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MY HAT FELL OFF AND MY CLOTHES GOT RIPPED!! (dancing naked?!) Billie Jean |Jozee| (second part)

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second part of my performance for the MAKE A WISH foundation!! My hat fell off!!😱 so please give this video a thumbs up and comment and if you'd like please share! FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @official_jozeejackson and SNAPCHAT @thekingofpop77
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KaiMakesMusic (5 months ago)
I really enjoyed this! keep this up and you will be one of the best MJ-Dancers! :)
Daniel Carbajal (1 year ago)
I was there
Jozee (1 year ago)
Daniel Carbajal yeah you was ❤️
Jasleen G (1 year ago)
Amazing Jozee!
Jozee (1 year ago)
Jasleen Ghotra thank you❤

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