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Automation using do while loop Excel

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Our Excel training videos on YouTube cover formulas, functions and VBA. Useful for beginners as well as advanced learners. New upload every Thursday. For details you can visit our website: http://www.familycomputerclub.com Using loops or looping you can automate calculations and analysis of data in Microsoft Excel Common loops or looping processes are a 'do while' loop or a 'for next' loop. For more knowledge read the book Excel 2016 Power Programming with VBA: http://amzn.to/2kDP35V If you are from India you can get this book here: http://amzn.to/2jzJGqU
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Text Comments (19)
Jayjay F (4 months ago)
Why didn’t you put cells(r,4).value=cells(r,3)....? Where is the dot value ?
Miguel Angel Padilla (6 months ago)
yes, it is quite lovely! thanks for sharing
Magnes3d (9 months ago)
is it leaving a formula in cells d4, d5, d6 or is it just putting a value into its place. How would you get it to put a formula in d4, d5, d6. The formula being b4 *c4 and so on.
Robtuni Robi (1 year ago)
thank you
Shajahan A (1 year ago)
its very useful for beginners. thanks for sharing...
Dustin Elliott (1 year ago)
Very helpful.
svampebob007 (2 years ago)
it's 22:44 Sunday night, got some coffee and some tunes playing. as I hear people walk from a night out, I sit here watching a video about automation loops for Excel.
Joel Little (2 years ago)
Very handy tutorial for those new to VBA. Thanks.
Leonardo Malburg (2 years ago)
Please, i need some help with VBA. I need to do the following. I want to do a loop and sum every specific cell in previous identified rows. I found the amount off matches that fits with my search, and with this i have a number, lets say "3". I have an multiplication factor of "9". So, in the column "D" i want to sum every cell that fits it. Ex.: "D9"; "D18", "D27", so on..." It starts every time in cell "D9" and should increase 1 multiplication factor (9) for every occurrence, in this case, 3. In the end i want the loop to give me the total sum of these cells. Can you guys help me?
tasnim yusof (3 years ago)
Can you help me to calculate premium table by using do while loop.. Thank you. ^_^
Shrinivas Bhat (3 years ago)
I am not a high funda user of excel , can work with some formulas & functions . not much knowledge in vba. i have a problem. i am checking two cells, if one is blank then other cell should not allow data to write. i got it by using the formula in data validation -custom = (A1="",false, if (B1="",false,true)) it is working fine. however after i enter the data in B & delete the data in A, call B is retaining the same data & is not going blank which i require. can u give me a suggestion. i want it to apply to whole coumn & i also have some conditional formatting for it in colors
lazreg said (3 years ago)
thanks for this video i have a question : if we have empty cells for exemple cells(6 ,1) or cells (7,2) how we can do in this situation   ? because  the programme will be end on cells( 5,1)
Dinesh Kumar Takyar (3 years ago)
+lazreg said You can use a 'for next' loop:@for-next-loop/
Nice simple to the point :) Thanks
Christian V Petersen (5 years ago)
thank you :)
Ch Taum (5 years ago)
Thank You
Salauddin shaik (5 years ago)
Thank You..
jonortet86 (5 years ago)
You are the MAN!
Mohammad Reza Ghaani (6 years ago)
Thanks, It helped me a lot

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