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Skinny or Curvy - Brazilian Men Choose (Subs)

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Think skinny is in? Not for Brazilians who go absolutely gaga over a curvaceous and voluptuous woman body. But what type of a body is TOO voluptuous? What is considered fat? We test it out on a few Brazilian men to see the reactions. Do you agree with their choices? Your likes literally make my day -- so hit a LIKE or SHARE this with your friends (Brazilians, curvy women, skinny women.. ) https://www.facebook.com/datingwithou... https://twitter.com/MarinaDating/ http://www.datingbeyondborders.com/ http://www.instagram.com/datingbeyondborders Fan mail or business inquiries: [email protected] #DBB Director: Marina Iakovleva Video/Sound/Editing: Jorge Victoria Filmed in: 798 Photography Studios Music by: Casa Bossa Nova Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (584)
MiladyMetalhead (28 days ago)
Need you to do Argentine men. I have a big thing for Vito Basso. So hot. Love Brazilian too. Fun video. My father is from the Azores so I like my PorkandCheese! ^_^
Kariny Rodrigues (1 month ago)
Poxa,nem pra colocar legendas em português.
Fatema Alhaithami (1 month ago)
Lol I’m going Brazil to snatch a man
Empathy Asmr (2 months ago)
Well I’m thin sooooo I won’t get a Brazilian bf😂😭
Jéssica Cardoso (2 months ago)
Homem branco hétero fazendo seu papel de homem branco hétero. E com uma péssima pronuncia
A a (1 month ago)
Tinham dois, qual deles te refere? Tinha um negro e um pardo no video também
Júlia Lima (2 months ago)
Brazilian men usually like thicker women but they like fit thick women
Skinny is better
Trish R. (4 months ago)
Brazilian men perfectly described, cuz they only see women's bodies :/ I'm not generalizing, but the stereotype is real
Anett Barta (4 months ago)
Being a girl having strong legs and butt makes this video hot;)
Giovanna (4 months ago)
Why in a video that appears brazilians the subs r in spanish? :/
Leici Keksfan (4 months ago)
Stella Ferraz (4 months ago)
Yeah, I’m a curvy Brazilian myself and I could already tell who they’d pick. 😂😂
pioco56 (4 months ago)
Well my mom is Brazilian and I live in Brasil as well. I prefer skinny with a bit of meat.
hanan pink (4 months ago)
so nobody would fuckin look at me if was born in Brazil then 😂😂😂
Cá heo sông Amazon (4 months ago)
Brazilians like fat
Gabriella Nelfien (4 months ago)
No wonder men Love thicc
Nevenna (4 months ago)
Well when I turn 18 I am definitely going to Brazil!
CHIMÄRA RECORDS (4 months ago)
I like skinny
hajima (4 months ago)
os estrangeiros elogiando o sotaque brasileiro enquanto eu to querendo me livrar dele skdnjans
Pokadots andWhatnots (4 months ago)
It's very clear that I need to move to Brazil. I'd be a freaking model 😐😐
Dee Baily (4 months ago)
There u go ppl brazilian men dont like black women
Samantha Souza (5 months ago)
"tipo, i need a man ti protect me " sgkgfhkhjkgh
Miss Orange (5 months ago)
Gatinhos !
Reyna Flores (5 months ago)
Its funny how fat girls call themselves curvy to not feel bad about themselves, but there's a difference between fat and curvy and this video just proves it. Like he said in the beginning thicc/curvy is ass and thighs (small waist big hips), not muffin top up.
Alline Cardoso Dos Anjos (5 months ago)
Why has subtitles in spanish but not has in portuguese? We speak portuguese ok
A a (1 month ago)
*Kind of dying Tsm* you're hella dumb
Pietra Quintino (2 months ago)
+Kind of dying Tsm what the fuck are wrong with you man?
Kind of dying Tsm (2 months ago)
Alline Cardoso Dos Anjos you speak Brazilian not Portuguese fuck off bitch
Shanaynay O'keil (5 months ago)
That's unfair! All skinny girls are wearing everyday clothes while curvy girls are wearing night dresses. They should have been wearing THE SAME outfits.
Maya eide (5 months ago)
beeg lol
Maya eide (5 months ago)
her heeps
mother earth (5 months ago)
They should do this with lie detector
Tony De Rexxo (5 months ago)
1:40 Destra Garcia!
Drowned Star (5 months ago)
What about « I doesn’t Matter »
Mia (5 months ago)
Wow I didn't know this I need to go to Brasil
Lari Larissa (5 months ago)
They can have curves but no sign of fat. They do not like "curvy" women, they like pornstars.
Ajhira Darby (5 months ago)
That guy in the grey sweater. That accent tho.
Ed. Júnior (5 months ago)
Their english is terrible Lol
Jokoya (6 months ago)
Who is the guy in the grey
Jokoya (6 months ago)
“She looks like a child” lol what
Jokoya (6 months ago)
Some of the comparisons suck
Jokoya (6 months ago)
The pale dress that dress doesn’t work for her
Jokoya (6 months ago)
Third one I don’t either looks good
Lasa Supreme (6 months ago)
When he said that one girl looks like a child 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂yeah they definitely like curvy women 😂😂🤪
Raquel Rodriguez (6 months ago)
LOL savage and I am skinny, still hilarious though.
Katya True (6 months ago)
Well.. I dream to live in Brazil, but probably I will stay in russia with my 40 kg😂 People there will be bullied me
Leonardo (3 months ago)
We like skinny too 😎
golfeti (6 months ago)
big rola
Fael Vinci (6 months ago)
Joel Santana's accent
Sseraphim (6 months ago)
I'll just let my skinny self out now :(
Oumayma Rabah (6 months ago)
Nice but child lol
Oumayma Rabah (6 months ago)
Hhhhhhhh hilarious
Sarah Sebers (6 months ago)
They liked the slender girls with a little more curve not always the full on thicc girls
lavish kristine (7 months ago)
Im dating a Brazilian man.. His Inviting me to go with him to brazil on his vacation. Was thinking....
Então é Vitão (7 months ago)
I think the guy with the glasses is gay
JC Jack (7 months ago)
“She looks like a child” dead 😂💀
Tina Tyler (8 months ago)
Why are American men not like this i hate American men
Orchidcorolla (8 months ago)
Brazil guys are so hot!!!!!!
shqiptarja (8 months ago)
No luck for me :(
Tedy Honeyspoon (8 months ago)
Is it me or the guy in grey has red cheeks hahahh
ss BRA (8 months ago)
I like my woman sassy classy and thin , love from Brazil.
joiganja (9 months ago)
curvy , all day .
Sagal Nuh (9 months ago)
The guy with the grey jumper omggggg 😍❤️💦💦💦
Aika Papa (9 months ago)
So big hips are ok But Big belly is not ok Discrimination !
sienna lipa (10 months ago)
now accepting applications from brazilian men
B.B.A A.B.B (10 months ago)
Oh nice father nice 😂😂😂 he killed me
Lera L (10 months ago)
I like Grey sweater guy :-)))
shortbyun (10 months ago)
they really speak like brazilian, they accent. as a brazilian i laughed, it's cute.
Iane Souza (10 months ago)
Brasileiro é foda pqp kkkkkkkkkkkk
Lexicon 95 (11 months ago)
They’re not feeling the “daddy” vibe... they want a woman, and with big hips
kaitlyn c (11 months ago)
Riccardo is losing his shit because of Rodrigo lol ,
mmgpa2580 (11 months ago)
“Nice, father, nice” jajajajajjajaja
Okiii Dokii (1 year ago)
England (1 year ago)
What a stupid question
Lelepudim (1 year ago)
e vcs sao todos zuados pra carai
X averius (1 year ago)
Yes in South America we like our women to look mature, your are a grown women don't be ashamed of your curves.
marta garcia perez (1 year ago)
girls around the world! you're not fat, you're in the wrong country!!
Miguel Gomes (1 year ago)
Skinny girl is horrible
Raka Paramita (1 year ago)
my body's size is the middle of them 😌
A a (1 year ago)
o sotaque brasileiro é mto engraçado KKkkkk
Rafael Oli (1 year ago)
I'm the single brazilian who prefer the skinny? KKKKK
i should live in brazil!!! hahaha
DarkKing009 (1 year ago)
Curvy ftw
Leila (1 year ago)
I legit come back to this video every time I need a confidence boost 😂😂😂
Gabriel Oliveira (1 year ago)
Great English 👍🏽😂😂😂
Nilesh Pawar (1 year ago)
Don't think you are attractive guy just look at you and then judge this girl's 😌😌
Samya world (3 months ago)
Nilesh Pawar they are hot are u blind
Dr Strawberry (1 year ago)
ANY MAN is known for liking voluptuous women. It’s hardwired on our genes
e também todos os homens do vídeo são feios demais. como eles querem comer uma mulher gostosa dessa?)))
o brasileiro quer é comer mulher, quer cuidar dela não, quer curtir o corpo dela . ele quer é peitão e bunda. sempre pensei que brasileiros são muito .... muito exagerados. muito safados. (sou gringa).
cartoonworld1000 (1 year ago)
LMAO at 1:08 "because I prefer" that's literally my answer
Demon child (1 year ago)
Why did they use the word "skinny" when referring to thin women. That word has a bad connotation like the word "chubby" for big women. They used the nice word to describe them but not the nice equivalent like "slim" or "petite". Giving these damn hippos false confidence that attractive Brazilian men would give them the time of day when they are built like sacks of potatoes 😂😂😂😂
Carol Aparecida (1 year ago)
I don't even have to see the video to know which one is gonna win
Gloria (1 year ago)
I think what they mean to say is that "she is more big" IN THE BREASTS. I guess me and the ibtc are out... 😅😭
killa California (1 year ago)
part 2 part
Maria Eduarda (1 year ago)
what the fuck...
mace dominguez (1 year ago)
someone please tell me the ig of the guy in grey sweater
That Desi Girl (1 year ago)
Rukhsana Zaidi (7 months ago)
They do LOL
Selen C (1 year ago)
The skinny girl in the last photo looks like a child, but not the skinny girl in the third photo? And the guy who said that he prefers the big girls chosed skinny one at the end. Yeah, now it's more confusing than ever hahah And I don't think the first comparison was fair, though. If you put the red color in a picture, it's always gonna be the picked one! That's just how it works with the red color :P
politiks Brasil (1 year ago)
This video is a North American view of what means to be voluptuous and skinny. Brazilian men like women with curves but that doesn't equal to being fat and most women you called voluptuous in this video would be consider over weight by Brazilians in general. We like ass, nice legs, waist and etc. Also women notice basically the same qualities in men when it comes to physical traits. They also like men with a nice body.
SIRiMAC (1 year ago)
I liked this video 😂 They all had good comments
Hyperion Dark (1 year ago)
The problem is that fat women have appropriated "curvy" and "thick". Furthermore, it's clear these pictures are a bit biased. When guys think of skinny chicks, they mean slim, not some anorexic skeletor. These curvy chicks in the pics would look hideous naked. But photoshop, makeup, pushup bras, and angles with clothes hiding their midsection fat makes them seem several points hotter than what they actually are
anastasia * (4 months ago)
Mia None of the slender girls in the video looked that dramatic calm down lol
Mia (5 months ago)
Hyperion Dark all of them look better naked than skinny girls. Skinny girls naked makes you feel sad for her and think of concentration camp, just my opinion.
Tiina Ikonen (1 year ago)
So choose curvy women in sexy outfit or skinny women wearing jeans and sweater... Really?
brazilians like curvy girls
Ohav Noked (1 year ago)
woman are not objects in a store that you can just say "this one is prettier she is ugly wow look at that butt" and all. we have personalities a life qnd we don't need mans comments to know that we are worthy this video discussed me
anastasia * (4 months ago)
Ohav Noked Unless you're asexual, you are going to notice and be sexually attracted to people. This video is just highlighting beauty ideals in another culture...
Gabriel (1 year ago)
you know what's funny? feminism (I support the theory of it) and feminists like to say that only women are treated like objects, for them looks like it's completely ok to objectify men or for them that doesn't even exist haha MAN is the only sex you can make fun of without being punched or judged by everyone else nowadays "woman are not objects in a store that you can just say "this one is prettier she is ugly wow look at that butt" OH SURE BECAUSE WOMEN DON'T DO THIS ATROCITY THEY DON'T CARE if the guy has packs if the guy has a decent jawline if the guy have a V-LINE NOOO just mans do it... THOSE MONSTERS!

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