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Quantum of the Seas Tour & Review Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

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Join JKwana as he shows you all around the Quantum of the Seas cruise ship. This video shows off the entire Royal Caribbean ship including bars, restaurants, pools and some of the ships big attractions like the north star observation ride, bionic robot bar, bumper cars and skydiving. Visit us on the web at www.inthelooppodcast.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/inthelooppodcast Twitter: Clint Novak @clintnovak Drew The Intern @drewtheintern The Legend @inthelooplegend Little Spoon Kenny @intheloopkenny Instagram: InTheLoopPodcast Untapped: DrewTheIntern
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Text Comments (19)
Johnny Walker (1 month ago)
You speak English like a Chinese non English native for you to make a bash Chinese video, granted china is an recently transformed agrarians society with many peasants with manners incongruent of the west. To harp on everything Chinese “sucks” Really shows you are an intolerant and immature person. By the way if you are of a Chinese descent, makes you even more of a fool
Tiffany Dyson (2 months ago)
I just booked this cruise and really wishing I saw this first. Do you think it'll be better leaving from Singapore? Please help. I need to know if I should cancel or not.
Billy Ng (16 days ago)
Tiffany Dyson I do booked Quantum of the seas embark from Singapore on January 2020, I think should be fine embark in Singapore.
Enceladus Fox (4 months ago)
48:59 is why i would never vacation on a cruise ship with Chinese people.. Absolutely gross .. When staff of the ship have to keep saying PLEASE use tongs.. .. don't use your hands you contaminate the food .. Ewwww .. Thanks for the video and bringing us along .
RyanTube HD (7 months ago)
It's an Asian invasion!
hiimhop (8 months ago)
48:37 there is somebody out here
Alicia Porter (11 months ago)
Do one on harmony of the seas
Attitude Problem (1 year ago)
Does anyone know if this cruise departs from miami, florida?
PMC05 (1 year ago)
So it varies where they dock n leave etc? How much for a weeks worth? All inclusive? When u say “upcharge” meaning u pay for it it’s not free? Btw is the virtual balcony is like a big rectangular plasma screen?
In the Loop (1 year ago)
Right now the Quantum is in Asia
john martin (1 year ago)
Was on it April 2018, lots and lots of Chinese. Not the ones that are well to do, the ones that now have money to leave mainland China for the first time. Got a masterclass in Mandarin insults about westerners, they queue jump like there is no tomorrow. Windjammer is madness as they fight to grab as much food as possible. The sinks are used to spit phlegm of their chests into, you notice an awful lot of hand sanitizer dispensers all over the place they are not used. You try to get fresh fruit in the windjammer and find that somebody has dug their nails into the fruit. Yes it’s a good cruise but Europeans and US are not the ones the company is catering for on this ship. Top tips learn to queue jump, learn to use chopsticks and learn several Manadrin insults.
Cody Rogness (1 year ago)
Hey, thanks for the ship tour. I've done a few ship highlight videos and yours reminds me a lot of mine. Looking at taking a cruise on Anthem next year and found your video helpful. I subscribed to your page, if you wouldn't mind checking out mine and possibly doing the same. Nice video.
jfuya2000 (1 year ago)
So mate, what would you give this cruise on a scale from 1 to 5 stars?
Peter Lo (1 year ago)
Sailing with a bunch of Asians, hells no! Love the vid thou.
Johnny Walker (1 month ago)
Peter Lo so funny a Chinese named idiot thinks he is not Asian. And his Chinese shit smells better lol
Peter Lo (1 year ago)
unfortunately i will not correct myself, i meant what i said, mainland Chinese prob the worst with western asians being the best adapted to culture, manners and Etiquette. Siome viets/cambo and the likes, i keep my distance.
hafiz norhashim (1 year ago)
correct yourself pls ... its Chinese, not Asians as a whole
miauyoda (1 year ago)
Sadly that line crossing is part of the mainland culture in China, about six months ago I was with a friend at Disneyland Shanghai And we had to extend both arms across the rails from the line, cause every couple of minutes someone would try to cut in front of us Lucky you didn't have to watch as little kids take a piss or poo everywhere they please...
In the Loop (1 year ago)
We posted a Shanghai Disneyland video that month that shared the same opinion on the rampant line jumping

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