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The Huntsman: Winter's War - Official Trailer (HD)

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The Huntsman: Winter's War - Official Trailer In Theaters - April 2016 http://www.thehuntsmanmovie.com Featuring "Castle" by Halsey The fantastical world of Snow White and the Huntsman expands to reveal how the fates of The Huntsman Eric and Queen Ravenna are deeply and dangerously intertwined. Chris Hemsworth and Oscar® winner Charlize Theron return to their roles in The Huntsman Winter’s War, an epic action-adventure in which they are joined by Emily Blunt and Jessica Chastain, as well as director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan. Producer Joe Roth (Maleficent, Alice in Wonderland) once again leads the team in a breathtaking new tale nested in the legendary saga. Long before the evil Queen Ravenna (Theron) was thought vanquished by Snow White’s blade, she watched silently as her sister, Freya (Blunt), suffered a heartbreaking betrayal and fled their kingdom. With Freya’s ability to freeze any enemy, the young ice queen has spent decades in a remote wintry palace raising a legion of deadly huntsmen—including Eric (Hemsworth) and warrior Sara (Chastain)—only to find that her prized two defied her one demand: Forever harden your hearts to love. When Freya learns of her sister’s demise, she summons her remaining soldiers to bring the Magic Mirror home to the only sorceress left who can harness its power. But once she discovers Ravenna can be resurrected from its golden depths, the wicked sisters threaten this enchanted land with twice the darkest force it’s ever seen. Now, their amassing army shall prove undefeatable…unless the banished huntsmen who broke their queen’s cardinal rule can fight their way back to one another. http://www.thehuntsmanmovie.com For more on Halsey: http://www.iamhalsey.com/badlands http://www.facebook.com/HalseyMusic
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Text Comments (3193)
paulo carmo (7 days ago)
Love this film!!! bOXXY software make my watching much easier
TaZ101SAGA (1 month ago)
Frozen Part 2?
Ahsan Ash (1 month ago)
Why I Am Watching Trailer After Watching the Movie?
bea q (2 months ago)
So Jessica Chastain got both the Odinson brothers. Neat.
l‘ espoire (3 months ago)
Need to see it NOW
Carlo B (3 months ago)
Nothing special...déjà vue....
azhar rather (4 months ago)
I love charlize therone
maisie Ashton (4 months ago)
Was this after the Snow White or before like leading up to it because didn’t he fall in love with snow ?
Isabela Franco (4 months ago)
wait what happened to snow white
petrovasargent love (4 months ago)
its the girl of the devil wears prada😂😂
Franco Jesús (5 months ago)
Castle!!! HALSEY
N. Todorova (5 months ago)
Nice movie
EmRose S (6 months ago)
all these comments about emily blunt, charlize theron, and jessica chastain...but is no one talking about CHRIS HEMSWORTH
Pelle (6 months ago)
Ragnarok on crack
Hub Gub (7 months ago)
Hmmm... This seems like a good movie
Samuel Cadigal (7 months ago)
This movie is perfect😍😍😍
muskan chouhan (7 months ago)
I liked this movie, it wasn't disappointing.
BISMARK VELASQUEZ (6 months ago)
muskan chouhan it got a 35 on metacritic
Bandana Yadav (8 months ago)
I lop this movie
Joanna Grace (8 months ago)
Honestly here just for Halsey
Kurami Rocket (8 months ago)
How have I never heard of this movie. Looks interesting! Not like the one Bella's actor was on
RiGiDx SPiRiT (8 months ago)
ngl shit movie but good action scenes imo also imma call that one pessimistic guy a dwarf, also the dwarf never heard of Connor Kenway? mf took on an entire battalion i know its two different universes: one with magic and the other none, but mehh
Aspieandproud AJ (9 months ago)
An epic mix of Frozen, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, the Hunger Games, and... Snow White? Just a lil bit of Kind Midas??
Charmaine Balzan (9 months ago)
No fucking bitchiness men have forgotten how it is to be loved and truly love back fuck all this wasteful money on pointless school days are over cunts
ManinPyjamas (10 months ago)
Charlize Theron basically playing herself
Filipe (10 months ago)
Here for Colin Morgan.
HATHOR (11 months ago)
Why not Kristen Stewart as actrice in this sequel on Snowhite and the Huntsman ?
Leo C. (1 year ago)
Cool trailer
hinery grindle (1 year ago)
I totally love this movie .
Beatrice Bilal (1 year ago)
I love this movie
Beth Greene (1 year ago)
WoW!This movie is perfect,but im sad for Freya
Kayla Don (1 year ago)
I saw this movie when my best friend sister was turning 13. I saw it when it came out .I didn't even know it was this movie
Jack O'Connor (1 year ago)
You'll float to... YOU'LL FL- wait. wrong movie
Goofster Supreme (1 year ago)
Trash film, but at least it had Nick Frost in it
carpetcrawler79 (1 year ago)
Why the stupid music?
Rose Elizabeth (1 year ago)
Is this meant to be before the first movie ?
FLXLRD (1 year ago)
The same song as IT trailer
Vincent Hendriks (1 year ago)
The trailer is a masterpiece.
Parth Oza (1 year ago)
Watcccch The Huntsman: Winteer's War onlineee heeree => https://twitter.com/9a3df19a5a28f99c6/status/836773289099849729
Hitesh Shejwadkar (1 year ago)
I watcched ТThе Huntsman: Wintеr's Wаaar full mоooоviе hеre https://twitter.com/9a3df19a5a28f99c6/status/836773289099849729
Tyler Morgan (1 year ago)
Where is Anna? If Elsa is the queen then where is her sister.
onuorah nwokobia (1 year ago)
what is the songs
geo hub (1 year ago)
Finaaaаllу I've foooound hd Тhe Huntsman: Winteеr's War moviе hеre => https://twitter.com/9a3df19a5a28f99c6/status/836773289099849729
ravi kanth (1 year ago)
Hеу guуs wаtсh Thе Huntsmааaаn: Wintеr's Wаar ооoоnlinеее hееrееee => https://twitter.com/9a3df19a5a28f99c6/status/836773289099849729
Idek What to put here (1 year ago)
The ending is pretty sad (I think)
apk download (1 year ago)
Watcch TТheee Huntsman: Winter's War оooоnline in hd quаlity hеeеrее => https://twitter.com/dbb6f52fc9352a365/status/836773289099849729
Paras Gurung (1 year ago)
Тhe Huntsmaаn: Winter's War mоviе here => https://twitter.com/dbb6f52fc9352a365/status/836773289099849729
Who's only here because of Halsey?
Joanna Grace (1 year ago)
Still haven't seen this movie, but I come to the trailer just for the 30 seconds of the song <3
tjhall1000 (1 year ago)
i thought mendela effect says they dont say "mirror mirror" i thought it was "magic mirror"
Ninos Khaey (1 year ago)
i really hope there's a third.
Mike Paul (1 year ago)
So Queen Ravenna knew the Huntsman before she sent him to kill Snow White?
Bananalicious (1 year ago)
ThatGuy Gamer265 (1 year ago)
CGI is terrible
ElAshtonio (1 year ago)
I don't understand the hate this movie got. I watched it for the first time the other day (Without reading the reviews beforehand) and thought it was both hilarious (Those two dwarfs cracked me up xD) and awesome! But that is just my humble opinion, the majority of the people who've seen this movie thought it was pretty bad :/
seqq (1 year ago)
Maddy Maddy (1 year ago)
Dude the first few seconds of the video is like ELSA af
Joyner Vieira (1 year ago)
Great movie.
Ifjfjfj Bebdh (1 year ago)
if they have kristen stewart in the movie it will be the best movie ever :)!!!
Ifjfjfj Bebdh (1 year ago)
the worst and boring movie i ever see 😒😒😒
XhunterMan (1 year ago)
b e l l a (1 year ago)
I heard the beginning of castle and I had to put my hand over my mouth to not scream
DeAndre' Flyboi (1 year ago)
This was a shit movie. Don't waste your time and see this garbage. It was extremely predictable, noting about it was clever. The script was very cheesy and horribly written. They should have got a better writer and director. The first one was 1,000,000 times better. I want my 2 hours back!
Alphabet Boy (1 year ago)
where's the young godssssss
Prince Maquited (1 year ago)
im here because of halsey ONLY
ju5tinpyne (1 year ago)
they use the same grunting sound effect at 2:21 and 2:36 and it makes me upset
Miss Cat (1 year ago)
Thats not Thor or elsa
favor (1 year ago)
The Ice Queen reminds of Lucifer. How lucky you are. You're with me now. And you will never know this suffering (Love) again. Love is a lie. It is a trick. Played by the cruel on the foolish and the weak. Cast it from your mind. Never let it render frail of mind or of will. Because in my kingdom there is but one law! Do Not Love! Its a sin. And I'll not forgive it. I've freed you from love. In exchange for this gift I only ask one thing, your loyalty (soul)!
Stella C (1 year ago)
I prefer the other trailer better but this ones cool too
mohamed (1 year ago)
name of song 1:40
ScotchOnTheRock (1 year ago)
Castle by Halsey.
radeonplus (1 year ago)
To many afican people in the movie ! Why no asian ?
Diet Sexual_Chocolate (1 year ago)
I like this trailer better
beet ch (1 year ago)
The Huntsman: Winters War (DVD9) $6.7 http://www.ebay.com/itm/122288394045?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
اريد اشوف الفلم كامل دا اكتب مجاي يطلعلي
rammsteingirl 14 (2 years ago)
the Movie is amazing
TheArrogantKing (2 years ago)
So many things from this trailer are not in the movie. Whyyyyyyyyy?
A Torres (2 years ago)
who is the bad one fryea or Ravena
Cate joshua (2 years ago)
It's a story mostly about the Queen and Freya (which reminds me of Elsa ❤) and the title is called 'huntsman'? Really?
Albi Losha (2 years ago)
Fun movie to watch.But terrible job from mr.Hemsworth.I was so disappointed when i saw no emotion at all when he saw the love of his life was still alive after 6 years. It was more like a joke,he kept smiling the whole movie.I dont blame him though since every other movie i've seen with him he was solid.So i guess directors orders.? Loved Jessica.
NazarMartin (2 years ago)
When the trailer is better than movie
Esmee Wentholt (2 years ago)
when frozen meets snow white
Javarie Bolton (2 years ago)
Elsa vs. the evil queen.
Ikram Ikrama (2 years ago)
semil_ 779 (2 years ago)
Bindu Gautam (2 years ago)
Тhe Huntsmаaan: Wintеeeer's Wаr movie hеre => https://twitter.com/7997ee77d6db1dd2a/status/781151326390497282?sQq=d2e2c311-ab6c-4d47-a268-621487f3c256 Тhe Huntsman: Winter's Wааaar - Оfficiаl Traaаailer (HD)
Mad Aelbye (2 years ago)
0:23 Flume's flowers
portucito7 (2 years ago)
Mainly watching this because Emily Blunt... love her accent tho, she still just as beautiful also this movie is one of my favorites with good action and Thor kicking some ass...
Friendly kangaroo (2 years ago)
these guys stole this name from "the winter war" which was a war between Finland and the USSR during 1939
navarro children (2 years ago)
what song is this
Abu Sayem (2 years ago)
It's a really boooring movie. Just like the old stories...Queens, Witchcrafts and all those bullshits. Didn't worth watching for me
love games love dolls (2 years ago)
the only reason why I'm buying this movie I is because of Emily blunt and because she was so good in The Young Victoria
Derin Ekşi (2 years ago)
Is this worth watching??
dONALD42 (2 years ago)
"How did he die? Gouging his own eyes out?"
Alucard Hellsing (2 years ago)
What happened to Snow white, her acting died on her......
Dylan Ng (2 years ago)
Even here they say ''Mirror, mirror on the wall'' !
Dylan Ng (1 year ago)
Reckoning, I know that. But in the original movie she says ''Magic mirror on the wall''. And EVERYONE remembers it as ''Mirror, Mirror on the wall''. Basically it's something called the ''Mandela effect'' because everyone remembers Nelson Mandela dying in prison or something ages ago. And when they heard in 2013 I think that he died, everyone was like, didn't he die ages ago? So that's why this is called after him. Go look it up ''The Mandella effect" and you'll understand =)
Reckoning (1 year ago)
They have to say that to get the mirror to respond to them. Otherwise it will just ignore them. It's like a password.
I luv this I legit just watched it
Jacky Chan (2 years ago)
Murph !!!
Dimitra Skouik (2 years ago)
sia braught me here...
Yael Garcia (2 years ago)
First i thought without snow white it not worth to watch but....ive watched the movie and i think its probently better than the first one with snow white

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