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Victoria’s Secret Obsessed Commercial

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Victoria’s Secret's new Obsessed collection: starring Angels Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio in satin, mesh and all the sexy details. Shop it in stores and online: http://i.victoria.com/uDs
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Live With Ahali (5 months ago)
This is what we want the best thing vs has given and produced in a long time
dame delim (11 months ago)
0:14 is when you didn't study for finals and yet you pass
Lumos Adri (1 year ago)
Hands down the most sexiest thing ever
Lexy (1 year ago)
Love this. Adriana and Alessandra are true angels. More Adriana please.
emilsky2001 (1 year ago)
nuckelodeon - (1 year ago)
these two are drop dead gorgeous. cant imagine vs without em
Lollove #qwerg (1 year ago)
Kathy Chen (1 year ago)
yes. give the people what they want! lol
Simran Vij (1 year ago)
the look at 0.07 seconds.... fire
Diana Bedoya (1 year ago)
The best tribute to the most experienced of the angels, an entire commercial just fo them ❤👏👏 awesome #TeamBrazilianAngels 🇧🇷
Willow102183 (1 year ago)
Adriana - damn fine like wine. The older she gets, the finer she becomes. VS is still very reliant on Adrianna. Once she leaves they'd be lost.
Ignacia Slzr (1 year ago)
Again alessandra is in the shade of adriana . I dont understand always adriana has to have more seconds in the comercials and ale less than her vs treat so bad ale one day she will be missed
maya campbell (1 year ago)
People are talking about them BOTH here, so thats all that matters
Sanjoryeca CaranoVa (1 year ago)
Đây chính là đẳng cấp
Dr. Quinzel (1 year ago)
They'll never take me. My boobs are saggy😭
Alejandro Aguilar (1 year ago)
Alessandra 😍😍😍😍
Sarahfaithxx (1 year ago)
Hi, I’m Sarah Aschoff and I’m 17 years old. I have been obsessed with watching the Victoria Secret Fashion show for as long as I can remember. It gives me such joy to see all the beautiful costumes and it gets me especially excited for the holidays! What I’ve noticed, however, is that all the girls, although drop dead gorgeous, are 5’11 and practically goddesses. What I would absolutely love to see is some diversity in the chosen models. Especially in the eyes of younger girls, it is so pivotal for them to look up to girls from all shapes and sizes. It is such a fragile moment for them in their childhood years, whether that be 6 or 17, to be exposed to an overwhelming influential brand as Victoria’s Secret. And when they see all of the same type of women walking the runways, it really makes young girls feel as though that is exactly who they must be and look like in order to be beautiful. But in reality beauty comes in all forms. And real beauty is found in everyone, because we are all human and that’s something that is so uniquely beautiful on its own.
Sibelle Souza (1 year ago)
Please Alessandra deserve to open the show
SONANSOON (1 year ago)
Kristinee 93 (1 year ago)
Do anyone know the song? 😍
Ariana Penno (1 year ago)
Marifer G (1 year ago)
The real queens are back! 💖👑
Kasturima Rajkhowa (1 year ago)
Finally a video including one n only originals
Hridi Sukanya (1 year ago)
yasss! My favourite ones are back in the lingerie game! Adriana and Alessandra slay queens!!!! _ _
Priyasha Apte (1 year ago)
Finally the queens are back
EjEmSi (1 year ago)
Yes! Hallelujah! 13 seconds of pure perfection! This is all it takes, two bombshells and a simple set, no big production needed. This is what will get me to buy lingerie (and I sure am buying it), a sexy sensual woman not a goofy girl that looks like a teenager. Seeing the lingerie on a body like Adriana's is so much more relatable then seeing it on Stella for example. This is what I wanna see!
stevien hendryan (1 year ago)
i totally happy VS treat those 2 Supermodel brazilian bombshow with this commercial. VS needs back to past way, i mean with Sexy Mature Angel not with Young Chick Cute Angel, some of new angel i like it such Lais, Sara, Josephine, And Jasmine but the other nay. I miss the old vs. I thought u should try to find another way for the marketing.
kpoper cremosa Park (1 year ago)
Matthew Brooks (1 year ago)
Her face helps calm autism.
Matthew Brooks (1 year ago)
Thank you.
rifqi athaillah (1 year ago)
Come on,, it’s too short for vs legends😕
Leroy Lavea (1 year ago)
Aaaahhhh these two slay so well 😍
Shalhan Ridhan (1 year ago)
this is how you should do a commercial vs
Aria di Primavera (1 year ago)
Beautiful 😘💃👼❤️🎶💋🇮🇹
Danny Cartagena (1 year ago)
SEXY, SEXY AND SEXY: Adriana Lima ?!
Popisms (1 year ago)
Music by Janelle Kroll - https://www.popisms.com/Song/142552/Outsider-by-Janelle-Kroll.aspx
Richie Phongsavath (1 year ago)
Popisms thank you!
Valentina Abbaticola (1 year ago)
I want Alessandra to open with a Fantasy Bra
Valentina Abbaticola (1 year ago)
the commercial should have been longer.. I mean.. they are amazing
Out with Emmy (1 year ago)
my true Victoria Secret angels, no one can do it like them
Big Blue (1 year ago)
The two greatest
Isis Lacerda (1 year ago)
Music ?
Popisms (1 year ago)
Song by Janelle Kroll - https://www.popisms.com/Song/142552/Outsider-by-Janelle-Kroll.aspx
Téhila Epouéry (1 year ago)
They're bringing sexy back, these new angels don't know how to act
Eunice Ysabelle Moral (1 year ago)
Slay queens 💁💕
didie didie (1 year ago)
omg,,this is so hot
Frank Castle Is Dead (1 year ago)
I don't know how I got from Led Zeppelin to Alice In Chains to Rival Sons to this, but I fucking like it.
Maria Del Carmen (1 year ago)
vee (1 year ago)
The SUPERMODELS!!!!! There can be no other! That's what VS is about!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Charlie Mejiia (1 year ago)
this is everything 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Carlos Vazquez (1 year ago)
Poltronieri (1 year ago)
Las 2 no son cariocas. Cariocas son los de la ciudad de Rio de Janeiro. Adriana és de Bahia (Salvador) y Alessandra és de Rio Grande do Sul (Erechim)
Azucena M (1 year ago)
luciano AC (1 year ago)
how can one dislike this video? good lord
MiaCarLu (1 year ago)
Need a new VSFS opening by Adriana!! I need it!!
kjgtz (1 year ago)
Now, THIS is what REAL sexy is all about!!! 👏🏻
Waheeda Khan (1 year ago)
Yass Adrianna and Alessandra favorite angels
Neto Pontes (1 year ago)
WOOOWWWW! Amazing!!!
F3ND1MUS (1 year ago)
great job! keep on kraken
A. Dawson (1 year ago)
Timeless beauty❤️❤️❤️
Federico Capurso (1 year ago)
Jazmin Salas (1 year ago)
Adriana 😍
Cheryl Rosee (1 year ago)
Yasmin Pakdel (1 year ago)
Shraddha Hudale (1 year ago)
Is this the Balmain X VS collection??
elisenda garriga (1 year ago)
Lee S Kennedy (1 year ago)
I have always loved VS, but I'd love them even more if you would just show how women who are older but in good shape physically and visually, could also represent an older market in a SEXY way.
Gabiparreira Parreira (1 year ago)
Amei esse vídeo sou muito fã da Vitória secret e eu acho lindas as modelos⚘😍
crysisbd (1 year ago)
My all time favorite angles <3
اثير العنزي (1 year ago)
رائع تشوكت كثير
Monica Geller (1 year ago)
I think I just went to heaven
Erdbeere28 (1 year ago)
Yes, finally a commercial with those two bombshells.
Mariana Pantaleão (1 year ago)
Gabriela GS (1 year ago)
Cauann Teixeira (1 year ago)
Rainhas do Brasil 💚💛
emilsky2001 (1 year ago)
About Time A&A are back n slaying it
kookie’s thighs (1 year ago)
Yas finally some real supermodels #teamadriana
This is amazing... But i need more. Make a long video please
Finally Brasilians bombshells is back.
Ale queen!!!
Juliana Herrera (1 year ago)
OMG!! The real queens angels are back. So excited!!! 😍😍
M.K (1 year ago)
Two legendary VS Queen. Love you so much ❤❤
Moses Shreim (1 year ago)
Queue the "I feel like a potato" comments
Victoria's Secret (1 year ago)
Yessss! This is so hot! I really missed these sexy videos since most of the new ones were cute, pretty... but not very sexy. I‘m so happy that these brazilian queens are back!
Redblue 92 (1 year ago)
Wow... sexyyy hott
Marlene Dietrich (1 year ago)
Alessandra deserves to open the show
Arni von Goric (1 year ago)
Because she got extremely short legs and looks like a transsaxual?
Noemi Nicanor (1 year ago)
Marlene Dietrich no
Marcos Carrera (1 year ago)
Constanzo Palermo (1 year ago)
She hasn't opened since 2009 and i think that's the only time she has ever opened. She definitely deserves it.
Eu Transpassada (1 year ago)
Gente se inscreve no meu canal no YouTube
Marlene Dietrich (1 year ago)
The older models just got it... The new ones don't
lupita cruz (1 year ago)
Great! i miss saw them
Selen (1 year ago)
YASSS, THE QUEENS ARE BACK! How much I've missed seeing Adriana working for VS, damn. We need more of this sexiness instead of cutesy path VS is heading to lately.
Gabriel Echeverria (1 year ago)
I'm so happy ...this girls are the queen
kjgtz (1 year ago)
Selen AGREE!!! 👍🏻
Yeees the Queens are back💥
carly shay (1 year ago)
puras viejas feas bien rucas antes era chido echarse un fap nocturno viendo estas mamadas en la tele pero ahora estan viejas jajajajajaja
Poltronieri (1 year ago)
Bad news pal: sos gay
Jazmin Hernandez (1 year ago)
Yes! Finally Veteran Angels 😍 Hope one of them get to open the 2017 Victoria Secret Fashion Show.
aha nna (1 year ago)
When will u someday open a victoria secret shop in Mauritius
OveRTiMeLIFe (1 year ago)
sweet :)
Aruna Dubey (1 year ago)
now these are the godmothers of victoria's secret
Ewerton Medeiros (1 year ago)
Finally, the brazilian queens is back!
Agus Medero (1 year ago)
Lígia Gussoni (1 year ago)
Judith K (1 year ago)
fuck this commercial...where is the making of VSFS2017
Stephany Georgina (1 year ago)
Perfect face adriana ♡♡♡ you are the true meaning of perfection
Matilde Pelliconi (1 year ago)
Omg yeees I'm so glad that you di an entire commercial with them 👏🏻

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