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10 Bodybuilders That Took It Too Far

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10 Bodybuilders That Took It Too Far ► Subscribe: https://goo.gl/vHN6qB For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] Bodybuilders are a special kind of people who have incredible willpower and determination. The majority of bodybuilders usually achieve their goals and go on to win many competitions and are happen with their progress and performance. However, there are some bodybuilders that don’t know when they should stop and will do anything to be bigger than all the others. But before we start, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications so you’ll be first to know when a new video comes out. Now check out these 10 Bodybuilders That Took It Too Far. 10. Phil Heath – Nicknamed ‘The Gift’ Phil Heath is the current seven-time Mr. Olympia Champion and is currently tied with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the third all-time number of wins behind two other bodybuilding greats Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman. He won his first title back in 2011, and if he continues his winning streak, he could go down as one of the best bodybuilders of all-time. 9. Markus Ruhl – Markus Ruhl is what many call a ‘mass monster’. It’s interesting how Marcus Rule got his start in bodybuilding. He began training at the age of 18 as a recommendation from a doctor after he sustained a knee injury from playing soccer. When he started he only weighed 120 pounds! 8. Dorian Yates – Yates has the fifth-highest number of Mr. Olympia awards of all time and ranks behind Lee Haney and Ronny Coleman, and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Phil Heath. Yates had a turbulent childhood. The death of his father when he was just 13-years-old affected him massively. 7. Jay Cutler – This four-time Mr. Olympia winner got his start in bodybuilding at an early age. Before becoming a bodybuilder, Jay worked in his brother’s concrete construction business from the age of 11, but began training when he was 18 years old. Before he became a bodybuilder, he wanted to work as a corrections officer in a maximum security prison and graduated college in 1993 with a criminal justice degree. 6. Greg Kovacs – Before Kovacs was a bodybuilder he studied as an electrical engineer and was playing hockey and soccer before he got into bodybuilding. Greg Kovacs was considered the largest pro bodybuilder in the late 90’s with a height of 6 foot 4 inches and weighing a massive 420 pounds in the offseason and weighing 330 pounds when he was in contests. 5. Rich Piana – This bodybuilder became interested in the sport at just 6 years old after watching his mother train in the gym for her bodybuilding contests, and at just 11 years old, started weightlifting. Just four years later he had started to compete in contests. 4. Dean Wharmby - Our next bodybuilder shows us just how tragic things can be when a person dives headlong into the game without understanding exactly what they were doing. Wharmby, at his peak, looked just as good as any official competitor on the bodybuilding circuit however it was coming at a price. 3. Andreas Munzer – One look at Munzer and you’d believe that he was pulled straight from the action cartoons we watched as kids. Münzer was an admirer of fellow Austrian bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger and basically attempted to imitate Schwarzenegger. 2. Nasser El Sonbaty - Nasser El Sonbaty was a Serbian-Egyptian IFBB professional bodybuilder who began bodybuilding in 1983 and was born in Stuttgart. His father was Egyptian, while his mother was Serbian. His first competition was at a Junior State Championship in Germany in 1985, placing 6th. 1. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Everyone knows who the ‘action man’ is. He is worth an estimated $300 million dollars, and had arguably the most famous body in the world and was in a string of movie hits that included Predator, The Terminator, and Red Heat. However, it was when he starred in the violent 1982 smash hit ‘Conan The Barbarian’ that established him in Hollywood. We hope you enjoyed the video. Make sure you’re subscribed and turn on notifications and you will be the first to know when a new video comes out. We appreciate you and want to thank you for watching.
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nolo king (1 day ago)
-watched one second -checked the comments to confirm the thumbnail -made a comment in hopes of getting at least 1000 likes -left in disappointment
**sees thumbnail** Oof
berner (1 day ago)
Yeah but at least Arnold isn't threatening to take people to court for simply talking about the gold bracelet he allegedly stole.
BoredOnline (1 day ago)
Why would anyone want to look like that, it just looks like you've got pillows in yo skin
BoredOnline (1 day ago)
That thumbnail is like some frickin Lego figure I know u screwin with me
Israël Âme (1 day ago)
So who took it too far? Dislike, report block
Donna Jean-Paul (1 day ago)
You will die if you are too skinny fat or muscular the main lesson is to eat healthy balance weight and diet and don't overwork yourself or you will Ll die exercise but not too much and don't use steroids.
Donna Jean-Paul (1 day ago)
Disagree but you will soon find the truth
Robert S (2 days ago)
Phil "The Gift Keeper" Heath
Mark Colabella (2 days ago)
VB3 (2 days ago)
Where’s Jason Genova
Sha Robb (2 days ago)
it's great to develop yourself and your body but it's sad to spend your life so unsatisfied and critical of yourself.
El k (2 days ago)
Why do they tan
antonio pabon (2 days ago)
You forgot the PEDS
pasha meister (2 days ago)
the title should be “steroids”
Kasadum 260 (3 days ago)
Markus Rühl 💪🇩🇪
Louise Jose (3 days ago)
Good matter and presentation
Henzaine X (3 days ago)
Bodybuilders with small dick.
LitGaming 101 (4 days ago)
Arnold and Sylvester got a ton of muscle tears and Arnold had to go to the hospital because of trying to compete with bodybuilders like Dwayne Johnson and Jason Momoa
HidefVince (4 days ago)
3:34 "HOWEVER, he had been using steroids" You point that out as if bodybuilders shown before and after Dorian Yates weren't.
Homer Briseno (4 days ago)
Jet Gardner (4 days ago)
I will NEVER subscribe when begged to before I even see the vid - If you're only posting to get ad revenue, you won't get it from me - THUMBS DOWN
Michal James (4 days ago)
Which version of minecraft was that thumbnail from?
Shaba Alpacino (4 days ago)
I have no respect for steroids bodybuilding we need more natural bodybuilders
Hotdog adam (4 days ago)
All of their heads look way too small for their bodies
Gamechain (4 days ago)
Assholes dont give thumbnails...unsubed you
chad haire (5 days ago)
Joe Wieder--one of the biggest frauds creating one of the biggest fraud sports....
Aaron Kidmas (5 days ago)
What's wrong about the first one
Miko Chua (5 days ago)
The thumbnail real life Lego lol
Jagged Xtreme (5 days ago)
Reported for misleading info.
swordbrine (5 days ago)
Let's be honest were here to see Minecraft with HD 10k realistic graphics
Rahsaan Moore (5 days ago)
I'm trying to figure out who took what too far?
Realzies Cuts (5 days ago)
Gamestop was sold out of protein so I had to go to Babbages. 💥 Why do I retweet, share and support other streamers? I’m setting the example of how to grow a community of good people that enjoy helping other good people.
Akash Chowdhury (5 days ago)
Wat Arnold did was legit bodybuilding..while all the other ones in the list abused der body for the sake of proving demselves best and ended up dying.
Gaurav Sharma (5 days ago)
Already new from the starting.. the arnold got the first place
CarryMinati (6 days ago)
I am reporting this video, bloody clickbaiters 😖
Akshay Achu (6 days ago)
Paul Dillet??? he was really a mass monster
Tyraient (6 days ago)
if i get 1k subs ill write arnolds number no joke
Marcus Hester (6 days ago)
did ronnie ever use steriods because he is the biggest ive ever seen
Avijit Kumar (6 days ago)
do u understand too far? and u placed arnold at 1! u haven't mentioned big ron ,his back injuries.......that's too far
Ameya Shikhare (6 days ago)
U want us to subscribe?? Then stop clickbaiting
Sandeep Panchpal (6 days ago)
Thumbnail is a trap. I have been through this horrible crap.
Anthony J. (6 days ago)
Rich Piana was all natural, mind you.
Santiago Poncé (6 days ago)
Spoiler Alert!!! Phil loses the Olympia LOLOL and yes most of these guys are training hard but, they're also TREN-ing hard as well hahaha 💉💦💉💦💉💦💉💦
PatheticVids (7 days ago)
DragonPorn (7 days ago)
That Thumbnail Will Happen To You If You Play Minecraft To Much
Brian Bianchi (7 days ago)
They showed a scene from commando and didnt even say it, instead they said red heat
Nasir Walker (7 days ago)
We’re the person from the thumb nail
Michael Veillette (7 days ago)
Feckin thumbnail
Valeriy Lyulya (7 days ago)
To far? As in successful or you don't understand meaning of to far? Also what lol, Ronnie colman did not focus on form but is know for lifting heavy ass weight... Phil works out 1.30h max, as said in his own YouTube Chanel.. Did you do any research before posting this or just doing for views? Man ima subscribe to your Chanel just to unsubscribe right after
trevcon 3 (7 days ago)
pain is the game my last name is gearhart and my parents say gearhart is a word for us to work hard and when I work out I use Arnolds technique while working out I do lots of reps till you feel pain but then try to push threw the pain and as many more reps as I can Arnold says your muscles won't get sore.
Nick Smith (7 days ago)
I see where most of you are coming from, I believe in having functional muscles over looks, but if they want to let them. It's not like they are hurting you.
Thea Mjolnir (7 days ago)
Oh Arnold.
Curtis Joseph (7 days ago)
Took it too far
QUiK WiDiT (7 days ago)
Lord of the Flies _ (7 days ago)
I find it weird how rich exposed the bodybuilding industry and died
Player One (7 days ago)
The problem here is the following: It‘s not about using steroids, it‘s about abusing steroids. Just another video spreading half truths.
dajay2k (8 days ago)
Misleading thumbnail
dale chen (8 days ago)
No one ever talks about the steroids they use 😴
Tinheadglory (8 days ago)
Norshan el somebody?
Tinheadglory (8 days ago)
Thumbnail.... Minecraft: Gym update 1.9
CVillatoro11 (8 days ago)
There are no true natural bodybuilders that you would think are body builders. They bulk up and then stop using the juice
ChaaKam #igotcha (8 days ago)
lol 😂 get the hell up out of here! how is Schwarzenegger number#1
ChaaKam #igotcha (8 days ago)
Had to pause the video at 6:24 didn’t even get to number 1 yet! So u mean to tell me rich piana came in 5th place and not 1st I can’t wait to see who came in at number 1
Franz Dolegeal (8 days ago)
Phil Heath is off
KingsWorld2015 (8 days ago)
The only person who was 100% natural in this video was Rich Piana. The others were 95% drugs and 5% natural.
Mtb Boi (8 days ago)
that thumbnail tho
K Cla (8 days ago)
This was very important for me to hear.
qrv123 (8 days ago)
Question: do girls actually find this attractive? Because as a straight male, this is disgusting
CLOSE1 Rocket League (8 days ago)
Why these retarded thumbs
Eric Scott (8 days ago)
Did these numbskulls even both to fact check any of this s***?
SaggyJ (8 days ago)
Who is the mine craft dude lmao
Madani Sonu (8 days ago)
I think you have never heard of tom platz
Hero Acer (8 days ago)
Tom Platz and Arnie was my favorite bodybuilder in the 80s
[MD] Marcus (8 days ago)
Was hoping to see Roblox bodybuilder.
IanEarl Hifarva (8 days ago)
Arnold mind set is fucking insane in a good way 😮
Daniel Price (8 days ago)
If you die from steroids you’ve not just fallen off the cliff you’ve taken a hypersonic jet and shot yourself way off.
Tait McK (8 days ago)
This is the dumbest video I’ve ever seen
junaid latif (8 days ago)
The title should be "power of steroids"
Tim (9 days ago)
So why did jay cutler took it too far?
Gooberhamm Waltz (9 days ago)
As soon as roids are used, they’ve gone too far...
ali AG (9 days ago)
So many wrong information in this video.
Shrigga _ (9 days ago)
Thumbnail is a minecraft boss
Tao Ky (9 days ago)
Jason Genova
George (9 days ago)
Where is block Asian!!??
ThatGuyMorganWall (9 days ago)
7:10 the father of bodybuilding
ThatGuyMorganWall (9 days ago)
Jason Genova smokes all these clowns
The Baller (9 days ago)
Where’s Ronnie Coleman?
Walker J. (9 days ago)
This dude doesn’t know jack about body building...
Walker J. (9 days ago)
How have these people taken it too far? Most of them are just normal body builders...
Abena Walker (9 days ago)
I’m not watching this until someone confirms if the thumbnail is in the video. Please respond!
Sandeep Panchpal (6 days ago)
Its a trap
PreacherLawson (6 days ago)
Abena Walker Thanks for saving me time
Brandon O. (7 days ago)
George Salamanca (7 days ago)
The guy in the thumbnail looks like his body is made out of Legos
Remote Pyro 2018 (9 days ago)
Don’t like how you called him a skeleton then died sorry no ones deserves that
ng ng (9 days ago)
10:10 Is that Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising?
Gain It (9 days ago)
This vid is about bodybuilders who took steroids not who took it too far
What a dumb list created by a nothing knowing jon snow
Night Shade (9 days ago)
Wheres the Squer Freak!?!? I want to see the Cube Guy!!!!!!
Glenn Morgan (9 days ago)
Wiser eatn grass
jonbf245 (9 days ago)
I think they all look GREAT!
Lion Of lions (9 days ago)
Where is the guy in the thumbnail ?
Venom Black (9 days ago)
"The majority of bodybuilders usually achieve their goals and go on to win many competitions and are happy with their progress and performance." Clearly you haven't met many bodybuilders.
Quis Harris (9 days ago)
Ronnie Coleman? He couldn't even walk a few years ago.

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