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Your a wolf -Sea Wolf (lyrics)

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This is my first video so please dont be mean , Hope you like it !
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EDXN__10H HEHE (2 months ago)
It is forbidden not to play this song while driving a truck
Carrie Mccrossen (8 months ago)
J is a wolf
Valeria Hernandez (2 years ago)
Silver Wolf (3 years ago)
Nice! I liked it
Regiuska 2210 (5 years ago)
I Love This Song!
awsomepurpleconvers (5 years ago)
Your welcome :)
Jeffery Crane (5 years ago)
Thank you for the upload w/ lyrics!!! All the other posts of this track say "w/lyrics" but then fail or leave a link to a lyrics website....defeating the purpose. Anywho, <3 this song so much!

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