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The Cottage and our lives in it... My name is Georgie, I am a single mum of one lively little five year old (Arabella). We live in a little cottage just outside of Bristol with our three chihuahua's Lola, Rose and Tich, Daisy the miniature Shetland, Archibald the Kitten and our Flock of Fancy Chickens. Self confessed charity shopping addict and lover of all things old and reclaimed, crafts, interior design and generally being creative! With personal experience of Cervical Cancer, a very difficult pregnancy, divorce and an openness to talking abut the anxieties of life as a single mummy, I hope I have something in common with you and can help in some small 'virtual' way. Thanks so much for watching and it's always lovely to have requests! The Blog www.lifeinthecottage.com Instagram www.instagram.com/lifeinthecottage Twitter www.twitter.com/inthecottage Facebook www.facebook.com/lifeinthecottage Email [email protected] xxx
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Patricia Portman (9 months ago)
Cameo rose is Primark.. fab haul loved the fur Collier dress 😀
mba x (20 days ago)
It's actually new look
sue axon (10 months ago)
I had a no spend January but I think I went too strict on myself. I stopped even buying my magazines which is massive for me. The outcome was as soon January was over I went bonkers spending the money I had saved in January + bought myself 4 new coats! I wouldnt mind But I am an avid charity shopper + hardly ever buy new. Granted they were in the sales but I just wanted something new. I am also on a make-up no buy for a year + am Finding That much easier Than I Thought.
Cara V (10 months ago)
Georgie, I love you and your videos but please don't refer to something stinky as smelling like "old people". I'm pretty sure I can be described as an old person (age 69) but I and many other older people are very fastidious, fashionable, beautiful and sweet smelling! I'm very particular myself.......not everyone is, I know. But those people are not all older. Sorry for this rant but my feelings were hurt.
Karen Jordan (10 months ago)
What charity shops / areas do you go to ? You always find such nice stuff & bargains , love Arabella joules pink gilet xxx
Katherine Brookes (10 months ago)
Great haul will you a do a clothes clear out organisational xx
On A Shoestring (10 months ago)
I’ve been starting to track m6 spending using an app and blogging a clothing audit each month (www.shoestringchic.co.uk) I love all the things you’ve got here. Cameo rose is a brand they sell at new look 😏 just thought, are you going to do your wha5 I wore this week videos again? I miss those
On A Shoestring (10 months ago)
I should have watched until the end of the video to comment 😂
annemarie duggan (10 months ago)
Great haul you got some lovely clothes love the dress with the fur collar
Audra Erickson (10 months ago)
Lovely dress with fur collar. Highly recommend not tumble drying the dress though as those faux fur items are want to shrink up and get matted/nappy. That tartan dress is darling for Same with the faux fur vest. Arabella is going to look darling in that and the tartan dress. Those silver jeans are so retro, can’t wait to see how you style them. Can I say how amazing the faux leather dress is? Such a staple piece to have in your wardrobe, the possibilities are endless. I adore thrifting. Did some today for the 50% off Saturday. Found a few really nice bits. I am being more critical about my thrift purchases so I am not buying Willy Nilly and not wearing half of what I bought. Trying to cultivate a wardrobe of pieces I love, with versatility to coordinate with other pieces for a cohesive look. As for your thrift videos, maybe a haul/ tryin styling one ever month or so. You always find the greatest clothes and home bits. Sending warm thoughts from sunny Arizona. 🌵
Faye Acton (10 months ago)
I've never gone into charity shops for clothes before, what bargains there are to be found! Are you able to try anything on or do you just have to hope for the best?
ggina (10 months ago)
I think there's better stuff in Bristol than where I am in London. I reckon its because Bristol is quite well to do these days plus people love to shop there!
Shelley Matthews (10 months ago)
Next time tumble dry the tights it will get the fluff off....works with dog fluff 😀
Lisa s (10 months ago)
I love what i wore xx
katherine barbery (10 months ago)
Don't put the merino skirt in washing machine or tumble dryer,or else it will be ruined
Kim Lillistone (10 months ago)
Would like to see something about how you style your hair for meetings, going out. I had mine cut like yours at the beginning of the year for my birthday. Any sign of those puppies
Sharon Walker (10 months ago)
Nice haul,iv been staying away from them aswell because i have so much stuff, im gonna do a sort out soon.yes id love to see outfit of the day georgie.
Victoria Moyses (10 months ago)
Loved when you did “what I wore” so looking forward to it coming back! Love the blue and white stripe shirt
Tanya Marie Murphy (10 months ago)
I'm the same going past Charity Shops when I'm trying to stay away. 😅😂 x

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