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Sea Wolf - The Garden That You Planted [[Lyrics]]

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Artist: Sea Wolf Song: The Garden That You Planted Lyrics: Garden That You Planted" Ringtone to your Cell phone Good Morning Dear I hope I didn't wake you too soon Because my mind is growing tired Too much thinking what I should do I picture you out there It must be beautiful this time of year All those East Coast leaves Floating round like embers from burning trees Well the weather out here is just the same But the garden that you planted remains. Now it's only work Each day bleeding into the next Barely scraping by I tire myself out just so I can rest But rest it rarely comes And when it does I cannot go home Because it's much too quiet Seems that I'm not suited to being in love And everyone around me's changed But the garden that you planted remains. I think about you Maybe more than I should But the smog is getting old The drugs I'm taking aren't so good So will you talk to me Even though you've had a late night Because I need a little help Baby, tell me I'll be alright Cause everything around me's changed But the garden that you planted remains
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Text Comments (46)
Yishaii Dreamer (10 months ago)
this song is beautiful.. i
Ravi Gurunani (1 year ago)
This part of Californication is what makes it special and best ever series. Miss you, Maadaafaakaaaaaaaaa
Nice song for spread
jopo1234567812345678 (1 year ago)
This song made me so sad....Honestly most touched part of Californication. This serial will miss me a lot :(
safadsgdshg (2 years ago)
Playboy? 😔
Gabz Junecris (2 years ago)
SPREAD this song lol
God, this song is perfect for Hank and Karen's relationship.
redshift690 (4 years ago)
Even better when half baked.............
Luma Trixi (4 years ago)
Love It   .
nelda loera ortiz (4 years ago)
So beautiful,song!
Narcis Ciprian (4 years ago)
 i love Californication :D
Donna Winslow Bialozor (4 years ago)
The song that made me fall in love with Sea Wolf
Pankaj Bhamare (4 years ago)
one of the best part of californication !! 
Rick Berkheij (4 years ago)
Another great song that they used for Californication! 
Mario Pestana (5 years ago)
the better
TheAnddyG (5 years ago)
Annia Iftini (5 years ago)
What a perfect song for a fall morning.. <3
primprim equipado (5 years ago)
super like this song
David waspKL (6 years ago)
Spread! :)
nicknidiffer (6 years ago)
I came here because I like Sea Wolf not because of some movie.
Bérénice Garraud (6 years ago)
Toy boy :)
Yenni Iftini (6 years ago)
The end of Toy Boy brought me here :3
John Reyes (6 years ago)
im guessing i need to go see this movie spread??? lol...Sea Wolf...who woulda knew? awesome =)
Daisygirl1217 (6 years ago)
beautiful to the core....kudos Sea Wolf...
Phuong Cute (7 years ago)
good song i like
Tobias Taylor (7 years ago)
@idcwhatmynameis100 you just grab a line or two of lyrics and whack em into google
TheFarmhand9 (7 years ago)
I seen Spread 5 times and damn this song was a perfect choice for that end part.
Hanna Garcez (7 years ago)
@idcwhatmynameis100 me too, but it was pretty easy lol just waited for the credits :)
Deave Edis (7 years ago)
i dont know any movies, but this song is beautiful
Traangeey (7 years ago)
toy boy.
Sports Genius (7 years ago)
whats this song about?
Lorize Gonzales (7 years ago)
Lorize Gonzales (7 years ago)
it reminds me of my father. missin him so much!
Biggy Jiggi (7 years ago)
Very nice! Great song!
abhishek dutt (8 years ago)
Spread :)
Phil New (8 years ago)
Spred and Californication brought us here... :)
alejandro nunez (8 years ago)
soothing song :)i never seen that movie is it worth watching ?
Marius Burlacu (8 years ago)
Good morning, dear.. I hope didn`t wake you too soon! Because my mind is growing tired... too much thiking what I should do...
mohammed rahman (8 years ago)
..spread made this song more popular.. .lol
idcwhatmynameis100 (8 years ago)
right after spread i told myself i would never give up tell i found this song :)
ELKINIL (8 years ago)
Saswat Kumar Sahu (8 years ago)
same....after spread
Abrar Khan (8 years ago)
the movie spread brought me here...
Rea (8 years ago)
Nice pictures(LL) :)
Rea (8 years ago)
I love it. Thank you for the lyrics(L).
brauhaus36 (8 years ago)
Love this song, heard it today totally buying it tomorrow!

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