll love you in the morning if you love me tonight!
H Mehta (5 years ago)
Well.... As long as the magical land is safe. I hope there are a lot of heros out there
Dollymayfrosty (5 years ago)
A soul doesn't have to be spiritual.
Dollymayfrosty (5 years ago)
A soul doesn't have to be spiritual.
Steven Wilson (5 years ago)
youre a genius
dan pazdernik (5 years ago)
lose their soul? i think your shoestrings are loose. haha, but seriously not everyone believes in souls... Absolutely, stunning song, however.
Daniel Hernandez (5 years ago)
I hope they tighten that soul back up.
Cxndum (5 years ago)
If you hate someone from a label just becuase they enjoyed something longer and earlier than you did really doesn't give you a right to get upset at them.
Tornike Omiadze (5 years ago)
agree with you,cause when band gets popular,they lost something:it feels in their music,lyrics and clips too
hunter ray (5 years ago)
fucking hipster
Sara Thorpe (5 years ago)
This comment reminds me of The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I love it.
tapaddtiiiii (5 years ago)
Not necessarily
Umi Qasiyyun (5 years ago)
I would love you in the morning if you love me tonight
andredomenici (5 years ago)
Damn it's heavy
Cami Shokrian (5 years ago)
its sad but i think that's what actually does happen tho...
elipinilla (5 years ago)
love love love <3 <3 <3 :). 4/27/13
Lavender Crow (11 months ago)
samprobablylovesyou (5 years ago)
First nine seconds, already in love. :D
maymaybong4 (5 years ago)
Because it's possible for a band's music production to turn into a game of profit instead of a beautiful art form where they use instruments to express themselves. You should want them to be successful so they can have the means to make more music, but the smaller the band is, popularity wise, they usually care less about making music in order to please the majority; they make music to please themselves. That, in my opinion, is true music; music from the soul.
aflyingmonkey (5 years ago)
Actually Fun. has a couple of albums...
benandreas369 (5 years ago)
I believe this is Fun's and Imagine Dragons first albums.... let's see how their 2nd one does.
Dollymayfrosty (5 years ago)
Obsidian1292 (5 years ago)
Dominic Campos (5 years ago)
Watch out someone likes YMCMB
Timothy Maynard (5 years ago)
Splendid like a bowl of kickarse.
Dollymayfrosty (5 years ago)
Chill, bro.
Watch out, your hipster is showing.
Coldplay DID NOT lose their soul. Coldplay is still as amazing of a band as ever. I'll admit that Mylo Xyloto is not my most favorite album of theirs, but it isn't bad. Coldplay is amazing, and there is nothing anybody can do about it.
Persephone Fox (5 years ago)
Welp, this is awesome.
Kinzie Bowden (5 years ago)
This comment is perfect.
aflyingmonkey (5 years ago)
I don't know... I mean I'm pretty sure Fun. and Imagine Dragons still have souls.
Heather Hebert (6 years ago)
watch out hipster on the loose!
Gary Lewis (6 years ago)
Reminds me of a male version of the singer from An Horse. Love it
Reyna Nona (6 years ago)
I think what skillmyster666 means is that he/she does not want this band to become more mainstream...? But I could be wrong, I don't know.
DaBullKill (6 years ago)
Are you retarded? Yes, that's a serious question. I said I love Coldplay up through X&Y, everything after is garbage. Don't respond to a comment that was left a couple weeks ago saying not to talk about something if it wasn't even being talked about anymore.
Kaelynn Keaton (6 years ago)
okkkkk, coldplay is still an amazing band. We shouldnt even be bringing them into this, both are GREAT. End of. Kay, thanks:3
BeyondAstral (6 years ago)
Sadly fame changes people and feelings, they lose touch of reality and then lose the touch of beautiful music.
Theres a chance the "bad people" will destroy it
Logan (6 years ago)
Bands like these don't want that kind of success unless they decide to be stupid. Lot's of these bands could be big. People don't see that it's not the fans that are hipsters... it's the band too.
DaBullKill (6 years ago)
A band like this can't be as successful as a band like Coldplay. These guys aren't the types that accept huge promotional deals like the sellouts from Coldplay. I love Coldplay up until X&Y. Everything after that was shit.
Sydney Marcotte (6 years ago)
lol nice.
TheRealLonelyBug (6 years ago)
Why does everybody gotta compare other bands with other bands and say one is better than the other? Why not just say: That band is talented but I'd rather listen to Sea Wolf! :D
rainbowedtri (6 years ago)
Coldplay is pefectly fine.
Grace Lilian (6 years ago)
why did the hipster burn her tounge? she drank her tea before it was cool
Ali Zaidi (6 years ago)
That's like saying I love this band so much I hope they get no success whatsoever so that one day they eventually lose all motivation to make music.
Jusala (6 years ago)
It's kind of like you finding your own magical land where all of the mystical creatures call you the chosen one and they're all your friends and you go on adventures and they say they couldn't have done it without you but then you suddenly find out that everyone at your school goes there and all the creatures call everyone the chosen one and they actually didn't need you at all. That's what it feels like.
Asuka Langley Soryu (6 years ago)
you're pretty hip ain'tcha lol
JaykSzarii (6 years ago)
...So? :P
Philip Nelson (6 years ago)
jgreenhed39 (6 years ago)
i like this comment, cool
Pedro Martínez (6 years ago)
Opino de que se cansaron de plagiar a otrosss
Dollymayfrosty (6 years ago)
Something happens when bands get popular. It's like they loose their soul.
shunshineeazy (6 years ago)
shunshineeazy (6 years ago)
cool nobody cares.
shunshineeazy (6 years ago)
cool nobody cares.
JaykSzarii (6 years ago)
My impression is that they changed their style because they felt like it.
shunshineeazy (6 years ago)
cool nobody cares.
dharma lewis (6 years ago)
but he should tell other people i mean, your helping out the band, giving a friend some good damn music, and you have a friend that likes YOUR" music. that part about keeping the band to yourself is something i don't get. :)
dharma lewis (6 years ago)
nothing, he/she means they went all, if i may, "mainstream", they used to be something special, and now, everyone knows about them, for all the wrong reasons, i can't really explain, & there's nothing wrong with being well known, but it's staying true with your fans, and not having to change your music type, genre just because your current fanbase likes a certain type i.e: Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Skrillex
Kati Moore (6 years ago)
This would be beautiful set to scenes from Restless.
lehaiilzxo (6 years ago)
i like coldplay..
James Green (6 years ago)
stupid comments like these by self proclaimed hipsters make me want to murder a whole village with a blunt spork dipped in vinegar
Maddy Friend (6 years ago)
<3 Awesome song!
team322 (6 years ago)
sheeet guys, relax! he's just saying that he wouldn't never see millions of little kids feeling so cool only because they can """understand""" coldplay's music...
Tiffany N (6 years ago)
bitch wants to be a hipster This song is very nice. ;-D
TheProphetEliza (6 years ago)
:P of course this is just me!
TheProphetEliza (6 years ago)
as in, parachutes was an awesome album! *sigh nostalgia
StandOutSheep (6 years ago)
examples being?
StandOutSheep (6 years ago)
JaykSzarii (6 years ago)
I LOVE their new albums. MX is brilliant. So's this, BTW.
TheProphetEliza (6 years ago)
there didn't used to be... until they sadly embraced the "commercial" sound...*sigh. such a shame!
Erik Sternad (6 years ago)
Totally agree :)
Boy's Life (6 years ago)
Haha, I see what you did there! But anyways, that is true that most bands sell out, I would only hope that they wouldn't :)
Erik Sternad (6 years ago)
Because, they would certainly become commercial and they would record shits instead of hits :)
Tessa Badamo (6 years ago)
I'm not a hipster, but I can make your hips sttiiiiirrrrrr
robbycatty (6 years ago)
what's a hipster?
XyloWolf (6 years ago)
There's nothing wrong with Coldplay.
Hanna Jane (6 years ago)
Where is this song on iTunes??????? :/
Boy's Life (6 years ago)
Ok thats true, but you have to realize that this is what they love doing, and they want to be able to do this for a living without having any other job, and to do that they need money.
JaykSzarii (6 years ago)
2:30 "I believe in Converse..."
JaykSzarii (6 years ago)
What's wrong with Coldplay?
Boy's Life (6 years ago)
Why would you not want the most success possible for a band you like...
Haylie Stevens (6 years ago)
i love you. haha finally someone who thinks the same way!
BenjiQ575 (6 years ago)
Most of those factors I can't argue with, because I listen to music on its own; I rarely go to concerts (I think I've only been to one in my life, and that was to support a friend's band.) and I can't vouch for how different the writing style will become once they do hit the big leagues, but I feel they should at least be rewarded for their efforts. In my opinion, the good outweighs the bad in regards to Sea Wolf becoming mainstream.
Kaya Lynn (6 years ago)
I agree it's selfish. But trying to be perceptive I can see that too. Popularity isn't bad either, but I'm just putting out there that there are more factors into why they wouldn't want them to get too popular.
BenjiQ575 (6 years ago)
That's kinda selfish. These guys pour their hearts and souls into their music and most of their fans agree to not tell anyone about them so they can maintain the perception that they're segregated from society on the basis of their musical tastes. I tell everyone about these guys because I want them to be recognized, and encouraged to write more music. I know if I was a musician, and wasn't recognized, it'd be less encouraging to write more music than if I were mainstream. Popularity isn't bad.
Kaya Lynn (6 years ago)
It cracks me up that just because someone wants a band secret everyone calls them a hipster. Did you guys ever think that maybe people don't want them well known so that their concerts are smaller and more intimate? Or maybe because they want to be able to not have them played over and over and over on the radio? I know that's why I don't like bands well known.
robotdan (6 years ago)
hipster? there's that word again. I don't think you know what that word means
N Tarp (6 years ago)
One thing that gets me heated is when people start labelling people who listen to this kind of music as hipsters. You'll see some kid raving about "omg electric feel by mgmt" and when you show him a song like this they turn into "dude wtf is this gay hipster shit". Enjoying music that appeals to you DOES NOT make you a fucking hipster. There is no such thing as hipster music. What we have instead is faggot hipsters tainting good music by acting like they have a special right to listen to it.Fuck
bromanity (6 years ago)
I don't understand this whole hipster thing. So people who like a band that is famous is a hipster, or is it someone that listens to bands to be cool? this is incredibly retarded, if people listen to the music then what's the problem, does the image of a fan really matter? It's all about the music.
laxvarga22 (6 years ago)
we still have feelings, haha i lied, feelings are too mainstream.
zemxn (6 years ago)
Where can i get this song?
MrStigism (6 years ago)
Did you effin wikipedia hipster or something? Or are you too hipster to accept the meaning of the word hipster as it is used now?

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