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Maximize Your Booty Gains (ACCELERATE GLUTE GROWTH!!)

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Maximize your booty gains with our MAX/Shred program http://athleanx.com/x/maximize-booty-gains If you want to know how to maximize your booty gains, this routine will show you how to grow your butt by avoid common glute growth pitfalls. Our resident Glutes Guru will show you what it takes to build your glutes and tell you what to do in your booty workout to grow your glutes fast. If you’re looking to make big booty gains, listen up! First we’ll give you the best tips for how to grow your butt. One of the things that is important for how to get a bigger booty is making sure you’re not only doing one glutes workout per week, but instead multiple booty workouts are the best way to grow your butt. Another common pitfall is overdoing sets or reps. If you want to maximize glute gains your best bet is going a bit heavier and doing fewer sets and reps. If you work to failure you are sure to grow your butt. If you want to learn how to get a bigger booty it’s important not to go too fast in your glutes exercises. Give our suggestion of a 3 second negative and a 1 second positive a try. This is some of the best glute science to help you with how to grow your butt. Finally if you’re looking to build your glutes, you have to increase your weight lifted as you get stronger and time goes on. Make sure you are challenging yourself in your booty workouts and you’ll get the desired glute growth. Finally, we’ll show you a couple of great booty exercises and how to get a bigger butt by employing these suggestions with these specific moves. If you’re looking to grow your booty, give our complete MAX/Shred program a try https://athleanx.com/max-shred Here are our tips to maximize glute gains: Tips: 1) Not Doing Enough Workouts Each Week 2) Overdoing Sets or Reps 3) Not Going Heavy Enough 4) Going Too Fast on Exercises (Try 3 second negative, 1 second positive) 5) Not Increasing Weight Best Exercises 1) Hip Thrusts 2) American Deadlift For best tips and workouts for how to grow your butt subscribe to our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/womensworkouts
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Text Comments (28)
carolina vasquez (4 months ago)
Que pena no entiendo nada
Te chupo la concha Sudada
Key Key Panton (4 months ago)
JanisSmithe (4 months ago)
I ran in to the problem that now I can hip thrust more weight than my hips can take - even with a cushy barbell pad (hello bruising!). Thanks for reminding us about longer negatives.
jaspertjones (4 months ago)
Amy Jo, were you not paying attention to form there? Shouldn't you have been a "flat board" from your knees to your shoulders at the apex of your lift on your hip thrust?
GiorGia SkP (4 months ago)
JBs HIIT Wichita YMCA (4 months ago)
Glute bridge 160# here
Kelli diaz (4 months ago)
Too much talkingg!
Loom Leopard06 (4 months ago)
Amo jo welcome back
Deborah Lescalleet (4 months ago)
Get that booty☺️
patricia hetherington (4 months ago)
Pauline Nordin, world renowned IFBB bodybuilder, has 20 reps in her Butt Bible. What about that though?
charlie1406fly (4 months ago)
Tks Amy Jo for those advices .. it gives the key and the motivation cause sometimes I feel I'm working so hard for poor results .. I'll follow your advices but now I'm wondering how to work properly for good results : how much time a week, how many exercices .. as an exemple: 3 exercices working different parts, 3 times a week increasing the weight as soon as it becomes to easy .. would it be a good training ?
Kelly Dukepoo (4 months ago)
Good to know. Wish I seen this earlier. I'm back in the gym after 5 months.
Maritza Santiago (4 months ago)
Hi there I just joined your channel I heard excellent things about you and I been looking and I was mesmerized by your Channel due to the fact that I would like to eliminate the sagging of my inner thigh and to lift my butt the way used to be I am 41 years old and I feel like I have no energy and I'm starting to lose the tone of my body too loose can you help me
Maritza Santiago (4 months ago)
+patricia hetherington no I think I feel tired and weary and everything is saying and it's because I'm not doing exercise and I'm not applying myself but I have no motivation
patricia hetherington (4 months ago)
Maritza Santiago good to hear. I was simply basing that on symptoms stated
Maritza Santiago (4 months ago)
+patricia hetherington yes I have I had my complete blood work done on June and they said mines was 2.347 and it supposed to be between 0.45 0 and 5.33 they said mine's is good it's in the middle
patricia hetherington (4 months ago)
Maritza Santiago have you had in depth blood work done, especially for thyroid?
Wendy Frecker (4 months ago)
great to have you back Amy Joe.. love your videos!!!
Hey Amy Jo! Thanks for the tips, but I can't do ANY dead man lifts. I injured my leg and was told by the doc not to do them anymore. Can you make a video showing alternate exercises for thr glutes?
Emily Mayer (4 months ago)
“More than 8, add a plate!”
jaspertjones (4 months ago)
Or slow doooowwwwwnnnnnnn, and breathe
Fera La (4 months ago)
I find the “squeeze” hurts my knees and made them gone bad across time
Octavio González (4 months ago)
You are my favorite female trainer Miss Amy, i admire you ❤
Marija Dukic (4 months ago)
Amy Jo, so glad you are back. I enjoy your workout videos the most😊😉
Marya Fatma (4 months ago)
So true, I find her the best. 😍
Karen Okeane (4 months ago)
Welcome back, Amy Jo. You look so pretty!
Cassandra Mcintyre (4 months ago)
Ok im in

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