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Exiled Turkish journalist Can Dündar talks to DW's Amrita Cheema | DW English

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The trial against opposition journalist Can Dundar in Turkey has resumed. Dundar left Turkey in 2016 after a court sentenced him to five years in prison for publishing an investigation of government arms transfers to Islamist militants. He now lives in Berlin.
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Benim Dünyam (1 day ago)
Can has done his job investigating erdogan sending arms to terorist groups world nows erdogan is a dictator.This innocent man can dündar can not sea his family it’s not fare is it No its not.
Mehmet Yok (4 days ago)
If he revealed a European country's secret, he would be shot dead without doubt. They kill journalists, whom they don't like.
DutchTurkish (4 days ago)
Making state secrets public is even a felony also in the Netherlands. Try to do the same with the Dutch intelligence documents and you will get arrested as well.
Kartoffel Pommes (4 days ago)
Address the religious factor in this story, and I'll take it seriously. Without it, it's a sham.

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