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Girls At Home Butt Lift and Firm Abs Workout!

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If you want a more lifted and rounder butt and a leaner stomach then give this quick home workout a try. You don't need any equipment, just body weight exercises. Get the SelfieShare app here: https://www.selfieshare.com/ and follow Gina Marie. Use referral code GinaQHHUO For the #1 Butt Workout Plan: http://30DayButtTransformation.com.
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Text Comments (46)
ፈንታነሽ አበበ (11 months ago)
she is beautiful very nice ♥♥♥♥♥
jdxoxojd (11 months ago)
you go Girl!! where are those gorgeous pants from?
Karina (11 months ago)
Where are your pants from? xoxo
Alex Laim (11 months ago)
Izzie Vlogs & More! (11 months ago)
Softcore porn channel disguised as a female fitness channel. #Genius 😎
Amanda Budziarski (11 months ago)
you should add some music to your video's and subtitle the seconds out 😊
womensworkoutchannel (11 months ago)
But when we add music people say they like it better without music :(
ricardo neftali (11 months ago)
Si me caso ❤️
Mike Hawk (11 months ago)
FINALLY! but next time in a thong plz
Krazie Maniak (11 months ago)
Native valleyboy (11 months ago)
U got a fat fat booty
HomieKevTV (11 months ago)
Mau365PP (11 months ago)
I'll eat that ass like a burger
AnthonyGoesWild (11 months ago)
Gina is so hot! 😍
BESTIA 666 (11 months ago)
Pasen su Instagram
ChicksFit (11 months ago)
Spectacular body!
Joel (11 months ago)
BMW Audi (11 months ago)
Shorty got that cake 🤤
GAAVOK (11 months ago)
Katharina H. (11 months ago)
Where are these pans from?
Bea Force (11 months ago)
Nathan _Vlogs (11 months ago)
Think there a audio problem here
Joseph Martinez (11 months ago)
Red Law (11 months ago)
*T H I C C*
JR HENNY SMITH (11 months ago)
damn i'm tryna suck a fart out her butt s/o charlamagne
Edgar Monroy (11 months ago)
Great ass! <3
Kader Madride (11 months ago)
how much a time doing this workout un aweek
womensworkoutchannel (11 months ago)
Hi, You can do it 5-6x a week.
Dee Luther (11 months ago)
💟💟💟😗😗😗🖤🖤🖤Definitely LovE This SexY Workout VideO aS alwayS💚💚💚😗😗😗🖤🖤🖤🖤😘😘😘 YouR Sooo BeautifuL
Tanya Ann (11 months ago)
Happy Holidays 🎄⛄️🙋🏻 and love ❤️ your video's
Arizona Animal (11 months ago)
That tattoo was a terrible decision ! What's her IG?
Krazie Maniak (11 months ago)
Metro Boomin lol
Soul Glo (11 months ago)
Arizona Animal (11 months ago)
Metro Boomin good lookin out bro!
Metro Boomin (11 months ago)
Gnamaria_ ...Got you fam
aracely Castro (11 months ago)
قناة عامة (11 months ago)
العرب لايك
JOHN DAVIS (11 months ago)
Damn she's hot!
luis za (11 months ago)
Tųcá Mőţě (11 months ago)
Damn my future baby mama is back haha jk still looking great girl keep up the great job... 😍😍😘😗😙😚💘❤💖💕💓💗💙💚🖤💜💛
Jafar Slim (11 months ago)
I like you.. Good job
Angelo (11 months ago)
king (11 months ago)
womensworkoutchannel (11 months ago)
For the #1 Butt Workout Plan:  http://30DayButtTransformation.com.
JayzBeerz (11 months ago)
Great ass babe.
womensworkoutchannel (11 months ago)
Get the SelfieShare app here: https://www.selfieshare.com/ and follow Gina Marie. Use referral code GinaQHHUO

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