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Atlantis Harmony Caribbean Gay Cruise January 2018 #atlantisevents #thewayweplay

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We're back on an Atlantis gay cruise, on the biggest cruise ship in the world, Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas! Let's party! #atlantisevents #thewayweplay CREDITS: Intro "camcorder" footage: https://youtube.com/lakeketchum Thumbnail photo: Nareth Chuon https://instagram.com/rettles/ SOUNDTRACK: Galantis: https://soundcloud.com/xsuperbeats/galantis-runaway-u-i-gioni-remix Dan Slater: https://soundcloud.com/xlsior-festival/xlsior-mykonos-podcast-2017-by-dan-slater DJ Kingstone: https://soundcloud.com/xlsior-festival/xlsior-mykonos-podcast-2017-by-dj-kingstone DJ Suri: https://soundcloud.com/djsurimusic/suri-white-party-bangkok-2018-official-podcast DJ Suri: https://soundcloud.com/djsurimusic/suri-circuitfestival-2k17promoset Teddy Clarks: https://soundcloud.com/papa-party/fff-papa-beach-party-tlv-promo-by-teddy-clarks
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Text Comments (190)
tigergreg8 (6 hours ago)
Your videos are so professional looking.
Bek Mashrapov (21 hours ago)
So many asians. PS I am asian too.
Alpinn Jihad (8 days ago)
Fantastic ship.
Denis Xavier (9 days ago)
Very good my dreams to make a trip like this with my husband even more with the Royal Caribbean
Azim Mohd (11 days ago)
Great..can orgy on cruise? Hehe
Tobillas Tobillas (12 days ago)
I want to go but my friends don’t :(
mountain man (19 days ago)
Kasper Blanc (21 days ago)
What kinda meals are served on the cruise??
JustJoeyT (17 days ago)
There are several restaurants onboard. Usually there's a large buffet with tons of choices that's open most of the time, a main dining restaurant for a more traditional sit-down lunch/dinner experience, some fast food joints, and specialty restaurants usually catering to different cuisines. Plus there's usually room service available as well.
sharandeep singh (22 days ago)
You guys are lucky 😍
HMTC CIREBON (24 days ago)
Fakyu woor LGBT
M z (28 days ago)
Damn I missed Olivia Newton-John but these things are far too hedonistic for demure little me 😉
Al (1 month ago)
Wow the DRAMA that must have been on that ship....LOL.Way too much for me.
Leo Antonio (1 month ago)
This gay cruise look fun as hell.
boofookie (1 month ago)
Oh my gosh! How did you find that video of the lady at the beginning?! Awesome. Thanks for making this video. I'm going on an Atlantis cruise in February and can't wait! Nice to get a feel for what it's going to be like. Thanks again!
JustJoeyT (1 month ago)
You're welcome, see you on board!
Gelber Hernandez (1 month ago)
@justJoeyT when in 2019 is the cruise leaving from San Diego?
JustJoeyT (1 month ago)
Next year the cruise will sail from LA (not SD), October 20-27
AKARA BERBOKA (1 month ago)
Where are it's country..
carlos fabio (1 month ago)
i love party ... ouhmm like that...
MrStuttgart82 (1 month ago)
Thank you for this nice video.... 2019 for a second time 😍😍😍
JustJoeyT (1 month ago)
Turtle Cubing (1 month ago)
Wtf i went on it...
life life (1 month ago)
When I get my partner ? I'm still single😢😢😢😢.
Jose Juanjo (2 months ago)
Lame as lame can get...........it dosent get lamer than this
adam rabah (2 months ago)
it seems like war against women what is this!!!!loving a man is ok >but gays culture no no no
JustJoeyT (2 months ago)
So are lesbian cruises a war again men? Yeah those exists too
Wahyu Suryaningpraja (2 months ago)
Stop abnormalism culture
JustJoeyT (2 months ago)
Nope, not happening :)
Anders Liljevall (2 months ago)
I am sure many gay men don t find this especially entertaining
JustJoeyT (2 months ago)
Correct. And a lot of other gay men do.
Darinha Reis94 (2 months ago)
trouble junior (2 months ago)
I went on that on July 14 2018
JustJoeyT (2 months ago)
The Mentalist Zz (2 months ago)
A question; does this lifestyle warranty equal treatment at par with str8 world?
Zaj Palmarb (2 months ago)
How to join this trip and how much? from philippines
JustJoeyT (1 month ago)
Your room and most shows/parties/restaurants/food are included, as well as tax, fees, and gratuities. Exclusions are usually alcohol, some of the fancier restaurants, room service, etc
Zaj Palmarb (1 month ago)
+JustJoeyT what are the inclusions and Exclusions?
JustJoeyT (2 months ago)
Most cruises cost around $1200-1500 USD per person, assuming two people to each room.
太空人 (2 months ago)
Maher Abuattiyah (2 months ago)
Hay there, how can i travel with you??????
Parece entretenido Pero no sé 🤷‍♀️ si realmente sé conocerá a alguien allí
JustJoeyT (2 months ago)
Hay mucha gente que conocer. Muy fácil conocer nuevos amigos :)
Kaushik Borbora (3 months ago)
before i die i will go on a really luxury gay cruise
Christopher Anderson (4 months ago)
What kind of camera are you using?
JustJoeyT (3 months ago)
Sony RX100 IV and iPhone 8 Plus
Kees De Jong (4 months ago)
What a nice guy you are JoeyT.
Kees De Jong (4 months ago)
You're welcome. I really enjoyed your video. And your smile is unbelievable beuatiful! Greetings from the Netherlands.
JustJoeyT (4 months ago)
Aww thank you!
Diana Karimova (4 months ago)
Mat Bal (4 months ago)
did anyone go alone? because I really want to go but i am not out. But I also don't want to be there alone? is it easy to make "friends" there?
tigergreg8 (6 hours ago)
Try one of the local gay papers, or maybe Activities on Craigslist and place an ad about others who are going in your area.
JustJoeyT (4 months ago)
Yep, there are definitely people who go alone and, as long as you're not too shy, it's fairly easy to meet people.
Z Blade (4 months ago)
an all gay cruise........am i ded yet
Thomas Alexander (4 months ago)
Wow this looks amazing.
JOAO ASSAO (4 months ago)
Hey Joey ! Congrats I like your channel and I would like to know about packing for this kind of trip . Do you know all the parties in advance and prepare outfits , costumes thanks
JustJoeyT (4 months ago)
Thanks! Search my channel and you'll see some cruise advice videos, with some more to come in the next 1-2 months
richard none (4 months ago)
is this like the boat trip ha ha ha
D J (3 months ago)
richard none your body super i love
Rakzo Antares (4 months ago)
At first looks like fun but then I saw your video and the idea of being trapped with thousands and all the crowd makes me sick. Also after watching the gay cruise movie on Netflix I think that's not for me.
Eellio Dac (4 months ago)
Nice party....
15anerachoreographer (4 months ago)
My wife and I were looking at harmony of the seas vacation videos for our upcoming vacation with the kids and we stumbled onto this video. Wtf?!? Now I’m worried what I’ll find if I shine a black light in our stateroom! Is this ALL the gay men on earth in one cruise ship that my wife and kids gonna be on in October?! They look like a can of sardines!
bessamemucho (4 months ago)
I think straight passengers would have had much more fun just watching what's going on around )))
JJ Burns (4 months ago)
I am 6 minutes into this video.... where are the naked Men ???? Where are the hot cocks on board ???? What kind of Gay cruise video does not show all the beautiful naked men's bodies ????
JustJoeyT (4 months ago)
There's not much nakedness in the public areas and nudity doesn't go over well on YouTube!
suck mybullets (4 months ago)
I"m not gay but that vacation looks awesome.
Eric Juarez (5 months ago)
Ohhh now I want to go lol it looks like weho but on steroids lol
Smerfetka Semi (5 months ago)
Kisses fom Poland :)
JustJoeyT (5 months ago)
Artur N (5 months ago)
I would like to go on a cruise so much ... but it will never happen :(
LAB-Lil' Angry B!tch (5 months ago)
Do they check your luggage before you board to make sure you are not carrying drugs?
JustJoeyT (5 months ago)
I've seen sniffer dogs at the terminals before
Timothy Jimenez (5 months ago)
Looks like so much fun! Me and my good friend will be going on the 2019 cruise and we can’t wait! You guys have so many different outfits/costumes, how do you know what to bring? I don’t us not be prepared before going... I know it’s six months away so plenty of time to prepaid, any advice?
Timothy Jimenez (5 months ago)
JustJoeyT most definitely! 👍🏼 Cheers!
JustJoeyT (5 months ago)
Yes, check out this video! https://youtu.be/ns3RUdb-1uk
Ricardo A Mello (5 months ago)
Olá!!!Sou o Ricardo do Sul do Brasil. Uma viagem dessas é um sonho muito desejado por muitos,inclusive por mim! Tudo ficou muito lindo e divertido.Me escrevi no seu canal aqui.PARABÉNS!!!😘😘😘👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
JustJoeyT (5 months ago)
Sim, se você me ver, por favor diga oi!
Ricardo A Mello (5 months ago)
JustJoeyT Oi Just! Obrigado pelo retorno. Seria muito bom encontrar você pois você é muito simpático e querido também.Beijos e fique com Deus!!!! Observação:Já está em meus planos uma viagem assim.
JustJoeyT (5 months ago)
Oi Ricardo, muito obrigado pelo seu apoio! Espero ver você em um cruzeiro em breve :)
Jai Tyrone (5 months ago)
I think that Joey, the Asian guy is very attractive. Seems like a cool guy to hang with.
Maher Abuattiyah (2 months ago)
I feel the same
Jai Tyrone (3 months ago)
+D J nice, but Im not single anymore, but at the time I posted that comment I was. We can be friends
JustJoeyT (5 months ago)
Aww thank you!
Jai Tyrone (5 months ago)
I see no black.guys on this cruise
Tia Grant (2 months ago)
Joey t sometimes? I don't understand
JustJoeyT (5 months ago)
I've met black guys on most cruises, but agree that I'd like to see a bit more diversity sometimes in that regard
Peter Bird (6 months ago)
Is it gays only ? I'm straight and I want to go check it out.
JustJoeyT (5 months ago)
It's about 99% gay to be honest, but it's a very inclusive bunch, so everyone is welcome!
Osvaldo Zamora (6 months ago)
Se me antojo estar ahí.
Danny Warrenfells (6 months ago)
I can’t wait till 2019 when I get to go on the worlds largest Gay Cruise with 5200 hot men. Makes me glad I’m Gay and not straight. How could any Man not want to be with another Man!
JustJoeyT (6 months ago)
I know, right? ;)
Rodney Morgan Brown (6 months ago)
Looks like a great time, but it appears for the 20-40 age group, not for a senior gay person.
Turtle Cubing (1 month ago)
Wait im supposed to be gay to watch this?!? Lol
JustJoeyT (6 months ago)
There's just about every age group on the cruise. My friends and I obviously are more into the parties on board and that typically attract the seniors, but in many other areas of the ship I regularly see people of every age.
Adrian Ghandtchi (6 months ago)
I say I would be more fitting for the bear communities and would like to know if bears and cubs are welcome to the Atlantis cruise
Adrian Ghandtchi (6 months ago)
JustJoeyT oh I’m so relieved, I heard some horror stories about seclusion’s on that ship, I don’t know if I’m a party animal, but I love karaoke and sports activities, hope they have tennis
JustJoeyT (6 months ago)
Yes, everyone is welcome!
Gromitdog1 (6 months ago)
Ram Ranch is better.
Tiago Simões (7 months ago)
JustJoeyT (6 months ago)
Thank you!
Terry Phoenix (7 months ago)
Tell me, how many muscular men were there?
JustJoeyT (7 months ago)
A decent amount, but there's every type of men there, it's pretty diverse.
Mike Johnson (7 months ago)
Ya might say it's semen on the seamen. Maybe another Titanic.
hershey Morano (7 months ago)
So happy.wish I were there
قخله حفخ (1 month ago)
+JustJoeyT my lover ,iam Ahmed from iraq. i want living with you
JustJoeyT (7 months ago)
Come on a future cruise! :)
Gusti Gustyan (9 months ago)
Gays paradise!!! Wow!!!! Entertainment and enjoyable
Jesus S. (9 months ago)
I love it!!. how do you start looking for a gay cruise? Ive seen few websites but not really sure where to start. Any recommendations ?
JustJoeyT (8 months ago)
Atlantis runs several throughout the year and La Demence runs one in Europe in the summer
Gregory Newsome (9 months ago)
Awesome Vid!! Maybe, I'll see you on the next cruise!
JustJoeyT (8 months ago)
See you there!
Lork Lorkman (9 months ago)
do you see a lot of fights and drama on board? such as couples fighting because of the other cheating? or jealousy issues?
JustJoeyT (5 months ago)
I'm sorry you and those you've talked to didn't enjoy your cruises. With the bad experiences you've had I don't blame you for not going on them anymore. Different strokes for different folks. I WISH I was paid or sponsored for these videos, it'd be nice to pull in that extra money. As you can see a lot of my friends are also on those cruises, so Atlantis would've needed to sponsor and convince a lot of us to spend a whole week on a ship. This video is not a review, it's never claimed to be one, and the format doesn't even resemble anything like a review - it's just a vacation video, like all the other vacation videos I made for this channel that aren't on a cruise. All told, I'm just one of the passengers who go on these cruises and have a great time.
JustJoeyT (5 months ago)
@Wayne Jones, with all due respect, have you actually been on any gay cruises to be able to say first hand whether you've witness any of these "many fights and screaming matches"? What you hear is one thing, what actually happened might be another
LAB-Lil' Angry B!tch (5 months ago)
Of course not. There are no Lesbians onboard.
JustJoeyT (9 months ago)
I've never seen any fights or drama
wvusciguy (10 months ago)
Loved, loved, loved the clip in the beginning from the neighboring cruise ship. Please check out her channel. The contrast is amazing. Great vid! Thanks for sharing it.
JustJoeyT (10 months ago)
Agreed, her channel is linked in the description!
Alex Herman (10 months ago)
There is a mega-cute guy in the video, one of your mates...
Alex Herman (10 months ago)
JustJoeyT (10 months ago)
That's Jeremy! IG: @jeremyrusanov
Alex Herman (10 months ago)
Blue T-shirt, on the Bed with you, Madrid Pride video :-)
JustJoeyT (10 months ago)
Which one?
Looch Incali (10 months ago)
you're so awesome for posting thins. my heard is still on that ship to this day. so many good memories!!
JustJoeyT (10 months ago)
Thank you!
Ben D (11 months ago)
Love this video! Thanks for the memories :) — Side note: Can you tell me the DJ/mix/version of Havana at 8:41?! I’ve been looking for it since the cruise :p
SubjectivePerspective (3 months ago)
Looks like so much fun, great vid! Additional side note: Can you tell me the song that plays from 3:05 - 3:35?
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
Thanks! That song is from DJ Suri's White Party Bangkok mix (1st DJ Suri link in video description) at around 1:04:38
JR (11 months ago)
Hi Joey - Jay here ...love your video's. They are all really clear and very HD. Are you using a cell phone or a specific type of camera for your videos? love to know for my future vid's ....thanks again!!
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
Thanks! Using an iPhone 8 and Sony RX100 IV, recording in 4K
Gregory Ludman (11 months ago)
You did a really great job of capturing and editing this, my bf and I are hoping to do this cruise next year too!
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
Thank you!
William Wong (11 months ago)
Fabulous, can't wait to see your next video!!! what's next? Songkran?
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
Yep, SK is next!
Robert Sosa (11 months ago)
Yet another fabulous video! Great job Joey, it looked like lots of fun hopefully soon I’ll join you on one :)
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
Thank you!
Larry Aqui (11 months ago)
Awesome video...looks like you guys had a blast!!! What camera did you use?
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
Thanks! iPhone 8 and Sony RX100 IV
Max Arad (11 months ago)
Extremely jealous
Mike Allmon (11 months ago)
we had a blast on it too!!! maybe run into you next time!
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
+Mike Allmon Awesome!
Alex chang (11 months ago)
Thank you Joey. Such a good memorable video that sum up the entire trip.
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
+Alex chang Thank you!
Matt Barnes (11 months ago)
Good job. This Atlantis event was indeed an amazing time & Cruise. Everyone on board was there to have fun, meet new people and enjoy the experience. Thank you for making & sharing this amazing video. And by happenstance, you captured various shots of us, which made watching your video even more enjoyable. We are looking forward to 2019!! See you soon.
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
+Matt Barnes Thanks, see you next year!
william ozzy (11 months ago)
Joey, Do you know anything about the death the 38yo old guy on board? Sad news!! I love gay cruises. I did AMS to Barcelona last year. I'm booked in March. Love your videos!
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
+william ozzy Thanks! I didn't know anything until I heard it from others
BK Jesswinn (11 months ago)
omg how much would it cost to go for this cruize ...gosh guys have to train hard for this trip i,e physically ?? Lots of sex on board ??
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
+BK Jesswinn All in it'll cost about $1300 and up, assuming 2 people per room. It's not a physically taxing trip unless you want to go to all the parties. With that many people on board there is fun to be had if you want it ;)
Ahmaad Johnson (11 months ago)
Take me back! Joey, another awesome video. So glad you and your friends are on the boat!
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
+Ahmaad Johnson Thank you!
kelvin Bi (11 months ago)
I have been waiting for weeks :) such good memory!!! thank you Joey! Plus Lam lam is on fire lol
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
+kelvin Bi Thanks and Lam always is!
Amin Flood (11 months ago)
FINALLY!!! I've been waiting so patiently for your review...funkssssss
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
+Amin Flood Thanks for your patience! It was a lot of footage to go thru
Eugene Flores (11 months ago)
really awesome.. 😍
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
+Eugene Flores Thanks!
MariusInMD (11 months ago)
Amazing video as always!!!! I wasn’t on this particular charter but I felt like I got to see everything!!!! Wow! Thanks so much sweetie!
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
+MariusInMD Thank you!
RaysinSF (11 months ago)
I don't know how any cruise will ever top or excite me again. It was epic! Thank you for filming the trip as it should give many people and idea of how much fun it seriously was. Love your costumes!
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
+RaysinSF Thank you!
Aaron Thul (11 months ago)
Thank you for another amazing video and all the good memories! It makes me happy to see my flag everywhere too 😃 🏳️‍🌈 🇨🇦
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
+Aaron Thul Yasss!
Thaliobeckham (11 months ago)
Thanks for bringing back memories. Awwww. Can’t wait for 2019.
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
+Thaliobeckham Same here!
Duane Thompson (11 months ago)
Thank you SOOOO much for putting this up! Can’t wait for next year!
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
+Duane Thompson You're welcome!
Mr Yolo (11 months ago)
I’m so happy you finally uploaded this. I love your gay travels videos !!!
JustJoeyT (11 months ago)
+Mr Yolo Thank you!

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