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Custom Vison AI on Azure IoT Edge

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Running artificial intelligence directly on IoT devices seems like something straight out of sci-fi movies, right? It's now something you can do pretty easily with Azure IoT Edge. And thanks to the Custom Vision Cognitive Service, you don't even need to be a data scientist to create AI Custom Vision models! Emmanuel Bertrand, PM in the Azure IoT Edge team, shows us how it's done making a Raspberry Pi recognize a banana from an apple! Check out the project on GitHub: https://aka.ms/custom-vision-on-edge Create a Free Account (Azure): https://aka.ms/c9-azurefree
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Dmitry Fatiev (2 months ago)
Are there any examples or guidelines on how to use Azure IoT edge on NVidia Jetson devices?
Krunal Lokhande (3 months ago)
Hi Emmanuel, Thanks for the great video ... i have a question regarding Jetson TX2 you mentioned in this video ... we are trying to install iot edge on jetson tx2 but not able to install iot edge setup since it has arm64 architecure. .. can you help us with the install or direct us where we can get a solution to install iot edge on Jetson TX2. ... i have following this in iot edge git and other forums but no luck .... may if have installed and used the same hardware it will help a lot ... thanks looking forward for your response.
Albert Benjamin (4 months ago)
Great capabilities, thanks Azure IoT team. Is it possible to add support for Movidius Neural Compute Stick ? Perhaps even running on Raspberry Pi ?
Emmanuel Bertrand (4 months ago)
You can have a look at this github repo which shows a sample using a Movidius Neural Compute Stick using IoT Edge: https://github.com/avranju/azure-iot-edge-ml-demo

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